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Vol. 29 No. 10
' By Alfred Segal
Our Mr. Hillel. (Hillel Widget
Corp.), feeling the need for a bit
of self-expression, which he
doesn't find in widgets, called on
me to tell me about a gentleman
named Witherington.
What got him to musing on Mr.
Witherington’s case was a matter
that had to do with the name and
fame of Eddie Cantor.
"I liked the way Eddie Cantor
asserted his Jewishness from
coast to coast recently," Mr. Hillel
began. "I mean the occasion when
he was the central figure at a big
party for the sake of Israel bonds.,
“It didn’l matter at all to Mr.
Cantor that his radio audience
might discover that he is Jewish
and what that might mean to his
national popularity. And what if
some bum thus came to know
that Eddie Cantor is a Jew. Eddie
Cantor could well know that his
character raised him far above
the malice of bums.
"Eddie Cantor was being Jew
ish not only in his character but
also in his public identity. And
that brings me to Mr. Withering
“Who’s Witherington?” I asked.
“Never heard of him.”
"Let's be charitable by conceal
ing him under the name of With
erington. If you went back far
enough in his life you would dis
cover he was born Weinstein.
Weinberg or Weinstock. or some
thing like that. I knew his old
father. God rest his good soul.
“Early in his life young Wither
ington discovered the material
disadvantage of being Weinstock,
Weinstein, Weinberg, or what
have you. Not that he shouldn’t
have known the spiritual values
in being Jewish. This was the
unfailing teaching of his father..
"When he was 16 he said, 'Pa.
why do we have to carry a name
so Jewish. Let's make it some
thing else.'
“His father replied, ‘What’s a
name? The main thing was to
have a good character, as the
Jewish teaching said. That’s all
there’s to it.’
"The boy never did get his
father's lesson. In college he.was
a frustrated student. The boys
who didn't have such names to
bear as Weinstock, Weinberg or
Weinstein were in the best fra
ternities. He was an outsider in
the world.
“His father told me of a sonor
ous lecture he gave the boy on
this. The old man proudly had
saved his every word for that
* speech: ‘And jyhat if, on account
of your name, you don’t get into
the best fraternity? You already
belong to a bigger and fnuch bet
ter fraternity. It is the fraternity
of the people who came from
Sinai and heard the voice of God
and brought the Ten Command
ments along with them from
there. You are a member of the
greatest fraternity just to be a
right-acting, right-thinking Jew.’
“ 'But where will that get me?'
the boy snapped. He was that
(CeeHaued on Pege Eight)
i •
Merger of Junior Mizrachi Women and Noar Mizrachi
Creates Mizrachi Youth, New National Organization
Dinah C. Leviton and Simeon Kobrinets, national presidents of Junior Miz
rachi Women and Noar Mizrachi, respectively, accept charter of new religious-
Zionist youth organization to be known as Mizrachi Youth, (Mizrachi Hatzair)
from Dr. Pinkhos Churgin, national president of Mizrachi Organization of
America. Mrs. Joshua L. Lewis (left), national president of Mizrachi Women’s
Organization, looks on. Merger brings together 15,000 members of junior
Mizrachi organizations nationally. As the largest religious-Zionist youth
movement in the U. S n Mizrachi Youth will seek the twin goals of maximum
aid to Israel and strengthening of traditional Judaism in Ameriea.
Stale Z. 0. A Meet Set
For Orlando, April 20th
A gala and enlightening program is being planned by Orlando
Zionists for the Florida Zionist Conference to be held there on Sun
day, April 20, according to an announcement by Samuel Thier,
President of the Jacksonville Zionist District.
Initial response indicates large
delegations from every District in
Florida. Conference Chairman, H.
G. Miller of Orlando will preside
at the morning session, and vet
eran Zionist, Harry Ellis of Pen
sacola, will chair the afternoon
Important issues to be discuss
ed will include Israel Projects,
Programming and Education, and
Membership. Among the speakers
to address the delegates will be:
Seymour Liebman, and Fred
Jones, Executives of Miami; Mr.
Jack Becker of Jacksonville who
will speak on Youth, and other
Notorious John Rankin, who has transformed
Congress into a rostrum for spewing hate against
Jews and Negroes, was again last week in one of
his frequent barking moods. ,
Rankin does not need any special occasion on
which to peg his anti-Jewish outbursts. When he
has nothing else to say—and his record is as de
void of content as he himself is devoid of decency
—he dungs the Congressional Record with sickly
fabrications, deception, unscrupulous malingering
and indecent falsehoods against Jews.
This time it was the “humanitarian” in him
which was moved to the Hitlerian eruption. His
tender heart could no longer bear the crime of the
Katyn massacre of Polish officers and how else
could he ease his pain and assuage his agony than
by vilifying Jews?
Rankin is quite adept in Hitler’s big lie thesis.
He keeps on proclaiming the lie about “Yiddish”
domination of Russia and the satellite countries in
defiance of the universally known fact that there
is only one Jew in the Soviet Politbureau. If
Rankin’s logic were followed to its inexorable con
clusion it would only lead to the comic deduction
that the Congress of the United States is domi
nated by anti-Semites.
The rantings of this political freak are neither
Regional leaders.
The Conference will close with
a dinner the same evening, at
which Mr. Abraham A. Redel
heim, honored guest, and Vice
President of the Zionist Organi
zation of America will deliver an
address to the assembled dele
Arthur Pariser, President of the
Orlando Zionist District will be
host to the Conference, and has
organized the talent which will
perform on Sunday at the Hotel
new nor unexpected. Even the earnest “amen” that
was bestowed upon him by Congressman Madden
of Indiana does not surprise us.
However, there is one statement Rankin made
which deserves thorough investigation by Jewish
organizations and Congress itself. He said —and
* this too may perhaps be a, figment of his imagina
tion—that the president of a great military acad
emy who had recently returned from Poland had
made a statement “to the effect that the people of
Poland were reduced to slavery of the most bestial
kind, and that a little gang of Yids at the top were
in complete control.” In the first place, it is rather
strange that the head of a military academy should
have been admitted to the behind-the-curtain
sanctum of a Soviet satellite. Secondly, if the
gentleman in question really said the things im
puted to him by Rankin he is unfit for the public
office he is holding.
With all the crackpot investigations going on
in Washington today to the annoyance and ex
pense of the taxpayers, it might not be a bad idea
If Congress were to set off an investigation to
determine whose interests Rankin is serving with
his vicious anti-Semitic attacks on the flpor of the
House. He certanly is not serving the interests of
the United States, of decency and of the faith he
professes to cherish.
Hate Leaders Meet
In Columbus, Ga.
By Arthur J. Levin. Director Atlanta Regional Office
Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith
Leaders of anti-minority organizations from throughout the
country gathered in Columbus. Ga„ during the week-end of March
14th, 15th and 16th to plan an all-out coordinated attack against the
United Nations and minority groups.
The “Save America” meeting
was held in “Parson Jack” E. G.
Johnston’s Baptist Tabernacle.
Reverend. Johnston is editor and
publisher of the (jeorgia Tribune
which has featured pro-Klan,
anti- Semitic, anti-Catholic and
anti-Negro editorials and articles.
One of the featured speakers
was Thomas Hamilton, Leesville.
S. C., Imperial Wizard of the
Carolina Klans, who described
the United Nations as a "most
damnable organization" and lash
ed out at the Anti-Defamation
League and newspapers. He was
echoed by Bill Hendrix of Talla
hassee, Fla., Klan Dragon who
recently said that he would "send
Prof. Moskowitz
Wins Carnegie
Teaching Award
David Moskowitz, supervisor of
basic courses in mathematics at
Carnegie Institute of Technology,
was one of four members of the
faculty last week to receive the
first Carnegie Teaching Awards.
The awards equal half the an
nual salaries of the recipients plus
travelling expenses and, accord
ing to President J. C. Warner,
were given to the four teachers
“who were most outstanding both
in the quality of their under
graduate teaching as measured by
Carnegie’s educational objectives
and in their influence upon the
teaching of others.”
enough bulldozers in the state
road department ... to wipe out
(the Miami Beach) sea walls and
take away all the beaches from
the Jews and give them back to
the gentiles who paid the taxes
to build them."
Joseph Beauharnais, head of
the White Circle League of Chi
cago, and one of the leaders in
the recent Cicero riots, revealed a
plan to keep the American Legion
from supporting the principles of
democracy. He defined democracy
as “rule by brute strength” and
stated that “the only nations
which practice democracy accord
ing to its true definition are
Russia and its satellites.” Mr.
Beauharnais also stated that
“nothing is more cowardly that
walks or crawls than a Negro.”
Mrs. Jesse Jenkins of Colum
bus, President of the anti-semitic
National Patrick Henry Society,
claimed that she had been made
chairman of the Georgia "Draft
MacArthur" Committee. A John
Murray from New York, who
identified himself as a worker for
the MacArthur organization"
appeared briefly at the meeting.
As he hurriedly departed from
the city, he told a reporter, "I
don't want to get mixed up with
what I found around here."
Georgia Commissioner of Agri
culture, Tom Linder, was highly
praised for expressing his anti-
UN views in the official Georgia
Farmer’s Market Bulletin by
Frank Ohlquist, Secretary of the
Constitutional Alliance organiza
tion of Los Angeles, Cal. Mr.
Ohlquist has in the past been ac
tive in Gerald L. K. Smith’s
Christian Nationalist Crusade.
The Rev. Dr. Charles Murdoch of
Los Angeles, President of the
Constitutional Alliance also ad
dressed the meeting.
Others who spoke included
Peter L. Xavier of Dayton, Ohio,
author of "Rise America!" in
which he described Hitler as "a
magnetic orator, a capable organ
izer, a man of deep spiritual con
viction." G. Seal* Aiken, Atlanta
attorney who secured the charter
for the Columbians; Mrs. Ed C.
Alumbough and D. L. Churchwell
of Macon, representing the Tem
ple Cleansing Crusaders, and
Miss Jane Wacher of the United
Farmers of America.
The meeting was largely ig
nored by the citizens of Colum
bus. However, the various organ
izational leaders present had
ample opportunity during the
three-day sessions to coordinate
their efforts and their plans. In
the opinion of experienced ob
servers intensification of anti-
United Nations and anti-minority
propaganda on a national and re
gional level will be the result of
this conclave.
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