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VOL. 30 HO. 15
Mr. Zilch was calling on me in
considerable indignation. Os
course, you know Zilch whom,
from lime to time, I have men
tioned in this column. You' might
say he is my horrible example.
In fact, he was in a fighting
mood. The way he flexed his fist
when he pounded on my desk! It
seemed that any moment he
would be directing the fist toward
my nose. I was watchful.
"You're nothing but sun anti-
Semite," he said. "You cure an
anti-Jewish wolf in the sheep's
clothing of a Jewish columnist.
Enemy of Jews! Hypocrite! You
prove it all by the way you in
sult me every time you can find
a chance."
I laughed.
"After all. Zilch," I replied,
"you're just a creature of my im
agination, as they say, but in a
way of speaking, you are serving
a Jewish purpose. I have created
you as a type other Jews should
not be like."
“Yeah, that’s it," he said. “I’m
your whipping boy. Whenever you
feel like knocking down a Jew
you don’t like, I’m it.”
Zilch's fist had relaxed by now
and I grew frank with him . . .
"Just sit there quietly. Zilch, and
I'll tell you everything. To make
it short, you don't do the rest of
us any good. You are a portrait
of obnoxious characteristics that
Jews should try to avoid, for the
sake of all of us. I mean your
arrogance, your display of wealth,
your loud insistence on. making
yourself heard in the public
places, the sharp dealing for
which you have ill reputation.
“Oh, yes, I know there are
plenty of Zilches among other
kinds of people who are not Jews,
but a Zilch who is a Gentile can
get away with being a Zilch.
When it comes to a Gentile Zilch
it is said, well, it takes all kinds
to make a world, but a Jewish
Zilch is something else again.
"Os a Jewish Zilch it is said,
that's the Jews for you! You as
Zilch, are accepted as an authen
tic sample of Jews in general.
That's what hurts me. Zilch. I
don't like having you represent
me and all other Jews to the
minds of people who aren't in
clined to like us too much any
way. Please, Zilch, open your fist.
If you want to fight start fighting
yourself. Lisen to this Zilch:
Speaking of anti-Semites you are
the most harmful anti-Semite of
JUNE 12-14
Fifty young men and women of
both Protestant and Jewish faiths
will attend the Sixth Annual
Minden Institute Conference over
the week-end of June 12-14 at
Bridgehampton, Long Island.
' -Bk 'V
fc/sjHS YBBt gjj
Mrs. Golda Myerson, Israel’s Chief Delegate to the United Nations, is shown
at the Israel Exposition in New York with five-year-old Rosalyn Kramer of
Dorchester, Mass., who it lighting five candles in honor of Israel’s Fifth
Anniversary, which was celebrated at Israel Bond meetings throughout the
country last week. Mrs. Myerson and other outstanding American and Israeji
personalities participated in the meetings, marking the conclusion of Israel’s
Redemption Month, the concerted nation-wide one-month effort to convert
into cash sales all outstanding subscriptions for Israel Bonds.
MAY 2nd 3rd and 4th
The Florida Region of Hadass
ence in Miami Beach on May 2-3
Empress Hotel.
At the initial session to be held
Saturday evening at the Miami
Beach Jewish Center, Mrs. Irwin
Weinstein, president of the Great
er Miami Chapter, will introduce
Mrs. Herman Klausner of Jack
sonville, Regional President of
Hadassah, who will give her re
port. At the conclusion of the ses
sion, Mrs. Klausner will preside
at the Regional Board Meeting at
the Empress Hotel.
Mrs. Milton Sirkin. conference
chairman, and Mrs. Louis Gold
man. co-chairman, have planned
a full and interesting schedule for
the three-day parley which will
be attended by delegates from all
the chapters in the slate. Work
shops and discussion groups cov
ering every phase of the work of
Hadassah, both here and in Is
rael. will be the order of the day.
US TODAY,” the theme of the
conference, will be the subject of
Mrs. Julian Ansell, at the H.M.O.
(Hadassah Medical Organization)
luncheon to be held Sunday after
noon May 3rd. Mrs. Ansell, Vice-
President of National Hadassah,
and advisor to the conference,
will also be one of the panelists
at the Symposium on Human
Relations, Sunday evening May
3rd, and will share honors with
ah will hold their annual confer
-4, with headquarters at the New
- V f ...V
SP&x-x •• . ;.x
Mrs. Herman Klausner
Rabbi Irving Lehrman of Miami
Beach, and Dr. Miller A. F.
Ritchie, Head of the Human Rela
tions Department of the Univer
sity of Miami.
The formal banquet on Monday
evening, the closing affair of the
conference, will be attended by
many local personalities and com
munity leaders. Mrs. Klausner
will introduce Mrs. Julian Ansell,
whose inspiring theme will be
(Copyright, 1953, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.)
*** * $
Although the Justice Department has ordered all Communist
publications sent through U. S. mails to be labelled as propaganda,
the government has not seen fit to take similar action against organi
zations promoting right-wing anti-Semitism.
Rep. Louis B. Heller of New
York is actively concerned with
fighting Communism. Last March
he inserted lengthy remarks de
nouncing Soviet anti-Semitism in
the Congressional Record. A week
later he received a letter from an
individual in Oklahoma who de
nounced him as a “Jew liar” and
alleged that reports of Commu
nist anti-Semitism were all “Jew
rot.” The letter charged that
“every Jew in the country sup
ports every Communist” and
asked, “do you think we are going
to believe his big lie that Russia
is anti-Jew?” Heller was warned
that “the day of retribution is on
the way” by the letter, which also
indicated support of Sen. Joseph
R. McCarthy.
Knowing that a new law re
quires Communists to clearly
label their mailed propaganda,
Heller wondered if some similar
requirements might not apply to
Fascists. He wrote to J. Edgar
Hoover, director of the Federal
Bureau of Investigation, enclosing
the scurrilous letter. Hoover was
asked if anything could be done
"to stop these vile and poisonous
charges" from being distributed
through the mails. On March 20
Hoover replied that he was refer
ring the matter to the Chief Post
Office Inspector.
Heller next received a letter
written by direction of Postmaster
General Arthur E. Summerfield.
It agreed that the hate letter was
of “a strong anti-Jewish nature.”
But after “a careful study” of the
postal laws, the authorities re
ported, nothing illegal could be
seen in the mailing of even the
most inflammatory Nazi propa
ganda. “Accordingly, the letter
said, “there appears to be no ac
. tion which the Post Office De
partment would be authorized to
Jewish Broadcast
Announced for Sunday
On Sunday, May 3rd, 1953,
(12:30-1 P. M., EDST, NBC Net
work), the Eternal Light will pre
sent “Quiet Street,” written by
Marc Siegel, and adapted from
the novel of the same name by
Zelda Popkin, it has been an
nounced by the Jewish Theologi
cal Seminary of America.
“Quiet Street” is a story of to
day and yesterday. It describes a
family in Jerusalem, and through
their eyes and their adventures
we glimpse the siege and the war,
the formation of the State and the
building of a new country- “Quiet
Street” is a fragment of life in'
Israel. |
Heller was not so much con
cerned about the individual in
stance of defamation by a crack
pot. What troubled him was the
seeming indifference of the gov
ernment to the mailing of such
stuff. He knew that an increasing
number of hate organizations, in
the guise of anti-Communist
groups, are trying to stimulate
anti-Semitism by the nation-wide
mailing of propaganda.
In some instances a handful of
bigots may designate themselves
as leaders of a local “anti-Com
munist league.” They then solicit
funds “to fight Communism.”
With the proceeds they print anti
communist literature but inject
anti-Semitism into its context.
This material is widely mailed,
accompanied by requests for more
funds to carry on this “patriotic”
A number of attempts have
been made by Congressmen to
outlaw the mailing of matter
libeling religious or racial groups.
These efforts have been killed by
the argument that such legisla
tion would curtail freedom of
Attorney General Herbert
Erownell, Jr., recently took steps
to implement the Subversive
Activities Control Act of 1950. A
phase of this implementation, ac
cording to the Justice Depart
ment, “relates to the use of mails
to transmit any publication which
. is intended to be circulated . . .
Such publications must bear the
words ‘disseminated by the Com
munist Party.’ ’ ... It specified
that “the same inscription must
appear on any envelope, wrapper,
or other container in which it is
mailed or otherwise circulated or
transmitted.” Since the govern
ment does not consider such ex- •
treme right-wing groups as Ger
ald L. K. Smith’s Christian Na
tionalist Crusade to be subversive,
similar mailing restrictions are
not applied against them. This is
in keeping with the spjrit of the
McCarran-Walter Immigration
Act which views Nazis and other
Fascists as desirable immigrants
who are not regarded as danger
The Gerald L. K. Smith organi
zation is now mailing to Con
gressmen a 92-page "report en
titled "Zion's Fifth Column." This
anti-Semitic compilation was
drawn up by Jack B. Tenney, a
California State Senator who was
chairman of that Stale's Commit
tee on Un-American Activities.
Tenney's previous allegations
against individuals and organixa
; lions have been quoted by Sen. 1
i (Continued on Page 4)
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