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•• • By Ethel - Teddy » Moscorit*
try . . . But last week I spent
four days in lovely, old Savannah
in the state of Georgia and all
the time I kept pinching myself
and asking were it really so
these things I have heard report
ed about the Peach State , . .
The hospitality of the city of
ficials, the city and county po
lice force; the cordiality of the
press and its news releases; the
warmth of the hotel staff and the
restauranteers which was ex
pressed to the delegates and vis
itors of the Southeastern Region
al Conference of Senior Hadas
sah was a monument to good
will and brotherhood . . . and it
all happened in what is supposed
to be reactionary, lace-bound
Savannah, Georgia . , .
It is still hard to believe but
it really happened and it was
wonderful . . .
While the welcome extended
by the officials was a pleasant
surprise the hospitality of the
Jewish community and the Ha
dassah leaders was an expected
thing yet it was overwhelming
and heartwarming and an experi
ence in human relationship not
long to be forgotten.
Mrs. Abraham Tulin, the Na
tional Treasurer of Senior Iladas
sah, who attended the Confer
ence later told us that if she were
to choose a model community
in the United States where noth
ing in Christian-Jewish relations
or intra-Jewish relations were
not ideal that city would be Sa
vannah, Georgia . . . With that
statement I am in complete agree
ment . . .
This state of affairs has not
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Last month when we took our three children to
Georgia for a visit our offsprings were horrified
at the prospect of stepping foot upon land re
putidly dominated by the terrible KKK . . . The
news of the misdemeanors of the Klan had been
circulated among nine year olds and had struck
terror in the hearts of the young even as it had
caused adults to shiver for the safety of our coun-
come about overnight ... It is
: something which has grown with
i the years . . . As I rode in a car
with Minty Mazo and Francis
Rabham behind a motorcycle es
i cort through the streets of the
i city we passed historic landmarks
; which are as much a part of the
new city as they were of the old.
. . . We passed the synagogue
Mikeh Israel which was the first
in this country and Minty and
Francis told of the descendants of
the original families of the shule
who are still a part of Savannah.
. . . Although many of them are
Christians today they have not
forgotten their connection with
the old Jewish community and
are proud of their ancestry . . .
Minty pointed out the many
! churches to us and I believe she
; is quite right when she says
; that Savannah is the city it is
because there are so many
j churches of various denomina
tions and that the congregations
are those of honest Christians . . .
She also told me of a personal
incident in her family life where
in her young daughter’s school
class observed Chanukah along
with Christmas . . . The celebra
tion in which the Jewish child
i ren of the school took part was
instigated by the Gentile teacher
without prompting from Jews,
and was a tribute to the sound
American thinking of the south
ern city . . .
As for the conference itself it
was a memorable one . . . both
, from the historic perspective of
the division of the Hadassah re
gion and from the social respect
of the manner in which the Jew
ish community welcomed the
i delegates and visitors . . . From
i the Slotin family and the South
; eastern Regional President: Ida
Slotin (Mrs. J. L.) Wilensky; and
! Miriam Slotin (Jack) Levy and
Francis (Mrs. Morris) Rabham:
j the two convention chairmen:
and Millie (Mrs. Raymond) Ros
| en, Savannah Hadassah president,
to each individual of the Jewish
community who opened their
homes to guests and who were
present at the delicious supper
' prepared by the different organ
; izations and served in the Educa
tional Alliance, warmth, friend
liness and Yiddishkeit emanated
to make the four-day conclave an
event never to be forgotten . . .
Morgenthau Confers
(Continued from page 1)
, State.
Mr. Morgenthau. who held the
U. S. Treasury post longer than
any other man in American hist
ory, went to Israel last week in
i response to an urgent summons
1 from Premier Ben Gurion asking
counsel and guidance in strength
ening the framework of the Jew
ish State’s economy.
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Jacobs To Establish
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A _
fig?. -k:
(Philadelphia, Pa.)
Dr. Maurice Jacobs, Executive
Vice-President of The Jewish
Publication Society of. America,
who formally resigned as execu
tive head of the 62-year old The
Jewish Publication Society of
America on December 9th, 1949
will enter private publishing
when he retires from the J.P.S.
on March 15th, 1950. He will be
come president of a new publish
ing venture, MAURICE JACOBS,
Inc., with plant and executive of
fices in Philadelphia, and branch
offices in New York, Chicago,
and Jerusalem.
Ladies Aid To Hold
Linen Shower For
River Garden
The Ladies Hebrew Sheltering
and Aid Society will hold its an
nual Linen Shower for River
Garden Home for the Aged Tues
day afternoon, January 24th at
2 o’clock in the River Garden
Home at 2508 Riverside Avenue.
Gifts to the Home of dish towels,
sheets, and towels, plastic cloths,
pillows, and blankets are very
much needed, and the generosity
of the community is solicited.
Following a program, refresh
ments will be served, it was an
Progressive Credit
Union To Hold
The date for the Twelfth An
nual Meeting of the Progressive
Credit Union has been set. It is
to be held at the Jewish Center
on Sunday evening, January 22qd
at 8:00 o’clock. The Officers and
Board of Directors have given
considerable thought in planning
for this outstanding event which
will consist of the reports of the
year's activities by the President
and his Committees. There will
also be the election of the new
Board of Directors. Rabbi Israel
L. Kaplan will act as toastmaster
and there will be an inspirational
address by Mr. Nathan A. Malli
son, Superintendent of the Jack
sonville Recreational Department.
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Anti-Semitism in Germany
By Nathan Ziprin
The naive amongst us who are likely to be moved by stories of
German "collective shame" over the Nasi atrocities against Jews are
in for a rude awakening. The truth of the matter is, as Harry
Greenstein, former advisor on Jewish affairs to the U. S. occupation
authorities reported to Secretary of the Army Gray, that Germany
is reeking with anti-Semitism, that powerful German groups are
using every possible device to wreck the property restoration pro.
gram and that nationalism is rampant in all its ugly manifestations.
There is much that can be said about Mr. Greenstein’s report
as it reflects the dangerous currents and undercurrents in that ac
cursed land. We are in complete agreement with him when he says
that “it is imperative that the occupying powers recognize in anti-
Semitism the rejection of the democratic principle and as the un
mistakable sign of the resurgence of German nationalism in its
most vicious form” and when he warns that “tfte generation wluch
grew up during Hitler regime has been schooled in the leadership
principle, and unless there is decisive rejection of Hitlerism by those
elected to high office the German masses will continue to nurture
the hatreds planted in them by their former leaders.”
Mr. Greenstein has made an excellent record as advisor on Jew.
ish affairs. If his report does nothing more than to alarm the free
world to the dangers implied in the German situation, he will have
earned an enviable name as an American and Jew.
U. S. Urged to Reject German
Demands For General Pardon
of War Criminals
The World Jewish Congress has called upon U. S. High Com
missioner John J. McCloy to firmly reject any demands by the Bonn
government for the freeing of German war criminals, it was an
nounced today by Dr. Robert S. Marcus, WJC Political Director.
The WJC action came after re
cent press dispatches disclosed
that Dr. Thomas Dehler, Minis
ter of Justice in the Western Ger
man government, would ask for a
general pardon for German war
criminals now serving sentences
in the U. S. war crimes prison at
Landsberg. Dehler was quoted as
saying that such sentences would
probably not be passed now since
“things are regarded more dis-
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Friday, January 20, 1950
passionately today.”
"The people of a score of na
tions who suffered from the ruth
less policies of the Hitler regime
cannot remain ‘dispassionate’ at
the thought of freeing the crim
inals who are serving prison
terms for some of the most re
volting crimes ever perpetrated,"
Dr. Marcus declared.

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