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VOL. 26 NO. 17
(Copyright, 1949, Jewish Telegraphic
Agency, Inc.l
Barter agreements are very
popular now in Israel because of
the temporary necessity for sell
ing local products at less than
their full price in Sterling—to
which the Israeli pound is offi
cially pegged—considering the
mild inflation typical of the in
ternal market and reflected in
the nominal scales of wages and
prices. Since currency devalua
tion is out of the question, vari
ous local manufacturers have al
ready found their way in this
manner to a number of European
countries and Turkey.
* * * *
At the impending international
Lyon spring fair, the Israeli As
sociation of Fashion Goods will
exhibit the products of some 401
local firms. The Israeli pavilion
will stand between those of the
U. S. and Belgium. Participation
in a similar fair in 1946 brought
orders from a number of Euro
pean countries, including France,
and only French import licensing
policies then prevented the com
pletion of sales, agreements.
Much care is now being taken
to assure acceptable prices. For
the future, Israeli manufacturers
are preparing to acquire Ameri
can methods and equipment so as
to be able to compete in foreign
markets regardless of the high
local wages, which resemble Am
erican conditions.
* * * *
France is now offering indus
trial and agricultural equipment,
chemicals and metal goods, build
ing materials, precision instru
ments, fats and other goods, but
is prepared to buy only artificial
teeth, aetheric and other oils, and
possibly cut diamonds. French
exports to Israel totalled two to
three hundred thousand pounds
yearly before World War II and
reached the sum of 1,700,000.
Pounds in 1947.
n This was in the days of the
open door" economic policy,
which had no regard for reci
procity of trade in a mandated
territory. Now Israeli govern
ment supervision will 'apply even
to small exploratory barter trans
actions, which are to precede for
®al trade agreements in order to
wake sure of their being profit
able to the public at large.
The temporary commercial ad
sor to the French legation in
Tel Aviv, Boris Eliacheff, is also
considering investments in Israel
y French insurance .companies
octive in the local* market and the
entering of the Israeli pound in
be Paris exchange, but believes
bat certain monetary arrange
ments at government level will
a 8 tf t 0 prece< * e suc h transactions.
French bank may also open a
euch office in Israel. A com
ttee for economic and cultural
Rations between the two coun
es was founded recently in
. ar * s under the nnme “France
=> * * *
Slnce the British recognition of
the Tel Aviv chamber of
Eternol Light
Broadcast Announced
For Sunday
“The Trial of Johnathan
Green,” a radio dramatization by
Sylvia Berger inspired by the re
port of the President’s Commis
sion of Higher Education, will be
the next feature presentation of
the Eternal Light, Sunday, May
22, (NBC network, 12:30 - 1:00
P. M. DST), according to an an
nouncement by the Jewish Theo
logical Seminary of America, un
der whose auspices the program
is conducted.
Next week’s radio play, “The
Trial of Johnathan Green” is
based upon the findings of thirty
outstanding civic and educational
leaders appointed by President
Truman to study the functions
of higher education in the Un
ited States and the ways in which
its objectives might best be at
tained. The story shows that
democracy can survive only when
its citizens are educated to live
according to its ideals.
Vice-Pres. Rarkley Says Israel
Can Become Leading Nalion
In Middle East
WASHINGTON (JTA) —Confidence that Israel can and will be
come the leader of nations in its part of the world was expressed this
week by Vice-President Alben W. Barkley, who hailed Israel's ad
mission to the United Nations in a speech at an Israeli independence
rally at Constitution Hall.
The Vice-President said: “All
men will recognize the righteous
ness of the United Nations in
taking Israel to their bosom for
consultation and guidance.” He
suggested the valley of the Ti
gris and Euphrates Rivers in
Iraq as a possible location for
Arab refugees from Israel.
Some 3,000 persons heard him
pay tribute to “the new star in
.the firmament.” He compared the
birth of Israel to the founding
of the United States. Speaking
of Israel’s dealings with the
Arabs, he said: “I think I know
that people who for nineteen cen
turies were victims of persecution
will not visit that wicked thing
on those among whom they live.”
Ambassador Eliahu Elath, ad
dressing the meeting, expressed
thanks for the support of the
United States at Lake Success.
Jacob Blaustein, president of the
American Jewish Committee,
spoke of the necessity for invest
ment and industrial development
in Israel.
commerce has been flooded with
offers of many types of goods by
British exporters in addition to
those being transmitted constant
ly through the Israeli mission in
London. At the same time. Can
adian businessmen are offering
Israel various foods, lumber,
paper and engineering goods.
So far. they. too. are prepared to
buy only citrus concentrates, dia
monds and artificial teeth. On
the other hand, there is a new de
mand for Israeli marble and pos
sibly cement in South Africa.
■w •>■■■ «
L M >■•>;# x'UHW
A1 Jolson, celebrated stage and screen
star, heads a east of Hollywood person
alities who will be heard in “Operation
Dawn,” a special United Jewish Appeal
nationwide radio program on Sunday,
May 22, from 2:00 to 2:30 p.m. (Eastern
Daylight Time) over the National
Broadcasting Company network. “Op
eration Dawn,” written by Waiter Bern
stein and produced by Himan Brown,
will dramatize the major resettlement
and reconstruction objectives of the
1949 UJA $250,000,000 campaign.
Over 3,000 Immigrants From
Germany Land In Israel
TEL AVIV (JTA)—More than
3,000 immigrants from Germany
arrived at Haifa this week aboard
the Israeli steamship, S. S. Atz
mauth. Among the passengers on
the vessel was Sidney Stanley, a
key figure in recent allegations
of corruption in British Govern
ment circles.
l ASTH6ißs~wr...saßW- J w i|io|lfriwSr
TEL AVIV (JTA) —About 50 percent of Israel's needs will have
to be met by imports from abroad, even if plans for stepping up local
production should be successful, Israeli Finance Minister Eliezer
Kaplan told the closing session oi
Mapai, Israeli Labor Party.
The Minister said that funds
saved through the austerity pro
gram would be invested in de
veloping the country. ,He pre
dicted that the government would
be ready to . exempt a certain
percentage of income from In
come taxes if it were invested
in building. In order to assist
in providing new housing, the
government was negotiating with
J.T. A. Service To
World Jewry Lauded
TEL AVIV (JTA)—The ser
vice of the Jewish Telegraphic
Agency to Jewish causes both
in Israel and in other countries
was lauded here this week at
a press conference arranged
by the Israeli Journalists Asso
ciation to welcome Jacob Lan
dau, managing director of the
J. T. A., who is now visiting
the Jewish state.
Joseph Heftman, president
of the Association, spoke of
the important role which the
J. T. A. has played in Jewish
lives for an entire generation
and stressed Landau’s contri
bution to the development of
the organization. Joseph Gra
vitsky, head of the govern
ment’s press office, also prais
ed Landau’s achievements and
stressed the value of the J. T.
A. in placing news in the gen
eral press.
The Southern Jewish Weekly
has been a member of the J.
T. A. for two decades.
$3.00 A YEAR
I a country-wide conference of the
several capitalists who had ex
pressed readiness to build several
thousand apartments, he added,
Jacob Potfosky, president of the
Amalgamated Clothing Work
ers of America, who attended the
conference, was welcomed by
Mrs. Golda Myerson, Labor Min
ister. He pledged the all-out as
sistance of organized Jewish
workers in the U. S.
Eliahu Stone of Boston, the
only member of the Zionist Or
ganization of America who is
attending the Zionist Actions
Committee session in Jerusalem,
urged reconciliation between Dr.
Abba Hillel Silver's group in the
United States and the Jewish
Agency Executive -from which
Dr. Silver and Dr. Emanuel Neu
mann resigned. ''Dimunition of
the flow of funds would be dis
astrous for the Jewish state,
whereas the removal of Drs. Sil
ver and Neumann would be dis
astrous for the Zionist Organiza
tion," he declared.
Rankin Will Seek
Investigation of Anti-
Defamation League
John Rankin, of Mississippi, this
week told the ’house that he in
tends to introduce a resolution
to investigate “that subversive
organization,” the Anti-Defama
tion League of B’nai B’rith.
Rep. Emanuel Celler arose and
called Rankin’s remarks about
the A. D. L. a “canard”. Rankin
objected that this was a personal
attack and Speaker of the House
Sam Rayburn sent out for a dic
tionary to define the word “can
ard.” Rayburn decided that Cel
ler meant that Rankin was a liar
and Celler was not allowed to
! finish speaking.
We Hail U. N.
Decision On Israel
The action taken by the Gen
eral Assembly comes as a fitting
climax, to the stirring events of
the past year since the procla
mation of the Jewish State. It is
a glorious consummation of more
than half a century of Zionist
effort and two thousand years
of struggle for national surviv
al and rebirth. Israel has nobly
merited the place it has now won.
Her admission to the United Na
tions is as important to the in- •
ternational community as it is
to Israel.
A people which has had a pro
found influence on the course
of world history and human cul
ture can be expected to make
valuable contributions to world
peace and international justice.
—Emanuel Newmann,
President, Z.O.A.

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