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Tbs Southern Jewish Weekly is published monthly for the duration
■VOL. 19 NO. 5
■did British Foreign Secretary An
■thony Eden mean when he recent
ly asked U. S. Ambassador Win
■ant whether . the United States
■would not like to take over the
■Palestine Mandate ? . . . The
■question was posed to Ambassa-
Idor Winant in Eden's office in the
■presence of a third person . . . -
■We hear from Washington that
■Robert R. Nathan, former head
■of the planning division of the
■War Production Board, intends to
■leave for Palestine early in May.
■. . . - He is to complete an eco
■nomic. survey for the American
■palestine Institute which was
■started several months ago for the
■purpose of getting a scientific
■estimate of the absorptive capac
ity of Palestine ... - The project,
■on which a staff of ten people is
■now working, is expected to be
■finished by the end of September.
I. . . - High Washington officials
■are mum concerning the possibili
ty that landowners in Palestine,
■under the provisions of the Pal
■estine Mandate, may not be per-
Imitted by Britain to lease or sell
■land to the United States Govem
■ment which needs it for the oil
■pipe-line from Saudi-Arabia to the
■Haifa terminal ... - American
■plans provided for the acquisition
■of Palestine land, and American
■engineers have long been studying
■the section of Palestine through
■which the pipe-line can most
■easily be laid ... - A photostat
■of a rare map of Palestine taken
■from Montesquieu's famous “The
■Spirit of the Laws” which was
■published in France in 1769, is
■now in the hands of members of
■the House Foreign Affairs Com
■mittee ... - The map, which was
■submitted to the committee by
IZalmon Berul, shows that sixteen
■centuries after the destruction of
■the Jewish State, Palestine was
■still considered to be connected
■with no other people or tribe . . .-
Jin the map of the "Spirit of the
■Laws” it is charted as “Judee” .. .-
* * *
■federation Employment Service
■in New York is starting its sev
■enth drive to recruit Jewish work
ers for essential war industry . . .-
■This time the drive will be devot
ed to the recruitment of Jewish
■labor for shipyards . . . -What
■may interest Jewish readers out
ride of New York is the fact that
■Jewish institutions are greatly
■interested in adjusting Jews to
■new professions which will be
■helpful to them after the war . . .-
■it is realized, of course, that the
■paramount problem facing Amer
ican Jews is to keep employment
■free from political, racial and re
■ligious discrimination . . .- Should
■this be accomplished, then no
■drastic occupational ljestratifica
■tion will be necessary ... - Ex-
Hperts have come to the conclusion
■that by and large, the economic
■functions performed by Jews in
■America now, will be needed after
■the war ... - Regardless of new
■methods of industrialization, Am
■erican economy will require dis
tributors, industrial workers, cler
ical and professional workers of
■ all kinds ... - The Jewish grocer
■may find himself displaced by the
■chain, but he will perform the
■ same function behind the counter
■of » chain unit . The practice
Sedition Trials
With the sedition trial under
way In Washington, attorneys for
some of the defendants sought to
use the court as a sounding board
for anti-Semitic libels and alleged
that the trials were a "Jewish
conspiracy.” Members of the
panel from which the jurors were
to be picked were queried as to
their definition of the word "Jew,”
as to their understanding of the
term “Mongolian Jew” (Chief
Justice Eicher of the U. S. Dis
trict Court, presiding in the case,
said that he himself had never
heard of such a term). One of
the attorneys asked that the court
reporter be replaced because the
firm employing him was partly
Jewish-owned. Another attorney
asked that the records of the
Anti-Defamation League, the
Non-Sectarian League, the B’nai
B’rith and other organizations
engaged in combatting subversive
activities be impounded. The
Court of Appeals turned down a
motion that Justice Eicher be re
moved from the case. The pat
tern of maneuvers to delay the
trial proceedings included a de
mand that Henry Ford and Charles
A. Lindbergh be subpoened be
cause their “utterances” were
“100% more vicious” than any
emanating from the defendants,
according to one of the attorneys.
Cornelius Vanderbilt, N. Y.
Post columnist, reported that a
U. S. Army major, unidentified,
told him that Jewish doctors serv
ing with the U. S. forces in Italy
were making one of the major
contributions in this war by risk
ing their lives to save “hundreds,
perhaps thousands of lives.”
of the private physician may be
displaced by a socialized clinic,
but the physician will continue his
work as a public employee . . . -
Nevertheless, there are certain
economic problems that Jews in
America will have to face . . . -
■i iTlfflr r jjHHHKgpR p I
am,. . Baa "
The Government of the United States will use all its power and prestige
to save the victims of Nazi persecution who can still be saved, John W.
Pehle, Executive Director of the War Refugee Board (right) told a
recently-held Midwest Conference of the Joint Distribution Committee
in Chicago. Mr. Pehle is shown addressing the conference, which was
attended by 600 community leaders from Illinois and nine neighboring
states- Paul Baerwald, J.D.C. Chairman, is shown at left. Mr. Pehle’s ad
dress was the highlight of a two-day conference in which plans were
discussed for the expenditure of at least $17,000,000 by the J.D.C. dur
ing 1944 for its work of Jewish relief, rescue and rehabilitation overseas.
Fascists Complain That
Jews In Italy Are Not
Sufficiently Persecuted
ZURICH (JTA) —The'complaint
that “nothing is actually being
done in Italy about the Jews” is
voiced in the Republican Fascista,
organ of the Nazi-controlled Ital
ian regime, reaching here.
“Everybody is blissfully asleep
with regard to the Jewish ques
tion,” the article says. It indi
cates that “Jews will soon be de
prived of freedom of movement”
and warns Italian women not to
be “Hebrew-minded” and not to
show any pity for Jews.
The proposal of “free ports” in
the United States for refugees
from Nazi Europe, first proposed
by N. Y. Post columnist Samuel
Grafton, is now under considera
tion by the War Refugee Board,
according to an announcement by
Mr. Pehle at a joint press confer
ence with Ira Hirschmann, War
Refugee Board envoy just re
turned from Ankara.
ZURISH (JTA)—The transfer
of Jews in Budapest from various
sections of the - city to “closed
districts” is now in full swing, it
was disclosed in a broadcast by
Lazio Endre, Hungarian Commis
sioner for Jewish Affairs. In the
meantime, a curfew has been im
posed upon Jews in the sections
from which they are to be re
moved, prohibiting them from ap
pearing on the streets between 7
p. m. and 7 a. m.
The Budapest radio also report
ed that in accordance with the de
cree liquidating all Jewish firms,
all Jewish enterprises must close
immediately. Their owners can
enter them only to help the auth
orities in taking inventories. The
An Independent Newspaper Serving American Citizens of Jewish Faith
Polish-Jewish Soldiers
Court Marshal is Rebuked
LONDON (JTA) —The British Government was urged
this week to intervene to secure a review of the sentences
of one to three years imprisonment meted out over the
week-end by a Polish court martial to about 30 Jewish sol
diers who were charged with “deserting” from the Polish
Army, because of anti-Semitism there and seeking to trans
fer to the British forces.
Meanwhile, the Moscow radio
this week broadcast a sharp at
tack on the verdict of the Polish
military court. The deputy pres
ident of the Polish National Com
mittee in Moscow was quoted as
declaring that while thousands of
Poles in Poland are helping Jews,
the reactionary officers still com
manding Polish troops abroad are
condemning Jewish soldiers.
Polish circles in London pointed
out that the sentences imposed
by the court martial, which met
in Scotland, are not final until
All major Protestant denomina
tions joined in a statement, for
warded to Secretary of State Hull,
demanding that guarantees for
freedom from economic, political,
cultural and social discrimina
tion because of religious grounds,
be included in all postwar treaties
entered into by the United States
with other countries.
New York (JPS) —The use of
new forms of race hatred in
America at the end of the war,
similar to the Ku Klux Klan, was
predicted by Mgr. Fulton J. Sheen
of the Catholic University of
America, speaking before the
Catholic Teachers Association of
the Diocese of Brooklyn. Mgr.
Sheen said that “hatred in Amer
ica is terrific.”
Further Persecution
In Hungary, Jews were ar
rested wearing a blue “Shield
of David” on a white back
ground, instead of a “Shield of
David” on a yellow background
prescribed by government de
only Jewish commercial establish
ments that will be permitted to
remain are those whose existence
is essential to the Hungarian war
effort. They will be managed,
however, by special government
The mayor of Budapest was re
ported here to have issued posters
under his signature announcing
that Jewish children between
three and fourteen years of age
will not be evacuated from the
Hungarian capital. The evacu
ation of non-Jewish children will
continue as a measure of safety
against Allied air-raids, the post
ers said.
confirmed by higher Polish mili
tary authorities. They said that
an official statement regarding
the court’s findings will be issued
shortly. The severity of the sen
tences, they alleged, resulted from
the accused soldiers refusal to
return to the Polish forces.
Resentment of British Jews
Reflected At Meeting
of Deputies
Even before the court’s decision
was announced, a delegation of 3,-
000 Jewish clothing workers had
called on Prime Minister Churchill,
at his official residence 10 Down
ing Street, to protest the mis
treatment of the Jews in the Pol
ish forces. They were unable to
see the Prime Minister, but left
a letter arguing the case of the
Jewish soldiers.
New York (JPS)—A cellar in
Odessa was the hiding place for
two years for Robert Kantorowich
and eight other Jews who sur
vived the Nazi massacre. Robert
Kantorowich, an engineer, is the
brother of Olga Kantorowich, a
Soviet Partisan who was captured
by the Nazis ten times and man
aged to escape. Her function was
to spirit away to hiding places
Jews and others sought by the
A clarification of U. S. policy
on Palestine was demanded both
on the floor of the Senate and in
speeches outside the Senate by
two Republican members. Sena
tor Rushfield of South Dakota de
manded that the President and
Secretary of State say whose in
terests they were supporting in
Palestine, “the British, Arabs or
the Jewish.” Senator Styles
Bridges, addressing a dinner of
the New Zionist Organization,
called on the United States to
see that the promises to Jews re
garding Palestine be kept, and
said that Palestine is the moral
yardstick by which the United
Nations’ attitude to the smaller
nations will be judged.
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