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Friday, October ’ 20, 1050
U. S. Firms Which Aided j
Hitler Named in New Book
An account of how well-known American corporations helped
pay Himmler's S.S. troops, facilitating the extermination of Euro
pean Jewry, has been published in a book by James Stewart Martin,
former chief of the Decartelization Branch of American Military
Government in Germany.
The book, “Honorable Men,”
tells how men on both sides of
the Atlantic thwarted plans to
dismantel the Nazi cartel system.
It tells how American big busi
ness aided Hitler in the construc
tion of his war machine and later
sabotaged the decartelization and
denazification programs. It tells
how giant industrial and financial
combines subsidized the storm
troopers, profited from gold teeth
knocked from Jewish skulls, and
enjoyed the toil of slave labor.
It tells who prevented Martin
from carrying out the mission
ordered by President Roosevelt.
A typical firm involved with
the Nazis, according to the Mar
tin book, was the International
Telephone and Telegraph Corp.
This corporation owned the third
greatest electrical combine in
Germany, including principally
Standard Elektrizitatas-Gesells
chaft. Mix & Genest, A. G., and C.
Lorenz, A.G. The chairman of the
board in all three of I.T. & T.’s
German firms was Gerhardt A.
Westrick, the Nazi agent who left
the U.S. in 1940. “The companies
tcontributed regularly to the
Himmler Fund.” said Martin,
“through the confidential account
“S” maintained by Baron von
Schroder at Cologne.” This ac
count covered the expenses of
S.S. extermination squads. Baron
von Schroder, a banker, was also
a lieutenant general in the S. S.
Black Guards and a leader of the
Nazi Party.
The Schroder Banking Corp. in
New York, which aided German
financial schemes, retained John
Foster Dulles legal firm, Sullivan
& Cromwell. Dulles’ brother, Al
len, a partner in the law firm and
until 1944 a director of the Schro
der Ban, showed up in Switzer
land as head of the European
Mission of the Office of Strate
gic Services. At the same time, V.
Lada-Mocarski, vice-president of
the Schroder Bank, was a U. S.
consul in Switzerland.
In 1938 one of I.T. & T’s German
subsidiaries, Lorenz, with ap
proval of the American parent
company, acquired a 25 percent
interest in the Foche-Wulf Mili
tary Aircraft Co. That year and
in 1939 the company “laid out
large sums in plant expansion to
take on advance orders for arma
.ments from the Nazi govern
ment.” Col. Sosthenes Behn, then
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head of the New York corpora
tion, was linked with Baron von
Schroder, the S.S. general. Behn
gave I.T. & T.’s power of attorney
to the Nazi Agent Westrick, who
was sent to New York by Von
Ribbentrop. This and subsequent
additional power of attorney en
abled Westrick to take over
I.T. & T. proporties in countries as
the Nazis occupied them, Martin
After Hitler’s defeat, “one of
the earliest men to come in on an
inspection trip was Mr. Gordon
Kern, vice-president of I.T. & T.”
Martin said the decartelization
branch soon had to ask that
Kern’s permit to remain in Ger
many be cancelled when it found
that his “inspection” broadened
into an attempt to get a German
into Switzerland for I.T. & T. pur
poses. Higher authority, however,
somehow favored Kern and over
ruled the people trying to decar
telize and denazify Germany.
Since World War 11, I. T. & T.
has urged support for Spanish
Dictator Francisco Franco. After
the outbreak of the Korean war,
President Truman appointed Wil
liam Henry Harrison to head the
National Production Authority.
Harrison is also president of
I. T. & T.
Martin has written Secretary of
State Acheson, protesting the
pardon last month for “good be
havior” of eight leading backers
of the Nazi regime-war crimin
als who were linked with Ameri
can big business through inter
national cartels. All eight had
been convicted of war crimes
connected with the extermination
of European Jewry.
“A fair appraisal of the rec
ord,” wrote Martin, “will show
that these defendants got off with
ridiculously short sentences in
the first place. Nevertheless, the
High Commissioner, Mr. John J.
McCloy, is reported to have is
sued new regulations cutting by
one-third the original sentences
imposed on Freidrich Flick, the
Nazi-made steelman; Heinrich
Lehman, Krupp’s slave labor
boss; and four others scarcely
less distinguished for their sacri
fices to the Nazi cause.
“These men are to be rewarded
for their ‘good behavior’ ... for
participation in and profiting
from the murder of more than
six million human beings.”
Martin warns, “There are
forces in this country (America)
which can make Germany a men
ace. And, more importantly, they
could create a menace of their
own right at home ...”
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FORT LAUDERDALE'S observance in the annual nationwide of
Life" programs will be headed by Dr. Marius Ranson. seated left, R * bbl ° £ a !™ P offi c« s of the
Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. Florida. Shown in the phofc with Rabbi Ranwn are of beer s^th^
Fort Lauderdale Ministerial Association who made the a» B @mtmqnt. Seated* g secretary.
Hawk, vice-president and standing left, the Rev. T. C sf penter, present, and E. R. Kidder, secretary.
In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, known far and
wide as one of the critical areas of Christian Jew
ish tensions, marked by the decade-old policy of
the local Real Estate Board, and their fellow-trav
ellers, to prevent Jews from buying so-called
“choice” property on the “Beach,” a minor miracle
is being witnessed,—Dr. Marius Ranson, Rabbi of
Temple Emanu-El of this city and Hollywood, has*
been appointed chairman of the Fort Lauderdale
observance of “Religion in American Life.”
Made by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Minis
terial Association, this appointment is tantamount
to a declaration to the Christians of this city, who
constitute over 99 percent of the population: “We
Christian clergymen regard the local Rabbi as
worthy of heading up the movement to awaken us
Doctor On Trial in Haifa
On Charges of Murder
In Nazi Death Camp
HAIFA, (JTA) Memories
of the nightmare of the Ausch
witz concentration camp were re
called here this week in a Haifa
District Court where Dr. Wladis
law Bering, a physician, is stand
ing trial on war crimes charges.
Bering is accused of individual
and mass murders of Jewish in
mates of the camp.
A 38-year-old survivor of the
camp testified that in December,
1942, he and 14 other camp in
mates were transferred to the
camp hospital. There, he charged,
Bering administered spinal anes-
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thetics to them. When the needle
broke in one man’s back, the
witness swore, Bering had him
killed immediately with a lethal
The remainder 14 inmates, the
witness testified, were subjected
to partial mutilation. They were
later transferred to the sick bay
and forced to undergo a number
of experiments from which sev
eral died. Five of the survivors
were sent to the death chamber
for execution.
L. Van De Bogart
Phone 2-8681 4216 Herschel Street
Jacksonville 5, Fla.
Norwood Phone 6-2461
Christians to the importance of our religion, and
furthermore, we regard your “restrictive cove
nants,” whereby you discriminate against mm
iniquitous, and therefore we have appointed this
Rabbi as chairman of the committee to bring you
to our churches for the month of November as a,
startling challenge to your consciences.” *
Incidentally, membership in the Christian
ministerial association is most exceptional in the
south, and it Is possible that Rabbi Ranson is the
only Rabbi in Florida who is a member of a Chris
tian ministerial body,
Additional information on Rabbi Ranson’s
splendid activities will be published in next week’s
issue of The Southern Jewish Weekly.
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