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fife ab| ls rnxibl {ikgiipmipiLflv
5# I ( [ IBtf fcS wl If! ifE
*f|. 1 L^JllElPgaE—' Establiahed 1924 fr;, r iUlf I |l§§| lir
' I „ ... I BHI VV
, L . 24 __ NO. 50
ICapital Spotlight
" 1 (Copyright, 1948, JTA, Inc.
I | f anything constructive comes
L of the Senate Investigating
■obcommit tee’s inquiry into the
Eduction of Ilse Koch, “Bitch of
Euchenwald." from life to four
Ears it will is* the fact that the
Ermy's action has been publicly
Eid unequivocally branded as a
Eoss miscarriage of justice by a
Esponsible Congressional body.
9 The public clamor —if not ae-
Eon—may have some beneficial
propaganda effect in restoring
Emerican prestige abroad. Unfor-
Enately. it is likely to have only
L very small effect. Ilse Koch
L-as a symbol of everything that
Las cruel, despicable and inhuman
pi the Nazi regime. The Amer
ican action in reducing her sent
ience signified to the world that
Ithe U. S. had forgotten so quickly
the horrible lessons of the recent
war This fact is no less true
even if. as it is argued, the Army
officials involved acted in perfect
ly “good faith.”
The Subcommittee recognized,
in its report, the fact that Ilse
Koch represented more than just
• cog in a formalized legal pro
ofs*. Criticizing the Army re
viewing officers for failure to
make their action public until
three months later, the Subcom
mittee pointed out:
“In the Ilse Koch case the mil
itary authorities represented the
United States in bringing to jus
tice criminals of an enemy nation
who had committed crimes agairrst
foreign nationals. To mete out
justice was important, but to do it
*> that our action made sense to
the people of our own nation and
the rest of the world was also
vitally important."
Ironically enough, it was the
fiestion of American prestige that
hamstrung the Subcommittee from
Baking a recommendation that
the Army re-lnstate Ilse Koch’s
•dginal life sentence. Some time
before the publication of the re
sort, Subcommittee staff members
•“floated that they had made sev
«al attempts to have the Army
Bhnit its mistake but were sty-
Bhnl by the Army’s flat refusal
to do so.
During the Subcommittee’s hear
®gs on the subject, at which
Army officials, former inmates of
toe Buchenwald Camp and Buch
wwaki trial prosecutor William
& Denson testified, Senators on
toe Subcommittee reportedly were
to impressed with the facts in the
** that they felt that the sent
-880 should be increased rather
toan reduced!
At the eleventh hour, however,
Army rushed into the closed
* trin K > ' their Judge Advocate
®**-ral, Major General Thomas
He told the Subcommittee
Brinbers that to demand that Gen.
*Brius b. Clay, American theatre
® #m, nander | n Germany who
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Published Every Friday
WVBmsStizs>% 33% ',< .
’’ '%#;-iKKP
Leaders of the third annual Rabbinical Assembly Conference on
Jewish Education, which will be held at the Jewish Theological Sem
inary of America in New York City on January 11 and 12 are (top
left) Rabbi David Aronson, president of the Assembly, and Rabbi
Moshe Da\is, chairman of the conference committee. Below are
Rabbi Max J. Routtenherg (left), executive vice-president of the
Assembly, and Rabbi Abraham E. Millgram, conference secretary.
Discussion at the conference will center on the theme of
"Implementing a Program of Intensive Jewish Education in the
Synagogue School." Since the annual conferences were established,
the ideas they have projected have wrought significant changes in
the philosophy and practice of Jewish education in this country.
Catholic Church Thanks Israeli Ministry
TEL AVIV i JTA > Monsignoi head of the Ministry of Religions
Antonie Vergam. Catholic Vicar-1 Christian Communities Division.
General for Galileo, this week i Msgr. Vergani, who is the first
called oit Rabbi Yaacov Herzog, responsible representative of the
briefly C onfidential
The newspapers omitted an important aspect of
the recent fighting in the Negev . . . The L«>P t *® n
armv had been cqi.i| with new tanks by he
British and British officers had worked out a plan
to defeat the Israeli oil the battlefield . • • H was
onlv after the Jewish armv had smashed the Egyp
tians and capture,l a half dozen of the new tank,
that British diplomacy got busy and insisted on an
immediate truce and withdrawal of the Drae . from
he Negev ... In other words Kevin was handed
he coup de grace during the last week of Decem
ber and is to bait the ,Elgaua via
the United Nations Security f mim d . • •
, Britain h,„ U ■.«"«. »>
ZmJL, - ,ir r'„ j.
Israel . . • And so the I . S. permits B,v.n to g>
away with his scheme by default . . •
The Amorican sport work. will soon "
Dam. .ho Dhti-h nuchlli'cvoight boxer a Da,
» a very handsome felbm • • ™ story
weight and very good I«A|S ftr as wf are
that makes him & real champ, *
concerned . . N«t
small Dutch town Dam , the fighter,
the Nazis invaded Holland. one n ight
hid them in the cellar of hrn hem
a Nazi Gestapo man jm» M thor ough a
Dam That the Gestapo never again knocked on
ir '
Southern Judaeans Hold Winter
Neel On Jekyll Island, Ga.
One hundred Southern Judaeans and their leaders from eight
states comprising the Southern Region concluded their four-day
Annual Winter Conclave on December 30th at Jekyll Island State
Park, Georgia, after electing Joan Osherlioff of Miami Beach Re
gional Representative to the National Young Judaea Executive
Our 25th
On January 28th we are put
ting out our 25th Anniversary
Issue. The Southern Jewish
Weekly was first published in
1924 as The Florida Jewish
News. In June, 1933, its pres
ent editor assumed the man
agement of the paper. From
August, 1941 to August 1945
the paper was published by
Mrs. Isadore Moscovitz, while
the editor was away on mili
tary duty.
We would appreciate appro
priate remarks from our read
ers and advertisers throughout
the South to be published in
this issue. Please mail your
letters to The Southern Jewish
Weekly, P. O. Box 903, Jack
sonville, Fla. Names will be
held on request.
Catholic Church in Israel, thanked
the Ministry for the cooperation
the Catholic Church has received
from the Ministry and expressed
confidence that these relations
will continue. He also informed
the Ministry of a number of ap
pointments made by the Church
in Israel.
Mrs. Van Dam is her husband’s manager and also
his fight promoter . . . And the combination works
fine . . .
Ira Wolfert’s new novel “Act of Love” deals with
a Jewish soldier in the American Army during the
world war . . . YVolfert’s hero in the end rejects
his Jewish religion in favor of Christianity . . . Ihe
trouble with Wolfert’s novel is that the author who
is himself a Jew doesn’t know beans about Jewish
religion ... If he had, his climax would have been
another story . . . The newspapers outside of Cal
ifornia ignored the death of I. George Dobsevage,
one time secretary of the Jewish Publication Asso
ciation of America ... He was one of the builders
of that valuable institution . . . Sholem Aseh tried
to join the Histadruth in America but the efforts
of Chaim Greenberg, editor of the Kaempfer, to
whitewash him failed completely and merely pre
cipitated a new violent controversy in the Yiddish
press . . . Doesn’t it strike you as strange that
Joseph Proskauer, President of the American Jew
ish Committee, is the attorney for the American-
Arab Oil Companies . . . And does anybody know
why the publication of the new American Jewish
Yearbook is two months late? ... Has it something
to do with the fact that the whole section dealing
with Germany had to be rewritten at the last min
ute. after a book was lost in print . . . Jewish or
ganizations are wondering who authorized Rabbi
William Rosenbloom of New York to negotiate
with the Pope about anti-Semitism . . . The
Synagogue Council of which he was the president
denies any connection with the Rabbi’s diplomatic
mission to the Vatican . . .
Highlights of the Conclave
which began December 26th with
the lighting of the Chanukah
(Feast of Lights) candles, includ
ed extemporaneous speaking con
tests, Israeli choral singing com
petition, girls basketball tourna
ment, Young Judaea workshops
on such subjects as summer
camping, Israeli projects, Regional
Awards, Hebrew Arts, Publica
tions and Public Relations, Ameri
[ can Jewish Community, Arts and
Crafts, Book Review and Young
Judaea Month. Other features in
| eluded Ping Pong, Tennis and
Horseshoe Tournaments, moving
pictures, a moonlight medura
I (bonfire), and an Israeli Accordian
concert presented by Ziggy Licht
blau of Louisville, Kentucky and
Jacksonville Judaeans defeated
the Mobile team in the girls bask
etball tournament. Players on the
winning team were Beatrice
Doych, Florence Price, Phyllis
Forman, Pearl Aronowitz, Bar
bara Gross, Barbara Chardkoff,
Joan Finklestein and Frieda
Morris Avzardel of Montgomery
defeated Morton Harris of Colum
bus, Georgia to capture the horse
shoe competition; while Philip
Robinson of Knoxville captured
the tennis trophy by defeating
Victor Copeland of Atlanta. The
boys ping pong tournament was
won by Stanley Robinson of
Knoxville who took two out of
three games from Jack Horowitz
of Atlanta. In the girls ping
pong tournament Joan Finklestein
of Montgomery was defeated by
Beverly Friedlander from Mobile
who worf the tournament.
Choral competition was con
ducted between clubs from Mont
gomery, Mobile, Knoxville and
Savannah. The cup was won by
the Mobile delegation composed
of Helene Lips, Beverly Fried
lander, Phyllis Ripps, Fanny
Mitchell, Lois Roth, Zelda H.
Grodsky, Sarina Roth, Marshe
Mutchnick, and Madalyne Juch
The extemporaneous speaking
contest was won by Barton Udell
of Miami Beach who spoke on the
subject "What is the Modern Les
son to be Derived From the Story
of the Ancient Maccabees." Oth
ers who competed in the contest
were Joan Finklestein of Mont
gomery, Margie Cooper of Savan
nah, Philip Robinson of Knoxville,
Jack Balser of Atlanta, Gc aid
Sohn of Jacksonville, Arthur Mer
; lin of Atlanta, Myra Corkland of
■ Knoxville, Teddy Frankel of At
■ lanta, and Albert Bearman of
i Atlanta.
• All trophies and awards were
* presented at the final banquet con
t ducted in the main dining hall of
; the Jekyll Island State Park
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