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Friday, April 1, 1949 *
The Southern Jewish Weekly
|n Independent Paper Serving 1 American Citizens of Jewish Faith
This newspaper seeta to serve the Jewish communities of the South
without purporting to represent any. n
— Owned and Published by IS ADORE MOSCOVITZ, B.SJ.
Subscription, one year $3.00; two years, $6.00
Upon expiration, unless notified to the contrary,
subscriptions are continued.
—' Entered as Second-Class Matter, at the Post Office,
Jacksonville, Florida, Under/Act of March 3, 1879
Member of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Member Office of Jewish Information
Member of the Chamber of Commerce
“The Oldest and Most Widely Circulated Jewish Publication
in this Territory”
Printed at our own plant
P 0. Box 903 THE EVERGREEN PRESS Phone 9-2796
Jacksonville, Florida
Nazis In U. S. Exhibit On April 9th
I'* ,i .T **»..
The League's charges were made in telegrams to House
Speaker Sam Rayburn and Senate President Alben Barkley,
signed by the League's Administrative Chairman Prof. James
H. Sheldon and Herman Hoffman, Chairman of the Board of
The Rosenthal Chinaware Company, one of the largest of
the corporate exhibitors coming to New York in April, pro
claimed its Nazism in paid advertisements in Hitler’s person
ally owned paper, the League said.
Suspension of the projected exhibition was requested by
the Anti-Nazi League, pending a full-scale Congressional in
vestigation of the Army and AMG policies in Germany,
which was also asked by the League.
Taking exception to an announcement made in Munich
recently by General Lucius D. Clay that de-Nazification, war
crimes trials and demilitarization steps in Germany are over,
Anti-Nazi Chairman Sheldon declared: “The make-up of the
proposed German industrial exhibition not only demonstrates
that the job of denazification is less than half done, but shows
that our policies are actually promoting the revival of Nazi
forces in the German economy. The time for Gen. Clay’s
‘New Order’ is not yet.”
“The use of American taxpayers’ money to build up
American markets for German firms still in the clutches of
unreformed Nazis will only mean cut-throat competition for
American labor and universal danger for democracy,” Shel
don said. “This so-called industrial exposition is an affront
to the memory of our soldier-dead, a betrayal of the policies
laid down by Congress for the rehabilitation of Germany,
and a sudden denial of the purposes for which we went to
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Os interest to readers throughout
the South is the news that militant
Nazis are running German firms
slated to exhibit products in New
York City on April 9th.
Charges that “a very large pro
portion of militant Nazis, cartel
fronts and other undesirables upon
whom the swastika trademark has
become indelibly stamped” are
among the 511 firms scheduled to
participate in the AMG-sponsored
German industrial exhibition at the
Museum of Science and Industry are
made by the Non-Sectarian Anti-
Nazi League.
Southern Jewish Weekly
Jacksonville, Florida
Dear Sir:
My attention has been called to
an article in January issue of
Southern Jewish Weekly accus
ing Cardinal Mindszenty of am
ti-semitism. So far I have seen
no retraction in your publication.
You have been misinformed I
am sure, so I am enclosing an
article taken from the Jesuit
Weekly, “America” which def
initely refutes your accusation
and which I hope will clear any
misunderstanding that you have
in this matter, particularly so
since it has been written by one
of your fellow Jews.
I am anxiously awaiting a copy
of S J. W. correcting this error.
Yours truly,
Florence Berthe
Editors Comment:
(The reference which you un
doubtedly are taking is to a story
which appeared in a column
written by Phineas J. Biron
which no longer appears in this
publication. The opinions ex
pressed by the columnist in this
periodical, as in any other, in no
way reflect the opinion of the
editor. The different columns
are contracted in order to pre
sent as divergent points of
views as is possible on all mat
ters. However, I believe you will
be interested to learn that we
have been trying to investigate
the Mindszenty story which ap
peared in the Biron column.
Other evidence supported by
authoritative Jewish organiza
tions prove that Cardinal Minds
zenty was not anti-semitic. The
Southern Jewish Weekly feels
that the case against the Cardin
al is one of many which will yet
appear from behind the Iron
Curtain to discredit religion and
religious leaders of all faiths. The
fate which Cardinal Mindszenty
has suffered should be deplored
by all right thinking men not
only as an injustice inflicted on
one man, but also a prelude to
the strangling of one of our prec
ious freedoms, freedom of relig
ion. It is no accident that Car
dinal Mindszenty was persecuted
at a time when Protestant clergy
men were also being imprisoned
and Jewish religious groups and
Zionist organizations were being
shut down. E. K. M.)
Another "First"
For Israel
sraeli representatives Dr. Ludwig
Samuel and Arthur C. A. Liver -
hant this week affixed their
names in Hebrew to the mem
bership accord of the Internat
ional Wheat Conference, first
world-wide agreement to bear
Israel’s signature. Signing of the
document took place in the pres
ence of representatives of more
than 40 participating nations.
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- »• - ,
A Great Newspaper On Religion In Israel
The London Jewish Chronicle, that great publication of British
Jewry, has commented in this week’s issue on the question of re
ligion in Israel raised in these columns several weeks ago. The edi
torial of the Chronicle is based on the interview, of the two Mizrac-hi
leaders, Mr. Itzhak Werfel and Mr. S. Z. Shragai in New York, in
the course of which these two prominent leaders of the Religious bloc
declared themselves in favor of a strict and uncompromising control
by the Rabbis, with the aid of the Israeli government, of the so-called
“purity” of marriage and of the Jewish family in Israel.
“Those who are really concerned for the promotion of Judaism
in the Holy Land”, said the Jewish Chronicle, “cannot but have
grave misgivings, if the full measures advocated by the Mizrachi
spokesmen are seriously contemplated. Such extremist proposals,
(as the non-recognition of civil marriages which are recognized in
every Western country, the treatment of children bom of marriages
outside the Synagogue as ‘illegitimate’, and the banning of mixed
marriages of any kind), do not advance the cause of our sacred
Faith. It would be contrary to the interests of Jewry to enforce
legislation in opposition to those principles of freedom and tolerance
which are common to all the democratic and civilized governments.
It shows an utter lack of responsibility that such an attitude should
be adopted by Jewish religious leaders at the very time when Israel
seeks membership in the United Nations in loyalty to the Charter of
that great international organization.”
The Chronicle, incidentally, raises also the pertinent question
whether the religious leaders propose to apply their principles on
marriage retrospectively. “If so, there would have to be a consid
erable weeding out of the sheep from the goats in Israel itself’, the
editorial remarks very succiently and with great restraint. One
might expatiate a little and ask the Mizrachi leaders what they
would have done with the founder of Zionism, who was not only
married to a non-Jewess, but whose children were brought up and
died in the Christian faith? Would they have kept his family out
of Israel? Would they have done the same with the non-Jewish
families of Max Nordau and Dr. Woolfson, to mention only the names
of the first three great Presidents of the World Zionist organization?
And what do these people propose to do with the families of thous
ands upon thousands of American, British and other Zionists who
are inter-married now? Will they all be prohibited from entering
Israel? And does the Religious Bloc propose to establish a special
police to pry into the geneology of the Jewish families to ascertain
(Continued on Page Six)
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