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VOL. 28 NO. 51
I was visiting in one of the
many Jewish cemeteries of our
town late one afternoon. As I
strolled among the tombstones
suddenly up out of one of the
graves popped the image of a
man and more than that: I rec
ognized him at once. He was my
old dead friend Morris ... "Mor
ris!" I cried out in startled, al
most frightened, surprise.
But before I go on to tell you
of my encounter with Morris
among the tombstones, I should
tell you something about the area
in which his bones abide, though
not in perfect peace, as I dis
covered when I spoke with him.
Morris' grave lies on a street
called Sunset Avenue which is
really more like a country road
than a metropolitan thorough
fare. It winds along through
grassy hillsides, past a Catholic
hospital, past a church of Italian
descent and finally comes to a
group of eight Jewish cemeteries.
In one of these Morris had been
sleeping until the moment he
ascended out of his grave to
speak with me.
I am somewhat acquainted
with cemeteries generally, that is
to say, cemeteries that are not
Jewish. In the western section of
our town stretches a vast ceme
tery full of Catholics who, in
their unity, are content to sleep
together in the one large place.
In the Protestant .cemetery all
Protestants of whatever denomi
nation are content to rest to
On Sunset Avenue the eight
small Jewish cemeteries receive
the Jewish dead of our town—
four on each side of Sunset Ave
nue. If you don't know the intra
mural conflicts of Jewry, you
may be asking. Why does it take
eight cemeteries to house Jews
who in death, anyway, should
come together in the peace of a
single graveyard?
This eight-fold division of Is
rael in death appears to be a
continuation of our many divided
parts of life. Yes, in death, as
in life, the separation of the
groups continues.
To the grassy slope of their
cemetery on Sunset Avenue come
Reform Jews to sleep out etern
ity. And right next door to them,
you might say—ln fact, there's
no legal dividing line between
the resting places of the Reform
ers and the Conservatives: and
you can't tell the difference be
tween the Conservative graves
and the Reform. It's all the same
earth. Only the living religious
prejudices divide these dead.
There’s a frail fence, though,
between the dead Reformers and
dead Orthodox Jews who sleep in
their own cemetery on the south
of the Reformers. From among
the Reformers you can hop over
the fence—if your expanding
middle-aged abdomen permits—
(Caatteaad *a Pegs Fear)
Israel May Be Trapped
By Red Armies When
War Breaks in # 52
The sage who foresaw the re
creation of Israel as early as 400
years ago warned the Jewish
State against over-confidence in
’52 and cautioned that she might
find herself trapped in a net of
circumstances soon after Russian
troops march through Iran and
Turkey toward the Mediterran
ean late in the new year.
Too, warned the French scholar
and prophecizer Nostradamous,
Palestine in ’52 will again be the
scene of intense conflict. Israel,
he warned, may be dangerously
Nostradamous’ modern inter
preter, Jewish book expert Henry
C. Rogers, made available the
somewhat gloomy phophecy to
the American Jewish Press.
Rogers, who said that Nostra
damous was of Jewish origin,
contended the Frenchman of the
1500 s had foretold the coming of
World War 11, the Allied victory
and other highpoints in history.
On a larger scope, Nostra
damous’ predictions for ’52 in
clude the dismal prospect of Rus
sian attack in the Middle East.
HAIFA, (JTA) The city of
Haifa last week celebrated its
first Mothers’ Day. The major
features of the day was the giv
ing- of gifts to mothers and the
taking over of household chores
—for one day—by their husbands
and children. In addition, all
mothers were released from work
in industry. Special meetings
were held in various parts of the
city to explain to children the
meaning of the celebration.
The story of the proposed meeting between
Senator McCarthy and ADL leaders was in my
desk some six weeks ago. I refused to break it
because it appeared at the time that the ADL
would extricate itself from the dilemma and also
because I felt that disclosure of the meeting
would be politically helpful to the Senator, who
had been finding it difficult to get support, in
cluding campaign contributions, from a number
of wealthy Jewish Republicans in Wisconsin.
Now that the secret has been broken it can
be revealed, despite other versions, that the meet
ing was called on the behest of the Senator, with
George Sokolsky as the intermediary. A source
close to top ADL leadership told me the Senator’s
request was a real hot potato and that since re
jection would have been an inexcusable rebluff
secrecy was the only way to take the “heat off”
the meeting.
The ADL is reluctant to divulge what took
place at the meeting at Sokolsky’s home. But I
have it on exceUent authority that the host opened
the session with the remark that the “Senator
does not want to be known as an enemy of Jews.”
Shaking his head in agreement, McCarthy] re
marked that he had never harbored anti-Jewish
UN Refugee Head
to Address U.S.N.A.
Annual Meeting
llpF • *
Dr. G. J. van Heuven Goedhart, United
Nations. High Commissioner for Refu
gees, will deliver his first American art
dress to the national and local Jewish
resettlement leaders attending the an
nual meeting of United Service for
New Americans on the week-end of
January 19-20 in the Roosevelt Hotel,
N. Y. C-, it was announced by Walter
H. Bieringer, agency president. The
UN official will speak at the Saturday
evening opening dinner. United Ser
vice, major immigration and resettle
ment agency here for Jewish survivors,
estimates that 8,500 Jewish DP’s and
refugees will enter the country during
1952. Newcomers will be aided through
funds from the United Jewish Appeal.
$10,000,000 MORE IN ISRAEL
estine Economic Corporation of
New York will add another $lO,-
000,000 in the coming year to the
$25,000,000 it has already invest
ed in Israel, Joseph Sugarman,
itff president, announced at a re
ception here last week. He said
the P. E. C. would establish a.
new company with a revolving
fund of several million dollars in
foreign currency to help Israeli
exports and imports.
feelings. There then followed a conversation
opposition to Mrs. Rosenberg’s appointment as
about anti-Semitism, during which one of the
guests dug up the anti-Semitic aspects of the
assistant Defense Secretary. In the course of this
conversation the ADL made it clear to McCarthy
that Jews “felt fearful” of his position.
I am not inclined to criticize the ADL leaders
for meeting with McCarthy, even though his po
litical philosophy is thoroughly repugnant to me.
The error they made was to give the parley the
character of secret diplomacy. If it was Mc-
Carthy’s intention to square his position with the
Jewish community, the matter was certainly one
of public concern. If it was his purpose to dis
associate himself from the anti-Semitic lunatic
fringe that has been bandying itself around his
political banner, then again the matter was one
of public concern. If it was the intention of the
ADL people to utilize the occasion to let him
know that Jews were fearful of his position, then
what purpose could secrecy serve? If it was
McCarthy’s intention to let the community know
that he was not obsessed by anti-Jewish pre
judices, he could have achieved that objective
through a public statement. Secrecy was certainly
not the best medium.
(Conti* »*d or Pag* Six)
MIAMI The series of bombings that have rocked Florida soft
terrorized minority groups are not part of a single conspiracy, bat
the work of different elements, each with a different purpose, each
perhaps seeking cover by the confusing tactics of the others.
That is the interpretation of
the Anti-Defamation League of
B’nai B’rith which has maintain
ed an on-going investigation of
the violence that began last
The recent murder of a promi
nent Negro leader at Mims, Fla.,
200 miles north of here, is the
most recent—and most brutal—of
the series of outrages that began
with a schoolboy prank last May.
At that time five teen-agers toss
ed smoking phosphorus on the
steps of the Miami police head
quarters in the midst of a Ku
Klux Klan parade.
Since then the incidents have
become increasingly bolder, with
fuse-sputtering explosives
Jewish Broadcast
Slated for Sunday
On January 13th, the Eternal
Light (12:30-1:00 P. M., EST,
NBC Network) will present “A
Matter of Life- and Death,” writ
ten by Joseph Mindel, according
to an announcement by the Jew
ish Theological Seminary of
America, under whose auspices
the program is conducted. The
Eternal Light, a coast-to-coast
radio program, is presented as a
public service of the National
Broadcasting Company.
“A Matter of Life and Death”
is the story of a doctor who tried
to play God. It is a dramatic and
stirring account of a man pitting
his strength against forces be
yond his control, and how at the
very point of triumph, he un
expectedly fails.
thrown at or planted in syna
gogues, Jewish centers, a Negro
housing development, public
buildings—and finally the mur
derous blast at the Mims home off
Harry T. Moore, an official of the
NAACP. The explosion killed
Mr. Moore. His wife was critical
ly injured and later died.
Benjamin R. Epstein of New
York, ADL national director,
who with Arnold Forster, the
League's chief counsel, flew to
Miami to direct ADL's special
inquiry, declared that, contrary
to the general public's conclu
sions, the violence "is not all the
result of a carefully prepared
plan on the part of a small clique
of bigoted hoodlums." He sug
gested, instead, that the bomb
ings fall into four distinct and
not necessarily related patterns:
Mr. Epstein outlined them as:
1. The work of schoolboy
pranksters, "who set off explo
sions last Spring in a hunt for
thrills." Five youngsters, subse
quently apprehended, damaged
two public schools and other
property, as well as the Miami
police station.
2. The work of racists capital
izing on the “smoldering ten
sions between Negroes and
whites over housing problems:*
Mr. Epstein listed the four blasts
that rocked Carver Village, a Ne
gro housing development in Mi
ami bordering on white resi
dences, in this category.
3. The work of "bigoted thriU
seekers, craving the limelight and
crazed by the publicity they hm
created," are very likely respon
sible for the bombings and at
tempted bombings of Jewish in
stitutions and a Roman Catholic
4. The murder of Mr. Moore is
“of different origin, motivated by
other factors.” Mr. Epstein noted
that the NAACP representative
had been active in interradai
'To misunderstand the natron
of these events," Mr. Epstein as
serted, "is to wander up a blind
alley instead of finding a daro
path to a solution of the crimes.
“But whatever the separate
distinctions among these expres
sions of brutal violence, they
have a common link of racial and
religious prejudice,” he added.
Mr. Forster noted that the
blasts at Carver Village wros
"obviously detonated by persons
who had sbme working know
ledge of explosives. They planted
charges where they could ha
most destructive." Dynaadte
tossed at synagogues, howevro.
often failed to explode because
the fuses were improperly' oao
nected. "The sticks were tossed
wildly and the whole efteSl
I nn BatMi
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