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VOL. 29 NO. 14
By Alfred Segal
Dr. Jacob Marcus sends me
photostatic copies of the pages of
a document that has just been
admitted in to the American Jew
ish Archives of the Hebrew Union
College. (Dr. Marcus is director of
these Archives.)
You may think of archives as
the stodgy, dusty remains of
scholarly outgivings, a burial
ground for documents that looked
important in their times, such as
the writings of old Professor
Geweissenschaft who has been
dead all these years.
Dr. Marcus' idea is that arch
ives should have to do with all
kinds of evidence of human ex
perience. Thus, his archives lately
have acquired letters that involve
real estate dealings between
Messrs. Cohen and Isaacs of Rich
mond, Va. and the renowned fron
tiersman Daniel Boone. Cohen
and Isaacs had hired Daniel
Boone to look around for likely
land for them to buy in the wilds
of Kentucky.
Daniel Boone’s letter to Cohen
and Isaacs, now immortally en
shrined among the learned tomes
of the Hebrew Union College,
suggests that Daniel was a much
better Indian fighter than he was
a speller of the English language.
And for that matter, Cohen and
Isaacs, never could qualify for the
national spelling matches that are
held in Washington annually,
anymore than they would have
known how to do with an Indian.
Now Dr. Marcus has brought
into his archives the autograph
book of a Jewish boy who was
about 19 in the year 1877. It is,
you might say. the relic sample of
an American youth 75 years ago.
He was altogether without the
wise-guy sophistication that
mascot so many of the young so
obnoxious to their elders in our
You might say, too that this
autograph book suggests the be
ginning of a rabbi, and by what
early steps he arrived at his altar.
For, indeed, this boy who in 1877
was collecting autographs, turned
out finally to be the distinguished
rabbi, Joseph Krauskopf whose
pulpit in Philadelphia was a
sounding board to all Jewry in
the U. S. in his time. (I remember
him from a brief glimpse when
he was on a visit to our town
long ago: A handsome, bearded
figure with a collar turned around
in the clerical style. This irritated
the Orthodox, some of whom said:
“That’s what comes from being a
Reform rabbi! He gets to look like
a goy even.”)
Young Joe Krauskopf was an
autograph collector who set moral
values on autographs. In that he
differed from the young nuisances
who hang around Hollywood stu
dios for autographs today. To
fthem autographs have connota
tions of glamour and a movie
star's signature is more precious
than a saint's.
Joe Krauskopf, then a student
for the rabbinate at the Hebrew
(Continued on Pegs Eight)
UJA Nationwide Broadcast Stars
£• ': x \ v ’’ J&BKgg&K9. :{■■■ "' ' *
Television's biggest star, Sid Caesar, left, and the world re
nowned Robert Montgomery, right, this Wednesday evening, April
30. from 10 to 10:30 P. M. (EDST) will be heard over the coast-to
coast radio network of the National Broadcasting Company in a
smash dramatization entitled "The Bitter and the Sweet" which the
United Jewish Appeal is presenting as a salute to Israel's Fourth
. This is Sid Caesar’s second ap
pearance on a UJA nationwide
radio broadcast, and like the first
one will feature him in a role
which gives wide range to his
great comic talent. “The Bitter
and the Sweet” tells the story of
the four year old State of Israel
and its people as they laugh and
cry, as they chuckle and struggle
to win economic freedom.
This third in the UJA’s 1952
“My Buss Was A Jew”
Where there is friendship and understanding
among individuals there is little chance for the
survival of prejudices which are rooted in the
distrust of an entire group. The following article
appeared in Yuventide, Catholic Youth publica
tion of Rio de Janeiro. It tells the moving story
of a group of young women who came to Canada
from sheltered homes in South America, met
people of a race they had been taught were base
and despicable, and were taught by these very
same people that there could be “love and under
standing between different religions, races and
people .” It contains a pointed moral for non-
Jews and its lesson will not be lost on Jews them
selves. —The Editor.
Together, we three went with Mr. Tom Brown.
He began by taking us into an enormous kitchen,
opening up drawers and cupboards, displaying end
less sets of dishes and silverware, and explaining
very carefully that the “red bordered” dishes were
for meat—the “green” for dairy.
Astonishment! we gazed at him in obvious be
wilderment. Apparently it was connected with
some important ritual. We dared not ask, for after
all, who were we to question him —only his hired
help. But Mr. Brown stood up there calmly, with
a charming smile on his face, explaining patiently
that it was absolutely necessary that we observe
these rules: under no circumstances were we to
mix the dishes or the silver.
We looked confused. He must have sensed how
we felt, for quietly he led us all out to the terrace.
“You see, young ladies,” he said, “we are Jews.
We were silent. It seemed as if a bomb had fallen
in our midst. “We cater especially to the Jews,”
he continued, “not that we would decline any
other guests, but we do find that by catering to
our own people our habits and dietary laws do
series of nationwide radio broad
casts will again be produced and
directed by Himan Brown, Na
tional Radio Chairman of the
UJA and famed producer of the
“Inner Sanctum” and other well
known radio shows. The United
Jewish Appeal makes possible the
immigration, settlement, welfare
and rehabilitation programs of the
United Israel Appeal, Joint Dis-
not conflict. I hope you will learn to respect this—
it is very important.” Then he added, speaking
rather slowly, “if you find it a little difficult or
restrictive please bear with us while you are here.
Some one’s liberty must always end where some
one else’s begins.” He smiled—“we are bad—or it
may seem to you, only because oftimes, someone
else’s liberty doesn’t end where ours should begin.”
We finally reached our room. I sat down on my
bed and tried to think. But the bomb was there,
latent. Mr. Brown’s voice and his words were still
in my head. It seemed to show a deep understand
ing—almost too deep for us to grasp—by accusing
his own race first—rather than accusing the world
at large. For the moment he had succeeded in
anesthetizing our prejudices and fears. But these
emotions, which we always claim we don’t have,
always arise at the H hour. And they arose that
night when we went to our room and were alone.
I began to feel a little ashamed. I remembered
many stories, sordid ones, that I had heard about
the Jews; not to mingle with them, they were
much beneath us—and a destructive race. Many
things became very vivid in my mind—my own
mother forbidding me to enter stores that were
owned by Jews, and forbidding me to enter their
homes—the consequences were shadowy, bpt un
doubtedly terrible. > ,
Now here we were, three Catholics in the midsts
of a family of Jews. Who were we to pass judg
ment—and how could we—on a problem which we
didn’t even know how to cope with. But it seems
that life always wins in this hide-and-go-seek
“game”—and here we were vis-a-vis with the
Jews. And these were Jews who were not fancy
(To Be Continued Next Week)
New Anti-Jewish Book
Published By Hale-Monger
(Copyright, 1952, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.)
*** * *
Capital bookstores have noticed a demand for the first "re
spectable" book to undertake the "exposure" of alleged connections
of American Jewry with Communism. The book appears, not as
crude anti-Semitism, but in guise of a scholarly examination of
Communist penetration in America. Entitled, "The Iron Curtain Over
America." it hints at the conclusions which Adolf Hitler openly
stated in "Mein Kampf." It represents the most extensive anti-
Semitic concoction to appear since Hitler's printing presses ceased
operations in 1945.
New Hillel Bldg.
Erected On N. C.
brand new red-brick Georgian
Colonial building was turned over
to 200 Jewish students at the
University of North Carolina here
in brief but impressive dedication
ceremonies to which B’nai B’rith
notables, Jewish community lead
ers and just plain folks had flock
ed from all parts of the Tarheel
State. Rabbi Arthur J. Lelyveld,
National Director of the B’nai
B’rith Hillel Foundations, deliver
ed the dedication address.
The building, which went up in
record time after the cornerstone
was laid last November, is the
tenth Hillel building especially
for Jewish students.
tribution Committee and United
Service for New Americans.
The author is Prof. John Beaty
of Dallas, Texas, an educator with
a listing in “Who’s Who” which is
longer than the entry for Albert
Einstein. Beaty was Chief of the ,
Historical Section of the War
Department in 1942 and served in
the Military Intelligence. He at
tained the rank of Colonel.
Beaty's articles have been pub
lished in the "American Legion
Magazine," in the official periodi
cal of the V.F.W., and even in
"New Yorker." He was chosen by
the Albert Kahn Foundation in
1926 to report on world affairs. A
member of the Phi Betta Kappa
honorary fraternity, Beaty taught
at Pennsylvania State College, the
University of Virginia, the Uni
versity of Texas, and Southern
Methodist University. He belongs
to the leading learned societies
and select country dubs. His rec
ord even includes service as a
consultant to Webster's New In
ternational Dictionary.
The book claims that the au
thor’s official duties as an army
intelligence officer in Washington
enabled him to gather facts as
one of the two editors of the top
secret “G-2 Report” which went
daily to the White House. Beaty’s
“facts” include an allegation that
“the blood of Abraham, Isaac, and
Jacob” does not flow in the veins
of American Jews of Eastern
European origin. The majority of
American Jews are descended
from an ancient semi-Mongolian
tribe, known as the “Khazars,”
which embraced Judaism, Beaty
says. He explains that “the blood
of Old Testament Jews flows
principally in the veins of Pales
tine Arabs . . . Palestinians, per
haps the truest seed of Bible
Jews, are refugees today from the
barbarity of non-Semitic Khaz
Stating that 'lt appears also
that the world's troubles with
little blood-born 'lsrael' are not
over," the professor questions Is
rael's bid for restitution from
Germany. He attempts to dis
prove that the Nazis exterminated
the bulk of European Jewry. "As
to the Jews in Eastern European
lands temporarily overrun by Hit
ler's troops." he says, "the great
majority retreated ahead of the
German armies into Soviet Rus
sia. Os these, many came later to
the U. S.» some moved to Pales
tine, some unquestionably re
mained in Soviet Russia and may
be a part of the Jewish force on
the Iranian frontier, and enough
remained in Eastern Europe or
have returned from Soviet Rus
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