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VOL 23 NO. 3
United Jewish Appeal Condemns Palestine Terrorists
Capital Spotlight
(Copyright, 1947, JTA, Inc.)
The British order to evacuate
British women, children and “non
essentials” from Palestine is in
terpreted here as a move to con
ceal the lack of any positive plan
to overcome the current impasse.
To Administration circles the
evacuation provides further evi
dence of what they call the flound
ering of the Labor Government in
its relation to Palestine.
It is unlikely that American
citizens will be asked to leave
Palestine. Although the British
have the police power to compel
their departure, diplomatic experts
point out that the British will not
want to tangle with the United
States on that score. This is par
ticularly the case since the Ameri
can Counsel General in Jerusalem
advised the State Department that
there is no necessity.for evacuation
of Americans..
The Department is -further in
formed that the underground has
set its sights on the British mili
tary, officials and civilians, but
is not at all concerned with Amer
There are 4,900 American citi
zens living in Palestine, and six
all-American business establish
ments. They are the Palestine
Economic Corporation, the Socony-
Vacuum Oil Company, the Ame»-
ican Porcelain Tooth Company, the
Near East Corporation, Teplow
snd Company, commission agents
chiefly for American goods, and
the American Colony of Jerusa
lem > founded in the 1880’s for
philanthropic purposes and re
ligious study. The Iraq Petroleum
ompany has a one-quarter Amer
can staff. American capital in
'estments in Palestine total about
WOO,OOO, Os which $6,500,000
s em from the business concerns.
ne greater part of the remainder
consists of investments by Ameri
can Jewish organizations interest
home deVel ° ping a nationa l Jewish
A restriction law will soon be on
of p °°^ S * n American zone
Germany. Drafted by a com
k-, ® of the laender rat (Minis
-0 °° UnCil) In close touch with
Z** «*toe of Military Gov
laTig 11 - ? the United Sta tes.) the
largest ? ded " to effec t to the
alrictinn 6 f ent P° ssib le the re
to persons Ulddentifi^We Property
deprive/! Wh ° were wrongfully
f SUCh pr °P ert y within
to May g IQ*!” 1 Januar y 30, 1933,
0r id eologicai 5 ra ? ial, reUgious
count l 1 grounds or on ac
to NatTJ ? POlitical opposition
Rational Socialism.”
t°hnTown UiU h® rest °red to
“even th™ t. rS ° r successors
Persons tt l f h ‘ h ® interest s of other
the wrnn no knowledge of
hated." fjL Ul taking are sub-ordi
to n r p Vo * 6 degree °I protection
%7 Ds ! * 5 good fai th, or
Inal wr o n» r + icipatlllg *». the ®rlg-
- owner, J
Southeastern Junior Hadassah
Conference Slated February 15-17
The first Junior Conference in the history of the Southeastern
Region of Junior Hadassah wifl be held in Atlanta on February 15, 16,
17, with headquarters at the Biltmore Hotel.
Guests will be arriving as ear
ly as Friday morning February 14
and arrangements have been made
to accord these visitors home hos
pitality. Guests and delegates will
register Saturday night at the pre
conference dance and Sunday at
the Biltmore Hotel There wil be
a registration fee of $3.50 plus
cost of banquet and Senior Lun
cheon Sunday afternoon. Not only
delegates and visitors but others
as well are invited to participate
in conference activities.
Climaxing the brilliant program
will be the Junior Banquet Sun
day, February 16, at 7:00 p. m.
in the Pompien Room cf the Biu
more Hotel. Reservations for the
banquet should be made at the
time of registration. Miss Helep
Yablon will presida...at_the . ban
quet and Miss F.oney Saperstein
will act as Mistress of Ceremonies.
Mrs. S. O. Blotz, Hadassah Leader,
will install regional officers ror
the coming year and a distinguish
ed address will be made by Mr.
Abe Berkowitz, President of the
Southeastern Region of the Zion
ists of America.
The closing session c? the con
ference will be at the Biltmore
Monday, February 16 at 10:00 a.
m. at which time Miss Natalie
Frankel of Miami. Florida will
preside. American affairs, fund
raising and Youth Aliyah will be
subjects for thus session.
Atlanta chapter of Masada will
be host for apre-conference dance,
Saturday evening, at 8:00 at the
Educational Alliance honoring the
Brotherhood Week
February 16th - 23rd
National Meeting of All Zionist Leaders
Feb. 17th, to Cope With New Emergency
New York —American Zionists this week re
jected the British ultimatum to the Jewish Agen
cy and served notice that the American Jewish
community would not stand idly by to British
preparatory measures for the repression of Pale
stine Jewry.
Dr. Silver, chairman of the American Zionist
Emergency Council, announced that a national
extraordinary session of all Zionist leaders in
America had been called as the first step towards
coping with the forthcoming emergency. This
special session which will have representatives
from every city in the United States is scheduled
to convene in Washington on February 17th.
In a statement issued by the American Zionist
Emergency Council which represents the
American Zionist movement, Dr. Abba H
Silver labelled British demands as an open in
vitation to Palestine Jewry to become lnform
ists and spies” and attacked the British Govern
Presbyterian Minister
Represents Jewish
BH§H/ '' Mira
■> $
Rev. Ralph E. Gilbert
A typical grass-roots American,
the Rev. Ralph V. Gilbert (above),
Minister of the Presbyterian
Church of Freemont, Nebraska,
was the only non-Jew in attend
ance at the National Conference
of the Joint Defense Appeal held
in St. Louis.
The Rev. Gilbert was present at
the meeting as the official repre
sentative of the 25 Jewish families
comprising the Jewish community
of Freeport, Nebraska. He attend
ed every session of the three day
Conference called by the JDA to
raise $6,000,000 during 1947 to fi
nance the coordinated program of
the American Jewish Committee
and the Anti-Defamation League
of B’nai B’rith for combatting anti-
Semitism in the United States.
$3,000,000 of the national quota
will be sought in communities out- :
side of New York and Chicago.
(Continued on Page Five)
(The British ultimatum had given the Jewish
Agency seven days to declare its willingness to
cooperate with the British Administration by
"locating and bringing to justice members of
terrorist groups.”)
"The Zionist movement has condemned un
reservedly on both moral and political grounds
the acts of the dissident extremist groups in
Palestine. It is, however, impossible to ignore
the fact that the excesses for which they have
been responsible are a direct result of the present
arbitrary and lawless British regime in Pale
stine,” Dr. Silver declared.
The leader of American Zionism pointed out
that the Jewish Agency had continually indicated
its willingness to do everything within its power
to restrain dissident extremist groups. "It is not,
however, prepared to ask the Jewish population
to turn informists and spies for an Administra
tion which itself has been guilty of gross illegali
tles and cruelties against Jews who ask refuge in
The United Jewish Appeal, which is now engaged in a nationwide
campaign to raise $170,000,000 for overseas relief and rehabilitation,
Palestine upbuilding and settlement and refugee aid in the United
States, adopted a resolution this week strongly condemning terrorism
in Palestine.
A valiant but woefully feeble
attempt was made this week by
the Klan of South Florida to gain
some degree of respectable rec
ognition. Its officials had read of
the coming to Florida of the'
Grand Exalted Ruler of the Elks
who, in an interview, declared
that the Elks were unalterably op
posed to the Klan and all other
subversive organizations as well
as Communism. These Klansmen
wanted to set the Exalted Ruler
right on what the Klan stands
for. Piling into three cars, they
journeyed from Hialeah to Miami
Beach to join in the reception
for the Elks leader. However, the
Elks would have no part of them
and the delegation of thirteen
klansmen, confronted by the
menacing arm of the law, wisely
decided to leave rather than face
the further disgrace of arrest.
The following day the Klan
Fuehrer, W. W. Tyler, Jr., tele
phoned the newspapers to “ex
plain” that they wanted to see
the Elk chieftan to let him know
that the Klan, too, is opposed to
Communism. (So are 99% Ameri
cans who, too, are unanimously
In other parts of the state, of
ficials of the KKK have likewise
been trying to cloak their aims
with respectablility. In Orlando
recently the Klan wrote letters to :
the editors of the local papers as
serting that the Klan is purely
a “fraternal, benevolent, chari-
(Continued on Page Five)
The resolution, pased by the
Administrative Committee ( was
signed by Henry Morgenthau, Jr.,
former Secretary of the Treasury,
who recently assumed the post of
General Chairman of the United
Jewish Appeal and by Edward M.
M. Warburg, Chairman, Joint Dis
tribution Committee; Rabbi Israel
Gpldstein, National Chairman Uni
ted Palestine Appeal and Edwin
Rosenberg, President, United Ser
vice for New Americans.
Pointing out that the funds ob
tained in the nationwide campaign
of the United Jewish Appeal go for
the relief and reconstruction ac
tivities of the Joint Distribution
Committee, the United Palestine
Appeal and the United Service for
New Americans, the Administra
tive Committee resolution empha
sized that “none of the funds rais
ed by the United Jewish Appeal
or expended by any of its agencies
is utilized in furtherance of any
terrorist activity.”
Copies of the resolution were
simultaneously telegraphed by Mr.
Morgenthau to President Truman
at the White House; Secretary ur
State George Marshall; Senator
Arthur Vandenberg, President Pro
Tempore of the U. S. Senate; Sen
ator Alben W. Barkley, Minority
Senate Leader; to Congressman
Joseph W. Martin, Majority Lead
er of the House; Sam Rayburn,
Minority House Leader; Mrs.
Franklin D. Roosevelt; to Lord In
verchapel, British Ambassador at
Washington and to Major Cyril
Barkley Ormerod, head of the Bri-.
tish Information Service.
The Administrative Committee
expressed its abhorrence of ter
rorism in Palestine which it con
demned as “injurious to the best
interests of the Jewish communi
ty of Palestine,” and associated
itself with the Jewish Agency for
Palestine in calling on the “mis
guided few to desist from all ter
rorist activities.”
Special Sabbath
For Tolerance
February 15th
Saturday, February 15th has
been named "Austin-Mahoney Sab
bath” by a newly formed Commit
tee of the Rabbinate for the Aus
tin-Mahoney Bill, which is headed
by Rabbi William F. Rosenblum,
President of the Synagogue Coun
cil of America.
Every Rabbi in New York State
has been asked to devote his ser
mon on that date to a discussion
of the evils of discrimination in
education and the manner in which
quota systems and other discrim
imtarv nra/>H/<o» will ha raitlanrad _
$3.00 A YEAR

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