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Friday, November 19, 1948
The Southern Jewish Weekly
An Independent Paper Serving American Citizens of Jewish Faith
This newspaper seeks to serve the Jewish communities of the South
without purporting to represent any. n
Owned and Published by ISADORE MOSCOVITZ, B.S.J.
Subscription, one year 83.00; two years, $5.00
Upon expiration, unless notified to the contrary,
subscriptions are continued.
Entered as Second-Class Matter, at the Post Office,
Jacksonville, Florida, Under Act of March 3, 1879
Member of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Member of the Independent Jewish Press Service
Member Office of Jewish Information
» Member of the Chamber of Commerce
" "The Oldest and Most Widely Circulated Jewish Publication
in this Territory’’
Printed at our own plant
p. 0. Box 903 THE EVERGREEN PRESS Phone 9-2796
Jacksonville, Florida
Two Southern Conventions This Week-End
f .• wfa*.
f * "Bi''*'! I ' i
x. V **
affairs could not have been slated on
separate week-ends. We notice among the names of those
attending these affairs, leaders who would have been at the
other event were they held on different week-ends. We
hope that in the future such a mistake in planning dates
will not be repeated.
Your editor is a delegate to the Zionist meeting and
hopes to bring you the latest developments in the historic
fight for the new Jewish state of Israel. This will be the
first Southeastern Zionist Conference since the establish
ment of Eretz Israel, and delegates will be attending in
large numbers from Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Ten
nessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.
We hope to see many new faces at this year’s meeting.
Since the Jewish State has now become an established fact,
the barriers which have long existed between Zionists and
non-Zionists are rapidly disappearing. American Zionists
are actively seeking the full cooperation of non-Zionist
Jews and we hope that this unity will enable us to complete
a big job that is yet to be done for Israel.
The Southern Section of the JWB will be concerned
primarily with its part in the reactivation of the U.S.O. and
with ways and means of implementing its new Statement
of Principles on Jewish Center Purposes.
A Touching Poem to Beloved Subscribers
(Reprinted by request of creditors)
Os all the friends that I possess, the ones whom I love
most are those who take this paper. Yes! To them I make
this toast:
“The dollars that you pay me for a year’s subscription
dwell not only in the bank, dear friends, but in my heart
as well.”
I recently sent many bills to those friends in arrears.
And soon their checks and kind remarks released a flood
of tears:
“I thank you very kindly for reminding me I owe;
I should have paid up sooner, but you know how these
things go.”
May Heaven bless the ones who sent remittances to me
And also those who haven't YET made answer to my plea.
.■.“"ff SPIANO 5 PIANO
The editorial "we" does not imply
that this department consists of
more than one individual. But if
such were the case, we would at
tend both the Zionist Convention in
Charleston AND the meeting of the
Southern Section of the National
Jewish Welfare Board, meeting this
week-end in New Orleans.
On October 22 our main story fea
tured the Zionist conclave, and on
October 29 our principal story play
ed up the JWB gathering. It is un
fortunate that these two important
(Copyright. 1948, Jewish Telegraphic
Agency, Inc.)
Dr. Israel Goldstein is leaving
America to assume his post in
Jerusalem as Treasurer of the
World Zionist Organization. How
long ago was it all of us re
member it when the standard
Zionist or anti-Zionist joke was
the one about the Jew who want
ed to hold the post of minister
of the Zionist Government to the
United States. It was considered
absurd that anyone should want
to represent the United States in
That joke was a great laugh
producer twenty-five years ago,
but today it would fall complete
ly flat. We can measure pro
gress by the reac\ion of this sup
posed joke.
Dr. Goldstein is going to Pal
estine, not to work for the Is
raeli Government but for the
Zionist organization. Who knows,
but it won’t be so long before
Jews will be fighting to get the
job of JJ. S. Minister to Israel.
I don’t doubt but that any Jew
would be glad to have that job
today. It happens that the pres
ent incumbent, James G. Mac-
Donald, happens to fill the bill
himself very expertly and as long
as he holds it, the majority of
Jews will be well pleased.
But Dr. Goldstein’s going con
stitutes something of a precedent,
and in many ways, he is the ideal
for breaking this ground. He has
always represented, it has seem
ed to me, something of a golden
mean in our Jewish life. The
middle ground is always a peace
making ground, and how we Jews
need peace!
Dr. Goldstein was something of
a protege of the late Prof. Schech
ter and, if I remember correctly.
Dr. Schechter spoke extremely
favorably of a little opus on Ga
maliel which young Israel Gold
stein had written as a thesis for
the Jewish Theological Seminary.
The very fact that Dr. Gold
stein chose Gamaliel for his sub
ject corroborates in itself what I
have been saying. Gamaliel of
Jabneh was a peace-maker in his
own right as well as by heredity.
It was he, if I remember my
Jewish history correctly, who was
always fighting factionalism a
mong Jews of his day. He was a
peace-maker, but he could be firm.
Sometimes one can best promote
peace by being firm. There is
the story for instance how once
Gamaliel disciplined a colleague
who was recognized as one of the
great Jewish scholars. But when
the great scholar submitted to the
discipline, Gamaliel hailed him as
“My Master.”
Dr. Goldstein is both a scholar
and a man of affairs. He is going
now to a job which seems pri
marily a businessman’s job, that
of treasurer of the World Zion
ist Organization. Treasurers gen
erally are chosen from among
bankers. Dr. Goldstein has ..not'
been a banker. Rather, he has
been a salesman for that bank
which admonishes the laying up
of heavenly treasures. But the
Zionist treasury is something of
a heavenly treasury and besides,
as a former president of the Zion
ist Organization, as the president
for many years of the Jewish Na
tional Fund and as one of the ex
ecutives of the United Jewish Ap
peal, Dr. Goldstein has had a host
of experience in many practical
activities. I might perhaps also
say that as a rabbi, one has en
ough experience in practical af
(Continued on Page Six)
Between You and Me . . .
(Copyright, 1948, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.)
ances which members of the American branch of the Jewish
Agency executive have recently developed against the Jerus
lem branch of the executive . . . These grievances have reach
ed a point where some leading members of the American
branch indicated that there is no use in their serving on the
executive if matters will not be properly adjusted
Knowing Locker as one of the best mediators which the
Zionist movement has, I have no doubt that he will succeed
in straightening things out ... Otherwise, the Council of
Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds, which is scheduled
to hold its General Assembly in the middle of January, may
be compelled to have a strong say in the U.P.A. issue ....
The general policy of the leaders of the Council has always
been to promote and cement unity in American Jewish com
munal life ... If the pro-Montor group should really carry
out its threat to launch a separatist drive for Israel in com
petition with the U.P.A., then the General Assembly of th**
C.J.F.W.F. may become the most stormy Jewish gathering
of the year . . . Already, there is a proposal to revolutionize
the entire system of allocations by the Jewish Federations
and Welfare Funds to the various national organizations and
agencies . . . This proposal recommends the establishment of
a National Jewish Welfare Fund to become the central allo
cation body on behalf of all the federations and welfare
funds in the country ... At present, the leaders of the U.P.A.
are conferring with the Council of Jewish Federations and
Welfare Funds regarding the thirty-three percent represen
tation which the U.P.A. is ready to give on its governing
bodies to Jewish communities . . . However, the same lead
ers refuse to negotiate directly on the same subject with the
group of community leaders which is supporting Montor . .
The argument advanced is; “We do not see our way clear to
negotiate with a group which threatens to establish a separ
ate drive to compete with the United Palestine Appeal.” . . .
Tip Top Soper Market
All Leading Brands
"Where the New and the Old Beach Roads Meet”
Maurice Hammerman, Owner
3104 Atlantic Boulevard Phone 9-6239 Jacksonville, Fla.
Interest of numerous Jewish leaders in
this country is now centered on the behind
the-scenes activities of Berl Locker, chair
man of the Jewish Agency executive in
Jerusalem ... He was sent here from Israel
to look into the conflict in the United Pal
estine Appeal and to see that under no cir
cumstances should a separate drive be
launched for Israel outside of the U.P.A. .
He is also supposed to settle other griev-
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