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VOL. 23 NO. 14
invention of Southeastern Synagogues Will Meet in Savannah
Capital Spotlight
(Copyright, 1947, JTA, Inc,)
As the special United Nations
session on Palestine unfolds, one
of the biggest question marks is
the attitude of the U. S. S. R. on
this issue.
Well informed diplomatic ob
servers guide themselves by a
sign post they have prominently
tagged consistency. They find
that every statement, article, pro
nouncement by Soviet spokesmen
and writers over the years has
emphasized Palestine as an inte
gral part of the whole Near East
ern problem. In the Russian view
it cannot be treated separately,
but must be regarded as of inter
national concern. Continuation of
the British Mandate is opposed
and a United Nations trusteeship
While the specific policy to be
followed by the Soviet represen
tatives at the U. N. is yet to be
marked oat, the basis for it can
he traced from the consistent
stand taken by the Russians on
Palestinian and Near Eastern af
The authoritative Soviet journ
al, "World Economics and World
Politics,” edited by E. Varga—
economic adviser to Foreign Min
ister Molotov and often an ad
vance spokesman for Soviet pol
icy-carried a ten-page article
back in July of 1945, titled “The
Analysis of the Arab League.”
The author, L. Vatalina, contend
ed that Palestine is not a separ
ate problem that is closely tied to
the entire Near Eastern question.
The Arab League was termed an
instrument of the British For
eign Office, and described as no
more representative of the Arab
People than the Greek monarch
of the Greek people. As the Sov
iets and the Red Army fought to
save the world from facism, Miss
Vatalina wrote, so the Arabs
should join with the forces oper
as' for their independence.
Continuity of Soviet policy was
elearly illustrated in an editorial
in "Izvestia” for February 8 of
ibis year. The government news
paper attacked the Arab League
and opposed partition of Pales
lne; on the grounds that the re
sulting creation would become a
°°l of the British. A Moscow
r °adcast in Arabic at about the
Sanie tin »e - when the British had
ordered evacuation of “non-essen
:‘ al ” persons from Palestine - at
ributed “the dissention between
e Palestinian elements and the
Continuous disturbances” to "the
r 'tish occupation of long dura
’on. What “inquired the broad
caster, “will be the connection be
een these police measures tak
by the British authorities in
alestine and the latest frequent
8 dements in London which point
tfla t the Palestinian problem
11 be solved in the spirit of jus
ce and respect of the rights of
80,411 nations?”
New York—Following a meeting of the Executive Committee of
the American Zionist Emergency Council, during which recent events
in Palestine were reviejved, Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, chairman of the
Council, today issued a statement on behalf of the entire Zionist move
ment in the United States, branding British conduct as “organized
Dr. Silver, who is also chair
man of the American Section of
the Jewish Agency for Palestine
and president of the Zionist Or
ganization of America, declared,
in referring to the hanging of
four members of the Jewish un
derground and other British atro
cities in Palestine, that “the
‘Black and Tan’ days of Ireland
have been revived by Mr. Bevin
in the Holy Land. 100,000 troops
are doing this dirty work, and
American dollars, out f>f the Brit
ish loan, are helping to defray the
“The hour has come when we
must appeal to all men and
women of good faith to r show
unequivocally the contempt with
which they regard this spectacle
of a faithless guardian scheming
to destroy his ward,” Dr. Silver
“Price Os Liberty” Is
Radio Broadcast Sunday
Howard Fast’s exciting sea
story of Revolutionary times, The
Price of Liberty, adapted for rad
io by Arnold Perl, will be broad
cast on the Eternal Light pro
gram, Sunday, May 4 (NBC 12:30
Red haired, pock-marked John
ny Ordronaux, a French Jew who
adopted the American colonies as
his home, came to Baltimore with
the dream of building a clipper
that could run the British block
ade during the Revolution. The
Price of Liberty tells how the
ship was built and manned and
how Johnny found that the price
of liberty was the blood of brave
WASHINGTON, D. C.—Palestine will be represented for the first
time in the 103-years history of B’nai B’rith at its trienniel conven
tion here May 11 to 15. Henry Monsky, Omaha, Neb., president of
the nation’s oldest and largest Jewish service organization, announced
The Palestine delegate will be
Justice Gad Frumkin of the Su
preme Court of the Holy Land.
Justice Frumkin is also president
of the Palestine District of B’nai
B’rith and the senior ranking
Jewish official under the British
Justice Frumkin is scheduled to
arrive at La Guardia Airport.
New York, on May 6.
Reports from B’nai B’rith sour
ces in Jerusalem indicate that
Justice Frumkin will bring to the
B’nai B’rith convention a dual
plan to construct a large Pilgrim
age center for youth and a pro
posal to plant a 125-acre forest
on the Jewish National Fund land
near Jerusalem. *
The youth center would ultim-
More than 300 American
Jewish youth leaders from all
over the United States will at
tend two Brandeis Camp Insti
tutes this summer, announced
Herman L. Weisman, Presi
dent of Brandeis Camp and
Chairman of the American
Zionist Youth Commission.
They will come from over 200
• communities and 100 colleges
and universities, to work, study
and play in the unique atmos
phere which is Brandeis Camp
B’nai B’rith Fifth
District Convention
The 71st convention of the
Fifth District Grand Lodge of
B’nai B’rith will be held in Miami
Beach on June 7-8-9-10 and will
be sponsored jointly by Miami
Beach Sholem Lodge and Miami
Beach Lodge 1591 with member
ships of over 2£ooo.
Around 500 delegates are ex
pected from the Fifth District
which covers Washington, D. C.,
Virginia, Maryland, North Caro
lina, South Carolina, Georgia and
Florida and are to be housed at
the St. Moritz, Sands, Royal Palm
and Poinciana hotels with head
quarters at the St. Moritz.
Louis Heiman, first vice presi
dent, Fifth District Grand Lodge;
Walter C. Kovner, president Mi
ami Beach Lodge; and Sam Sil
ver, president Miami Sholem
Lodge jointly announce the ap
pointment of E. Albert Pallot of
Sholem Lodge and David R. Isen
of Miami Beach Lodge as co
chairman of the convention and
Ray Redman, convention public
ity chairman.
ately bring thousands of Jewish
youngsters to Palestine for ex
tended visits. The area will in
clude summer camps and sports
facilities. The pilgrimage move
ment is still in the planning stage,
but Justice Frumkin declared m
a report to the Palestine District
of B’nai B’rith:
“We must establish a network
of B’nai B’rith youth lodges
throughout the country. The day
is not far off on which our dream
of a pilgrimage movement will
come true, a movement in the
wake of which thousands of Jew
ish boys and girls will visit Pales
tine. We must be ready to wel
come them, to help them adjust
themselves to the spirit of this
wonderful country.’’
Brandeis Camp
ON MAY 9-12
The Fourth Annual Convention of the Southeastern Synagogue
Conference which will be held at Savannah, Georgia, May 9 to 12,
will be an historic-making event. The prayers of thousands of tradi
tional Jews in the Southland whose Congregations are affiliated with
the Conference, will help to make it so.
Isolationism, that is the strug
gle of each Synagogue tucked
away in a corner of a given-com
munity to continue single handed
the overwhelming fight against
all foreign substance, is dead. It
will never rise again. Too many
perplexing problems which mod
ern man in a modern world has
brought forth call for new meth
ods and formulars which only de
termined, combined, concentrated
effort by a united Synagogue, or
ganized on a Regional basis can
make challenge. Indeed, no in
dividual Synagogue regardless
how strong numerically, can sin
gle handed fight this paralytic
monster, "Jewish Religious and
Cultural Apathy.” This monster
is not of the overnight making.
He received his nurture for lo so
many years. It will therefore re
quire a good many years of con
tinuous day by day punches and
stamina to at least neutralize his
dead by influence.
Organized in the City of Nash
ville in November 1943 under the
leadership of Mr. Harry Stern
(then President of Congregation
Sherith Israel of Nashville) with
a handful of delegates represent
ing a few Synagogues, the cher
ished dream to call every tradi
tional minded Jew and his Syna
gogue to the banner of the South
eastern Synagogue Conference,
soon began to bring results. The
Second annual convention held in
Birmingham, Alabama, resulted
in many additional Synagogues
joining the organization, and the
creation of a Rabbinical Council.
The Third Convention held in
Chattanooga in the year 1946
saw the total of Synagogues af
filiated with the Southeastern
Synagogue Conference rise to a
total of twenty-four, covering the
states of Georgia, Florida, Ala
bama, Tennessee, Mississippi,
Louisiana, South Carolina, and
North Carolina. At the conven
tion delegates have awakened to
the fact that the Southeastern
Synagogue Conference has be
come strong enough physically
and spiritually to begin initiating
activities in the South.
This determination was strength
ened by an encouraged prom
ise made by Mr. Isadore Margolis
representing the Vaad Hachinuch
Hachradey Mizrachi Educational
Committee that his organization
stands ready at all times to go
the limit to help strengthen tra
ditional Jewish religious educa
tion in the South.
The delegates of the 3rd Con
vention then resolved that the
time had arrived for concrete ac
tion. A committee was elected
to investigate possibilities for im
mediate undertaking of establish
ing in a centrally located South
ern city a Yeshivo. Details which
such a project will entail was left
in the hands of this committee.
This committee of investigation
has labored conscientiously since
the closing of the 3rd Conven
tion and to this fourth gathering
it comes ready with definite
plans. They were arrived after
careful study made by the field
director of the Mizrachi Educa
tion Committee, Mr. Samuel Gor
don, who spent several weeks, up
on the committee’s invitation,
touring the principal cities in the
South studying conditions on the
The fourth convention is there
fore looked upon with great anti
cipation. It may rightfully be
termed the “LET’S GO” Con
vention. An extra day was add
ed to the deliberations. This day
will be divorced from the routine
matters, and devoted entirely to
a seminar on Jewish Education.
Boards of Education, principals
and teaching staffs of all affili
ated congregations were invited
to this seminar. It will be ad
dressed by Professor P. Churgin,
Isadore Margolis, Samuel Gordon
and Miss H. Harris who will
come from New York City repre
senting the Mizrachi Educational
Savannah, Georgia, plays a
great historic role in the history
of Jewry of the United States.
There the Synagogue was first
opened for our ancestors who
have traveled to this shore.
Providence must have destined
therefore; that out of the city who
responded to the first call for ac
tion, shall resolved determination
for a stronger, reinvigorated tra
ditional Jewish life in the South
eastern Jewish Community be
The Southeastern Synagogue
Conference is affiliated with the
following congregations:
Adas Yeshurin, Augusta, Ga.;
Rodolph Sholom, Tampa, Fla.;
Beth Jacob, Miami Beach, Fla.;
Agudath Israel, Montgomery, Ala.;
Bnai Zion, Chattanooga, Tenn.;
Knesseth Israel, Birmingham,
Ala.; Heska Amuna, Knoxville,
Tenn.; Ahavath Achim, Atlanta,
Ga.; Sherith Israel, Atlanta, Ga.;
Temple Beth-El, Birmingham,
Ala.; Shearith Israel, Columbus,
Ga.; Beth Sholom, Columbia, S. C.;
Sherith Israel, Macon, Ga.; Ahav
ath Chased, Mobile, Ala.; Sherith
Israel, Nashville, Tenn.; Baron
Hirsch, Memphis, Tenn.; Anscha
Sphard, Memphis, Tenn; B’nai
B’rith Jacob, Savannah, Ga.; Beth
Israel, Charleston, S. C.; Bnai
Israel, High Point, N. C.; Bikur
Cholim, Asheville, N. C.; Beth
Israel, New Orleans, La.; Ahavath
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