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pfe Southern Jewish Monthly
Formerly The Southern Jewish Weekly
'Oh 19 NO. 1
can Zionist leaders who have been
other concerned at the cool atti
nde recently taken by high dr
ies in Washington towards Jew
sh aspirations in Palestine, are
tow more optimistic ... - Politi
al activities by Dr. Abba. Hillel
Silver in Washington are begin
ting to show results ... - There
s no longer any doubt in Wash
ngton as to whether the U. S.
Government can intervene with
Britain to have the doors of Pales
ine kept open to Jewish immigra
ion ... -It is pointed out that
he United States Government
las precedents going back 100
rears in making representations
o European governments on be
lalf of persecuted Jews . . . -
. . - In 1850, President Fillmore
nade such strong representations
o Switzerland that a ban against
rews in that country was partially
ifted ... - In 1868 Secretary of
Ktate Steward instructed the
American Consul at Tangier to
ise his influence to check the
tersecution of Jews in Morocco,
n 1872 President Grant urged
Rumania to stop her pogroms a
jainst Jews ... - In 1902 Presi
'< Theodore Tt.ifl&evclt a
„** -t■’ protest i the
against iiic K’shiaev jx*c
j >a. . , , - In ,! Jii tic: i'niwxl
.i.t •» abrogated a cornea* *.*
treaty with Czarist Russia when
ito satisfactory reply was received
From Russia with regard to the
inti-Jewish policy of the Czarist
regime ... - As regards Palestine,
it is needless to recall that in 1922
the Congress of the United States
lassed a resolution endorsing the
establishment of a Jewish Nat
onal Home there, using almost
he identical language of the Bal
our Declaration . . . -
You may soon hear details about
the plans which are being prepar
ed in the United States for the
digging of a channel between the
Mediterranean and the Dead Sea.
. . - If the plans are carried out,
tremendous quantities of water
will be made available in the
desert sections of Palestine, suf
ficient to irrigate hundreds of
thousands of dunams of land
which could support several mil
lion newcomers ... - Looking
over the files of the London Times
of the year 1883, we came across
a remarkable article which re
veals that a plan to dig a channel
in Palestine, similar to the Suez
Canal, was under discussion sixty
years ago ... - The projected
canal was to have been 80 kilom
eters long and was intended to
facilitate navigation ... - The
Suez Canal is 164 kilometers long.
... - The present scheme is on a
much smaller scale than the one
of 1883 and its details are for the
time being shrouded in secrecy.
... - We are asked to draw atten
tion to the fact that Amos Ben
Gurion, the son of the noted leader
of the Jewish Agency, has not
been killed in action fighting the
Germans on the African front, as
reported by a prominent Ameri
2an writer in his latest book . • • -
Vfr. Israel Mereminsky, represent
itive of the Histadruth in Amer
ca, checked on this report and
las just received information that
lot only is Ben-Gurion’s son alive
ind well, but also that he recently
vas promited to the rank of
-lieutenant in the Palestine units
if the British Army ../. -
Copyright, 1944, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.
Pending now are several bills which Jewish voters will
keep an eye on during this second session of the Seventy-
Eighth Congress.
Rep. Sol Bloom and his Home Foreign Affairs Commit
tee have just completed hearings on a bill authorizing ap
propriations for the United Nations Relief and Rehabilita
tion Administration. The Committee as a whole is favor
able. It saw the need for concerted action in helping refu
gees return to their homes and in carrying out the other
UNRRA projects. The House will undoubtedly be called
on to vote soon. The Senate will then have its say.
However, that is only half the battle. After “author
ization” has been voted, an appropriations bill with specified
sums must be introduced and referred to the Appropria
tions Committee. The House then be called upon to
vote on the bill reported by the Appropriations Committee.
This is when UNRRA’s request for one percent of our 1943
national income may be cut down. The process is, of
course, repeated in the Senate.
There is much appreciation in Congress of the import
ance of UNRRA’s work for future economic and political
security in the world aside from the humanitarian aspects
of relief. However, voting may be held up by individuals
who see our participation in an international organization
as a threat to our national independence. Others who have
done so before the Committee will rant about the national
debt, although the sum we are asked to contribute for re
lief and rehabilitation is what we spend for only five' days
lof var,
; A?* this ‘-vrk’i.S-. • -lit!. ut:. /Ui .-r ■ >
,. < .Ur :• t-.‘ •-*.L i. s^.- ;.r .
ppeai , senate : -vp*t&y already Hkvit <. *.• • •
on: (a) a resolution urging the immediate feeding of the
starving people of Europe, and (b) a resolution urging the
establishment of a special commission of experts to save the
Jews of Europe. Little opposition on the Senate floor is
expected. Both measures were passed unanimously by the
Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
The House Baldwin-Rogers bill, identical with the Sen
ate resolution to rescue European Jews, has caused a cer
tain amount of friction. Open hearings conducted by the
Foreign Affairs Committee have been stormy sessions with
charges of foul play from all sides. Chairman Bloom has
said he will support the resolution in Committee and on the
House floor. Favorable action from the Senate Committee 1
will undoubtedly speed things in the House Committee.
Discussion on the House floor, however, is expected to be a
little more heated than in the Senate. Rep. Karl E. Mundt
has said he would introduce an amendment to generalize
the scope of the Commission to be established to include all
persecuted people. Others may raise the question of Pal
Before the House Immigration and Naturalization
Committee are half a dozen bills to reduce immigration
quotas or suspend immigration for the duration. The Just
ice Department expressed strong disapproval of such meas
ures. They are viewed as unnecessary affronts to allied
victims of aggression. Chairman Samuel Dickstein has
been trying to squelch any further consideration of these
bills. His Committee will hold hearings on these bills. If
his efforts succeed, the Committee will consider Dickstein’s
own bill to accept religious and racial refugees for tempor
ary residence. Congress, though, is in no frame of mind
now to act generously on immigration. Pressure from con
stituents might better dispositions.
Favorable consideration by a House Post Office and
Post Roads subcommittee headed by Rep. Samuel Weiss has
not yet provoked action on a bill to ban from the mails false
defamations of religious and racial groups. Post Office
opposition has slowed the wheels here.
, In the hands of Carl A. Hatch of the Judiciary and
Elections Committee is Gillette’s resolution to clean up elec
tion campaigns. His subcommittee has done nothing until
now. The Senate will have to act quickly if it is to outlaw
religious and racial slurs in coming campaign speeches and
It is not impossible that the tussle between the Federal
Communications Commission and the radio stations will re
sult in stronger protection for minorities. At least consid
eration has been promised by Chairman Burton K. Wheeler
of the Senate Interstate Commerce Committee.
• ®
Propaganda Blamed For
Anti-Semitic Acts in N.Y.
New York (JPS) —The acts of anti-Semitic violence on
the streets of New York City are the products of propa
ganda and indoctrination emanating from organizations
as Father Coughlin’s Christian Front and Joe McWilliams'
Christian Mobilizers. This is the conclusion of a 170-page
report submitted by New York’s City Commissioner of In
vestigation William B. Herlands to Mayor F. H. LaGuardia
on anti-Semitic disturbances in the city. The report took
a year to prepare.
The recommendations of Mr.
Herlands, stressing the import
ance of more effective police ac
tion, are viewed as a criticism of
the attitude of the Police Depart
ment which has attempted to
lump together all the anti-Semitic
outbreaks as ordinary mischief
and juvenile delinquency.
Larger national aspects of the
problem are only hinted at in the
report, in a statement pointing
out the similarity between the
New York outbreaks and the anti-
Semitic attacks in Boston. Mr.
Herlands also draws a parallel be
tween his finding of laxity in the
New York police and Attorney
General of Massachusetts Bush
nell’s report that the Boston
Police Department failed to in
vestigate cases thoroughly and
were guilty of laxity.
I A lfVi/M.rrVi "MV TTerlnnfts dfIPS not
'• V. *■ « ’ • *•'-. '*! -»• .W'.V— - 4* 4 »
1 rvyi 2 •,, v 4 :.?■%:
j ruuisn Dumiio
LONDON (JTA)—The Polish
National Council finally agreed
this week that representatives of
Polish Jewry be included in all
political Polish bodies dealing
with the post-war reconstruction
and economic rehabilitation of
NEW YORK (JTA)—Prof. Felix
Ehrenhaft, a Jewish professor of
physics at the University of Vi
enna, who fled from Austria when
Hitler came to power, has made
a discovery which some scientists
predict, may mean the ushering in
of a new era in technology.
News of the discovery came at
a meeting this week of the Amer
ican Physical Society at Columbia
University at which the refugee
professor presented lantern slides
showing the existence of pure
magnetic currents. The corrobor
ation of his experiments, scient
ists who were present at the dem
onstration said, would make one
of the greatest revolutions in
technology, ranking with the dis
covery of the principle of the dy
namo, by Michael Farraday a
century ago.
LIMA, (JTA) —Jews in Peru
read this week with great interest
an official announcement of the
Peruvian Government disclosing
how anti-Jewish outbreaks, plan
ned by German and Japanese
agents, were frustrated by the dis
covery of the plot in time. The
disorders against the Jews were to
have served as a signal for a pro-
Nazi revolution against the pres
ent democratic Peruvian Govern
believe that there has been any
“conspiracy or organized plan” he
does state that "such acts, how
ever, are not accidental, or for
tuitous, and they are more than
juvenile delinquency in the ordin
ary sense.”
Regulations Ban Hate Activities
of N. Y. Cops
New York (JPS) —New regula
tions for the Police Department
have been announced by Police
Commissioner Valentine in an at
tempt to stamp out subversive in
fluences in the police force. Mean
while incidents in increasing num
bers of police laxity or even of
sympathy for the anti-Semitic
vandals are being reported in the
metropolitan press.
The new police regulations state
that members of the department
“shall not knowingly associate ...
with any person or persons inter
ested in or connected with any
group or organization advocating
or instrumental in creating . . .
prejudice or oppression against
any racial or religious group re
siding in the U. S. A. . . . ”
Patrolman James L. Drew, who
was recently reinstated in his post
in a Jewish section of Brooklyn
by Police Commissioner Valentine,
was accused of actions which are
now banned in the new regula
Drew was accused of using his
home as a warehouse for anti-
Semitic literature, and of consort
ing with Joe McWilliams, now
under indictment on charges of
inciting to mutiny among the
armed forces of the United States
and of conspiring with the Nazis.
Lawyers To Defend Persons
Affected By Acts Os
Members of the National Law
yers Guild, in cooperation with the
National Committee to Combat
Anti-Semitism, have agreed to
represent any person affected by
any act of anti-Semitism through
out the United States. This was
announced this week in s a joint
statement issued by Leonard E.
Golditch, Acting Secretary of the
National Committee to Combat
Anti-Semitism, and Martin Pop
per, Executive Secretary of the
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