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Thought is so difficult that peo
ple find it easier to fight than to
It took the Second World War
finally to decide who had started
the First World War.
Wr your a ufei
K f Your brand of fun and
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Mont nowl Jm
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We manufacture these uniforms here in Gainesville, Florida, in
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Should Read
The more you know about the peculiar PROBLEMS faced
by Jews throughout the world, the better you can help solve
them. Keep fully informed in Jewish affairs and you can add
your bit to Jewish progress.
No intelligent Jew can be indifferent to Jewish news today.
$3.00 for one year (52 issues)
$5.00 for two years (104 issues)
P. O. Box 903
Jacksonvlle 1, Florida
Please send a subscription to the following:
City State
Enclosed is check for $3.00 for one year | —|
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A FREE L’Shonah Tovah Greeting for Rosh Hashonah will be
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during the next 30 days.
The first complete descriptive
material on the Hagana move
ment in Palestine has been
made available in pamphlet
form by the Education Depart
ment of the Zionist Organiza
tion of America. The pamphlet,
which includes the history of
the Palestine resistance move
ment as well as a resume of its
current activities, is the first in
a new on dynamic Zion
ism being issued by the ZOA,
according to Carl Alpert, Direc
tor of the Education Depart
In plain-spoken language, the
pamphlet hails the Hagana as
“a source of pride and affec
tion; its deeds are regarded as
constituting a new glorious and
dramatic chapter in the history
of the Jewish people.”
Stumbling Block
(Continued from Page Three)
Differences among us in back
ground, culture and inclinations
influence our every day lives. Be
cause of this, the unity among
us —a unity based on the American
Creed—is subdued and frequently
lost sight of. Even the “wool hat
boy of the Georgia hills who joins
the Klan and attacks Negroes be
lieves in the American ideal —only
he has not learned to include the
Negro and the “furriner” in his
America. In'effect, none of us is
without this sin. Among the most
liberal there exists a blind area of
We who work in the community
relations field have hammered at
the heart of this eternal struggle
for many years. It is not the
problem of a day or week. It has
been with us since our birth as a
nation. Still many miles from our
goal, we have, nevertheless, trav
eled far along the road toward hu
man equality charted by Jefferson,
Paine and their contemporaries.
And in these past several cen
turies, education-call it “educa
tion for democracy”—has been the
most effective weapon in the war
for our souls.
There is a positive basis for this.
It stems from our normal view
which clings to an unreserved ac
ceptance of the principle enunciat
ed in the Declaration of Independ
ence —a principle which Abraham
Lincoln characterized as “the
stumbling block in the path of the
What is the educational ap
proach ?
Briefly, it means to make use of
modern teaching and communicat
ing techniques in search of a two
fold objective:
1— To create a climate of opin
ion favorable to the American
Creed and unfavorable to preju
2 To form those basic attitudes
on which good human relations are
In our contemporary society, the
individual’s opinions and attitudes
are formed and hammered into
line by converging forces—the
newspaper he reads, the radio he
listens to, the films he sees, the
speeches he hears and those com
munity institutions with which he
comes into contact and of whicn
he is a part.
Generally, our success to date in
problems of group prejudice has
been of a negative quality. We
have made bigotry unfashionable.
No public figure is willing today
to have himself labeled an anti-
Semite and even the reactionary
attempts to wrap himself in the
cloak of tolerance. We ought not
to be too proud of this achieve
ment. It was a set-up, the cards
stacked in our favor.
Now, however, it appears we
are on the verge of a second suc
cess—this time a positive one.
Americans have indicated as much
by their sudden willingness to
search the problem not only in
their troubled souls, but in full
view of all of us. The issues have
been brought out into the open
with the conviction that in the free
Kosher Market &
209 Broad St. Ph. 3-0238
PHONE 5-0981
Joins HIAS
I '' "life- i M
' '-f- * J§B§!‘v . .
Maurice Eigen, former Execu
tive Assistant with the JDC has
been appointed Executive Assist
ant at the Hebrew Sheltering and
Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
World Headquarters, 425 Lafay
ette Street, New York.
Mr. Eigen, veteran welfare
agency executive, served in Europe
for more than two years during
the war as a field supervisor for
the American Red Cross in Eng
land and, later, as the JDC Di
rector in the British Zone of Ger
The Voice Os Sinai
Will Be Heard
The first of a new series of In
formation leaflets will soon be
published by the Commission about
Information on Judaism.
The Commission has projected a
new series of popularly written
leaflets—The Voice of Sinai—edit
ed by Rabbi Joseph I. Gorfinkle
and Mrs. Norman J. Lawrence of
Mt. Vernon, New York. The first
pamphlet is entitled “Brother
hood.” It will be distributed,
without charge, to congregations,
religious schools, university stud
ents and other interested groups.
Three additional pamphlets will
soon be released.
market place of ideas, truth and
democracy will prevail.
In perhaps the greatest crisis
this country as a nation passed
through, the proponent for the
educational approach was Abra
ham Lincoln. The abolitionists
stood for legal action. Lincoln was
anti-slavery, but he knew that
slavery could not be eradicated by
law. It had to be removed from
the hearts of the people. After
his death, the abolitionists pre
vailed—and the national failure to
couple the outlawing of slavery
with a concomitant process of ed
ucation has resulted thus far in a
complete failure to solve the
Negro problem.
An uneducated, unprepared, un
willing community rejects law.
Remember Prohibition? Unless
the community is taught to accept
laws affecting group relations, the
statutes will remain ignored.
Legislation protects the individ
ual from discrimination. It does
not eradicate prejudice. But it
won’t even protect the individual
i if there is too great a discrepancy
between the law and the mores of
the people.
The important element is what
I is in the hearts and minds of peo
ple. Only in that way can dem
ocracy work. And what is in the
hearts and minds of people is
placed there through education
through living and learning to
Friday, April 18, i 947
NEW YORK (JTA) —The J ew .
ish Book Council of America, spon
sored by the Jewish Welfare Board
has announced a contest for re
commendations for the publication
of books of Jewish content. Pri Zeß
of S2OO and SIOO will be awarded
for accepted recommendations of
either new works or literature
published in another language and
not available in English.
President Congratulates
Anti-Nazi League
(Continued from Page One)
'“Third, among these crises
which we must meet, is the re
newed drive of native fascists and
Nationalists,” Prof. Sheldon re
“These enemies of our country
stick together, and it was no sur
prise to find that when we de
stroyed the Columbians, persons
like Gerald L. K. Smith and Mer
win K. Hart came rushing to their
defense, or at least picked that
moment to attack us. The notor
ious isolationist, John T. Flynn,
who used to head the New York
office of the American First Com
mittee, even wrote a whole pam
phlet on the subject, which he got
the isolationist Chicago Tribune
to publish as a series of articles.”
“Perhaps the most dangerous
manifestation of this unity of evil
forces is Smith’s announcement of
a great organization drive in the
South, for which he is now pas
sionately appealing to his follow
ers for funds,” he said.
Senator Kilgore declared that
though we defeated Hitler and II
Duce, their American counterparts
are still carrying on their evil
plans in various sections of our
“Fortunately, there are many
brave, patriotic Americans who
are not afraid to expose these
would-be Hitlers,” he said.
“These brave Americans are
carrying on in the tradition of
Thomas Jefferson, that great pa
triot, who pointed out in 1817 that
‘ignorance and bigotry, like other
insanities, are incapable of self
The former West Virgina jurist
said that the woman and man
who stands up and exposes totali
tarianism and its supporters is
subjected to every form of scorn
and villification.
“Fortunately, there are many
people who are not yielding to
these insidious attacks,” he de
“The battle against intolerance
and greed must be carried into
every community ... if we are to
achieve true democracy. We must
work in our own communities to
stamp out bigotry and greed.
Each of us must be ready at all
times to expose those who seek
to gain favor with the poor and
downtrodden by offering them the
cheap thrill of kicking around
some other group, equally p°° r
and down-trodden.
“Democracy ... if it is to suc
ceed . . . must be built on a fit®
foundation that reaches into our
own backyards. We must brus
aside the cries of our backyar
cynics, the peddlers of hatred an
greed. We must tear down t e
barriers that exist between
We must replace fear with cour
age, dissension with cooperation,
and spread those doctrines
every section of the nation,
living Democracy here at home,
we will be living proof to the re
of the world, that Democra
offers every human being,
spective of his race or rcligi° n >
opportunity, to live in dignity,
honesty, and in peace.”

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