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Friday, July l, 1949
The Southern Jewish Weekly
Independent Paper Serving American Citizens of Jewish Faith
newspaper seeks to serve the Jewish communities of the South
tag? purporting to represent any.
' Owned and Published by ISADORE MOSCOVITZ, B.S.J.
- Subscription, one year $3.00; two years, $5.00
Upon expiration, unless notified to the contrary,
subscriptions are continued.
Entered as Second-Class Matter, at the Post Office,
Jacksonville, Florida, Under Act of March 3, 1879
Member of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Member of the Office of Jewish Information
Member of Seven Arts Features
Member of the Chamber of Commerce
“The Oldest and Most Widely Circulated Jewish Publication
in this Territory”
Its Principles In Action
Patriotic observances remind us
of significant events which have
made their mark in making our
United States the great country that
it is. As we American Jews join in
this year's glorious 4th of July cele
bration of freedom and independ
ence from England's iryanny of 1776
we are mindful 6f the similarity in
which our co-religionists in Israel
also gained their inalienable right to
a free commonwealth.
The United States, cherishing the
full meaning of the Fourth of July,
must take the lead in showing the
world the path to freedom and justice for all nations. In
this day of conflicting ideologies let us have faith in America,
in its democratic institutions, in its way of life, and in its
glorious history, and spread these ideals so that our world of
tomorrow will enjoy the privileges which have made our
nation great.
Fourth of July statements issued by many organizations
are frequently adorned with lofty language and winged
idealism, but they rarely speak of the simple human occur
rences which give demonstration to man's basic qualities.
/ /
One such demonstration was given last week by a St.
Louis Negro, H. D. Robinson, who donated a huge tract of
land for use as a country camp by Jewish Boy Scouts. He
made the donation out of gratitude for the treatment he
received “from so many white people, especially Jews”.
Generosity is a quality transcending color and religion.
But when giving is accompanied by so profound a motive as
that of Mr. Robinson's, its meaning is enhanced. We Jews
area minority whose backs have felt the lash of discrimina
tion. Mr. Robinson is a member of a minority whose status
ia an unpardonable blight on American civilization. That he
could speak of gratitude toward "so many white people only
demonstrates that he has been fortunate in his relationships
with people.; But virhen he refers to Jews it is evidently be
cause of realization that the American Negro finds least dis
crimination among our people.
The Jewish beneficiaries of Mr. Robinson’s bounty may
be too young to understand its significance. But as they
grow older its meaning will sink deeply into their conscious
ness, into their very lives, and they will be better Jews and
better Americans because of that experience.
Opening announcement...
the beautiful TIDES Hotel in Canada.
Every thought and every effort of management and staff
18 directed toward one aim—how many ways we can
please our guests and how to make their stay more
comfortable and enjoyable. v
Our Dining Room, under supervision of one of Canadas
finest Chefs will be superb. Our children's nursery, enter
tainment program and other services under directmn of
the best personnel obtainable. A KOSHER CUISINE.
Eor Choice Accommodations —Please Enquire Early . . •
Jackson's Point, P. 0.. Ontario. Canada
_ 50 Miles North of Toronto Highway No. 11
_ Pronto Office; 43 FAIRLEIGH
W" .. B
t *
*'' up
Office of The President
Jacksonville Jewish Center
“The Conservative Synagogue
in Jacksonville”
West Third and Silver Streets
Jacksonville 8, Florida
June 21, 1949
Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Moscovitz
P. O. Box 903
Jacksonville, Florida
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Moscovitz:
We appreciate the gift of a
plaque of Dr. Chaim Weizipann
that you presented to the Center.
You know how much our congre
gation has been interested in the
Zionist Movement. The display
of this portrait in our auditorium
wil mean much to the adults and
the children frequenting our
With many thanks and personal
Sincerely yours,
Harry Less,
Mrs. Lamont Gould
Eustice, Fla.
June 24, 1949
Dfear Major Moscovitz:
My husband and I have always
read your paper first, among all
the literature we receive. We
are so glad to get the Jewish
point of view first hand.
I am inclosing some excellent
tracts and booklets from people
(some Jewish) who love the Jew
ish people. A knowledge of the
Bible cannot be had unless we
Gentiles give the Hebrew his
proper place in the Scriptures.
When we love the Jew, God’s
chosen people, God gives us a
deeper spiritual understanding.
Psalm 122:6.
“Pray for the peace of Jerusa
lem, and they shall prosper that
love thee,” has been made bless
edly true in my life.
Please keep up your wonderful
work in keeping Jews and non-
Jews informed about current
happenings in the new land of
May God bless you and all who
assist you in making possible
such a wonderful weekly news
Very sincerely yours, .
(Mrs.) Lamont Gould
■ I I -"I- 4 -
(Copyright, 1949, Jewish Telegraphic
Agency, Inc.)
Mr. Goldfarb's little Joey is a
regular Edison. Once he had an
idea for inventing. a suitcase
which could be turned into a
bridge table and a nail file which
could be used as a pencil and can
opener. A more ambitious device
was for swimming on land, using
roller skates under both hands
and feet to navigate with.
But Mr. Goldfarb came to me
the other day, all enthused with
a new speculation by Joey. This
time it wasn’t something mechan
ical. “It will mark a revolution,”
said Mr. Goldfarb to me.
"What, another revolution!" I
“This will be a revolution in
the way of celebrating the revo
lution of American independence.
Do you catch on?” he asked.
"I don't know that I catch on,
but I revolt at it."
Well, to come to the point. It
has to do with the way the
Fourth of July is celebrated.”
"What's the matter with the
way it is celebrated now?" I
(Continued on Page Six)
W E "are toorejr to our. lrnl?
Between You and Me . . .
(Copyright, 1949, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.)
much as the State Department is pressuring Israel on the
questions of admitting Arab refugees and territorial changes
... It is believed that President Chaim Weizmann will' soon
make the position of Israel on these matters clear to President
Truman ... It is known that the Israeli President is now
considering sending a letter to Truman with a view to bring
ing to his attention the situation as it actually is . . . Mean
while, anti-Israeli forces in Washington are trying their ut
most to block further remittances tp Israel from the $100,000,-
000 credit granted the Jewish State by the Export-Import
Bank . . . They want to use this as a “stick” against Israel in
order to have the Israeli Government submit to State De
partment pressure ...
Those who originally believed that Truman is not fully
aware of the pressure which the State Department is now
using on Israel are beginning to change their minds . . . Evi
dence is piling up to prove that the State Department is not
acting without Truman’s knowledge ... It is pointed out that
Truman more than a year ago ordered the State Department
to take no important action toward Israel without his specific
approval . . . And the fact that he has not cracked down on
State Department officials who have been making strong
statements recently with regard to Israel is similarly indica
tive of his mood . . . However, it is known that the State
Department recognizes that its request for the mass admission
of Arab refugees to Israel is not a simple matter . . . Higher
officials admit that with Jewish immigrants pouring into
Israel, and with considerable opposition within the country
to the U. S. demands, it is not easy for Israeli Premier Ben
Gurion to submit to these demands . . . Nevertheless, it is
now known that the secret note which the State Department
sent to Israel through the U. S. Ambassador in Tel Aviv was
so sharply worded that the Ambassador was hesitant as to
whether he should deliver it.
Store Fixtures Back-Bars Counters Special
Cabinet Work Office Partitions & Paneling
# •
The Shoulsons
in association w?th Norman and Morton Michaelson
THE Tourisrael WAY
- send your gifts to relatives and friends there.
offers reliable service to investors who seek personal information,
Suite 610 Beury Building
3701 N. Broad St. Philadelphia 40. Pa.
SAgamore 2-3938 HAncock 4-7777
Very important changes will soon be
made in the Middle Eastern section of the
State Department . . . There will be a
switch in top officials . . . And the kind of
a switch from which Israeli interests may
suffer . . . The anti-Israeli forces in the
State Department will gain tremendously
in power as a result of the proposed
changes in personnel . . . Even at present
these forces have the upper hand inas-
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