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VOL. 28 NO. 32
Mr. Dewey Haynes and I have
become good friends. He is a long
bearded man with flowing locks
who shouts for Jesus every after
noon at the curb in front of one of
our department stores. He shouts
Bible verses at the passersby.
One day, some years ago, I
walked up to Mr. Haynes and in
troduced myself. He said he used
to be a merchant out in the coun
try until he felt called upon to
give up the store to speak up for
Jesus. There isn’t any money in
that, as in a store, but once in
awhile some passerby hands him
something and that’s enough for a
man to live on, he said.
What, he asked, does a man re
quire but enough to eat and a
bed. He wasn't claiming any de
grees like Rev. or Doctor. He had
kept on being plain Dewey Hay
nes. the former merchant, who
felt called upon to shout Bible
verses at passersby.
He hoped that once in awhile
he may catch an ear which might
thence-forth apply itself more to
listening to the word of God . . .
“God,” Mr Haynes said, “needs
advertising and I have made my
self his advertising agent, ,you
might say.”
Mr. Haynes looked like a
preacher after my own heart. He
was plain and understandable.
" Through my long-life-time I had
listened to the voices of rabbis
whose hifalutin talk left my mind
confused. Their words had a
beautiful rhetorical sound, almost
musical, but afterwards I was
asking myself, what did they say?
The preaching of Mr. Haynes,
a mere amateur, could be under
stood by anybody who was pas
sing by. You were passing by and
Mr. Haynes shouted a spiritual
idea into your ear out of the
Bible. He shouted the Golden
Rule from the Sermon on the
Mount or the Beautitudes which
bless the peace-makers, or Jesus’
admonition to turn the other
Mr. Haynes and I became fast
friends and I never come by his
pulpit at the curbstone without
asking how goes it. Mr. Haynes
and have you caught any ears
today? Mr. Haynes invariably re
plied that he feels he caught
somebody this day. There was
that woman who stopped for an
instant to listen; that man came
up to him and thanked him.
So, finally, as Mr. Haynes’
' friend I could feel free to intrude
on his religious ideology. One day
recently I came to his curbstone
and said to him, “Mr. Haynes,
maybe you should have some
thing for Jews, too.”
I called attention to the fact
that a lot of Jewish ladies come
to shop in the store in front of
which Mr. Haynes preaches Bible
’verses . . . "There's an opportu
nity." I said, to catch some of
Mr. Haynes replied he wasnt
trying to catch any Jews. There
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*• ——————■■
Israel Government Asks
U. N. Security Council
To Reopen Debate
On Huleh Issue
TEL AVIV (JTA) The Israel
Government has officially re
quested the United Nations Se
curity Council to reopen its de
bate of last May’s fighting in the
demilitarized zone of the Huleh
border region. In a cable sent last
week by Foreign Minister Moshe
Sharett, the Israel Government
demanded that the Council hold
Syria responsible for violating the
Israeli-Syrian armistice agree
Mr. Sharett’s cable referred
Council Warren Austin to the Of
ficial Gazette of Syria, Number
31, published in Damascus July
19, 1951. In the Gazette is an order
awarding military medals to 79
Syrian officers and enlisted men
for their part in three specific
battles within the Huleh area. Mr.
Sharett’s communication pointed
out that the Security Council had
blamed Israel for armed aggres
sion against Syrian positions fol
lowing assurances from Lt. Gen.
William E. Riley, Palestine truce
supervisor, that no evidence of
.Syrian miijj[tarx. s iatfir.veT»tion .bad
been found by U. N. observers.
grade Radio said today that the
so-called Jewish Autonomous Re
gion of Biro-Bidjan in the Soviet
Union has been abolished by
order of the Soviet Government
and has been incorporated into
the province of Habarovsk. The
broadcast adds that the position
of the Jewish minority in Russia
is now worse than it ever was
during the Czarist regime.
MUNICH (JTA) A special
Bavarian Parliamentary investi
gating committee last week-end
began hearing charges of fraud
and forgery against Dr. Philip
Auerbach, former head of the
provincial restitution office. Wil
helm Hoelper, prosecutor, told the
commission that the police have
uncovered no proof that Dr. Auer
bach intentionally settled false
restitution claims or accepted
bribes, as had been charged origi
nally. The inquiry is expected to
last several months.
rael Government is now consider
ing a proposal that the Palestine
Economic Corporation underwrite
$1,000,000 towards the refinancing
of Palestine Potash, Ltd., it was
announced this week by the
P.E.C. headquarters here. Part of
the proposal includes a $2,500,000
loan from the Export-Import
Worker For Peace
Named Chairman
: 'v'^
Isadore Lipshutz, leading New
York diamond merchant and
philanthropist, has been named
1951 chairman of Yeshiva Univer
sity’s annual Charter Day Cele-
it was announced here
by Dr. Samuel Belkin, President.
Mr. Lipshutz, who is widely
known as a worker for world
peace and democracy, is vice
president and treasurer of the
Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League
and a founder and treasurer of
thV Society for theTPrevention of
World War 111. He served several
years as co-chairman for the
Jewelry Division of the United
Jewish Appeal.
Truman Forest, a project of the
American Women’s Mizrachi Or
ganization, was formally dedi
cated last week-end in the hills of
Judea near Etshaul. United States
Ambassador Monnet B. Davis un-
JERUSALEM (JTA) The Commission on Fundamental Prob
lems of the World Zionist Congress, in which all Zionist parties are
represented, has agreed to recommend to the Congress a request for
the granting of a special status to the World Zionist Organisation by
the Israel Government and has also agreed on a formula outlining
the relationship between the Zionist movement and the Israel Gov
ernment. The Commission has not yet, however, worked out the so
called "Jerusalem program," which is to replace the Basle Program,
and outline the tasks and aims of the Zionist movement following
the establishment of the State of Israel.
Formulation of the “Jerusalem
Program” has been impeded by a
wide gap between the Israelis and
many representatives from the
United States on the definition of
the “Ingathering of the Exiles.”
Many Americans maintain that
the term has one meaning in Is
rael and might have an ominously
different meaning in the United
States. It has been suggested that
in order to resolve the impasse,
the “Jerusalem Program” be de
ferred and instead a proclamation
be issued on the obligations of
Zionists in this decisive period.
The following two paragraphs
regarding the status and relations
between Israel and the Zionist
movement have been adopted: 1.
“The Congress declares that a
practical program of the World
Zionist Organization and its agen
American and Israeli Delegates Differ
Sharply On Formulation Os
Ultimate Zionist Program
LONDON (JTA) The United States-Israel treaty of friendship,
commerce and navigation, signed at Washington last week is likely •
to have a "quietening effect" on a considerable body of business
opinion in Israel and on "certain American Zionists now attending
the World Zionist Congress" who had accused Premier David Beit
Gurion and his Labor Party of "frightening away American capital
with threats of Socialism in our times," the Times of London said.
Labor Day Program
On Sunday, September 2nd, the
Eternal Light, a public service
presentation of the National
Broadcasting Company, produced
under the auspices of the Jewish
Theological Seminary of America
will represent the final program
in its special series: “The Words
We Live By” —a presentation,
through words and music of the
central ideas in the Talmud,
(12:30-1:00 P. M. EST, NBC Net
work). These broadcasts are de
signed to illustrate the contribu
tion that Judaism can make to
the world we live in.
The principal speaker will be
Rabbi Jacob Weinstein of Chi
cago. In observance of Labor Day,
his address will discuss the Tal
mudic teachings with regard -to
that subject: “Great is work, for
it honors the workman.”
veiled the stone tablet bearing the
President’s name.
Dr. Chaim Weizmann, Presi
dent of Israel, in a message read
at the ceremony, praised the pro
ject and Moshe Shapiro, Minister
of the Interior, brought the greet
ings of the Israel Government to
the assemblage.
cies is the fulfilment of its his
toric tasks in Eretz Israel, and
calls for the fullest degree of co
operation and coordination on its
part with the State and Govern
ment of Israel in accordance with
the laws of the land.” (The term
“fullest cooperation and coordina
tion” was substituted for the pre
viously proposed “unconditional
2. “The Congress considers it
essential that the State of Israel,
through an appropriate legislative
act, grant the World Zionist Or
ganization the status as represent
ative of the Jewish people in all
matters relating to organized par
ticipation of Jews throughout the
world in the development and up
building of the land and the rapid
absorption of the newcomers.”
(The New York Times in an
editorial on the treaty pointed out
that the pact is a sort of mutual
“most-favored nation” arrange
ment, guaranteeing non-discrimi
natory treatment of shipping and
commerce and smoothing the way
for further private American in
vestment in Israeli enterprises.
“Israel’s exports to the United
States last year came to $8,500,000
(double the figure for 1949) and
amounted to almost one-quarter
of Israel’s total exports; while
American exports to Israel ex
ceeded $100,000,000, accounting
for nearly two-fifths of Israel’s
imports. The new treaty can be
expected to encourage these com
mercial and financial relation
shipsf” the editorial said.)
The role which American Jews
played in helping to bring about
the establishment of Israel was
lauded in an editorial published
in the Times of London, com
menting on the current World
Zionist Congress session in Jeru
salem. The editorial said: “In
making the new State of Israel
possible, American Jewry played
the lead among the communities
of the Diaspora: its spokesmen in
a very real sense were the ‘gov
ernment-in-exile’ of the Jewish
nation; and it looks now for spe
cial recognition in Israel.
“The debt is large. The Jews
of America had a striking success
in winning support from Wash
ington. Their tireless energy
brought to birth the United Na
tions resolution commencing the
Jewish State in Palestine. Their
political pressure secured the in
stant recognition of Israel by the
Government of the United States.
They gave financial and material
support to Israel’s struggle against
the Arabs; they mobilized world
opinion so deftly that even now
the cause of the Arabs finds few
supporters among the Western
peoples,” the editorial states.
LONDON (JTA) Eighty Iraqi
Jews will go on trial for their
lives in Bagdad on charges of
espionage in behalf of an enemy
country and attempts to under
mine the security of the country,
the British-controlled Near East
Arabic radio has reported. The
defendants are accused of being
part of a “Zionist plot” against
Iraq. The Iraqi police claimed that
in searches of synagogues and
other Jewish-owned properties, 22
arms caches were found.
7 ' . . fc-*
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