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VOL. 27 NO. 16
By Alfred Segal
I was quite alone at the dinner,
though I wasn't in the least lone
ly. Indeed, I was surrounded by
most friendly people with whom
I had shared the geniality of
cocktails before it all began.
I was alone in that I was the
only one among the 250 who
wasn’t frightened to think what
the fact of Israel-in-being might
do to the standing of American
Jews as citizens of the U. S.
It was the convention dinner of
the American Council for Juda
ism (anti-Zionist.) I had been
invited in the idea that I might
come to see the error of my own
ways—a brand that could be
plucked from the burning, you
might say.
The speaker was Morris Ernst,
the New York libertarian, who
must have been quite a disap
pointment. He scarcely touched
on the favorite topic of the Am
erican Council for Judaism —dual
loyalty and all that. Mr. Ernst
was full of his own pet subject—
civil liberties and bigots who are
thd -enemies of civil liberties.
He said he wasn't bringing any
message. He was just speaking
out loud, he said, and every one
who listened to the speech could
wrap it up and make his own
bundle of it. That is to say.
every one was free to make of it
what he liked.
For ‘my part, I made a very
neat and sufficient bundle out of
one Or two paragraphs in Mr.
Ernst’s speech. He was speak
ing on Jewish fears of anti-
Semitism. (Mr. Ernst himself
properly regards anti-Semitism
as only one of the bigotries to be
afraid of.)
In that connection he brought
up the movie “Abie's Irish Rose."
Jews in New York were fright
ened lest an anti-Semitic smell
might be derived from "Abie's
Irish Rose." They went to Mr.
Ernst: Could he do something
about it?
Mr. Ernst is a man who invest
igates before he gets frightened.
He went to see the picture. He
found it quite hammy, but it
didn’t scare him.
He found that what frightened
some Jews was the Jewish father
in the picture, because he wore
a beard and spoke with an ac
cent. They were afraid: What
might be made of that by anti-
Semites? Mr. Ernst himself isn't
one to be scared out of his wits
by a beard and an accent.
Having been invited by Mr.
Ernst to roll my own message out
of the materials of his speech, I
asked myself: Can it be that by
reciting this incident he is point
ing directly at the fears of the
American Council for Judaism?
He seems to be saying. My
friends, aren't your own fears
like those of the people who were
afraid of whiskers and a Yiddish
accent? What will anti-Semites
think of Abie's father's whiskers
and his. accent, and what will
they think of us as Americans on
account of the State of Israel?
(Continued -on Page Eight)
A nationwide Mother’s Day program
which will focus attention on the con
tributions American women are mak
ing to the rescue of Europe’s homeless
Jews and large-scale settlement in
Israel through the United Jewish Ap
peal will be broadcast over ABC’s
“Message of Israel” program on Sun
day, May 14. Participating in the pro
gram will be (left) Mrs. S. Alexander
Brailove, Chairman of the National
Women’s Division of the UJA; Mrs. J.
Borden Harriman (center), Chairman
Herbert Sohn of Jax
Heads Southern IZFA
One hundred and twenty-five college Zionists representing over
a dozen Intercollegiate Zionist Federation of America chapters in
the South elected Herbert Sohn of Jacksonville, Fla., a student at
the University of Florida, to head the Southern Region for the com
ing year. He succeeds Leo Osheroff of Miami Beach, also a student
at the University of Florida.
Other officers elected to serve
the 400 members are: Alice En
teen of Atlanta, a student at the
University of Alabama, Vice-
President; Mickie Edwards of
Jacksonville, a student at the
Univ. of Ala.. Secretary-Treasur
er; Fay Robinson of Knoxville, a
student at the Univ. of Alabama.
Recording Secretary; Anne Mar
golin of Jacksonville, a student at
the University of Florida, Expan
sion Vice-President of Florida;
Eleanor Fogel of Durham, a stu
dent at the Univ. of North Caro
lina, Expansion Vice-President of
North and South Carolina; Raul
Harris of Birmingham, a student
at the University of Alabama,
Expansion Vice-President of Ala
bama; Lenny Segal of New York
City, a student at the University
of Georgia, Expansion Vice-Presi
dent of Georgia.
Bill Novit of Charleston, a stu
dent at the Univ. of South Caro
lina, Publication Chairman; Bea
Kaminetzky of Durham, a student
at the Univ. of North Carolina,
Garin Project Chairman; Stanley
Rosen of Atlanta, a student at the
Univ. of Ga., Atlanta Division,
Chairman of Haoleh; Gerald Sohn
of Jacksonville, a student at the
University of Florida, Program
Chairman; and Marvin Hurvich
of Birmingham, a student at the
Univ. of Ala., National Executive
Committee representative.
Other highlights of the camp
convention held at Athens, Ga.
this past weekend, included
preparations and plans for the
ten-day summer camp to he held
August 31-September 9 at Camp
Blue Star, HendersonviUe, North
Carolina. This special educational
camp will be attended by ap
proximately 100 students from
the Middle Atlantic and Southern
of the Women’s Division of the UJA
Christian Committee; and Mrs. Her
bert H. Lehman (right), Honorary
Chairman of the National Women’s
Division. The broadcast will also fea
ture special music and a Mother’s Day
message by Dr. Jonah B. Wise, Na
tional Chairman of the United Jewish
Appeal and founder of the “Message of
Israel.” More than 200 Women’s Divi
sions throughout the country are now
engaged in intensive drives for the
United Jewish Appeal.
Regions of IZFA. Allan Meisel of
Atlanta, a student at the U. of
Ga., Atlanta Division, was elected
Summer Camp Technical Direc
Nazi Ad in Runeos Aires
Newspaper Protested
The World Jewish Congress made public this week a communi
cation to the Argentine Government expressing alarm over the
social climate which would seem to exist in Argentina when a for
mer Nazi S. S. officer can openly boast of his part in a situations
wanted ad appearing in a Buenos Aires paper.
In a letter to Dr. Jeronimo Re
morino, Argentine Ambassador at
Washington, Dr. Robert S. Mar
cus, Political Director of the
World Jewish Congress, requested
the Ambassador to bring the
newspaper advertisement to the
attention of his government. The
ad in question appeared in the
Buenos Aires Herald of Friday,
April 14, 1950. It read .at follows:
“Employment of confidence in
Argentina or other country
wanted. German. Ex-officer of
S.S. Standard A.H. G. A. F., this
office. 1871dl6.”
Pointing out that the German
seeking employment “stresses, as
his only qualification, the fact
that he had served as an officer
of the notorious ‘Adolf Hitler
Standard’ unit of the 5.5.,” the
letter adds:
“It is respectfully submitted
that a social climate which per
mits the development of such ar
rogance on the part of a Nazi in
Argentina is not conducive to the
attainment of those aims to which
it subscribed when it joined in
the war against the Axis and be
came a member of the U.N.”
The American Zionist Council, official spokesman for all Amer
ican Zionist parties, will on June 4th and sth convoke a national
conference in Washington to protest the rearming of the Arab states
by Britain and our government's conduct in this matter.
Syria Promises to Start
Demilitarization of Territory
Near Israel Frontiers
TEL AVIV, (JTA)—Syria this
week promised to immediately
start demilitarization of a section
of territory held by her troops
near the Israel frontier. The
pledge was made at a meeting of
the Israel-Syrian armistice com
mission. The demilitarization
should have taken place some
time ago under a decision of the
United Nations. However, the Sy
rian representatives explained
that this was delayed because of
technical difficulties.
Israel Rogosin. Nationally
Priminent Philanthropist.
Presents Second Gift of
SIOO.OOO to Brandeis University
Israel Rogosin, nationally
prominent philanthropist and in
dustrialist, this week presented a
second gift of SIOO,OOO to Bran
deis University, it was announced
today by Dr. Abram L. Sachar,
President of the nation’s first
Jewish-sponsored, nonsectarian
institution of higher learning.
Israel Archaeologists
Discover Remains of
Dwellings From Era
of Neolithic Man
remains of dwelling places dat
ing back to the period of Neolith
ic Man were discovered near Tel
Aviv and near Shaar Hagolah in
Upper Galilee during excavations
being carried out under the di
rection of the Department of An
tiquities, it was announced here
this week.
7,000 Displaced Jews in
Austria Eligible to Enter
U. S. Under New Bill
VIENNE, (JTA)—Some 5,000 to
7,000 of the 12,000 Jewish refugee
now in Austria are eligible to
enter the United States under the
provision of the DP immigration
bill recently passed by the Sen
ate and House of Representatives,
Harold Trobe, Joint Distribution
Committee director in Austria,
said here this week.
In making this announcement
today, Mr. Louis Lipsky, Council
Chairman, declared that his or
ganization “will use all legitimate
methods at its disposal to bring
about a reversal of the position
taken and maintained by the
State Department.” To this end
the Council will seek the cooper
ation of all friends of Israel in
the United States—Jews and non-
Jews alike.
Mr. Lipsky charged that "for
all practical purposes our State
Department may be regarded at
this time as a partner in a cabal
of states" which has its center in
Cairo. These states are deter
mined to recover "positions lost
in the United Nations" and are
interested not in maintaining
peace in the Middle East, but in
maneuvering for control in the
affairs of that area.
Our State Department’s role,
said Mr. Lipsky, in the struggle
for power in the Middl East is be
coming increasingly obvious:
through its defense of the arming
of the Arab states; through its
failure to take seriously the re
cent war council of the Arab
League, which has ruled out
peace negotiations with Israel by
any Arab state; through its atti
tude of indifference to Israel’s
request for arms, which has been
taken under “advisement”; and
through its constant reassurance
that there is no threat to peace in
the Middle East.
Mr. Lipsky expressed the Coun
cil's views that "the leaders of
our foreign policy have been
maneuvered into a position of
giving Britain the lead in Middle
Eastern affairs and of backing to
the hilt, without reservation, the
anti-Israel policy of the Foreign
Secretary of the British Govern
It is in protest against this pol
icy that the American Zionist
Council is mobilizing its forces
and is calling its national confer
ence in Washington in support of
the people of Israel. The Amer
ican Zionist Council has directed
its constituents to secure the ef
fective cooperation of all friends
of Israel in the emergency which
now exists with regard to rearm
ament of the Arabs. Zionist
groups throughout the country
have been requested to reserve
June 4th and sth for the national
conference in Washington, D. C.
New Jersey Synagogues
Donate Torahs To Israel
sey Governor Alfred Driscoll ad
dressed a meeting here marking
the formal presentation of 50
Scrolls of the Law to Israel. The
Torahs, collected from synagogues
throughout New Jersey by the
region of Hapoel Hamizrachi, will
be used in new settlements and
villages in the Jewish state.
$3.00 A YEAR

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