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VOL. 29 NO. 24
The Fourth of July reminds us
again of the immortal principles
of liberty and justice upon which
the United Stales of America was
founded. Again we go back in
imagination to that day in the
year 1776 when an assembly of
revolutionaries proclaimed that
all men are created equal, that
they are endowed by their Crea
tor with certain inalienable
rights,, that among these are life,
liberty and the pursuit of happi
American Jews, staunchly loyal
to these basic human principles,
share -with their non-Jewish fel
low-citizens the joy and the pride
and the dedication of spirit that
this day arouses in us. Theirs is
the joy of a persecuted people
which has at last found human
treatment in this land of free,
theirs the pride of achievement
which American liberty and jus
tice has made possible for them,
theirs the dedication of spirit in
a firm resolve to uphold in the
future those American principles
that have made America a haven
of refuge for the persecuted of all
The United Stales of America
has become the most prosperous
and most powerful country in the
world only because it adhered to
those libertarian and humane
principles that were laid down by
Jefferson and the other Founding
Fathers when they revolted
against British rule and estab
lished the'independent American
republic. In the world-wide fight
against iolaliiarianism. in which
America is the leader, it can
maintain its position only when it
will demonstrate that the princi
ples of liberty and justice upon
which America was founded are
as valid for the America of 1952
as they were for the thirteen col
onies in 1776, when they gave
birth to this great country'.
A 90-page program manual on
the High Holy Days has been
published by the Jewish Center
Division of the National Jewish
Welfare Board (JWB), Mrs. Wal
ter E. Heller, . the Division’s
chairman, announced this week.
Compiled and edited by Philip
Goodman, director of Jewish edu
cation, the manual is the first one'
of its kind to be prepared by JWB
in two decades. Titled, “New Year
and Day of Atoriement: Program
Material for Youth and Adults,”
the manual has an article on
“Programming for the High Holy
Days” by Miriam R. Ephraim, di
rector, program section, JWB
Jewish Center Division, an ex
planation of Rosh Hashonah, Yom
Kippur and the Jewish calendar
in general, together with a list of
resources for background mater
Copies of the manual are avail
able at 75c each from the National
Jewish Welfare Board, 145 E.
32nd Et., NYC 16.
Ben Touster, President of HIAB, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society,
as he read a statement at a meeting of editors and publishers of foreign
language newspapers In New York, explaining the pernicious implica
tions of the McCarran Omnibus Immigration Bill which passed Con
gress and awaited President Truman’s signature. He asked that the j
journalists, who are concerned with the problems of the 35,000,000
Americans of foreign stock, urge the President to veto the Bill. The
editors, representing 18 nationalities, sent a telegram to the President •
condemning the Bill as being “an outrage against the great American
tradition of equality.” At left is Solomon Dingol, editor of The Day. a
leading Jewish daily. Mr. Oingol acted as chairman of the meeting.
Southern Young Judaeans
Elect New Officers
Carol Freedenlhal of the Jewish Activity Club in Atlanta was
elected President of the seven state Southern Young Judaea Region
at its Fifth Annual Summer Camp Convention held this past week
at Camp Blue Star, Hendersonville, N. C. He succeeds Miss Micky
Friedman of Birmingham.
Other officers elected by the
twenty-two chapters, represent
ing four hundred Judaeans were
as follows:
Vice-Presidents: District I: Sara
Lepp, Birmingham; District II:
Carolyn Carnell, Atlanta; District
III: Dorothy Krantz, Jacksonville.
1 Secretary: Janet Knox, Atlanta.
Treasurer: Allan Rosenberg,
Committee Chairmen: Ameri
can Affairs: Liz Kominers, Char
leston; Israeli Projects, Myma
Bressack, Miami; Contests: Joe
Murray, Miami; Chalutziut and
Isra feli Culture: Judy Shapiro-,
Miami; Jewish Observances: San
They Take Jewish Money And Reject Jewish Applicants
Discrimination in medical schools seems almost
as insoluble a challenge as some of the fatal di
seases with which the medical profession is strug
gling. One would think that institutions dealing
with succoring the human race from disease would
have an appreciation of the struggle against social
ills. It however that a large, very large,
segment of the profession dedicated to the assuag
ing of bodily pain is not only averse to lifting a
finger against one of the worst social ills, dis
crimination, but is actively engaged in writing
prescriptions aimed at poisoning man’s mind
against man.
There is no yardstick by which to measure the
success of the fight against bigotry. From all ac
counts, however, it appears that the struggle has
made some headway—with the exception of the
medical schools as a whole. The lights of those
institutions are still of the medieval alchemist and
not of the modern scientist..
One could understand, though not forgive, dis-
dr a Garfinkel, Charleston; His
torian: Carol Wearb, Charleston;
Publications: Milton Goldman,
Highlights of the Annual event
included various contests and
competitions. Winners this year
were: ,
Best All Round Chapter Award:
Cecile Rubin, Charleston.
Best All Round Judaean
Award: Sandra Garfinkel, Char
Folk Dance Group Award: At
lanta Folk Dance Team (FOZ
JAC). (This group will represent
the South at the National Young
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crimination against Jews in medical schools in
backward or distant areas of the country. But
when it occurs so brutally in the medical schools
of New York—as recently revealed by a survey of
the American Jewish Congress—where Jews con
stitute one of the strongest and largest segments of
the population, the matter not only becomes one
of deep concern but a very challenge to the con
cept of Jewish survival even in a democracy.
What is most disconcerting, about the situation
in New York is that it happened in a state where
by institutions whose financial burdens are allevi
ated by tax-exemption regulations. Moreover,
many of the accused schools have been the bene
ficiaries of Jewish philanthropy, thus deriving at
least part of their support both from Jewish con
tributions and Jewish taxes. Only morally dis
torted minds can simultaneously accept Jewish
money and reject Jewish applicants. If the schools
persist in their discriminatory practices, they
should be made to forfeit their tax exempt status
apart from being prosecuted for their slimy cir
cumvention of the law and of decency.
4th of July Thought:
(Copyright, 1952, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.)
Neo-Nazis are more openly seeking to revive Reich nationalist
extremism, including anti-Semitism, as the Senate acts to ratify the
peace agreements signed at Bonn by the United States, England,
France and West Germany.
Germany is being granted its
own military forces, arms plants,
and the release of all but a very
few W. W. II war criminals. This
is done so the Germans will as
sume a “partnership” with the
west against Communism. What
is happening, meanwhile, is the
glorification of Hitler, Goering,
Hess; the condemnation of the
Nuremberg trials by some Ameri
can Congressmen as well as by
neo-Nazis; the lusty singing ’of
“Deutschland Über Alles” by a
crowd of 500 at the Yorkville Ca
sino in New York City; and the
raving of Dr. Ludwig Fritsch to
ex-members of the German-
American Bund that “the United
States has contributed to present
world disorder by encouraging
Jewish-led Communism.”
The New Jersey hate sheet,
"Common Sens e," editorially
praised Rudolph Hess, Hiller's
Deputy Fuehrer. It said, "The
Jews, who controlled England and
the United States and who were
and are the power behind Com
munism "killed the Hess plan to
enlist America and the British
Empire on the side of Hitler
against Russia during World War
II." German periodicals quoted
"Common Sense" when it pub
lished a four page "analysis" of
the United Nations, Complaints
against "the clutches of American
Jewry" are found in "Der Weg"
as neo-Nazi agitation grows with
out any effective effort to restrict
it. A German best-seller, publish
ed by Karl Vogel, purports to tell
about life in an Allied detention
camp "run by a clique of cruel,
mostly Jewish torturers."
When he urged the Senate to
ratify the German Treaty, High
Commissioner John J. • McCloy
said that by relaxing controls in
Germany the west was acting
against Communism. The Bonn
parliament indicated its coopera
tion with the containment policy
by formally demanding the re
opening of trade with East Ger
many and the cancellatoin of bar
riers against trade with the Com
inform. A Senate Sub-Committee
under the chairmanship of Sen.
Hubert R. O’Connor of Maryland,
reported that illegal Bonn trade
with the Communists in 1951 may
have amounted to as much as one
billion dollars. These things Mc-
Cloy did not explain. He did point
out that “here are men and wo
men in the business and profes
sional life of Germany who were
once active Nazis!” He admitted
that in some localities “ten per
cent of the people have voted for
neo-Nazi platforms and leaders.”
Secretary of Stale Dean Ache
son, in urging ratification of the
treaty, conceded that there is now
in Germany "a serious situation"
regarding the revival of Nazism.
But he did not tell that many war
criminals were never brought to
trial, that we made a "bargain"
to mitigate many sentences and
this was translated by the Ger
mans into outright blackmail
exacted as the price for their co
operation against the Soviet
Union. Although Allied Control
Counsel Law No. 16 forbids vet
erans organizations, this law has
been openly flouted as members
of the Hitler SS flocked to join.
The SS and Waffen SS veterans
are seeking to become the cadre
of the New Germany army.
On March 17, 1952, the Bavar
ian radio, Bayrischer Rundfunk,
broadcast that 85 percent of all
the key officials in the diplomatic
service of the Bonn government
were Na2i ‘ Party members. “In
other words,” said the broadcast,
“the proportion of Nazi Party
members ,in the present Foreign
Office is now higher, than it was
during the Nazi regime.” Werner
Von Grundherr, the present Ger
man Ambassador to Greece, plan
ned the deportation of Jews under
Hitler. Another “new” Ambassa
dor, Werner Bargen, instigated
the deportation from Belgium of
Eastern European Jews resident
there when he was German Min
ister in Brussels during the war.
The Bonn officials are well
aware that they are going
through a delicate stage in their
bid for the creation of a strong
Fourth Reich. They knpw the
denazification program has been
replaced by an increasing renazi
ficalion as Nazis return to im
portant posts. Therefore they
are exceptionally vulnerable to
criticism at this juncture. Signif
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