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Friday, February 17, 1950
The Southern Jewish Weekly
Ab Independent Paper Serving American Citizens of Jewish Faith
Thlr newspaper seeks to serve the Jewish communities of the South
without purporting to represent any.
Edited and Published by ISADORE MOSCOVITZ. B.S.J.
Subscription, one year $3.00; two years, $5.00
Upon expiration, unless notified to the contrary,
subscriptions are continued.
Entered as Second-Class Matter, at the Post Office,
Jacksonville, Florida, Under Act of March 3, 1879
Member of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Member of the Office of Jewish Information
Member of Seven Arts Features
Member of the Chamber of Commerce
“The Oldest and Most .Widely Circulated Jewish Publication
In this Territory”
We remember, during the war.
when as unofficial chaplain of the
Jewish officers and men of the 99th
Infantry Division, we wrote an ar
ticle in the Division's Newspaper's
Chaplain's Corner, in which the
theme was as follows: "Every man
deserves the right to be judged as an
individual." This was, in effect, a
plea for tolerance, brotherly love
and understanding. Since the news
paper was printed under our super
vision, several officers chided us for
'making a pro-Jewish newspaper
out of our Division weekly.
We, of course, explained (and are thoroughly convinced)
that an Army newspaper best serves the interests of American
democracy when it promotes those ideals for which we were
fighting; the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of
Man. In fact, the entire world needs to be imbued with this
same spirit, for there is room for all of us on this planet, and
a kind providence continues to shower its blessings upon us,
but unless we humans behave as civilized people should, we
shall certainly pay the penalty for our transgressions.
Brotherhood Week is a national observance in which we
have a deep interest. Perhaps as Jews we have a more pro
found concern over its celebration than do our Christian
brothers. Yet when we participate in the promotion of
friendsh;p for all religious faiths we are making a contribu
tion to the most fundamental and most potent concept in the
achievement of lasting peace and happiness for mankind.
With the world seemingly threatened by an eternal coldness,
human beings need the warmth of human companionship,
rather than the poor and tepid comfort of tolerance.
Every man under God deserves the right to be judged as
individual—rather than as a Catholic, a Jew, a Methodist, or
an Episcopalian. Every man is honest or dishonest, charming
or annoying, wise or stupid, because he is himself—not be
cause he is a member of a particular group.
It is his inalienable right—a right far greater and more
universal than any given in the Constitution—to be an indi
vidual, to be accepted or rejected as an individual.
As publishers of a newspaper dedicated for more than 26
years to the great need for abolishing discrimination, we give
our wholehearted support to the observance of Brotherhood
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- jjjpPy
(Copyright, 1950, Jewish Telegraphic
Agency, Inc.)
This is Brotherhood Week. It's
hard keeping up with these
weeks. Last week, you may re
call, was National Hot Tea Week.
That's a good week too. A good
cup of hot tea should, I imagine,
promote brotherhood.
But, I do not want to be cynical.
All of us, I repeat, are in favor of
brotherhood. If it were put to a
vote, I guess it would register a
bigger majority than Truman got.
But, while I am in favor of
brotherhood, I am afraid that we
are not going to achieve it by ap
pealing for brotherhood or even
preaching sermons about it. For
thousands of years, great religious
teachers all over the world of all
the faiths have urged brother
hood, but I don't see that we have
gotten any nearer to it.
The mass murder of six million
Jews during the war shows that
from the standpoint of morality,
we have not advanced one iota
above the savage. Any one who
knows the facts will know that
the American Indian, for all of
his savagery, for all of his lack of
civilization, behaved ethically at
least as well, and perhaps better,
than the white man.
If we are to make any progress
toward this thing we call brother
hood, I am inclined to think, it
will come with the help of the
The. psychologists tell us to
hark back to our childhood days;
to examine our inhibitions. Tom
my and Dick are two children of
Mrs. Jones. Tommy is her favor
ite. Dick does not get the affec
tion he craves. When he tries to
d<* something his parents shout
him down. He becomes inhibited.
He is repressed, he gets sullen,
balky. He begins to hate.
All inhibitions do not arise in
exactly this way, but any inhibit
ed person is a natural sucker for
a hate wave.
If any religion has anything
practical to offer to bring about
brotherhood, I would say it is
is Chassidic Judaism. The Baal
Shem Tov really understood the
business. It is of the essence of
Chassidism that the joyous man
does not hate. And so the Chas
sidim preached the duty of joy
and they also devised at least an
elementary apparatus for its
practical implementation.
It was Benjamin Franklin who
said that when a man criticizes
another, what he is really trying
to do is praise himself. He would
like to praise himself, but society
frowns upon self flattery, so he
resorts to the indirect method of
criticizing others.
Franklin thought we should lift
the social ban on praising our
selves. We should toot our own
horns more. I think it would
make us freer and better people
and would advance the cause of
Another thing about brother
hood that I think must be stressed
is that brotherhood is not a uni
lateral sort of thing. What I mean
by that is that we tend to think
that we should appeal to the hat
ers to be nice and good and
brotherly. That, it seems to me,
is the wrong approach.
If we want others to be broth
erly to us, we must be brotherly
to them. A brother does not plead
for mercy from another brother.
He speaks with the equality of
tone which the condition of broth
erhood implies. He stands up for
his rights. He demands his rights.
Brotherhood negates the idea of
beggary. It demands self respect.
The Jews in Israel fighting for
their rights did more in a year
to advance the respect which is
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Outwitm -enwwit w««i
we *:——
Between You and Me . . .
BY BORIS SMOLAR fCopyright, MjfcJewtth Telegraphs
P i
the fact that Britain is continuing to recognize and reequip
the Jordan and Iraq armies with British arms . . . Since the
Arabs are still smarting over their defeat in Palestine two
years ago, and because they talk openly of a “second round”
of warfare, the supply of arms by Britain spells danger to the
Jewish state . . . That is why Israel’s leaders are now grimly
watching developments . . . Their plan is to match Arab arms
superiority with better trained men and technically improved
weapons ... It will not be revealing a military secret to say
Israel’s arms industry is working at full speed, and that re
search into new methods and weapons is proceeding all the
time . . . Yet, it is considered doubtful whether Israel can
count upon “superiority of arms,” as she could in 1948. unless
she is given equal access to the new products of international
military industry . . . That is a matter of money and politics,
and not one of training or valor . .. The leaders of the Jewish
state realize this only too well, and are bending all efforts to
overcome their shortcomings in this field ... It is for this
reason that Premier David Ben Gurion has decided not to
give up, for the time being, the post of Defense Minister,
although the fighting ceased over a year ago.
We Extend Our Hand In Greeting on Brotherhood Week
J. W. Gailbreath, Owner
2411 Edison Ave. Jacksonville 2, Fla. Phone 7-7905
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Although the State Department thinks
that the danger of war in the Middle East
is over, the Israel Government does not
think so ... It is no longer a secret that
Israel’s chief worry is the fact that Britain
has supplied Egypt with about 100 jet
planes and no less than seven late model
destroyers . . . Nothing that Israel can
rhuster in men or money can offset so
dangerous a stockpile . . . Not to speak of
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