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Southrn Jewish Leaders
Director, Florida Regional Office
Anti-Defamation League, B’nai
B’rith, Miami, Florida
southern states executive com
mittee members of the Fifth Dis
trict, B’nai B’rith, assembled this
week-end in Jacksonville to pon
der the cares of our people.
Reports on the many faceted B’nai
B’rith programs of service were
rendered by Jewish leaders con
stituting the committee. The
sharp rise in college enrollments
is reflected in the increased Hillel
units on American campuses, now
numbering 164.
In the ensuing year it is ap
parent, from the outstanding re
ports presented at the meeting
that B’nai B’rith service in the
fields of vocational guidance,
post-war service, youth and mem
bership will be substantially inten
It is with pardonable pride that
the writer lauds the scintillating
address by Justice Meier Stein
brink, the newly elected national
chairman of the Anti-Defamation
League. A highlight of the week
end-long conference, Justice Stein
brink’s talk served to enunciate
ADL policy with reference to the
battle against biogtry.
Bigotry sins against the very
spirit of America, warned the
distinguished Jurist.
“Democracy is indivisible, be
stowing its blessings with equal
favor to all. Again and again this
doctrine has been sacrificed by
the brood of our countrymen,
Protestants, Catholics and Jews.
“The time has now come in
American history— indeed in
human history— when from all
strata of American life it is
recognized that we have the
historic obligation to fight bigo
try and intolerance and hatred of
grcup for group. We have reached
the time when these evils are
recognized as of profound nat
ional concern,” declared Justice
The following is a thumbnail
sketch of the League’s new nat
ional chairman:
Justice Steinbrink has been on
the State Supreme Court Bench
since 1932, and since 1939 has
served in the Appelate Term of the
Court. Prior to that, he held of
fice as an Assistant Attorney
General and as special assistant
to the United States Attorney
General in war fraud cases after
World War I. For a number ot
years, until he was raised to the
bench, he was Republican leader
of Kings County.
Justice Steinbrink was the first
President of the United Jewish
Aid Society of Brooklyn and a
founder of the Brooklyn Federation
of Jewish Charities. He has also
been a Director of the Brooklyn
Juvenile Probation Association and
of the Hebrew Education Society
of Brooklyn.
Main at Adams Street
Meet In Jacksonville
U. S. Urged To Hasten
U. N. Action On Nazi Loot
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be taken to facilitate the transfer
abroad of property rights and
interests, or their proceeds, be
longing to such victims who re
side abroad. Unclaimed or heir
less property rights and interests
in foreign countries, or their pro
ceeds, of such victims should be
transferred to appropriate Jewish
organizations for use in relief, re
habilitation, emigration and re
7. In the light of the inade
quacy of previous allocations from
German reparations for use in re
lief, rehabilitation, emigration and
resettlement, any further decision
on German reparations should pro.-
vide for an adequate additional
share in such reparations for such
8. Representations should be
made by the Government of the
United States to the governments
involved, pointing out American
interest in, and the need of, speedy
and satisfactory restitution and
Capital Spotlight
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Naturalization, and now Dean of
the University of Pennsylvania
Law School, includes a large va
riety of organizations represent
ing different faiths and objectives,
as well as prominent individuals.
In Washington it cooperates with
some seventy-five national org
anizations, ranging from the
American Association of Univer
sity Women, to Catholic, Jewish,
Baptist and Quaker groups. Head
ing its Washington activities is
Joseph Faneili, former chairman
of the United States Board of
Immigation Appeals.
An educational campaign is
under way by the Committee to
acquaint the “grass-roots” with
the facts, such as the little-known
one that Jewish displaced per
sons constitute only twenty per
cent of the over-all total of DP’s.
The next move, in line with tra
ditional procedure, is to bring
local opinion and desire to the
ears, and desks, of members of
In 1942 he was awarded the
Distinguished Service Medal of
the Jewish Culture Asociation of
the New York University and in
1944 received the annual service
scroll of the Inter-Faith Move
Justice Steinbrink is a grad
uate of the New York University
Law School and holds an L. L. D.
degree from St. Lawrence Uni
versity and the honorary degree
of Doctor of Hebrew Letters from !
the Hebrew College of Cincinnati.
"The South's Most Modern Store"
The School of Religious Educa
tion, a New York branch of the
Hebrew Union College of Cincin
nati* sponsored by the College
and the Union of American
Hebrew Congregations, opened
in New York for the training of
personnel for Reform Jewish
congregations under the direction
of Dean Abraham N. Franzblau,
until recently Professor of Re
ligious Education and Pastoral
Psychology at the Hebrew Union
College, Cincinnati.
Radio Program
For Sunday
By My Spirit, a radio play by
Morton Wishengrad based upon
letters of Lt. Doris Schwartz of
the Army Nurses Corp., will be
presented on Sunday, February
9th, 1947 (NBC network, 12:30
P. M. EST, to commemorate Lin
coln’s birthday.
The Eternal Light, a coast-to
coast radio program presented
under the auspices of the Jewish
Theological Seminary of America,
is a public service presentation of
the National Broadcasting Com
pany. Dr. Moshe Davis is pro
gram editor.
In the Army hospitals there are
battles yet to be won. This is the
story of a nurse who helped “to
bind up the nation’s wounds, to
care for him who shall have borne
the battle.” Through her under
standing they substituted spiritual
strength for physical loss, to find
once again a place in the world.
Music for the Eternal Light is
composed by Morris Mamorsky
and conducted by Milton Katims.
Cantor David Putterman will sing
the liturgical music. The produc
tion will be under the direction
of Frank Papp and Milton E.
Krents is producer for the Semin
At the conclusion of the broad
cast there will be a short address
by Mr. Charles H. Silver, promin
ent American Jewish layman and
a member of the Board of Over
seers of the Jewish Theological
Seminary of America.
We sat in on that Garden smell
eroo the other night when Ruben
Cowboy Shank, the so called Jew
ish cowboy, danced through ten
dreary rounds to lose a decision to
one Red Priest of Boston. The
crowd looked upon the fight as a
community sing, chanting “Let Me
Call You Sweetheart” and “Home
on the Range,” to give you an idea
how’ atrocious the affair was. We
had been suspicious of Shank and
decided that a little investigation
might be in order. To put it ab
ruptly, the cowboy ain’t Jewish.
He is cashing in on whatever pub
licity the fabrication can bring
him. We will say that Harry
Markson the boxing publicist did
not lend credence to Shank’s mas
querade by telling the newsmen
that he was Jewish. The Shank
message spread that little bit of
fiction around themselves.
* * *
Davey Banks has worked wond
ers with the Troy five in the Amer
ican League since taking over the
reins a few weeks ago. At that
time Troy had one game won out
of seventeen played. Dave tight
ened up a little here and there,
brought in new faces and immedi
ately began to get results. If the
season were to start all over again
right now the upstate New York
ers would rate consideration for
title honors.
Dave was ready to pull out for
Florida when the Troy bid came
along. Actually he is losing money
by coaching but his love for the
game is so strong that he keeps
his finger in the pie. In fact he
is seriously considering taking a
touring ball club on the road next
When ne was starring with the
Celtics “Dovidel” was one of the
most popular athletes to tour the
South. When he reached Birming-
A Jew's Bed For Bilbo
Senator Bilbo, who was in Touro Infirmary at New Orleans has a
little object lesson in racial and religious tolerance no farther from
his nose than the four walls of the institution which is serving him.
The Senator, who replied to a Jewish letterwriter with the sal
utation “My dear kike,” and who has practically called for pogroms
in the United States (“Jewish and Negro minorities aer trying to
destroy our freedom and the American way of life”) at Touro In
firmary is the beneficiary of a Jew.
Judah Touro gave of his wealth, and of the greatness of his
spirit, to found this hospital 106 years ago. He was the son of a
rabbi and a man of culture. Though the hospital that bears his
name is under Jewish management, its work is non-sectarian. Its
mercy, like the mercy of Judah Touro, knows no Jew and no Gentile,
but only mankind.
Senator Bilbo might ponder this as he lies abed in long-dead
Judah Touro’s hospital. He might be grateful that Judah Touro was
not the bigot that Theodore Bilbo is. For if he had been, Theodore
Bilbo «ould not at this moment be receiving the services of one of
the finest medical institutions in the South. He would, instead, be
excluded as a hated Gentile.
Let him look about him and see in the memorial of a man
vvho was too big for racial hatred the most eloquent rebuke to the
hatemonger. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
Friday, February 7, 1947
ham, Ala., the city was virtually
his. Newspapers ran his picture
showing . Banks in uniform but
wearing a tall high hat. Since the
opposition generally wasn’t too
strong, Dave would put on shows
for the fans. In the middle of a
game he would dash off the court
while his mates passed the ball
around, and would jump onto a
nearby stage in the gym to pound
away at the piano. All this, mind
you, while his mates controlled the
ball and kept the opposition from
scoring. The Celtics must have
had great times in those days. We
remember hearing a rookie of
theirs, now a star for Banks, Ash
Resnick, remark: “If only we could
go back to those days I would
gladly play for half price.”
STAMMER ? fra.
New book, "Stammering, Its Cause and E
Correction," describes Bogue Method for MtLU
correction of stammering, stuttering —BTfH
successful 45 years. B. N. Bogue, Dept
6505 C(rcl ® Tower. Indianapolis 4, Ind.
||§|§§(COLO miseries)
lliliwT*r IT-SAFE-QUICK lilAltl
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