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VOL. 27 NO. 18
By Alfred Segal
Before I start this story, it
seems necessary to report the
rare news that a recent column
of mine has had only bouquets
and not a brick in the lot. Yes,
on one matter, at least, Jews are
in agreement and that is some
thing worth reporting before I
start the story of the rabbi's
daughter. That well-approved
column is closely related to some
thing that came out of the mar
riage of the rabbi's daughter.
Yes, the readers seem to be
unanimous on the idea that it’s
none of the business of Judaism
to hunting for converts to
bring them over to our side. Some
of the rabbis had suggested that
maybe it’s about time for Juda
ism to start proselytizing, to send
rabbinical missionaries into the
world to tell Gentiles what a
good religion we have, and won’t
they please join us.
For my part. I said in this col
umn recently, I would settle for
the idea of Christians trying just
to be good Christians. Why both
er to bring righteous Christians
over to Judaism? A real Chris
tian can't be an anti-Semite. Nor
does he despise other people on
account of their color. He be
haves like an authentic member
of the brotherhood of man. He.
as a good Christian couldn't be
have any better if he were a
good Jew instead of Christian.
Why. then, go to all the expense
and trouble of trying to make a
Jew out of him?
Besides, I said, rabbis have
enough to do to keep Jews Jewish
in the sense of Sinai and the
Prophets. To convert all the Jews
in his town to an understanding
of Judaism is a life-time job for
any rabbi. Why load his hands
also with Gentiles?
Well. this, you might say, is
the second chapter of my column
on that subject. It is suggested
to me by a lady of my acquain
tance who reports the story of
the rabbi's daughter, particular
ly for the purpose of showing
what a wise man the rabbi was.
He was a kinsman of hers.
Believe it or not, the rabbi’s
daughter went and married a
Gentile and the matter was on all
tongues in their town. This oc
curred more than 60 years ago
and the principals are long dead:
the rabbi, his daughter and her
Gentile husband —all gone to the
reward which, as I have liked to
guess, does not in the least con
sider the religious labels of its
Yes. indeed the intermarriage
of the rabbi's daughter and the
non-Jew was a tremendous sen
sation in their town among Gen
tiles as well as Jews. It was long
before the time when intermar
riage was to become a common
place of the day's news. Practi
cally every Jewish boy married
strictly within the fold and all
Christian girls married Metho
dists. Presbyterians. Baptists, etc.
and carefully brought up their
children that way.
(Continued on Eight)
Comrades Again
Sally Sue Crumplor, 11. hugs
her dad, John Crumplor of Ft.
Worth, Tex., for joy in his re
turn home from The Jewish Con
sumptives’ Relief Society Sana
torium i n Denver, Colorado,
where he was cured.
American Athletes Will
Participate in World
Maccabiah Games
NEW YORK. (JTA)—Many of
America’s leading athletes will
participate in the Third World
Maccabiah Games to be held in
Israel September 7 to October 8,
1950, it was announced this week
by Colonel Harry D. Henshel and
Charles L. Ornstein, co-chairman
of the National Committee for
United States Participation, at a
press conference held at the
Hermonie Club here.
Outstanding Jewish athletes
from every section of America
will be considered for a place on
the team. Col. Henshel said. The
National Jewish Welfare Board
is cooperating with the National
Committee for U.S. Participation
in the technical work of selecting
and certifying the athletes.
Jerusalem Jewish
Numbers 110,000
The Jewish population of Jeru
salem has now reached 110,000,
marking an increase of 38,000 in
the past two years, including 20,-
000 new immigrants.
EtSSSsSs F 9 Si .:
MBgagm hH liSjrjpßa MJm jSg&W 'v* l
Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, will mark the closing of its second academic year with Convocation festivities this month,
(May 24-28). Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, member of the Brandeis Board of Trustees, will deliver the Convocation address. Pictured above /
are George Alpert, Esq., President of the University Board of Trustees; Dr. Abram L. Sachar, Brandeis President; Mrs. Roosevelt; and *
Max Lerner* Brandeis Professor of American Civilisation, who will play major roles in the University’s Convocation festivities. Auxiliary i
Brandeis groups which will meet daring the five-day period are the National Women’s Committee of Brandeis University, which will hold,
its second Annual Convention; the Brqndeie University Associates; the Friends of the School of Music; and the newly-formed Brandeis
University Athletic Association. -
San Francisco Jewish Groups
Protest Statements Made
By Lessing Rosenwald
Seven organizations representing
almost every element in the com
munity have signed a letter pro
testing statements made by Les
sing J. Rosenwald, president of
the American Council for Juda
ism, when he was here last week.
The Rosenwald statements,
quoted widely in the San Fran
cisco press, deplored what he
termed encroachment by the
Zionists in the Jewish religion.
The protest was signed by the
Jewish Survey and B’nai B’rith
Community Committee; Ameri
can Jewish Committee, San Fran
cisco chapter; American Jewish
Congress, Northern California
Division; Anti-Defamation Lea
gue of B’nai B’rith, Northern
California Region; Jewish Labor
Committee of San Francisco;
Jewish War Veterans; and Board
of Rabbis of Northern California.
First Permanent Circus
Organized in Israel
RAM AT GAN. Israel, (JTA)
The first permanent circus in Is
rael—the“Ziratron”—opened here
this week, with accommodations
for 2.000 spectators. The circus
includes trapeze artists, clowns,
jugglers, acrobats and other cir
cus performers. The circus was
organized with the financial as
sistance of a group of 35 Israel
war veterans.
All animals belonging to Sir
David Ezra’s private zoo in Cal
cutta. as well as the extensive
zoological library maintained by
Lady Ezra, have been donated to
the Tel Aviv municipal zoo.
Arab League to Open
Propaganda Office in New
York, Beirut Radio Says
Beirut, monitored here this
week, reported that the Arab
League has decided to open a
publicity office in New York.
Plans for the forthcoming Z. O. A. State Conference in Miami
Beach will include a discussion of specific problems in Florida and
proposed steps for closer coordination of effort along State lines,
according to Murray Goodman, Chairman. The conference will be
held at the Delano Hotel all day Sunday, May 28th.
m c
vSIIPss ' 'IS -
Mr. Goodman, who heads a
committee composed of I. R.
Goodman, Alex Van Straaten, S.
A. Goodman and Rabbi Isadore
H. Shoulson, revealed that there
will be a special committee on
Florida Good and Welfare, which
will make important recommend
ations in this respect to the busi
ness session that will conclude
the afternoon program.
A special session will also be
devoted to the interests of the
Young Zionist Districts in Flor
ida. which have emerged as the
result of the recent incorporation
of Masada into the Z. O. A. Dave
Goodwin, Persident of the Miami
Beach Young Zionists and Gil
bert Rappaport will lead the de
liberations of these Young Adult
The rearming of the Arab
States by Britain and her refusal
to extend equal privileges to Is
rael, as well as the unfavorable
reaction of our own State Depart
ment to Israel’s appeal for Am
erican arms, will come in for
scrutiny and action by a special
session on Public Relations and
Political Action, which will be
addressed by I. R. Goodman, head
of Z. O. A. Public Relations in
Florida and Vice-President of the
Southeastern Region Z. O. A.
Guests of honor will be Ben R.
Winick, President of the South
eastern Region, who will deliver
the principal banquet address;
and Dr. Sidney Marks, Executive
Director of the Z. O. A. who will
speak at the luncheon.
There will be special seminars
|) n Programming, Education,
\ Leadership training, as well as
caucuses on Membership, Fund
Raising, Israeli Projects and In
Among the participants in ad
dition to those already mention
ed, will be: Melvin Richardson,
Alex Van Straaten, Burnett Roth,
Louis Schwartzman, Seymour B.
Liebman, Rabbi Irving Lehrman,
Rabbi. Leon Kronish, of Miami
Beach; Dr. Harold Webman of
West Palm Beach; Jack Becker
of Jacksonville; Carl Altman of
I Lake Worth; Arthur Pariser of
Crlando; Rabbi Manuel Green
stein of West Palm Beach; Man
uel Aronovitz of Tampa; and Al
fred M. Clavan of St. Petersburg.
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