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VOL. 27 NO. 19
By Alfred Segal
There is talk in Reform Jewish
rabbinical circles of starting a
missionary movement to bring
Gentiles into the Jewish fold. It
was brought up at a recent insti
tute of Reform Theology in the
Hebrew Union College in our
Rabbi Israel Mattuck of the
Reform persuasion in England
said: “In a world freer than the
present one from religious preju
dices, Judaism may well make
many converts and I should read
ily accept any proselytes who
come to it with a sincere desire to
give it their devotion.”
Rabbi Albert S. Goldstein of
Tremont Temple, New York, said:
"More than all we must propa
gate Judaism through active
proselytism. Judaism is no mere
tribal cult. It is a universal
For myself, were I a rabbi, I
wouldn’t care to make a pursuit
after converts. There are too
many competitive religions as it
is; too much of religions trying
to outsell each other, like drum
mers in the refrigerator trade;
too much of muscling in * and
grabbing off the members of
other religions. If God minds this
absurd contest in the least, He
must laugh indulgently at the
way His children play, like a
good father who in his kindness
endures the tumult of the kids in
his house.
(Jews have been in civilization
too long to let themselves in for
this juvenile pastime.)
Were I a rabbi I would apply
myself strictly to the business of
my own house, knowing, as I do,
there’s so much to be done among
Jews to teach them to be Jewish
in the spiritual and ethical mean
"Goodness me," I would say.
"there's work enough for me
with the Jews and why should I
start running after the Gentiles,
too? True, religiously Jews are
no worse off than Gentiles, as I
have reason to know from what
Christian ministers tell me. It's
my job to look after Jews first:
To teach them the way to live in
accordance with the teachings of
Torah and prophet; to cause their
hearts to rise up toward the spir
itual and ethical ideals of relig
ion; to set their feet toward Sinai
“In all that there’s job enough
for me and why should I, at this
point, go chasing after Gentiles
to make Jews out of them?
“No! I’ll wait. After all who
call themselves Jewish have be
come Jews in spiritual and ethi
cal content, then I may have time
to go in hot pursuit after Gentiles
to make Jews out of them.”
Yet, if. in the meantime, a
Gentile were to come to me with
a desire to become Jewish, I
shouldn't run him away forth
with from my door. I would
welcome him. That would be a
simple courtesy. I couldn't turn
away any honest man who enters
the shelter of my house . . .
"Come right in* sir."
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. ydjjlf'-''
Official presentation of the first Florida state copy of the book,
"A Measure of Freedom," was made in Ft. Lauderdale to American
Legion officials in connection with the state American Legion
convention. Shown at the presentation ceremony in Temple
Emanu-El (1. to r.) Gilbert J. Balkin, director, Florida regional
office, Anti-Defamation League; Rabbi Marius Ranson, spiritual
leader of Temple Emanu-El and Ft. Lauderdale ADL chairman;
Florida State Legion Commander Maxwell Wells of Orlando; and
Ft. Lauderdale Legion Commander Frank C. Ghiotto.
Jews in South Africa Honor
Field Marshal Smuts
JOHANNESBURG )JTA) —Jews throughout South Africa joined
in celebrating the 80th birthday of the famous South African states
man, Jan Christian Smuts, who has always denounced and combatted
all manifestations of anti-Semitism in this country.
Field Marshal Smuts fought
fearlessly in 1930 against the
quota bill restricting Jewish im
migration to South Africa. Dur
ing the Hitler years he vigorously
denounced Nazism and its disci
ples in South Africa.
As Premier of South Africa in
1948, he was among the first
heads of government to recognize
the proclamation of Israel’s state
hood. In November of last year
he made a special trip to London
to be the guest speaker at Presi
dent Weizmann’s seventy-fifth
anniversary dinner.
Field Marshal Smuts’ unswer
ving support of the Zionist move
ment dates from World War I
when he was one of the archi
tects of the Balfour Declaration
and the Palestine Mandate. His
activities in behalf of the Zionist
cause included intercession with
the British Government against
the Passfield White Paper which
he termed a breach of the Man
date. In Israel a settlement was
named Ramat Yochanan in his
President of Cuba Receives
Menahem Begin
HAVANA, (JTA)— Dr. Carlos
Socarras, President of Cuba, this
week received Menachem Beigin,
leader of the Herut Party in Is
rael, who is currently touring
Latin America. Rabbi Meir
Rosenbaum, of this city, accom
pained Mr., Beigin. They reported
later that President Socarras
spoke warmly of Israel.
Kaiser-Fr.azer Plant in Israel to
Produce Trucks, Buses For
Local Use and Export
ser-Frazer plant which is now
being constructed in Haifa will
be manufacturing Mack trucks
and buses, it was announced here
Arrangements have been com
pleted between the Mack com
pany and Kaiser-Frazer in the
United States. Besides producing
heavy trucks and buses for Israel,
the plant will export throughout
the Middle East.
Israel Gaibinel Prepares "Cradle-
To- Grave" Social Insurance
For Entire Population
TEL AVIV. May 23 (JTA)—Plans for a complete "cradle-to
grave" social insurance program to cover the entire population of
Israel wil be published here shortly for "public debate and comment."
The plan is now under discussion by the Israel Cabinet and will soon
be presented to Parliament. The program will be introduced in the
following three stages: ■— *
1. Free hospitalization for those
needing it, free dental treatment
for children, free medical care
for all employed persons and for
women over 60 and men over 65
living on pensions. Also, grants
for new babies, grants for families
on the death of the breadwinner,
and insurance for agricultural
2. The second s t a g e—already
completed—provides nationwide
medical care covering the entire
population, and provides disabil
(Copyright, 1950, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.)
Evidence of America's "forgive and forget" policy toward
Nazism is to be found in the new pocket guide for U. S. occupation
troops just published by the U. S. Armed Forces Information and
Education Division.
An introduction by Secretary of
Defense Louis Johnson states that
the guide “is published for the
information and guidance of all
concerned.” It’s “the bible” for
the G. I.’s and takes 72 pages to
give the boys the proper slant
on Germany. Germany’s hard
ships are described. Germany’s
contributions to civilization are
enumerated. But there is not one
word on the resurgence of neo-
Jewish Broadcast
Slated for Sunday
“The Lance of Justice” by Irve
Tunick, based on the life of Louis
Fabricant, will be the Eternal
Light presentation for Sunday,
June 4 (NBC Network, 12:30-1:00
P.M., DST), according to an an
nouncement by the Jewish Theo
logical Seminary of America un
der whose auspices the program
is conducted.
The biography of the great law
yer, Louis Fabricant is also the
dramatic story of the Legal Aid
Society, to which he devoted a
large part of his life.
Stamp Exhibit
Depicts Jewish
New York, —A unique stamp
exhibit entitled “A Century of
Jewish History,” and dramatizing
1 through postage stamps the his
tory of the Jewish people for the
last hundred years, was sche
duled to open this week at the
Jewish Museum, 92nd Street and
Fifth Avenue, by the Jewish
Agency for Palestine. The show
will be open for a minimum of
two weeks.
ity insurance for all citizens as
well as retraining for disabled
3. Stage three calls for chil
dren’s allowances and full, free
hospitalization for the entire
It is expected that the total cost
of the plan will reach approxi
mately $64,400,000. The larger
part of this sum is already being
spent by employers, workers and
the government on various exist
ing insurance plarfc.
Nazi movements; there is not a
single reference to anti-Semitism.
The pamphlet outlines Ger
many's tendency toward "auto
cratic governments, adding
"But the Germans are learning
to think for themselves and Ger
man liberalism is finally being
allowed to take root." Only a
few days before the pamphlet ap
peared in print a press associa
tion dispatch from Stuttgart re
ported that Karl Schuebel, who
was mayor throughout the Nasi
regime, was re-elected mayor of
the city of Aalen. "During the
campaign," the report said. "anti-
Semitic attacks were made on his
opponent, Peter Lahnstein, who
is part Jewish."
The guide completely ignores
the unrepentant attitude of many
Nazis. There is no reference to
the defilement of Jewish ceme
teries and other manifestations
of the renazification of Germany.
Troops are asked, however, to re
call that Germany “has made
many contributions to the cul
tural advancement of western
It adds that Albert Einstein
"provided the basis for much of
our ‘atomic thinking" but neg
lects to state that Einstein is
Jewish. The words "Jew and
"Jewish" are totally and conspic
uously absent throughout. Ger
many is also lauded for giving
Franz Kafka and others to the
world. It says "... the list is
The history of modern Germany
and the recent war are summar
ized without a single reference to
the persecution of Jews or the
concentration camps or the 6,-
000,000 Jews murdered. In fact,
even the word “Nazi” is largely
There are pages and pictures
of Germany's history, rivers, re
sorts, festivals, ancient cities and
scenic splendor. But there is
neither word nor picture hinting
of the death camps.
Troops are asked to be courte
ous to the Germans and to show
respect for local “customs.” And
it says “don’t try to force
‘democracy’ on the Germans, but
take pains to explain things about
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State Jewish War Veterans
To Meet in Miami
This Weekend
The annual State Convention
of the Jewish War Veterans of the
U. S. will be held in Miami, Flor
ida, on the week-end of June 3-4.
Among those invited to address
the assemblage will be Don Car
rol of Jacksonville, Commander
of the American Legion Depart
ment of F1 ori da, and Attorney
General Ervin of Tallahassee.
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