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VOL. 27 NO. 27
A certain lady writes that she
fears for my grandchildren and
suggests that I myself am sub
versive toward the future of
these poor kids. She means that
I haven't been friendly to the
ideas and purposes of the Amer
ican Council for Judaism which
is striving to save my grand
children and all other Jewish
children—from an unhappy fate.
It seems that if I were more
thoughtful of my grandchildren’s
future I would be going along
with the anti-Zionist American
Council for Judaism on their
American life and would be tell
ing off the Zionists whose activ
ities may give the impression
that they are under compulsion
of a double loyalty.
I came upon the lady's letter
iust after I had been reading a
bpok titled "The Story of Our
Country" to Paul, one of my
grandsons. "The story of Our
Country" was about this, our
America. I had no idea that our
country was any other than this,
nor did Paul.
Paul, age 7, has heard some
thing of Israel as a country to
which poor, driven people go for
refuge. Sometimes he brings
pennies to Sabbath school for
kids in Israel, just as to public
school he brings pennies for the
Red Cross or for CARE bundles.
Paul's American patriotism is
not in the least vitiated by the
fact that some pennies of his may
help to carry some soap to a child
in Greece. No more is he less
American if he is taught to care
about boys in Israel.
It is good that kids learn to
know their brothers all around
the world, including those in Is
rael. The fact that boys in Is
rael happen to be religious kins
men of Paul does not mean that
he should be careful what bro
thers he takes up with, that he
should be afraid lest people say,
“Paul, are you an American or
an Israeli?”
It's all toward the brotherhood
of man that Paul and my other
grandchildren, through special
knowledge of the Israeli, learn
there are other people far out in
the world and that they are part
of them and owe them the de
votion that is due to brothers,
whether they are Israeli or
Greeks, Italians or boys with
black skins.
So I must say to the lady that
I do not fear for my grandchild
ren if they grow up to be peo
ple educated in the idea of bro
therhood; their affection for Is
rael will be one of the ways of
I shall fear for Paul only if he
grows up to be one of the nar
row little people whose moral
boundaries are the Atlantic and
Pacific, and to hell with the rest
of the world. I am thankful for
Israel which for Jewish children
is one of the doors to brother
Paul will continue to cherish
the story of our country as a
story of which he, as an Ameri
can, is the proud heir. Yet I
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GENEVA, (JTA) —A plea for
the return of Jewish war orphans
to Jewish families or organiza
tions from non-Jewish homes and
institutions where they received
haven during the war and Nazi
occupation of Europe was made
here this week by the former
Chief Rabbi of Rumania, Dr.
Alexander Shafran.
Dr. Shafran, who spoke in be
half of the Agudas Israel, made
his plea to the United Nations
Economic and Social Council’s
Commitee on Non-Governmental
Organizations. He called on all
government of countries where
such refugees reside to take
measures to insure that the cor
rect names and original religion
of the children are submitted to
international authorities so that
Jewish organizations could take
the necessary steps to provide for
their future welfare.
Z. 0. A. Leaders Gather For Adult
Institute at Southern Brandeis Camp
The Southern Brandeis Camp near Hendersonville. N. C. will
be the setting for the first Adult Leadership Institute, since its
opening here. Those conducting it will be among the top rank
ing Jewish educators and lecturers. The Institute, which will
cover a five day period from Aug. 16 thru Aug. 20. will be attended
by district and regional Z. O. A. leaders from all over the South.
Arrangements for it were made
by Ben R. Winick, President of
the Southeastern Z. O. A. Region
and Dr. Shlomo Bardin, national
director of the Brandeis Youth
Foundation, which has been so
amazingly successful in recent
years in the field of youth lead
ership training.
"Attendance at the Institute is
a must", Mr. Winick said, "for
regional and district leaders who
are eager to evaluate the prob
lems facing us today and who
desire to learn the techniques for
introducing a positive Jewish and
Zionist program to their mem
In addition to the lectures and
seminars, the visiting Zionists
will be offered a full five days
of rich Jewish living in the scen
ic grandeur of the Blue Ridge
Mountains. They will participate
in the campers’ Shabbat program
and their cultural activities.
Cue has been taken to provide
an atmosphere of rest and com
plete relaxation for the visitors.
They will have the benefit of a
large swimming pool, tennis
courts and a 150-acre lake for
boating and canoeing.
Jewish Organizations Seeks
Cooperation Among
Consultative Bodies
LONDON, (JTA) Delegates
to a meeting of the Coordinating
Board of Jewish Organizations
here this week agreed on the de
sirability of cooperation among
all Jewish groups with consulta
tive status to one or another of
the United Nations organs. The
constituent groups of the Coordi
nating Board are the B’nai B’rith
and the Boards of Deputies of
Deputies Os British and South
African Jews.
First Jewish Chaplain
Heading for Korea
;■ I
Chaplain Oscar M. Lifshutz,
recruited, ecclesiastically endors
ed and served by JWBs Division
of Religious Activities, is the
Jewish Chaplain with the 2nd
U. S. Infantry Division which is
heading for Korea.
President Weizmann Will Not
Meet in Switzerland With
Chancellor Adenaue
TEL AVIV, (JTA) The of
fice of President Chaim Weiz
mann this week issued a formal
statement denying that the Pres
ident of Israel, who is now rest
ing in Switzerland, met or in
tends to have a meeting with
Chancellor Konrad Adenauer of
Much has been said for and against the United Nations as an
instrumentality of peace in our troubled world. Indeed, at this
moment, the UN is being put to its severest test and no one today
can foretell whether or not it will succeed in resolving the Korean
crisis and thus avoid the danger of imminent world war.
But on other fronts, the United Nations, quietly and unspec
tacularly, is conducting a magnificent campaign striking at the
very roots of war itself —hunger, poverty and ignorance. In most
instances, its activities are small in comparison with the problems
involved—but they represent a start and an intelligent approach
to the task of making this a better world for all men.
The UN's latest attack on the causes of war is the scientific
study of racialism conducted under the auspices of the United Na
tions Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The con
clusion of this study was that there is no basic superiority or in
feriority due to race.
Os course, the fact that scientists working under UNESCO
direction have come to this conclusion, isn’t going to impress our
Jim Crowites and Jew-baiters or any others in whom Nazi racial
concepts have been deeply imbedded. Intolerance and prejudice
aren’t overcome that easily. But most intolerance and prejudice
is based on ignorance. Ignorance can be combatted by education.
To the extent that the findings of the UNESCO scientific group
can be spread far and wide and made part of elementary teach
ings in every part of the world, they will be valuable in fighting
these evils.
World War II would not have been possible had not Hitler
and his bullies successfully preached their brand of racial superior
ity. By striking a blow at racialism, UNESCO has helped to weak
en the potential factor in the waging of war today.
Rabbi Irving Miller, President of the American Jewish Con
gress, this week, pledged his organization's "unstinting support to
our Government at the U. -N. in meeting the challenge of aggres
sion in Korea." He also charged that the so-called peace petitions
now being circulated in many parts of the world have "their
source in that power which has planned and executed the breach
of peace in Korea" and "are designed to exploit mankind's natural
love of peace in order to break down resistance to planned totalitar-
Radio Broadcast For
Sunday Announced
On Sunday, July 30th, the
Eternal Light will present
another in its special summer pro
grams, “The Words We Live By,”
a panel discussion series based
upon selected passages from the
Bible (NBC Network, 12:30-1:00
P. M., WNBC 1:30-2:00 P. M.,
DST). “The Words We Live By,”
presented by the Jewish Theo
logical Seminary of America, un
der whose auspices the Eternal
Light is conducted, will run for
a period of twelve weeks. This
program is brought to you as a
public service by the National
Broadcasting Company.
Theme of the current series
will be “Eternal Questions” with
the topic for this program drawn
from the story of Amos: Prophet,
what do you see? Mr. Cord
Meyer, Jr. Chairman of the Exe
cutive Committee of United
World Federalists, Inc. will be
heard as guest on this sixth pro
West German Republic. The
denial was issued following an
announcement last week in Bonn
that Chancellor Adenauer would
meet with Dr. Weizmann in
ian aggression."
Rabbi Miller’s statement was
made to and approved by the Na
tional Executive Committee of
the American Jewish Congress.
The full text reads:
"Since last we met, the peace
of the world has been shattered'
by the outbreak of war in Kor
ea. This war has been condemn
ed by the U. N. as an act of law
less aggression by the Commun
ist regime in North Korea; and
the free nations of the world, un
der the banner of the United Na
tions, are now engaged in con
certed military action to stop the
aggressor and to restore interna
tional peace.
“Our country, acting in pursu
ance of its obligations under the
U. N. charter to maintain inter
national peace and security, has
taken the lead in the struggle
against totalitarian aggression. It
is committed to the task of main
taining the rule of law as against
force in international relations.
As Americans, concerned with
the security of our country and
the freedom and peace of the
world, we give unstinting sup
port to our Government and the
U. N. in meeting the challenge of
aggression in Korea.
"At stake in the outcome of
the struggle in Korea is the cause
of world peace to which we of
the American Jewish Congress,
as all freedom loving people
everywhere, are deeply commit
ted. It is only through the de
cisive defeat and punishment of
the lawless forces which commit
a breach of the peace that the
cause of lasting peace can be ad
vanced. We must therefore be
on guard against those who use
slogans of peace as a cover for
acts of war. The so-called 'peace
petitions' now being circulated
in many parts of the world have
their source in that power which
has planned and executed the
breach of the peace in Korea.
They are designed to exploit
mankind natural love of peace in
order to break down resistance
to planned totalitarian aggres
“The American Jewish Con
gress has an increasingly impor
tant duty to perform for our
country as one of the effective,
liberal, democratic forces in the
life of the nation. If we are to
perform this patriotic duty we
must not permit ourselves to be
used or misused either by groups
committed to the totalitarianisms
of the left with its basic denial
of the principles of human free
dom and democracy or by these
reactionary interests on the right
which are seeking to exploit the
fear of communism to destroy
the democratic processes in A
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