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VOL. 18 NO. 49
jews in the United States know
quite a lot about the history of
the Jews in European countries.
. . . - They know little, or almost
nothing, about Jewish life and
history in Latin-American coun
tries ... - “The Story of The
Americas” by Leland Dewitt
Baldwin, published by Simon and
Schuster, contains many incidents
which throw light on the role
played by Jews in the develop
ment of Brazil and other South
American lands ...» It was the
Jews of Pernambuco who in 1644
attempted to prevent a revolution
against the Dutch which was fi
nanced by a wealthy planter, Jose
Fernandes Vieria ... - The Jews
having no reason to desire the
restoration of Portugese rule be
cause of the Inquisitift warned
the Dutch authorit|BsSß Vieria’s
activities ... - From “The Story
of The Americas” we also learn
how Brazil, under the Portugese,
used to deliver Jewish refugees to
the Inquisition in Lisbon . . . -
The author who begins his book
with the voyage of Columbus and
concludes with the breaking off
of relations between La tin-Amer
ican countries and the Axis, be
lieves that Columbus “may have
been a Jew” ... - He says that
licenses to Ynigrate were at that
time strictly limited to orthodox
Catholics and to those of “Old”
Christian origin, that is without
Jewish or Moorish blood . . . -
Nevertheless, more than one voy
ager took along Jewish interpret
ers, he established ... - In the
early days of Spaniafc-America,
Portugese Jews practically con
trolled the trade of Lima, Mr.
Baldwin claims ... - The boOk
which tells the history' of the en
tire Western hemisphere as one
continuous narrative is a profound
study of the discovery, settlement
and development of the New
World . . . -
Publishing Company, oldest Jew
ish publishing house’in the United
States, is now celebrattftg its 90th
year of existence v'. . - One can
truly say that there is not a Jew
in the United States who hasn’t
at one time or another benefitted
from the books published by this
concern ... - Though a private
enterprise, the Bloch Publishing
Company has become a national
Jewish institution as a result of
its contribution to Jewish educa
tional activities in this country.
• . . - Which reminds us that the
Jewish Publication Society of
America, a non-profit making in
stitution, has entered the fifty
sixth year of its existence . . . -
Since its establishment the Jewish
Publication Society has published
over 250 titles and has distributed
close to four million books . . . -
Two of its recent books are a
mong the three Jewish titles se
lected this year by the American
Library Association as the best
Jewish books of the year . . . -
These are Dr. Salo Baron’s “The
Jewish Community” and Leo
Schwarz’s “Memoirs of My Peo
ple” .... The Chicago Jewish
Forum, a quarterly magazine, has
Just announced the three winners
of its “1942-1943 Writers Con
test” .... The first prize of
175.00 went to Prof. M. F. Ashley,
Montagu, Philadelphia, for an ar
ticle “Are the Jews a Race?” . •
s—— ; ’
RefugeeT ff ßack^he^Lttack^~FamedEiiiigreT
Give Art Works, For Bond Drive
bT Famous refugees have given pricc
hßl IS® II !<**•* original manuscripts and paint
•’ings to be disposed of in promoting
sale of War Bonds. National Reft*-
gee Service, whose work is finance.
-by United Jewish Appeal, took
Ujjr , f leading part in organizing projc-1.
a I Part of collection has been c\-
hibited at New York Public Library.
»j Top Photo: Miss Heidc Hermanns,
I pianist, one of participants, turns
over „ manuscript contributed by
Thomas Mann to Franklin Hopp< i
Books and Authors War Bond Com
mittee. Lower photo: Miss Elizabeth
Bergner,'-film ntur, member of sjion
I soring committee, and George
I Grosz, who donated one of h>-
| paintings, sort out co.itrihvtio.is.
LJ. —-—«
Refugees Give Priceless Collections
To Promote War Bond Sales

To “Back The Attack” in the
war loan drive, the most distin
guished refugees in America
have assembled a priceless col
lection of their original manu
scripts and art works, which they
donated to the U. S. Treasury
Department to be disposed of in
promoting the sale of many
thousands of dollars’ worth of
Original manuscripts of out
standing works by Thomas Mann,
Emil Ludwig, Genevieve Tabouis,
Lion Feuchtwanger, and many
other writers of first rank; mus
ical manuscripts by Darus Mil
haud, Isadore Philipp, Robert
Casadesus and others; paintings
and drawings by Eugene Spiro,
Rafaello Busoni, Maxim Kopf,
B. M. Herko, George Grosz, Wil
liam Thoeny, and many more
poured into New York head
quarters of the bond drive from
all over the country in response
to the appeal.
The project was organized by
a group of famous refugees with
the collaboration of the National
Refugee Service, whose work is
supported, by the United Jewish
Appeal. An appeal to emigre
authors, artists, musicians, and
others to send in original works
for promotion of bond sales was
sent out by Miss Elizabeth Berg
ner, stage and movie star; Mme.
The second prize was given to
Martha Manerof, Chicago, for a
short story “A Thorny
- The third prize was won by
George F. Rorflich of Sweet
Briar, Virginia, for an
“Zionism in Changing World Pol
itics” ..." More than 100 .
Scripts from all over the nation
were entered in the contest . . .
Lotte Lehman, opera star; Prof
essor Albert Einstein; Bruno
Walter, orchestra conductor;
Franz Werfel, and Messrs. Ludwig
and Mann.
Three Hundred Rabbis Submit
Petition To Washington On
Rescue Os Jews From Europe
of a deligate of 300 rabbis calle<
at the White House this week am
left a petition urging that Jewisl
refugees be admitted to the Unite*
Nations, neutral countries am
Palestine and that a special inter
governmental agency be create*
to deal with the problem.
More than 100 of the rabbi;
were from New York. The other
came from Chicago, Los Angles
Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia
Columbus and other cities. Rabbi
Israel Rosenberg, Wolf Gold am
B. L. Levinthal of the Union o
Orthodox Rabbis of the Unite*
States, and Solomon N. Friedmai
of the Union of Grand Rabbi*
were received by Marvin Mclntyr
one of the President’s Secretaries
The visit was sponsored by th
Emergency Committee to Sav
the Jewish People of Europe.
Earlier, Vice-President Henr;
A. Wallace and a score of con
gressmen greeted the delegatioi
on the capital steps. The petitioi
was read in Hebrew by Rabt
Eliezer Silver, co-president of th
Union of Orthodox Rabbis, and i
English by Rabbi Aaron Buracl
of New York. Among the con
gressmen who welcomed th
Germans Murdering
Jews In Northern Italy
JURICH, (JTA) — German troops in Northern Italy
have murdered hundreds of Jews and a reign of anti-Jewish
terror is in full swing in all the Nazi-held sections of Italy,
according to reports reaching here this week.
The reports said that all prop
erty belonging to Italian Jews
has been confiscated by the Ger
man occupation authorities and
villas of wealthy Jews have been
plundered. Many Jews were killed
when they resisted Nazi soldiers
who had come to loot their homes.
German refugees seized by the
Nazis are reported to have been
immediately executed.
The Italian Jews were pointed
out to the Gestapo by local
fascists, the reports add. The
blackshirts provided the Germans
with lists of all Jews, natives and
refuges, residing in their districts.
Mussolini’s puppet cabinet issu
ed an order that the anti-Jewish
laws which were relaxed after the
arrest of Mussolini be strictly en
forced. An unidentified broad
caster on the German-controlled
radio declared that the “new
Italy” will punish all traitors, but
the first who must pay will be
the Jews. He added: “We do not
demand e-ny Bt. Bortholoraow’e
day, or pogroms, but in behalf of
sufferers in our country, we de
mand that the Jews, who are im
placable enemies of our race, our
country and Fascism, be neutra
On the other hand, the Italian
radio stations which are under the
control of the Anglo-American
forces, this week carried a broad
cast announcing that Gen. Ba
doglio issued a circular order on
September 22, addressed to Italian
police authorities in the liberated
part of Italy, informing them that
ir Rabbis were Speaker Sam Ray
id burn of the House of Represent
id atives, and Senators Alben W.
ih Barkley and Charles L. McNary,
id majority and minority leaders of
id the upper house. The rabbis then
r- went to the Lincoln Memorial. On
id the steps, Rabbi Isaac Horowitz
led a memorial prayer for the
is dead of Europe. The group joined
rs in prayer for the President and
s, the United Nations. They then
a, sang the Star Spangled Banner in
is Hebrew.
id Earlier in the day, Bishop
Jf James Cannon, Jr., of the Meth
id odist Church, called at the press
m conference for “something more
is than soft, sweet words,’’ to help
re the persecuted Jews of Europe,
s. At the same time, a call to set
ie aside Sunday, October 10, as a
re day of prayer in Christian chur
ches for Jews of the world; was
•y issued by the Right Reverand
i- Henry St. George Tucker, pre
>n siding bishop of the Protestant
>n Episcopal Church, the Rt. Rev.
t>i Francis J. McConnell, resident of
ie the Methodist Church, and the
Rev. Dr. Henry Sloane Coffin,
moderator of the Presbyterian
ie Church.
$2.00 a Year
measures have been taken to re
peal all the anti-Jewish laws in
the Italian territory under his
first group of Jewish refugees to
arrive from Lisbon reached here
this week after a lengthy voyage.
The 31 men and women are the
vanguard of several hundred re
fugees in Portugal and Spain
for whom the Jewish Agency has
secured immigration visas.
JjPp ■
■HHk A- k
1 WL+ H
I m
r <Kk •' - '
aH Hi
Dr. Judah I. Goldin, for the
past four years director of the
B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation at
the University of Illinois, who has
been named the first occupant of
the newly-established Chair In
Jewish Studies at the Graduate
School of Duke University.
Jewish Calendar
Join a Synagogue*
or Temple
Attend Its Services
5703 - 1948
Rosh Hashonah Sept 30
Fast of Gedaliah Oct. 2
Yom Kippur Oct. 9
Ist Day of Tabernacle.... Oct. 14
Hoshannah-Rabbah Oct. 20
Sh’mini Atzeres Oct. 21
Simchas Torah Oct. 22
Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan Oct. 29
Rosh Chodesh Kislev....Nov, 28
Ist Day of Hanukkah.... Dec. 22
Rosh Chodesh Tebet Dec. 27
* Also observed previous day.
Holidays begin on the evening
preceding dates designated.

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