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VOL. 27 NO. 32
I have been debating whether
to write this. It's about some*
thing we've all been talking about
in embarrassed whispers. The
other day I was discussing it with
a Jewish citizen in the hot room
of our gymnasium. Then a non*
Jewish member came in. Our
talk was immediately directed
toward other subjects. It was
something for conversation only
among ourselves.
Neither I nor my Jewish com
panion in the hot room liked
what we had been reading in the
public press lately. The press
had been reporting certain Com
munists in our town and it seem
ed to us that too many of them—
though not a large number—
carried Jewish names. Then there
were those people with Jewish
sounding names who had been
arrested elsewhere in the country
in connection with A-bomb espi
Just Jewish names, mind you.
They couldn't be called Jews in
any valid sense of being Jewish.
They were apart from the Jewish
life of our community. They
weren't Jews in the synagogue or
Jews in any of the complex edu
cational, cultural and philan
thropic activities that are called
But all around non-Jews had
been asking, how come, so many
Jews are Communists? The Jews
who had been named as Com
munists could amount to no more
than a dozen, but among those
who don’t like us anyway, they
were magnified to a multitude.
I myself, as a columnist for one
of the daily press, had received
a number of letters about that
from hostile-minded people. Only
this morning some one had called
me ups "Segal, what are you
going to say in your column a
bout all those Jews in Communist
activities?' Your column does find
proper fault with many things.
Why don't you say something a
bout all those Jews in Commun
I tried to argue with the fellow:
Well, sir, did you actually count
the number of Jews who were in
volved. A very small handful
among the 20,000 Jews of this
city and, by comparison, even less
than that among the four million
Jewsjp the United States. Can
you condemn a whole people be
cause of a few of them? But
you can’t argue long with a man
whose prejudice has made up his
mind for him. Well, sir, I said
finally, I guess we can’t agree.
I broke him off, troubled. Yes,
the 99-99/100 percent of us aren't
Communists. We like the free
enterprise system which has been
good to us. By it our ancestors
were enabled to make good lives
here. Os course, the fact that
many of us have been successful
capitalists has been held against
us quite as much as the fact that
a few of us are Communists.
It seems we can’t please those
who don’t intend to like us either
way. Yet, I felt, it was time to
speak out frankly to Jews (that
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Terror Against
Jews Renewed in
TEL AVIV, (JTA) Reports
reaching here from Afghanistan
indicate that a new wave of ter
ror has been unleashed against
the 4,500 Jews living in that Mos
lem country.
The reports state that Jews liv
ing in Kheirat, Kandahar, Gaha
zani and other towns have been
driven into the walled Kabul
Ghetto. In addition, Jews have
been forbidden freedom of travel
and have been ordered not to
trade in a special list of commo
dities. Instead of military service,
the Jews must pay a special war
The reports indicate that Afg
han Jewry is eager to migrate to
Israel, but the Moslem govern
ment forbids it. The entire com
munity is in a state of health that
has been described as “disas
Polio Cases Drop Sharply
in Israel; 130 Cases
Reported This Month
TEL AVIV, (JTA)—The polio
myelitis wave in Israel is reced
ing, it was announced here this
week. The number of cases re
ported throughout the country
thus far in August is 130, com
pared with 247 cases discovered
in July. | i
Gestapo Officer Charged
With Killing 7.000 Jews
is Extradited to Poland
Hase, 45-year-old former Gestapo
officer in Cracow, Poland, in
1943, was ordered extradited to
Poland this week by a British
extradition court here to stand
trial as a war criminal.
Hase is accused of having
killed, or ordering the execution
of, some 7,000 Jews in Cracow in
1943. A Jewish witness testifying
during the initial hearing here
said that he recognized Hase as
the murderer of his children. The
Jew said he punched Hase in the
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Emergency meeting of Division of Religious Activities (DRA) of National Jewish Welfare Board
launches nationwide campaign to recruit additional Jewish chaplains urgently needed by all branches
of the Armed Forces. Through this Division, JWB recruits, ecclesiastically endorses and serves
Jewish chaplains in the Armed Forces. The campaign was undertaken in response to an urgent
request from the Army, Navy and Air Force. \
Ship Carrying 4,400,000 Pounds
of U. S. Gift Food For
Israel to Sail From
New Orleans
The SS Atlantic Ocean, char
tered by the American-Israeli
Shipping Company of New
York, will sail from here short
ly carrying 4,400,000 pounds of
surplus U.S. Tbutter’ and cheese
to Israel, it was announced this
week. The vessel is expected
to unload its cargo in Haifa in
time for the forthcoming High
Holy Days.
The butter and cheese,
valued at $2,310,000, were turn
ed over to Hadassah for dis
tribution to the needy in Israel
by the Commodity Credit Cor
poration of the U. S. Depart
ment of Agriculture.
(Copyright, 1950, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.)
Not long ago the Pittsburgh Telephone Company was asked why
Jewish girls were not employed as operators. The company was
horrified at the suggestion of anti-Semitism. It quickly emphasized
that the company tolerated no discrimination whatsoever. The
reason Jewish girls couldn't be hired was simply "because their arms
are too short to operate our switchboards."
This explanation would have
surprised P.F.C. Fred Friedman,
of Brooklyn, who was killed in
action in Korea. His arms were
somehow long enough to operate
a U. S. Army field phone. And
Emile Perliner, a Jew who in
vented the telephone transmitter,
had arms adequately long to per
fect the gadget.
The phone company would be
quite correct, however, in the case
of Sandford Rosen, of New* York.
Pentagon records tell why Rosen
was awarded the Distinguished
Service Cross. He disembarked
from his landing craft on the
Normandy beachhead, amid bursts
of artillery fire. With another
man, he started for the shore
carrying a large drum of tele
phone wires. ". . . His comrade
American Jews Owe Political
Loyalty to U. S. Only,
Ben Gurion Says
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency Correspondent)
JERUSALEM (JTA)—American Jews, as a community and as
individuals, have only one political attachment and that is to the
United States, Premier David Ben Gurion of Israel declared here
Arabic Translation of
President Weizmann's
Autobiography Confiscated
in Lebanon
TEL AVIV, (JTA) President
Chaim Weizmann’s autobiogra
phy, “Trail and Error,” which ap
peared in an Arabic translation,
has been confiscated in Lebanon,
the Herut Party’s newspaper re
ported this week.
was hit and instantly killed." said
the War Department. "With
complete disregard' for his own
safety." Rosen "rescued the
heavy drum of wire from the
surf and struggled with it under
heavy enemy fire, through
shoulder-deep water, to the
Peach. Seconds later another
burst of artillery fire shot away
his left arm at the elbow. Unable
to lift the drum with his one good
arm, he valiantly dragged it the
ramaining distance, bleeding pro
fusely but never hesitating de
spite the terrible wound and the
intense enemy fire." The wire
was urgently needed to establish
vital phone connections!
The phone company could cite
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this week.
The Premier made this declara
tion at a luncheon in honor of
Jacob Blaustein, president of the
American Jewish Committee. Mr.
Blaustein was invited to visit Is
rael by the Premier so that he
could clarify certain aspects of
the relations between Israel and
American Jews for the benefit of
both groups. Among the disting
uished guests at the affair were
Cabinet Ministers, Berl Locker,
chairman of the Jewish Agency
executive in Jerusalem, and U. N.
Chief of Staff Gen. William E.
After praising the material and
political support of American
Jewry and their "warm hearted
and practical idealism" which, he
said has been one of the principal
sources of Israel's strength and
success, the Premier said that
certain misunderstandings about
the relations between American
Jewry and Israel are "likely to
alienate sympathies and create
disharmony where friendship and
close cooperation are of vital
He pointed out that from the
earliest days of its existence “the
government clearly stated with
out any reservation that the state
of Israel represents and speaks
only in behalf of its own citizens,
and in no way presumes to repre
sent in the name of Jews who are
citizens of any other country. We
people of Israel,” he continued,
“have no desire or intention to
interfere in any way in the in
ternal affairs of Jewish commun
ities abroad.
“The government fully respects
the right of integrity of Jewish
communities in other countries to
develop their own mode of life
and their indigenous social, eco
nomic and "cultural institutions
in accordance with their own
needs and aspirations,” the Pre
mier said. He expressed the hope
that American Jewry will con
tinue to extend its support and
assistance to its brethren abroad,
and added that any weakening of
American Jewry, any dimunition
of its status would be a definite
loss for the Jews everywhere and
for Israel, in particular.
Says Israel Depends on
Strength of U. S. Jewry
“We are happy to know of the
deep and growing interest which
American Jews of all shades and
convictions take in what has
fallen to us to achieve in this
country,” Premier Ben Gurion
continued. “Were we, God for
bid, to fail in what we have
undertaken, the failure would
cause grievous pain to Jews
everywhere and nowhere more
than in your community., Our
success or failure depend in a
large measure on our cooperation
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