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The Southern Jewish Weekly is published monthly for the duration An Independent Newspaper Serving American Citizens of Jewish Faith [
VOL. 19 NO. 3
Rabbi Wise At 70
(Copyright, 1944, Jewish Tele
graphic Agency, Inc.)
When a man reaches the age of i
seventy and completes fifty years j
of activity for the cause of Amer
ican Jewry and progressive
thought in his country, ordinarily,
it would be felt, he would be en
titled to sit back and relax and
let the younger people carry on.
But Dr. Wise, who reached seven
ty on March 17, when his anniver
sary was celebrated by a series of
functions climaxed by a dinner at
the Hotel Commodore in New
York given by the American
Jewish Congress and the Zionist
Organization of America, does not
feel that way at all.
Hailed by President Roosevelt,
cabinet members, governors, out
standing leaders throughout the
country, Dr. Wise says that he is
just beginning the fight to win
the objectives for which he has
struggled throughout his life.
More than ever, as Dr. Wise
reaches the milestone of seventy
years, he is forthrightly of the
opinion that American Jewry
must take a firm stand in sup
port of its basic rights and tra
ditions in this country. Amid
the tangled problems presented by
war and its forthcoming after
math, Dr. Wise sees an even
greater need than ever for such a
firm position. Dr. Wise is deter
mined to put up his best battle
to see that the Jew occupies his
rightfully deserved place in the
society of nations in the years to
In response to tributes on the
occasion of his birthday, Dr. Wise
put aside himself as a person and
stressed the imperativeness of the
fight itself. He said:
“A mighty task lies before us
to make life tolerable for the sur
vivors of the greatest disaster
that has ever visited the Jewish
people. It can be done. It must
be done. It will be done, and we
of the American Jewish Congress,
who were the first to battle a
gainst Hitlerism, must not fail to
undertake those tasks of peace
and reconstruction which will be
Minority Groups
Must Unite
NEW YORK (JTA)—United ac
tion by all discriminated minority
groups is necessary if discrimina
tion as a whole is to be combat
ted successfully, Herbert J. Selig
man, well knonwn authority on
racial problems states in the cur
rent issue of “Crisis,” official
organ of the National Association
for the Advancement of the Col
ored People, published this week
“Any man discriminated against
or disadvantaged because of his
color or his creed is the natural
ally of every other man so dis
criminated against,” Mr. Selig
man writes. All such men are an
acid test of democracy. As long
as the discrimination prevails,
democracy does not. He cites the
formation of Christian-Jewish
groups and Negro-White groups
as an encouraging sign that min
ority groups are becoming aware
of the need for unity.
before us, on behalf of and by the
side of and in the cherished com
radeship of our fellow-Jews.”
From his earliest years in the
rabbinate, the career of Dr. Wise
has been marked by this same
note of forthrightness. Born in
Budapest, Hungary, in 1874, he
was brought to this country by
his parents when he was only one
year old. He was educated in
New York City, and was only 19
years old when he started his rab
binical career. .
In 1907, when he was only 33
years old, he was asked to become
rabbi of Temple Emanu-El, New
York’s richest congregation. He
refused this important pulpit be
cause there was a clause in the
proposed agreement which would
have made him “subject to and
under the control of the Board of
I Trustees of the congregation.”
Dr. Wise felt that this might have
meant surbordination of his opin
ions, and if necessary, the truth
to certain groupings within the
congregation. “A free pulpit,
worthily filled, must command re
spect and influence; a pulpit that
is not free, however filled, is sure
to be without potency and honor,”
Dr. Wise said then.
So in 1907, he established the
Free Synagogue, which has played
an outstanding role in New York
City ever since.
Dr. Wise helped found the
American Jewish Congress in
■ 1917, and is now serving his sec
! ond period as President. He was
j a member of the commission sent
' by the American Jewish Congress
Ito Europe and succeeded in in
; fluencing the Peace Conference
after the first World War to in
clude minorities rights clauses in
the peace treaties.
He was among the founders of
the Zionist movement and was
active in getting President Wilson
jto give endorsement to the Bal
i four Declaration on Palestine. At
; the present time, he is especially
j occupied in trying to give a sound
directive to the position of the
| United States toward the proper
j protection for Palesaine in the
days to come.
Dr. Wise’s wife, Louise Water
man Wise, to whom he was mar
ried in 1900, has gone side by side
with him through the many years
of his active campaigning.
“This is a long fight," Dr. Wise
says. “We must meet it boldly,
and we will win out.”
brazil agrees to
NEW YORK (JTA)—The gov
ernment of Brazil has agreed to
admit 500 Jewish children from
France, the Hias-Ica Emigration
office here has been informed by
its branch office in Rio de
The children will be admitted
to Brazil as soon as they are
permitted to leave France and
reach either Spain or Portugal.
Neutral governments on thte Eu
ropean continent will be advised
of the Brazilian authorities, so
that they will be willing to give
temporary asylum to the children
before they can be transported to
Heard In The
Prime Minister Churchill re-
vealed to Dr. Chaim Weizmann
that when in the United States
last, he attempted to convert Ber- (
nard Baruch to Zionism. Said the I
Prime Minister: “We discussed !
Zionism for a full hour, but I
couldn’t convince him. You ought j
to see him, perhaps you’ll do bet- !
ter, Dr. Weizmann.” . . . Bernard
Baruch, incidentally, has been
keeping a scrapbook containing
ail the slurring references made
about him by anti-Semites. Pag
ing psycho-analysis! ... At this
writing (although time may make
us a liar) we are told by those
in-the-know that, contrary to ru
mors and expectations, there will
be no statement from the British
regarding Palestine before April
Ist. Zionists in London are again
being told to have patience and
that when the war is over every
thing will be squared. Well, per
haps not squared, but partitioned.
A new Palestine partition, pro
posed unofficially by British top
men to Zionist top men is said to
have been among the reasons for
David ben Gurion’s resignation
from the chairmanship of the
Jewish Agency Executive and for
the emergency conference of
Zionist leaders convened by Dr.
Weizmann. However, the confer
ence has been called off, and
David ben Gurion has reassumed
his office, which would indicate
that partition is off the agenda—
for the time being.
Lobbies are buzzing about the
imminent talk between Dr. Abba
Hillel Silver and Dr. Nahum
Goldmann on activities in Wash
ington. Dr. Silver feels keenly
about the duplication of Jewish
political activity in Washington,
and Dr. Goldmann, some say, is
critical of the manner in which
the Jewish Commonwealth resolu
tions were presented.
Henry Mortegthau, Jr., they
say, will soon turn in his portfolio
and set off for London to replace
John Winant in the Court of St.
James. Winant will be appointed
chief of the Veterans Bureau . . .
With anti-Semitic buzzings be
coming more audible by the min
ute, Justice Rosenman is inclined,
they say, to withdraw from the
White House scene to protect the
President’s fourth term chances.
In Broadway vernacular, Dr.
Weizmann and Justice Rosenman
are a twosome, and their com
munications contain the low-down
on what is really happening to
Jewish demands regarding Pales
tine . . . Incidentally, novelist
James Street will oppose the top
Congressional hatist, Rankin, in
the Mississippi primaries ... A
tax wizard, Sidney F. Peskin, has
proposed plans to untangle the
tangled tax situation . . . Max
Goldberg, editor of the Intei*-
mountain Jewish News, our Den
ver outlet, reports meeting Sena
tor Gillette and his charming
wife, the former Rose Freeman,
a Jewish girl from Cherokee,
Jewish Agency Prepares
New Immigration Plans
Jerusalem (JPS-Paleor) —With no indication of a re
versal of British policy at the approach of April Ist when
the White Paper is to go into full effect, the Jewish Agehcy
prepared here, amidst rising tension, to defy the White
Paper’s ban on Jewish immigration and to press in Wash
ington and London the demands for a Jewish Commonwealth.
Roosevelt’s Views
On Palestine
JERUSALEM (JTA) —President
Roosevelt’s statement on Pales
tine in which he emphasized that
the United States Government
has never approved the British
White Paper, was unanimously
welcomed by the entire Hebrew
press. Its contents were made
public when Arab newspapers
from Egypt reached this country
carrying the text which had been
suppressed in Palestine by British
British Censorship Delays
Publication Os Wallace’s
Following its policy of. suppress
ing news from the United States
favorable to the Jews of Palestine,
the British censorship here did
not permit publication of the brief
speech by Vice-President Wallace
delivered at the dinner of the
American-Palestine Committee in
Washington until a week after it
was made.
Although Vice-President Wallace
carefully omitted mentioning the
word “Palestine” in his speech,
1 censorship here prevented the
press from carrying any quota
tions'from the general statement
which the Vice-President made
with regard to the possibilities of
developing the Jordan Valley, in
which he expressed his belief that
the Jews would be able to live
I with the Arab people to their mu
, tual benefit.
The Hebrew newspaper Ilabok
-1 er, in lauding the Vice-President’s
statement, points out that Pales
tine is no obstacle to Arab unity
as some Arab politicians assert
and emphasized that the Jews are
the only factor in the Middle East
“whose cooperation does not in
volve political dependence.”
"Roosevelt’s declaration clearly
defines the attitude of the Ameri
can Government towards the
White Paper and the fate of the
Jewish people,” Davar, leading
daily paper, writes. “Special im
portance should be attached to
this declaration after the varied
interpretations given to the sus
pension of the Congressional hear
ings in Washington on the Pales
tine resolution.
Resolution Issue Raised
* Before House
question of action by Congress on
the Palestine resolution, which
has been shelved by the House
Foreign Affairs Committee and
by the Senate Foreign Relations
Committee, came up for discuss
ion this week in the House, when
Rep. Samuel Dickstein of New
York announced that he intends
to file a petition to bring the res-
David ben Gurion, chairman of
the Executive of the Jewish
Agency, warned against “breaches
in our own ranks which are visible
in the middle of our struggle,
breaches pertaining to a separate
war on the one hand and a separ
ate peace on the other.”
Mr. Ben Gurion spoke at a
session of the Smaller Actions
Committee. His references to a
“separate war” were aimed at
the Irgun Zvai Leumi, allegedly
a Revisionist military organiza
tion, which has taken responsibil
ity for bombs planted in Govern
ment Offices recently in protest
against the White Paper policy.
The “separate peace” charge
was viewed here as aimed at a
number of groups, such as the
Hashomer Hatzair organization,
which opposes the Biltmore Jew
ish Commonwealth program, and
Dr. Judah L. Magnes, president of
the Hebrew University, and his
followers who advocate that an
other half million Jews be admit
ted into Palestine and that Jewish
immigration be terminated there
The functions of the Zionist
movement, as outlined by Mr. Ben
Gurion, involve at this time “the
creation of both political and
economic instruments for the up
building of the country and for
the acceleration of our share in
1 the war effort.” He declared, in
I closing, that the important things
I are “integrated unity and the in-
I dissolubility of our political pro
| gram, the Jerusalem-Biltmore
Confident that the White Paper
cannot be implemented and defi
ant of its ban on Jewish immigra
tion, the Jewish Agency announc
ed through Dr. Bernard Joseph,
acting political chief, that the
Agency was making arrangements
for the establishment of a special
department devoted to the recep
tion and absorption of new immi
olution before the House, unless
the Foreign Affairs Committee
acts on the measure by the end
of next week. The signatures of
218 Congressmen are required to
discharge a committee from con
sideration of a bill.
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