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VOL. 28 NO. 27
(Copyright, 1951, Jewish Telegraphic
Agency, Inc.)
State Department policy mak
ers have decided against taking
effective action on Israel's request
for $1,500,000,000 as a minimum
reparations claim against Ger
many. They are too busy with the
expedient remilitarization of Ger
Israel’s claim was on behalf of
the Jewish victims of the Nazis.
At this writing the State Depart
ment has not even bothered to go
through the motions of asking
Germany to pay up despite the
fact that the Israel note was sub
mitted last March.
The Israel Government urgent
ly requested "tfoat the occupying
powers should not hand over full
powers to any German Govern
ment without express reserva
tions being made for payment of
reparations to Israel." The Ger
mans are getting more power
daily. The American reply to Is
rael seems to have been given in
President Truman's message to
Congress which paved the way
for German independence.
The Defense Department is
very anxious for smooth coopera
tion with Germany and the mo
bilization of German troops as
soon as this can be achieved.
Representatives of our govern
ment have been talking with Nazi
General Heinz Guderian who was
Acting Chief of Staff of Hitler’s
army. Gen. Guderian has said that
reports of gas chambers were
"atrocity stories against the Ger
mans, set afloat with Jewish
thoroughness.” While we are busy
making arrangements with such
generals it is naturally difficult
for us to discuss the legal and
moral background of the Jewish
reparations claim.
Washington has to make a
choice between German reaction
aries and the rest of Europe. The
rest of Europe is being driven
closer to Communism because of
our support of the nation which
so recently oppressed a great
number of people. President Tru
man has received pitiful letters
from all over Europe. These let
ters plead against our policy of
rebuilding German militarism. If
Germany is to be used to stop
Communism, they say, then we
might find that the cure will be
come more deadly than the sick
The Belgian Resistence Move
ment wrote the President that
“The U. S., to which went our
confidence, our admiration and
our gratitude in those hours of
distress, should know that nobody
can sue for ,the friendship of Ger
many and its accomplices without
Incing ours; they will understand
this when they remember the
documentation which they possess
about the German atrocities in
Europe and of which the marks
have been burnt in our flesh and
minds, never to be effaced.”
High Commissioner McCloy is
so busy trying to bring about the
■-v-(Continued on Page 8)
INSURANCE FOR YOUTH. Judy Holliday, 1950 Motion Picture Award
Winner, tells young Paul Terry Siegel ® f t Pro^,^en^%Rhod^ l i f “n iw
importance of the $500,000,000 State of Israel Bond hsue- Mis ß Holhday was
photographed while making an appearance in summer stock. Between Mi
Holliday and Paul stands a poster reproducUon of a State of Israel Bon .
NEW YORK (AJP) A denial of wide-spread Jewish deporta
tion in Hungary reportedly made by the enslaved state's Jewish
organizations was challenged here this week by a leading religious
spokesman who defied the Communist country to allow three Jewish
representatives to tour the Iron Curtain country and "see first-hand
what the situation is today." j
The reported denial of evictions
came from the M.T.1., official
Hungarian news agency, which
quoted a joint statement by the
Council of Rabbis and the Nation
al Committee of Hungarian Jews.
According to the Red news
service the Jewish organizations
branded reports of 5,000 Jewish
deportations as "mean slanders"
spread by the "Western press and
radio" against Hungary.
“There is not one person of the
Jewish religion who was removed
because he was a member of our
denomination,” the Jewish lead
ers were quoted as having de
clared in a joint statement.
The Red news service's state
ment was challenged here late
this week by Dr. Isaac Lewin,
chairman of the World Executive
American section Agudas Israel,
a world wide group representing
religious Jewry. Dr. Lewin, also a
Rabbi Lowell Ousted
By Congregation
Benjamin Lowell, storm center of
alleged pro-Communist charges
for the past two years, was ousted
as spiritual leader of a small sub
urban temple here this week fol
lowing a stormy four-hour meet
ing at which police were alerted
to maintain order.
Lowell’s ouster as spiritual
leader of an Elmhurst, L. 1., con
gregation, Temple Emanu-El, fol
lowed by six months his resigna
tion as administrative secretary of
the Hillel Foundation, the campus
religious-education branch of the
B’ nai Brith.
professor of Jewish history at
Yeshiva University, appeared be
fore a United Nation's body two
weeks ago to assail wide spread
deportation of Jews in Hungary
and Rumania.
The spokesman told the Ameri
can Jewish Press this week that
since his appearance at UN addi
tional reports of deportation of
Hungary’s Jews have been re
ceived here.
Commenting on the statement
of the Council of Rabbis and the
National Committee of Hungarian
Jews, Dr. Lewin said he believed
that "the statements may well
have been made under pressure."
“We would be more than happy
to learn that such deportations do
not exist, but information re
ceived here indicates that many
Jews have been deported from
Hungary and deprived of all
means of Jewish religion.” He
said that “in places where they
have been held there has been no
possibility to maintain dietary
laws nor observe Judaism.”
Dr. Lewin, through the Ameri
can Jewish Press, challenged the
Hungarian government to allow
a committee of three persons to
enter Hungary for a first-hand
view of conditions.
“Such a committee,” he said,
“could include a representative of
England, America, and Israel. We
would very much welcome an op
portunity and if as the Commu
nists maintain the reports of the
regime’s action in banishing Jews
is incorrect the true story can be
"I hereby call upon the Hungar
ian govarnment to grant us visas
and allow our entry into Hun
U. S. A Seeks sof!ening of British
Resolution on Suez Canal Blockade
UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (JTA) State Department reluctance
to go along with Britain and France on a strongly-worded resolution
calling on Egypt to cease immediately its blockade of Israel-bound
shipping through the Suez Canal was held responsible this week for
delay in action by the United Nations Security Council on the com
plaint against Egypt made by the Israel Government.
The British, concerned over oil
supplies as a result of the Iranian
situation and angered by Egyp
tian blockade action against the
British freighter Empire Roach
in the Gulf of Akaba, this week
circulated to all members of the
Security Council, a draft resolu
tion, approved by France, flatly
calling on Egypt for immediate
cessation of the Suez blockade.
The British were anxious to
have prior American approval of
the draft so that it could be sub-
Ex-Nazi Chief's
Rumored U. S. Tour
Stirs Concern
NEW YORK (AJP) A colum
nist’s report that the ex-Nazi fi
nancial genius Dr. Hjalmar Scha
cht planned an American tour
next fall sent a number of Jew
ish organizations scurrying for
further data this week.
Disclosure that such a lecture
tour was under consideration was
made by Broadway columnist
Danton Walker this week. Walker
later told the American Jewish
Press that no further information
was available at this time and
that the reported tour came to his
office as a ‘tip.’
Spokesmen for Jewish organi
zations indicated that any such
tour of America by the former
Nazi finance minister last report
ed vacationing in Italy would be
met with sharp protests.
Schacht recently refused to
confirm or deny a report that he
had accepted a top position in the
Indonesian finincial administra
House Foreign Affairs
Committee Hears
Jewish Leaders On
Aid To Israel
ish leaders this week testified be
fore the House Foreign Affairs
Committee presenting their views
on the Mutual Security Program
for the Near East. They placed on
the record their conviction that
the program does not provide
adequately for the area as a whole
and for Israel in particular.
Louis Lipsky, chairman of the
American Zionist Council, recal
led that the Government of Is
rael formally requested, in March
of this year, a grant-in-aid of
$150,000,000 to enable it to over
come the extraordinary economic
problems resulting from its im
migration program, and that sub
sequently bills were introduced
into the House and Senate author
izing a grant in that amount.
mitted jointly by the three west
ern powers. The United States,
however, considered the draft
"too strong" and wanted it water
ed down in an apparent attempt
to ovoid offensive to the Arab
bloc. Informed sources here fore
cast that the Americans would
succeed in softening up the draft
resolution before its submission
to the Council.
In Washington, this week, Is
rael Ambassador Abba S. Eban
had a conference with Assistant
Secretary of State George Mc-
Ghee in charge of Middle East af
fairs and discussed the Suez Canal
""Egypt’plans to center its argu
ment in the Security Council on
its right to conduct a blockade at
the Suez Canal on three docu
ments, it was reliably learned
here. According to an Egyptian
source, the documents are diplo
matic notes addressed by the
British Foreign Office to the
Egyptian Foreign Office in 1936.
1942 and 1948, each upholding in
the British view, Egypt's right to
institute a shipping ban at the
In 1936, there was an exchange
of clarifications of the Suez con
vention of 1888, according to this
source, and in this exchange Brit
ain confirmed the Egyptian right
to control shipping through the
Canal. In 1942, the Egyptians
were planning to ban Axis ship
ping through the Canal and Brit
ain noted this with satisfaction.
In 1948, when Egypt started its
blockade against Israel, a British
note, this source asserted, inform
ed Cairo that the action would not
be disputed by Britain.
Hungarian Jews Arrive in Israel;
Report Expulsion of 10,000
Jews From Budapest
TEL AVIV, (JTA) A party
of 207 Jews arrived at Haifa this
week from Hungary. The travel
lers reported that some 25,000
Hungarian Jews have applied for
permission to leave Hungary for
Israel. They also estimated that
some 600 middle class Jews are
being expelled from various Hun
garian towns weekly and that
10,000 have already been shipped
out of Budapest.
The air lift operation taking
Iraqi Jews from Baghdad has
been speeded up with the addi
tion of two more planes. Recent
arrivals, giving details of the
latest anti-Jewish excesses in
Iraq, report that airfield officials
at Baghdad looted the personal
belongings of the immigrants
stacked up at the airport awaiting
shipment to Israel.
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