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Friday, February 13, 1948
The Southern Jewish Weekly
An Independent Paper Serving American Citizens of Jewish Faith
Owned and Published by ISADORE MOSCOVITZ, B.S.J.
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Upon expiration, unless notified to the contrary,
subscriptions are continued.
Entered as Second-Class Matter, at the Post Office,
Jacksonville, Florida, Under Act of March 3, 1879'
Member of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Member of the Independent Jewish Press Service
Member Office of Jewish Information
Member of the Chamber of Commerce
"The Oldest and Most Widely Circulated Jewish Publication
in this Territory”
Printed at our own plant
P. O. Box 903 THE EVERGREEN PRESS Phone 9-2796
Jacksonville, Florida
As We Look to Brotherhood Week
(February 22-29, 1948)
\ j mgs* ' /
all men are brothers and that God is the father of all humanity and
that we, the children of Israel, are “chosen” to implant in the hearts
of men everywhere this feeling of kinship for the sake of a better
Yet, we recall vividly that following the speech the audience
was left with the feeling of “why tell us to stop being persecuted,
go tell our persecutors to stop.”
We sensed this antipathy and called upon the Post Chaplain
to promote Brotherhood Week services throughout the Camp, but
for some reason this observance was not made. Can it be that this
particular chaplain felt that this too, was a Jews’ mission, since
we have the most to gain from Brotherhood Week.
If this, then, is a challenge for us Jews, let us make the most
of it. '
One 6f the greatest contributions to civilization made by our
forefathers was to give the world for the first time the concept of
One God. We Jews were persecuted for not worshipping idols and
for holding steadfast to our religious belief. The responsibility to
God, Our Father, acknowledges the brotherhood of man, for one
cannot exist without the other.
We have therefore given the world the original plan of the
brotherhood of man.
While there are those who would accuse us of selfish motives
in fostering the observance of Brotherhood Week just as all move
ments for the common good have had their periods of opposition,
we Jews in America especially, are serving our country’s ideals as
well as those of our own faith when we seek to hold fast to the
tenets of civilization which are embodied in brotherhood. History
records that Calvin Coolidge said that “our doctrine of equality and
liberty and humanity comes from our belief in the brotherhood of
man through the fatherhood of God.”
Surely the foundation of our democracy is taken from this
same philosophy.
To us who have published this newspaper for 15 years the ideal
of fighting AGAINST anti-Semitism is the same as fighting FOR
brotherhood. We have always held firm to the belief that anti-
Semitism is treason to America.
We quote Sinclair Lewis, famous novelist and winner of the
Nobel Prize for literature: “Any organized attempt to spread
racial hatred in the United States, or any attack upon individuals
•r groups here on the ground of race or religion is, in the light of
the Bill of Rights—treason to America. By the same token, it is
a betrayal not only of the .guarantees of freedom and equality con
tained in the Constitution, but of the whole of our traditions and
ideals as a free Republic.
“Anti-Semitism is as anti-American as any other subversive,
mischievous, and inimical idea. But outside of the utter injustice,
the baseness that is involved in all such wholesale charges against
Jews or any other minority group, it is ridiculous and thoroughly
nonsensical to Condemn a whole race, or to advance* that arch
absurdity of superior and inferior races.” .
Asked for his advice on what American Jewry should do, Sinclair
Lewis replied: “Jews must join with all the progressive forces of
she country and expose all the charges against them for the libels
and falsehoods that they are.”
We consider the actual observance of Brotherhood Week as a
definite progressive force which fights FOR Brotherhood and thus
AGAINST anti-Semitism.
It is because of this strong conviction that Brotherhood Week
means so much to our Jewish people and to democracy as a whole
that The Southern Jewish Weekly has sponsored an essay contest
open to 9,000 students at the University of Florida.
We hope to print the winning essay in our issue of February
20th or 27th.
.. , t , X, '
Three years ago your editor was busy
preparing a talk for the Jewish officers
and men at Csjmp Wolters, Texas for Fri
day night chapel services for the Occasion
of Brotherhood Week, which is sponsored
annually by the National Conference of
Christians and Jews. Even then we
wondered how much good such a talk
could mean to those of Jewish faith, who
have suffered persecution throughout the
ages for the terrible crime of having been
born of Jewish parents.
Os course, Jews like to hear about
Brotherhood Week and the gratifying im
plication which the Talmud confirms that
To the Editor of
The New York Times:
As I write these words the
press is carrying conflicting ac
counts of the implications for
Jewry of the partition of Pales
tine. As president of the Ameri
can Jewish Committee I deem it
important that there should be a
clear statement of what I believe
to be the philosophy and attitude
of the American Jew.
We are told by the anti-Semite,
through malice, and by some small
sections of American Jewry,
through confusion, that this par
tition has created a problem of
possible inconsistency between our
obligations as Americans and as
Jews. There is no such problem.
Five years ago our committee
stated: "There can be no political
identification of Jews outside of
Palestine with whatever govern
ment may there be instituted.”
These words state an axiom and
remain true today. The Jews of
America suffer from no political
schizophrenia. Politically we are
not split personalities, and in faith
and in conduct we shall continue
to demonstrate what the death
rolls of our army on many a bat
tlefield have attested, that we are
bone of the bone and flesh of
the flesh of America.
What should be the attitude of
Jews toward this newly to be cre
ated state? We have affirmed
our sympathy with and our desire
to cooperate with those Jews who
wish to settle in Palestine. Now
we find this embryo state already
beset with the horrors of violence
and bloodshed and its shores
largely closed to that suffering
remnant of downtrodden European
Jewry which yearns to go there.
In helping them we emphasize
that nothing can be done which
in any degree constitutes a vio
lation of the laws of the execu
tive action of the United States.
Course of Conduct Prescribed
But we have a right to repre
sent to our Government for its
action a great fundamental truth.
The United Nations Assembly did
not merely decide a dispute be
tween two peoples—it prescribed
a course of international conduct;
it decreed that partition was a
measure that made for the peace
of the world. The world must
support that decree. The respon
sible Jews in Palestine are en
gaged in no struggle of aggression
or of aggrandizement. If any hot
headed group is acting at variance
with this position, that group is
disavowed. But responsible Jew
ish leadership asks for nothing
except that the mandate of the
Assembly of the United Nations
be executed. To enforce it re
quires policing of Palestine against
the violence that has there been
incited chiefly under the leader
ship of Arabs identified with
It is vital not only to the Jews
of Palestine but to the peace of
the wor’d that the dignity and in-'
tegrity of a resolution of the As
sembly of the United Nations be
defended against such blood
thirsty attempts to thwart it as
have appeared in Palestine during
the last few weeks. To that end
we urge on our State Department
—first, that under the Security
Council of the United Nations
there must be created a sufficient
constabulary to preserve peace and
order in Palestine when the Brit
ish withdraw and to make clear
to the world that the decision of
the United Nations Organization
is not to be treated as a scrap of
(Continued on Page Seven)
< .v
i<—Mr Rsk
Sole musical ensemble dedicated to the interpretation of the
traditional and folk music of the Jewish people, this quartet is now
touring the United States under the management of the Jewish
Center Lecture Bureau of the National Jewish Welfare Board. The
ensemble has been enthusiastically acclaimed by the music world
for the charm and brilliance of its performances. Each musician is
a master of his instrument and has played in nationally known
symphonic orchestras as well as on programs over major radio
networks. From left: Max Fleischman, violin; Emanuel Fleisch
man, violin; Jack Yablokoff, cello; and Isador Kleinman, viola.
Between You and Me . . .
(Copyright, 1948, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.)
jfi§| I
and Dr. Silver at the November session of the General Assembly . . .
However, each one of them contributed greatly in securing the par
tition decision, and each one of them will do the same now to secure
the implementation of the decision . .. Hope is especially heavy
on the possibility of Dr. Weizmann’s conferring with President
Truman, whom he saw during the crucial days in November . . . The
State Department then, too, was hesitant about partition, but Dr.
Silver conferred with Secretary Marshall and also influenced Truman
through leaders of the Democratic Party . . . These two moves by
Weizmann and Silver, although conducted separately, brought about
the defeat of the anti-partitionists within the ranks of the U. S.
Government . . . And who says that history does not repeat itself ? .. .
The efforts of the top Zionist leaders will probably bring similar
results now, too.
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The summoning of Dr. Weizmann and Dr.
Silver to the United States does not mean that
the two will work together in counteracting
anti-partition sentiment in Washington . . . For
they will work together at the United Nations,
where it is not certain as yet whether the ne
cessary majority of votes can be obtained at
the Security Council on the question of sending
an international force to Palestine, and on other
issues concerning Palestine security . . . There
was no unity of action between Dr. Weizmaim
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