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Friday, September 26, 1947
The Southern Jewish Weekly
An Independent Paper Serving American Citizens of Jewish Faith
Owned and Published by ISADOKE MOSCOVITZ, 8.8. J.
' Subscription, one year $3.00; two years, $5.00
Upon expiration, unless notified to the contrary,
subscriptions are continued.
Entered as Second-Class Matter, at the Post Office,
Jacksonville, Florida, Under Act of March 3, 1879
Member of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Member of the Independent Jewish Press Service
Member Office of Jewish Information
Member of the Chamber of Commerce
"The Oldest and Most Widely Circulated Jewish Publication
in this Territory”
Printed at our own plant
p. 0. Box 903 Phone 9-2796
Jacksonville, Florida
. •
We were very happy to oblige Mr. Reiner and sent him
copy for this advertisement which, when published in Sa
vannah, made a hit among both the Jewish and non-Jewish
groups. In fact, several of our Savannah readers sent us
clippings of this ad asking us to reprint the material, not
knowing that we had sent the copy to Mr. Reiner for his
Sunday ad, which featured the following message:
"This hate business is as dangerous as disease. It creeps
into the mind and heart—it withers the soul. It can kill
kindness, blind reason, inflame passion, annihilate love. It
can turn man against man, creed against creed# race against
race. Worst of all—4t can shatter that priceless thing we
call Unity—without which there can be no peace on earth.
"If hate we must, let us hate the things that foster hate:
intolerance—narrowness—bigotry. Let us remember that a
man's religion, be it Catholic, Protestant or Jewish, is the
little acre that yields him his belief in God—it's as much his
own as the home he lives in. Let us remember it is not for
us to judge men by color, race, creed or national origin—
but by the character of their lives—alone.
"And if we realize that the antidotes for Hate and
Prejudice are Commonsense and Understanding—then the
billions we will spend to rebuild this world may not be
spent in vain."
We believe this type of advertising in the Jewish and
the general press will do a great deal of good in promoting
the Jewish -and democratic causes.
We shall be happy to cooperate with merchants through
out the South in furthering the cause. of good-will. We
hope that Mr. Reiner has started something which many
other business men will follow.
Can yon find a job
. to beat this one?
The equivalent of a $2500-a-year civilian position . • •
travel • . . education . . . adventure. All these are
• yours—right out of high school —when you join the
Regular Army.
Sounds good, doesn’t it? Your food, clothes, hous
ing, medical and dental care, a liberal retirement plan
■—all are provided free. You get $75 a month as a pri
vate, and that’s just the beginning. You’ll move along
fast if you’ve got what it takes to win promotion.
You’ll get a kick out of Army life! And above all,
y6u’ll enjoy that deep satisfaction that comes from
knowing you’re doing one of the world’s most important
jobs. Your nearest U. S.
Army and Air Force I
Recruiting Station has
all the
811 West Monroe St. Room 245 Phone 5-4844
On the Friday afternoon our Rosh
Hashonah issue was published we
received a phone call from Mr.
Harry W. Reiner of Savannah, Ga.,
owner of the Style Shop, at 23
Broughton Street, East. Mr. Reiner
told us that he was extremely grat
ified to see the beautiful ad that
appeared on our back page sponsor
ed by the Original Club Forest of
New Orleans. This ad, he said, was
a beautiful message for the cause of
tolerance, and he would like very
much to run a similar type message
in the Savannah Morning News
Sunday edition of September 14th.
(Copyright, 1947, Jewish Tele
graphic Agency, Inc.)
On Shevouth, It is customary
to read the book of Ruth in the
Synagogue. On Passover, the
Song of Songs is read and on
Succoth, the custom is to read
Koheleth (Eccleciastes).
The Talmud has an apt saying
which this suggests. It points
out that Solomon traditionally is
the author of three books of the
Bible: the. Song of Songs, the Book
of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.
Solomon, say its legend makers,
wrote the Song of Songs with its
almost lusty love tones, as a young
man; the book of Proverbs in
middle age; and Ecclesiastes, with
its melancholy refrain, in old age.
Despite the reading of Koheleth,
the festival of Succoth is described
in the prayer book as “zeman
simchasenu” or “time of joy.”
Yet there is something about
Koheleth which somehow corres
ponds with the season of Succoth
when nature’s foliage begins to
lose its color. Dame Nature seems
to have become more sedate, she
has putr* aside her frivolity and
become mellow and meditative.
Koheleth speaks the thought of a
man who has tasted the foam and
dregs of life and finally sets down
his conclusions.
The men of the Talmud also
associated the Patriarch Jacob
with Succoth. Some of the auth
orities say that Jacob was the first
man to observe Succoth.
One need not be too' rich in
phantasy to find appropriate links
for* this choice. Os the three
Patriarchs, none seem to come to
life so much as Jacob.
In Abraham and Isaac we see
patterns of almost pure perfection.
They are saintly men, blessed men,
the earthly quality is not too vis
ible in them. What there is has
been subdued by their higher in
stincts. They are perhaps a little
too ideal for most of us. In Jacob
we see both good and evil. The
man’s life is beset by Conflicts
which most of us experience in
life. So in a sense, we feel closer
to Jacob.
We can scarcely think of Jacob
without thinking of Esau, his
brother and bis nemesis. The
great Jewish philosopher, Solomon
Maimon, in his autobiography re
calls how as a child, his father
told him that Jacab and Esau had
been presented with the choice of
this world and the world to come
and Jacob selected the world to
come while Esau took this world.
At this, young Maimon blurted out
“Jacob was a fool. He should
have accepted this world.” Mai
mon’s father simply slapped his
son’s face.
Jacob was an introvert, Esau
an extrovert. Jacob was the man
who was always having dreams,
“the quiet man” who the Bible
says, “sat in the tents” and Esau
was the wild game hunter, who
had no reason to dream, because
all of his wishes were fulfilled.
We have almost a complete
enough case history of Jacob to
satisfy even the psychoanalyst
who insists on the pre-natal his
tory of a case. The Bible tells us
that Rebecca’s pregnancy was
very difficult and that she was
told this because there were two
conflicting nations struggling in
her womb.
The legends of the Talmud en
large upon this. They say that at
this period when Rebecca passed
a pagan idolatrous house of wor
ship, Esau’s embryo would cry out
and when she passed a synagogue,
Jacob would make a move;
Esau’s conduct, as the Bible re
lates the story, seems the more
exemplary until we read beneath
(Continued on Page Four)
I si
These illustre
entitled “Jewish I
Board, containing
vals. They are d
Jewish Communit;
16 (
As part of it
and YM-YWHAs
lished a 55-page
which contains a
grams for young
Questions and A;
servance,” by Dr.
quiz. Sukkot beg
1. What does 1
festival last?
2. By what spe?
val called?
3. Why is the «
called Simhat Torah
4. How are the
called ?
5. What is the a
6. What historic?
Feast of Booths recall
7. By what three
to in the Bible?
8. What are the
tion of Sukkot?
9. How is the Su
10. Why are Jews
ing the Festival of 800
11. What is a ci
which is becoming wid
12. What does the
13. What is the L
14. When does the
15. In what other
on the first two days o!
16. What do the i
the Synagogue on Sukk
On Sunday nigh
paign of the United .
of the $350,000 goal
dinner given by th<
family. The entire
with a number of
committee to assist
Rabbi Herschel
orations ever givei
personal experience
camps, and his mes
entire assembly.
Talks by John
Whitehead offering
welcome.’ * ,
We congratulat
the splendid manne
conducted. Special
workers of the cot
which the program
We are confidei
be over-subscribed,
doing a great job!

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