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VOL. 28 NO. 31
3,000 Delegates To
Attend Hadasseh
Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist
Organization of America, will
hold its 37th Annual Convention
at Atlantic City, N. J. from Sep
tember 16 to 19, it was announced
by Mrs. Siegfried Kramarsky of
New York City, convention chair
man. Mrs. Moses P. Epstein, also
of New York City, is convention
More than 3,000 delegates rep
resenting almost 300,000 women
in 48 states and. Puerto Rico will
attend the sessions, Mrs. Kramar
sky and Mrs. Epstein said.
Meeting almost immediately
after the. World Zionist Congress
in Jerusalem, the Hadassah dele
gates will hear an up-to-the-min
ute report on the Congress delib
erations by Mrs. Samuel W. Hal
prin, national president, and other
representatives who are flying
directly to the convention from
the Congress parley.
Up for ratification at the con
vention will be a budget of
$8,035,000, the same as last year,
which' was the largest in Hadas
sah’s history.
Prof. Maclver Hits Back:,
Maclver Labels
Attacks On Study
'Unethical 1
Prof. Robert M. Maclver, author
of the controversial Maclver Re
port on the effectiveness Os Jew
ish civic agency undertakings, be
lieves that the attacks being made
on the report by the agencies is
The Columbia University so
ciologist made the charge in an
interview with Joseph Brainin,
English-Jewish columnist, which
appeared in the current issue of
Brainin asked Prof. Maclver
what he thought about the agency
leaders “who attacked your Re
port in the press before it was
made available to the public.”
“I consider this unethical, es
pecially the statement by Judge
Meier Steinbrink, national chair
man of the Anti-Defamation
League that the report is unob
jective,” Prof. Maclver said.
He also told Brainin that the
agencies were “selfishly seeking
their own separate advancement,
frequently at the expense of the
cause they are presumably serv
ing,” and that the agencies “ex
aggerate their achievements for
propagandists 'reasons, in order
to obtain larger funds from local
Jewish communities. The ADL is
especially liable to this charge.”
T ■ - —*
QUESTION: What is the deri
vation of the term “Pastor?”
ANSWER: The term “pastor”
is traced to the Latin “pascere”
which means “to pasture” or “to
feed.” The past participle of this
form is the Latin term “pastor.”
Thus a “pastor” is technically one
who is “the shepherd” who cares
for the flock.
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Chaplains Miltoit Rosen and Oscar M. Lifshuts are shown offi
ciating at a special memorial service for American Jewish Gls killed
in the Korean war. Held at the United Nations Cemetery in Pusan
in the presence of a congregation of Jewish officers and Gls, the
service was in keeping with the traditional program of religious
activities conducted by all Jewish chaplains recruited, endorsed and
served by the Division of Religious Activities of the National Jewish
Welfare Board. Following the memorial service, the chaplains and
GI congregation visited each grave marked by a Star of David and
paused for appropriate prayers and the Kaddish.
' Southern District Workmen's
Circle To Convene in Memphis
The twenty-third annual conference of the Southern District of
the Workmen's Circle will be held in Memphis, Tennessee, over the
Labor Day week-end (September 1-4). Twenty-two branches, num
bering 1,200 members from six Southern states, will be represented
by approximately 45 delegates. From 150 to 200 guests are expected.
The agenda for the conclave
will highlight a discussion of
Youth problems. The Southern
District now has three Youth or
ganizations in Houston, Texas;
Miami, Fla.; and in Chattanooga,
Tennessee. A camp site has been
purchased on Lake Chickanauga
near Chattanooga, and a session
will be devoted to discussion on
plans for the opening of the camp.
The project will be a non-profit
venture, and will cater to family
Also to be discussed is the pro
posal for a home for the aged to
be established in Miami for mem
bers of the organization.
Included in the program which
will feature sessions and discus
sions on general membership
problems, is the intensified effort
to be made for the establishment
of more Y. L. Peretz Schools.
These are Yiddish schools which
at present have been established
in Atlanta, Miami, and Miami
Beach. Further recognition will be
given to the Peretz centenniel
celebration, and methods of ob
serving the occasion.
Efforts will also be made to de
termine a plan for the establish
ment of a national day of mour
ing for the 6,000,000 Jews murder
ed by Hitler.
A highspot of the Conference
will be a report of the Jewish
L'abor Committee which has done
pioneering work on the genocide
resolution ratified by the United
Nations Organization, and which
has been successful in arousing
the ranks of labor to the outrages
of the Russians in Rumania and
Other reports will include re
views of Yivo, Ort, and work on
action taken to increase the Yid
dish lecture and culture series
throughout this region. Along
with the sessions which will be
devoted to the political, economic
and social scene will be reports
on the Israel Bond Sale in which
the Circle is taking an active part.
Appearing in the rostrum of
speakers will be Jacob Pat, chair
man of the Jewish Labor Commit
tee, who will speak on “A Hun
dred Years of Y. L. Peretz, and
Contemporary Yiddish Litera
ture”; L. Lasavine, Instructor in
the Greater Miami Workmen Cir
cle School, will address the
gathering on “Ethical and Nation
al problems of Yiddish Educa
tion”; and Y. Tiberg will tell of
the World Zionist Congress from
which he will have just returned.
The annual report will be made
by J. Duntov of Miami Beach,
secretary of the District. »
Oshyer Slated To Make
Movie in Jewish State
Moishe Oysher, famous cantorial
baritone, plans to return to Israel
in November to star in a new
multi-lingual film. t
The movie will be produced in
both Israel and Italy and will
have dialog in English, Hebrew,
Yiddish and Italian.
Dramatic Debate Between Dr.
Silver and Golda Myerson
Highlights Zionist Congress
, JERUSALEM (JTA) Basic conflicts within the Zionist move*
ment were highlighted last week-end at the World Zionist Congress
in a dramatic debate between Dr. Abba Hillel Silver and Israel's
Labor Minister Mrs. Golda Myerson. Dr. Silver voiced strong critic
ism of the Israel Government and the manner in which it handles
its relations with the Zionist movement, but concluded with an ap
peal for unity. Mrs. Myerson defended the record of the Israel Gov
Declaring that the Israel Gov
ernment would have to face
mounting criticism, Dr. Silver
said: “Friends of Israel will be
more critical and I counsel you to
take it in good grace. Do not re
sent it. This criticism will be due
to the fact that they hope Israel
is to be great in moral excellence
and in every'other respect and
when they see party strife, dan
gerous schismatic education and
gross irregularities in the Con
gress elections, they feel let down.
“You, on the other hand, have
the right to speak to us for our
failure in halutziot because we
have failed,” Dr. Silver continued.
“You may criticize our impati
ence. Both sides, you and we,
should welcome frankness. Let us
work as one people and we shall
be invincible in the face of diffi
culties. Jewry is waiting to give
you the support to which you are
entitled. We will also give you, as
a united movement, manpower
and youth.”
He praised the Israel Govern
ment “of which we are proud”
and to which he said all Jews had
contributed, and added that much
Jewish Protege Conducts
Koussevitsky Memorial
LENOX, Mass. (AJP) Leon
ard Bernstein, Jewish protege* of
the late Serge Koussevitsky, con
ducted Beethoven’s “missa Sol
emnis” as a mass in the conduct
or’s memory at Tanglewood.
Koussevitsky, though a life
long convert to the Greek Ortho
dox Church, had spent much of
his time during the last two years
of his life aiding Israel. He con
ducted the Israel Philharmonic
Orchestra both in Israel and on
the orchestra’s first tour of the
United States early this year.
Israel Adults Won't Get
Fresh Milk For Six Months
in Israel will have to get along
without fresh milk for the next
six months, it was reported this
A normal seasonal drop in milk
production at this time of the
year has been much greater than
in the past because of an unusual
ly severe drought.
Children and the ill and expect
ant mothers will continue to get
daily milk rations but adults will
have to use imported milk pow
der which will be on the market
without restrictions during the
period of the milk shortage.
remained to be corrected and rec
tified, as was inevitable. He
warned, however, that should
Jews overseas begin to feel that
Israel flouts them completely,
“they might cease to help you
and there will be nothing you can
do about it.”
He attacked the demand for
“unconditional cooperation” o f
the Zionists movement with the
State of Israel proposed in con
nection with the special charter
sought by the movement in Israel
and commented that the term un
conditional is used towards ene
mies, not allies. He criticized the
“Socialism in our time” slogan
since, he said, no such legislation
was intended and the government
in any case, was working towards
a reasonable solution of its eco
nomic problems. From the long
range view, he said, it was obvi
ous that Israel would have a
mixed economy.
Mrs. Myerson Asks Why U. S.
Zionist Leaders Don't Settle
in Israel
In a sharp reply, Mrs. Myerson,
who accused Dr. Silver of “in
sulting” the Israel Government,
issued a blanket invitation to all
delegates to remain in the coun
try after the Congress ends and
see for themselves how Jewish
national interests are guarded by
the Government. She also refer
red to a “romance between Silver
and the Mapam,” the pro-Soviet
left Socialist party in Israel.
In a scathing counterattack,
Mrs. Myerson demanded to know
what Zionist leaders in America
had done to refute the libels that
the Israel Government was pre
venting private capital and for
eign investors from participating
in Israel’s upbuilding. She asked
whether some of these same
leaders had not helped fan “the
fires of allegation.”
The Israelis, she insisted, are
always ready to listen to advice,
although, understandably, they
are not always willing to accept
it. Claiming that in 1939 Dr.
Silver opposed illegal immigra
tion to Palestine and a straining
of relations with Britain over its
White Paper restricting Jewish
emigration to Palestine, she said:
“If he was wrong once, he may
be wrong again.” ,
Finally, she said that if Ameri
can Zionist leaders had come to
Israel and settled there after the
state was established, it would
have been “an inspiring example”
of immigration for American
Jewish youth.
Earlier, Mrs. Rose* Halprin,
(Continued on Page 8)
$3.00 A YEAR

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