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VOL. 26 NO. 7
Behind The Headlines
In Israel
(Copyright, 1949, Jewish Telegraphic
' Agency, Inc.)
Tel Aviv—
A new Israeli-American com
pany for the erection of film
production facilities such as
studies, laboratories, etc., has re
cently been founded* Machinery
will be imported from the United
States. A number of well-known
names in the Hollywood world
are being mentioned in connect
ion with the project.
According to some newspapers
an American group, which in
cludes Edward G. Robinson, Ed
die Cantor and Robert Nathan,
has undertaken to raise in the
United States $250,000 for invest
ment in the enterprise, if their
Israeli partners succeed in rais
ing a similar sum from local
The Hebrew press is somewhat
sceptical about the prospects of
selling abroad products of an Is
raeli film industry if its lang
uage is to be Hebrew, although
it is admitted that other small
nations are successful in docu
mentaries, scenic films, and first
class drama. The new project's
most important assets are the
country's excellent climate and
▼ariegated scenery and the many
able technicians and artists avail
able here, as well as a growing
movie-going public.
Israel so far has 75 movie
theatres and 20 agencies for the
distribution and advertising of
foreign and local pictures, em
ploying 2,000 people in all, and
is flooded by them with Ameri
can and other foreign pictures of
little value and often little int
erest to the rapidly growing aud
A documentary on 'The Heroes
of Negba" has recently been com
pleted. The picture was shot by
Sasha Alexander for Israel Film
Production, Ltd., whose directors
Me J* Krumgold and Norman
Lurie. The new film has already
been sent to the U. S. for editing.
The first shots were tdken even
before the neighboring police
fortress of Iraq es-Suweidan,
then held by the Egyptians, fell
to the Israel Army, and depicts
the heroic stand made by this
“Stalingrad of Israel.” The lo
cal personnel, both settlers and
troops, are the only persons to
appear in the picture through all
acenes of battle and bombard
ment and, at the end, deliver-
and reconstruction.
** * *
An American veteran, Murray
A. Nelson of New York, who was
Rationed in Palestine as a flier
“Jring World War IL has receiv
, from the Israeli Government
n ®cessary permits for the in
troduction of cc. n-operated wash
machines into %the country.
According to the plan 300 Ben
machines and auxiliary
equipment are to be setup short
-7 in residential areas\all over
Ule country. Part oft» equip
ment u already on its way from
„ ; y,
In response to the invitation of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, the Joint
Distribution Committee, the United Palestine Appeal and the United Service
for New Americans, Henry Morgenthau, Jr. (right), this week announced his
acceptance of the office of General Chairman of the $250,000,000 United Jewish
Appeal. Simultaneously, he named Henry Montor (left), to conduct die cam.
paign under his leadership. Mr. Morgenthau termed Mr. Montor “the best
fund-raiser for Israel and the other causes represented in the United Jewish
Appeal.” The UJA General Chairman called on all elements in the Jewish
population “to go forward in a spirit of unity to the attainment of the
$250,000,000 goal this year” to aid'Jews in Europe and Israel.
Purim Broadcast Slated For Sunday
In observance of Purim, the festival which celebrates the defeat
of a plot by an ancient Persian despot to exterminate the Jews, the
Eternal Light will present "The Lot of Esther", an original drama
tization of the Book of Esther by Peter Lyon, on Sunday, March 13
(NBC network, 12:30-1:00 P. M., EST).
“The Lot of Easter” tells the
timeless tale of the comely Jew
ish girl whom Ahasuerus of Per
sia chose for his queen. Able
to forsake her past in this new
position of royal favor, Esther
risked her life instead to thwart
a scheme which would destroy
the Jews. Recognizing the con
tinuity of the past and future,
which bound her destiny to that
of her people, Esther sought a
forbidden audience with the
King and, in saving her own in
tegrity, she also saved the Jews.
the U.S.
Small local factories, especial
ly in the food-production line,
are showing tendencies to am
algamate. In several cases three
or four small producers are pool
ing their resources and equip
ment and inviting a capitalist to
join them in the setting-up of
one big, modem factory. The
aim is to bring production capital
in each case up to some $200,000.
Three committees are busy re
viewing the needs of Israel's cit
rus industry. They are engaged
in the preparation of new mark
eting legislation, in the search
for capital for the rehabilitation
of war-damaged orchards and in
the exploration of possible im
provements in the methods and
mechanization of citrus growing.
All committees consist of repre
sentatives of the growers, the
Ministry of Agriculture and inde-
I pendent experts.
In keeping with the holiday
mood, a background of Purim
music has been especially pre
pared, featuring Cantor David
Putterman ’ singing from the
Reading of Megillah.
Purim Greetings
This unusual Purim greeting
card, which is one of the illus
trations in Philip Goodman’s
“The Purim Anthology” just
published by the Jewish Publica
tion Society of America, was de
signed by Fritz Melchior and
made available to Jewish soldiers
stationed with the American
armed forces in China during
World War II by Harry Herbert,
then the National Jewish Welfare
Board’s field worker in China.
DRIVE FOR 5251,000.090
A call to ''American Jews not to fail to do their full share" in
the development and settlement of the state of Israel, through
generous support of the $250,000,000 United Jewish Appeal, was
voiced this week by Israel President Chaim Weizmann, receiving a
43-member UJA Overseas Delegation now surveying operations of
United Jewish Appeal agencies in Europe. Israel and North Africa.
Chinese Government
Extends Recognition
To State of Israel
Chinese Republic this week for
mally recognized the states of
Israel and Transjordan. A report
to this effect was received here
from Canton.
Aubrey S. Eban, head of the
Israeli delegation to the United
Nations, in a letter to Chinese
delegate Dr. T. F. Tsiang, ex
pressed gratification over China’s
recognition of Israel. “The peo
ple of Israel”, he stated, “are
eager to contribute to the renew
al and development of progres
sive life and culture in the con
tinent of Asia, in which its own
civilization was born. We are,
therefore, particularly gratified
to be accorded the recognition
of the oldest Asiatic power. The
action of your government will
doubtless be regarded as highly
significant by all the peoples of
Notional A. D. L.
To Meet May 14th
Annual meeting of the nation
al commission of the Anti-Defa
mation League of B’nai B’rith
will be held in New York, May
14-15, at the Waldorf-Astoria,
Benjamin R. Epstein, national di
rector of the League, announced
today. More than 300 Jewish
community leaders from all parts
of the United States and Canada
are expected to attend.
The Anti-Defamation League
is the educational arm of the
B’nai B’rith, oldest and largest
Jewish service organization in
the United States. Justice Meier
Steinbrink m the New York
State Supreme Court is national
chairman of ADL.
French Court Acquits
Nazi Art Expert
PARIS, (JTA)—Karl Epting,
head of the German Institute in
Paris during the occupation, ac
cused of requisitioning pictures
and antiques belonging to French
Jews, was acquitted at a trial
here this week after testimony in
his behalf by Otto Abetz, Ger
many’s wartime ambassador to
The French Education Minis
try has ordered all teachers to
read to their classes the United
Nations Declaration of Human
“American Jews have a great
share in the developments of the
past year,” Dr. Weizmann told
the UJA group, which presented
him with a bronze bust of George
Washington as a gift of the Jew
ish Community of the United
States. “This year we hope that
<we will receive 250,000 immi
grants. This is a huge problem
and we need technical help and
American aid and assistance
“has been and continues to be in
valuable,” the Israeli President
stressed. He added that “we
need not only American money,
but knowledge, technical assis
tance and expert advice. Send us
some of the good young men who
did a job for you during the
war,” he added.
Replying to Julian B. Venezky,
the Overseas Delegation chair
man, who cited the similar dif
ficulties encountered by the Un
ited States and Israel in securing
their independence, Dr. Weiz
mann said that he was thankful
for the sympathy and aid given
Israel by the people and the
government of the United States.
Noting the resemblances be
tween the establishment of Is
rael and the U. S., Dr. Weizmann
said that he “hoped our future
will resemble that of America. In
the past, the Jews have given
a great document to the world.
We hope again that out of this
small country may come some
thing which will help the world
achieve peace and security, and
which will reflect cerdit on all
He expressed the belief that
Israel was on the road to sett
ling its difficulties with the A
rabs and that stability in the
Middle East can shortly be
Presenting the bronze head,
Mr. Venezky said: “The Mayor
of New York entrusted to us this
bust of George Washington, the
first president of the United
States, as a gift to you, the first
President of Israel. We are
struck by the close parallel be
tween the establishment of Is
rael and the creation of the Un
ited States. Both were created
under almost impossible condi
tions. Both countries were bless
ed by the leadership of men in
spired by the dream of democ
racy and freedom for all.”
Rights, with appropriate com
ments. It is expected that the
teachers will stress the clauses
directed against racial and relig
ios discrimination. The Minis
try’s order follows the publica
tion of the full text of the Dec
laration in the Official Gazette.
$3.00 A YEAR

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