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)L. 23 NO. 5
Capital Spotlight
(Copyright, 1947, JTA, Inc.)
■ The London Conference on Pal-
Hgjje passed into the nether-
Knd of similar corpses with hardly
I fizzle.
■ln the dismal necro)o<rv of
■larter century, it is unlikely to
Use a rinple except as another
Kgtance of the continuity of Brit-
E foreign policy, regardless of
E nature of the government. A
Ery is told in Washington of a
■enator who admonished a witness
appearing in support of a trade
fciprocity bill before a Congress-
Enal committee. Sir, waggled an
lidlgnant senatorial finger, Wbi
lon Churchill said he had no in
lention of presiding over the dis
solution of the British Empire, and
1 sir, was not elected to preside
Iver the dissolution of the hides
Ir.d skin industry.
I Official Washington was chary
|f any Involvement In the exoect-
Idly fruitless London negotiations,
lecretary of State Marshall on sev-
Iral oens i o*'s has d°( ,, l’'ed to ans
wer questions about different parts
If the world, on the ground that
le was ”ot yet suffleUmtlv j—fnr-*'-
Id about them. A becoming mod
pty in a public official and a
Irait little in evidence among most.
Be has had to digest many press-
P* and if, by any chance
|e Is taking them alphabetically,
r alestine is pretty far along on the
IB u t whether geographically,
strategically, politically or any
Ither way, it is a fairly safe bet
pat Germany heads in near the
lop of the Ust. This is particularly
pe ease in view of the forthcoming
Boscow Conference to write the
N&ce treaties for Germany and
They are occupied areas
rhh American Interests heavily In
volved. Part of the involvement
pnters around the question of dis
'-aced persons, which is certain to
•6 diserggnfj the conference.
Another part is concerned with
i’ e ,nc,Uß ’on in the treaties of
to guarantee human
™* s forp stall any possibility of
afrprreßß * on emanating from
thin their borders; and provide
f restitution of Nazi-looted prop
hy and reparation where the
has disappeared. Drafts
such clauses were recently pre
by the American Jewish
to Assistant Secretary
8 rl tate John H< Hilldring, with
flr^| IPBt ,0r e * r endorsement by
(. ary Atarshall and submission
for < : Co,,nc,l of Foreign Ministers
.A vigorous booster of DP’s pass
-through here not long ago on
3 J )ack to Germany. She
head s W *u E ‘ oroth y Green, who
Epinu the Work Training and
over ?J arent division of UNRRA
frorlf , ere ‘ After fifteen months’
piacM mVel and so joum with dis
iritiou persoßS in the American,
,f rd French zones, she em
aC fu‘ y declareß ns absolutely
the assertion that DP’s do
« ,f »T tyrQnf a.
too. . o '"ork, and would make
for American immi-
i , '' Ss v ' j ,-dSWi. il jl
fl m, ***"* * k " : jf 9
General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower, Army Chief of Staff, de
livered the principal address at the extraordinary United Jewish
Appeal conference in Washington, D. C., last week-6nd when more
than 450 Jewish leaders from every section of the country gathered
in the capital for the official launching of the $170,000,000 nationwide
Campaign of Sacrifice for refugees, overseas needs and Palestine.
New standards of giving, unprecedented in the annals of Jewish phil
anthropy, were established by the delegates, stirred to heights of com
passion by the moving presentations of the needs made by General
Chairman Henry Morgenthau, Jr., former Governor Herbert H. Leh
man and other national leaders in the drive to give new life to
1,500,000 Jewish survivors in Europe.
Director, Public Information, National Jewish Welfare Board
Purim is called the Feast of Lots because in Hebrew Purim
means lots, and Ham an selected by lot the 13th day of Adar on
which to carry out his plot against the Jews.
Although Esther, the heroine of the Purim epic, is tradi
tionally supposed to have been selected queen when she yon
the first recorded beauty contest, some rabbinical commentators
held she was 74 years old when she became Ahaseurus’ con
sort. The Hebrew name of Esther is Hadassah, the numerical
value of which is 74.
The Purim celebrating the defeat of Haman is not the only
Purim in Jewish history for the Jews in many countries have
their own local Purims in commemoration of miracles and
marvels that befell them. Among such Purims are "The Purim
of the Baker Woman.’’ "Plum Jam Purim,’l. "Gunpowder Purim.
"Purim of the Good Lady.”
The name of God is not mentioned even once in the Book
of Esther, which is read on Purim.
There is an ancient tradition that a Babylonian scholar of
the third century, B. C., Rabbi Samuel bar Shilath, who was a
highly esteemed teacher of children in his clay, was descended
from Haman, the Purim villain. „
From 18S1 to 1900 there was a Purim Association in New
York, founded and supported by a group of men “tabued with
the desire to celebrate the Purim festival in a refined vmy that
Zm fittingly represent the social side of New York Judaism.
Jacksonville and
Savannah U.J.A.
Meet Here the 9th
The Jacksonville-Savannah Zone
Conference of the United Jewish
Appeal for Refugees, Overseas
Needs and Palestine will begin at
12:15 P. M. on Sunday, March 9th,
at the Mayflower Hotel, Jackson
The enormity of the responsibil
ity which has been placed upon the
Jews of America this year—as re
fleeted in the $170,000,000 goal of
the United Jewish Appeal in 1947-
makes it imperative that as many
leaders as possible attend this
meeting which will have so import
ant a bearing on the future of the
Jews in Europe and Palestine.
Nearly two years have passed
since the war ended, but the spect
acle of Jewish suffering and home
lessness in Europe remains more
tragic than ever. A quarter of r
million Jews, or one out of ever;
six Jews alive in Europe today
■are_ crowded into bleak Displacer 1
Persons camps in Germany, Aus
tria and Italy.
Among the outstanding speaker?
who will address the conferee
are: Major George Fielding Eliot,
nationally-famous news commor
tator and military analyst whe
toured the DP camps in Eurom
’ast year; Dr. Leo Srole, former
UNRRA Director who exposed thr
deplorable conditions in the Lands
berg DP camp; and Alisa Klaus
ner Eskol, Palestinian-born author
and lecturer who recently arrived
in this country to speak on behaK
of the United Jewish Appeal.
The conference will include r
luncheon session beginning a*
12:15 P.M. and an afternoon session
which will adjourn at 4:30 P. M
There will be no solicitation of
Radio Program
For Sunday
The Man In the Touro Infirmary
a radio play by Arnold Pearl based
on Leon Huhner’s book Judah
Touro, will be presented on Sun
day, March 2nd, 1947 (NBC net
work, 12:30 EST).
The script is a tribute to a great
American Jew, Judah Touro, the
post-Revolutionary philanthropist
Intent on combining deeds of char
ity with righteousness, Touro
quietly helped all men according
to their need, for . . . “He who
gives charity in secret is as great
as Moses.” A present-day situa
tion in New Orleans, which was
Judah Touro’s home, is related to
the ideals and events of Touro’s
Some people suffer from intel
lectual frostbite, others from emo
tional sunstroke.
Dr. Abraham E. Millgram will
be the guest speaker at the Jack
sonville Jewish Center annual
Purim Seudah, held this year in the
form of an Installation Dinner
tendered Rabbi Sanders A. Tofield
and the newly elected officers for
1947. Dr. Millgram is Educational
Director of the United Synagogue
of America and was former Hillel
Director at the University of Min
nesota. He holds degrees from the
College of the City of New York,
Columbia University and Dropsie
College and 'is the author of
’QmSSteif £. ■. • ,%pB
i%• iHßill®! .v.'V' : ', : i
*. ■■'■ k
Dr. Abraham E. Millgrai.)
“Sabbath —The Day of Delight.”
Prior to his entry into the of
Jewish education, Dr. Millgram
?s ordained Rabbi by the Jewish
Theological Seminary of America
in 1927 and served over a decade
in a Philadelphia pulpit.
Two years ago he returned to his
Alma Mater and to its affiliated
associations to coordinate the re
ligious educational department of
the Conservative movement.
Officers to be installed are.
President, Joseph Hackel; Vice
Presidents, Jack Becker, Joseph
Becker, and Hyman Selber; Treas
urer, Robert J. Gordon; Secretary,
Louis Safer; Financial Secretary,
Abe Diamond; and Auditor, Erwin
Kantor. Harry Gendzier will serve
as Toastmaster; Herbert L. Sand
ler is Chairman of the Entertain
ment Committee.
Rabbi Sanders A. Tofield
Rabbi Sanders A. Tofield was
ordained by the Jewish Theological*
Seminary in 1934 and occupied a
pulpit in Houston, Texas. He is
married and is the father of a
daughter; he is the son of Rev. and
Mrs. M. Z. Tofield of Tulsa. Oklar
His activities in the" rabbinate
extend over a wide range of Jewish
and civic interest. He was presi
dent of the Association of Texas
Rabbis, headed the Southwestern
Conference of Jewish Religious
Schools, and held executive offices
in regional Zionist and B'nai B’rith
organizations. He has been close
’y identified with, the work of the
National Conference of Christians
and Jews, the Jewish Chautaugua
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