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VOL. 28 NO. 17
By Alfred Segal
The loving idea probably will
be coming to your town, and
maybe you should be told about
It now. It will appear under some
name as the Affiliation Commit
tee. In short it will be proposed
that your city adopt some city in
Germany as sister, to the end that
by loving care she may be
brought around to being a nice,
clean girl who will abhor having
any more blood on her hands.
This project, as I understand it,
is to be extended far and wide
until every city in the U. S. has
taken some German city to its
bosom. All America to hold Ger
many in loving embrace!
By adoption American citizens
will establish a sisterly inter
course with the German citizens.
American citizens will be exoeet
•d to become pen-fellows of Ger
mans and there will be an ex
change of cultural products be
tween the American and German
sister cities.
/ The Affiliation that is pushing
this in our town is well-meaning,
high-minded enough. In a dewy
eyed way its members are reach
ing toward brotherhood to em
brace the deepest-dyed sinner,
even before he has come to genu
ine repentance which is funda
mental to forgiveness.
Now everybody who knows me
knows how far along the road
to brotherhood I myself have
gone. Only the other day I had
a letter informing me that I am
getting to be far too brotherly:
tiie way. as in this column, I am
frequently discovered shaking
hands with Jesus as one of us.
But there’s a limit. For exam
ple, with all my brotherly feeling,
I could never have taken the late
Gyp the Blood into the bosom of
my family, or Bluebeard who
murdered all his wives, or the
person who in the Kefauver com
mittee’s investigation has been
mentioned as the No. 1 trigger
man of Murder, Inc.
Even the most fraternal man of
good will must draw the line
somewhere against people to be
admitted into his house, especial
ly in the case of German cities
that apply to be our sisters. I just
can't bring myself to open the
door to Nazis who kept on ap
proving everything that was
going on in Germany under Hitler
until defeat and retribution gave
them the feeling of being sorry.
Yes, it’s quite too early to es
tablish a love affair with Ger
many. This is not to say that
every German was in the Hitler
image and knew of lamp shades
being made out of the skins of
Nazi victims. But the guilt must
be shared by all the German peo
ple who shouted “Heil HRler” and
thus gave vocal approval of
everything that was being done
In his name.
I am not sneaking Jewishly.
The matter of U.S. cities adopting
German cities as sisters is a moral
issue for the consciences of all
Ja our town not only Jews but
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"What the Jews Believe"
H '■ ’ ‘ ’ • r ‘ll fM&m
§ g mm m '‘-gk .> •
t ßgjlp
. mi
Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein, right, is shown presenting a copy of
his popular book on the beliefs and practices of Judaism, "What The
Jews Believe," to Israeli Ambassador Abba Eban for transmission to
Israel's President, Dr. Chaim Weizmann. Rabbi Bernstein's book is
published by Farrar, Straus and Young in co-operation with the
Union of American Hebrew Congregations. It is an expansion of the
highly popular article which appeared last fall in LIFE magazine
under the same title. In presenting the copy for Dr. Weizmann, Rabbi
Bernstein wrote the following inscription: "To the greatest living
exemplar of what the Jews believe."
srael’s Premier David Ben Gurion
this week visited President Tru
man and congratulated him on his
birthday. He also presented him
with a Menorah made in 1767. The
President remarked that 1767
marked the birth of Andrew
“We saw eye to eye on all im
portant issues,” the Israeli Pre
mier told reporters later. He said
he discussed with the President
problems concerning peace and
economic development in Israel
and the Middle East. Asked if
American financial aid to Israel
The Return off Nazism
Signs are multiplying that Nazism is staging a
comeback. In the elections just held in Lower
Saxony the Socialist Reich Party (S.R.P.) polled
almost 400,000 votes (12 percent) and was fourth in
the 10 party field. It openly promised to “restore
the many good features of Nazism.” Its success is
partly due to 6,000 uniformed “Reichsfront” guards
who employ the terroristic tactics of the Hitler
days. General Otto Ernst Remer of Nazi fame
launched an expansion drive to other German
states on behalf of S.R.P. In Austria Dr. Burghard
Breitner, heading a coalition of pro-Nazis and pan-
Germans, won 15% of the votes in the presidential
elections. Dr. Breitner, partly of Jewish descent,
was made an honorary “aryan” by Hitler and join
ed the Nazi party. x
Equally ominous is the news which reaches us
from various parts of our hemisphere. Arnulfo
Arias, president of Panama dissolved the parlia
ment, scrapped the constitution and assumed dic
tatorial powers. Arias was ousted during the last
war from the presidency because of his Nazi lean
ings. Arias has reintroduced the constitution he
enacted in 1941 which termed Palestinians amongst
was discussed, Mr. Ben Gurion
replied that the discussions cover
ed general topics.
The Israeli Premier said he told
President Truman that he was
very much impressed by his visit
to the Tennessee Valley Authority
development project and pointed
out that Israel is attempting such
projects on a smaller scale. “We
believe the main effort of human
beings should be directed at de
velopment and construction
rather than production of the
goods of war,” Mr. Ben Gurion
told the reporters.
others as an “undesirable” race. They were pro
hibited to immigrate. Two days before his expul
sion Arias wrote a letter that all Jews should be
thus termed and treated because all Jews origi
nated from Palestine. Victor Paz Estensoro, known
for his Nazi intrigues during the last war, has
polled the largest single vote in Bolivia’s presiden
tial elections. Estensoro has been living the last
five years in Argentina and is a protege of Peron.
He and his party (National Revolutionary Move
ment) are vehemently anti-Semitic.
There can be no longer any doubt that Fascism
has attained a strong foothold in our hemisphere.
This issue must be faced. Fascism derives its main
strength from Argentina. Democratic elements in
Latin-America feel discouraged by Washington’s
continued wooing of Peron. Though Peron pro
fesses to be neutral between capitalism and com
munism and will not commit Argentine’s military
forces outside his country, he is receiving substan
tial credits and warships. Arias was a menace to
the U. S. during the last war. Estensorp is joining
forces with the communists in a campaign against
the U. S., urging the expolsion of the “Yankee”
military etc.
NEW YORK, (JTA) lsrael's $500,000,000 Independence Bond
sales campaign was launched throughout the United States this
week, sparked by a monster "Rally of the 48 States" at Madison
Square Garden at which initial bond purchase commitments of $35,-
000,000 were announced. An additional $1,000,000 was pledged at the
rally by Jacob Sincoff of New York in behalf of himself and his
friends and a further $500,000 was pledged by the Levett Foundation.
Jewish Broadcast’
Slated for Sunday
On Sunday, May 20th, the Eter
nal Light, (12:30-1:00 P. M. EST,
NBC Network), will feature, “The
Clock Struck 36,000,” written by
Harry Gersh, according to an an
nouncement by the Jewish Theo
logical Seminary of America,
under whose auspices the pro
gram is conducted.
“The Clock Struck 36,000,” is
the story of a Swedish clock
maker with an interesting hobby
—that of saving lives. In twenty
years of almost anonymous effort,
he personally saved 36,000 per
secuted victims of the Nazi re
gime. This is the account of a
man, Julius Huettner and his
Gains in the South
Two southern state s—first
Georgia, then South Carolina—
have taken legislative action this
year to outlaw the wearing of
masks and the burning of crosses
in public. Both actions were blows
at the Ku Klux Klan.
They were symptomatic of the
progress being made in the new
South toward a more enlightened
viewpoint in the conduct of hu
man relations. They testify to the
fact that there are southerners—
many of them—who are striving
to wipe out the undemocratic
traditions that have flourished for
so long in this part of the country.
The gains are all the more dra
matic because of those traditions.
They are advances that should
hearten all fighters in the cam
paign to achieve democracy in its
fullest sense.
The rally, which also served to
mark the third anniversary of Is
rael’s independence and welcome
Israel’s Prime Minister David Ben
Gurion, saw the huge flag-be
decked auditorium filled to capa
city by 20,000 men and women.
Additional thousands, unable to
secure admission, heard the pro
ceedings through loud-speakers
set up outside the building. The
49th Street block was closed to
traffic and given over to the over
flowing meeting.
Premier Ben Gurion. who was
given an ovation when he was
introduced by Henry J. Morthen
thau, Jr., as United States and Is
rael Navy color guards stood at
attention on the rostrum, made a
strong plea for support of the Is
rael bond drive. In a broadcast
address, frequently interrupted
by prolonged cheers, he paid tri
bute to the United States and to
American Jewry for its support of
The audience roared approval
when the white-thatched Israel
leader exclaimed: “The State of
Israel exists and will exist for
ever!” He warned that “our or
deal is not yet over. We are still
threatened by our neighbors who
still refuse to make peace.”
This theme was developed by
Abba S. Eban, Israel's youthful
Ambassador to the United States
and permanent delegate to the
United Nations, who told the vast
assembly that "the battle is not
yet over. The victory is not fully
won." He warned that Israel's
neighbors delayed in making
peace in the expectation that
economic collapse in Israel would
remove that necessity.
“Stablize Israel’s economy,” he
declared, “and the last barrier to
peace will crumble.”
In a warm tribute to Ben Gur
ion he said that the experts had <
scoffed first when Ben Gurion
called for establishment of a Jew
ish State, then when the premier
said that the invading Arab arm
ies would be routed and again
when he said that Israel could
raise a billion dollars.
“The Jewish State was estab
lished,” Eban declared, “the Arab
armies were defeated, and the bil
lion dollars will be raised!”
A magnificently bound volume
containing the names of all origi
nal subscribers to the Israel Bond
Drive Issue will be presented to
Mr. Ben Gurion by Rudolf G.
Sonneborn. president of the
American Financial and Develop
ment Corporation for Israel, *
which is handling the bond sales
| campaign.
$3.00 A YEAR

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