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VOL. 30 —No. 22
This column is not about any
thing particularly Jewish, though
it does concern a certain Jew. Be
fore I put my hand to it, I de
bated: Does this matter belong in
a column that's special to Jews.
Sure, it's all about pain but in a
Jewish column Jews like to read
about pains that are exclusively
theirs. This subject I am thinking
of writing about has to do with an
ill of the whole human race
which, of course, includes Jews.
Between you and me, some
times I feel tired of writing of
Jews as if they were special and
apart. And is a strictly Jewish
column good for the psychology
of the Jew who from reading so
much about himself may get ob
sessed by the idea that he is an
individual separate and different
from the rest of the human race.
Yes, it's about time for a Jew
ish column to handle Jews as
regular members of the human
kind, suffering the ills of all
others, having the same pains and
eventually dying and returning to
the same ancient dust.
It should be a beneficial novel
ty for a Jewish column, for once,
to speak that way to Jews. For
example, Jews, too, get cancer be
fore their proper time to die.
Shouldn’t it be all to the good of
Jews for a Jewish column to re
port on a Jew who met cancer
early and promptly did something
about it. After all, the problems
of a Jew have much more to do
than with drives and meeting the
fund solicitors at his door.
So I decided: Sure enough, this
week's column shall be devoted to
the case of a Jew who took proper
steps against the possibility of
cancer that seemed to be threat
ening him.
He is a columnist, Alfred Segal.
Segal had felt he was getting
along all right, attending to his
columnar affairs with unfailing
regularity and feeling he could
never fail for many years to
come; until a certain abdominal
disorder admonished him. Then
there were X-Rays which snap
ped him out of his strictly Jewish
preoccupations by showing him
that he was hier to ills of the
whole human race. The X-Rays
had revealed that he had a couple
of polyps.
His mind from time to time had
been on anti-Semites but now he
learned that polyps were bad too.
Polyps are small tumors which in
their infancy might be benign but
could grow up to be cancer.
So, when the doctor said it’s
either an operation by which to
get rid of the polyps or -maybe
dying of cancer in time, he chose
prompt operation. He wanted to
live. awhile, anyway to see how
his seven grandchildren would
turn out, and what was to become
of the whole world which pres
ently is in quite awful state?
One day, recently, they wheel
ed Segal away to the operating
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t* ' jy
The United Jewish Appeal’s Emergency National Action Conference in
Washington, D. C. on June 6th and 7thi brought .together •outstanding world
personalities and saw an unprecedented outpouring of $20,391,000 in dollar
proceeds to give the UJA the greatest cash fund ever to come forward at a
single conference for support of rescue, settlement, welfare and relwbilitatjon
programs in Israel and other parts of the world. J Top—Left to Right) Ur.
Joseph J. Schwartz, Executive Vice-Chairman of the UJA; Sen. Herbert H.
Lehman; Abba S. Eban, Israel Ambassador to the U. S.; Edward M. M. War.
burg, General Chairman of the UJA, and Harold E. Stassen, United States
Director for Mutual Security.
NEW YORK, (JTA) The Joint Distribution Committee this
week issued its 1952 annual report revealing that it spent $23,647,252
last year for aid to Jews in about 20 countries and that a minimum
of $25,500,000 will be required this year for the JDC relief program.
In an outline of JDC relief, re
settlement and rehabilitation pro
grams during the past year, Moses
A. Leavitt, JDC executive vice
chairman, declared that in 1952
it became clear that the period of
mass emergency and mass assist
ance was giving way to new and
varied individual problems. “In
creasingly JDC began to empha
size those aspects of its programs
which would guarantee aid for
longer periods, and which would
also move Jewish communities in
many areas closer to the day
when they could meet their own
problems with their own re
sources,” he pointed out.
The report by Mr. Leavitt noted
that despite the achievements
scored by JDC on behalf of hun
dreds of thousands overseas since
the end of World War 11, some
185,000 men, women and children
will be in urgent need of outside
assistance during 1953. During
1953 JDC must: 1. Expand its
Malben facilities in Israel to care
for thousands of aged, sick and
handicapped immigrants still in
reception camps or on waiting
lists; 2. Extend the feeding, med
ical and other assistance in Mos
lem lands; 3. Press for final solu
tion for the large residual group
of DP’s either through emigration
assistance or through adjustment
aid for more normal lives.
A report in the- JDC summary
by Edward M. M. Warburg, JDC
chairman and UJA general chair
man, declared: “We must recon
cile ourselves to the thought that
for tens of thousands still requir
ing our aid there are no short
term solutions. As JDC has
moved from mass assistance pro
grams to more and more individ
ualized programs, the problems
have become more complicated
and more difficult to solve.”
RECORD WITH $20,391,000
J. D. C. Shows Needs of Jews
Overseas Increasing
Established 1924
Published Every Friday
Hebrew Day Schools
Lauded by Educator
American education has been
stressing a kind of anti-intellec
tualism, according to Dr. Marvin
Fox, Associate Professor of Phil
osophy at Ohio State University
in Columbus. By over-emphasiz
ing “doing” and “adjusting,” mod
ern pedagogy too often fails to
train minds to develop thinking
individuals. Furthermore, having
come up with a perverted sense
of freedom for their pupils, many
schools have threatened the san
ity and balance of our whole edu
cational system.
Dr. Fox made these charges in
the course of an address to the
annual convention of the National
Association of Hebrew Day School
PTA’s, meeting in Pittsburgh,
June 7th and Bth. Dr. Fox praised
the group for its unique and val
uable contributions to the Ameri
can educational pattern. Noting
the high regard of Jewish tradi
tion for intellectual achievement
as away of life, and the refined
sensitivity to moral values im
planted in its pupils, Dr. Fox con
cluded that the Hebrew Day
School movement need hardly be
“apologetic” about its existence,
but rathei; should take pride in its
enrichment of American culture.
On the spiritual side, the PTA
convention delegates heard Rabbi
Mordecai Gifter, of the Rabbini
cal College of Telshe in Cleve
land, speak of the religious results
achieved in the Hebrew Day
School. Stressing the importance
of traditional Torah learning for
the young child, Rabbi Gifter ex
panded this concept to include
general as well as religious
Congress to Ad on Proposal to
Admit 240,000 Refugees
WASHINGTON, (JTA) Considerable resistance to President
Eisenhower's proposal for the admission of 240,000 DP immigrants
from Europe during the next two years is now being organized in
Congressional circles as Congress approaches the task of framing
legislation on the subject.
The American Legion officially
described President Eisenhower’s
request for emergency legislation
to admit 240,000 additional aliens
as a “calculated attempt at a
back-door attack on the national
origins quota system.” C. Ander
son, chairman of the Legion’s im
migration and naturalization sub
committee, made this charge this
week in testimony before the
House Judiciary Subcommittee
holding hearings on the Presi
dent’s immigration request.
Mr. Anderson supported the
McCarran-Walter Act and said he
regretted it “should have been
tossed into the political arena as
was done following its passage.”
Jewish groups as well as Pro
testant and Catholic church or
ganizations, reiterate their sup
port of the Eisenhower plan last
week. Testifying at hearings be
fore a subcommittee of the House
Judiciary Committee, representa
tives of the three faiths urged
Congress to take favorable action
on President Eisenhower’s re
The Jewish organizations sup
porting President Eisenhower’s
proposal include the American
Jewish Committee, Anti-Defama
tion League of B’nai B’rith, Jew
ish Labor Committe, Jewish War
Veterans, HIAS, United Service
for New Americans and,National
Council of Jewish Women. The
Protestant groups backing the
measure include the National
Council of Churches of Christ and
the National Lutheran Council.
Catholic support for the plan
comes from the National Catholic
Welfare Council and 31 organi
zations represented in the Na
tional Catholic Resettlement
LONDON (JTA) lan Mikar
do, Labor M. P., last week-end
charged that Jews are barred as
guests at the Mid-Ocean Club at
Bermuda, the headquarters of the
forthcoming talks among Presi
dent Eisenhower, Prime Minister
Churchill and a French Govern
ment representative. Mr. Mikardo
said that he would ask the Prime
Minister to try to get the locale of
the Three Power conference
(In New York, the Travel
Agents Committee to Combat Dis
crimination in the Travel Indus
try, representing 125 travel bu
reaus in the metropolitan area,
this week confirmed that the Mid-
Ocean Club “has a policy of re
ligious discrimination. It will not
accept Jewish guests.”)
$3.00 A YEAR
McCarran Act
Waivered for Nazi
Who Meets With
(Copyright, 1953, Jewish Telegraphic
Agency, Inc.)
* * # 4c *
Herbert Blankenhorn, who was
linked by the Justice Department
with espionage and anti-Semitic
propaganda activities in the Uni
ted Stales while Secretary of the
Nazi Embassy here from 1938 to
1941, has returned to Washington
to be greeted by President Eisen
hower at the White House.
Blankenhorn, now director of
the Political Department of the
Bonn Foreign Office, flew here on
the instructions of German Chan
cellor Konrad Adenauer for secret
talks with the President, Secre
tary of State Dulles, and other
leaders. Congressional committees
concerned with subversives have
raised no question about Blanken
horn although his role as a Nazi
subversive was established by the
House Committee on Un-Ameri
can activities in 1940. The Justice
Department in 1941 presented evi
dence on Nazi espionage which
showed Blankenh|brn’s involve
ment. But the Department per
mitted his return despite the
strict anti-subversive visa re
quirements of the McCarran-Wal
ter Act.
The Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi
League, which opposes subver
sives of both right and left ex
tremes, queried the State Depart
ment about Blankenhorn’s Nazi
background and his present poli
tical ascension. A policy of “non
interference” with the Bonn Gov
ernment is desired, the State De
partment replied. “I do not think
that a departure from this policy
in the present case would be de
sirable or helpful,” wrote Percy
Laukhuff, acting director of the
Senate Department’s Bureau of
German Affairs.
For three years prior to Pearl
Harbor, Blankenhorn worked at
the Nazi Embassy in Washington
on espionage undertakings and
the spreading of hate propaganda
against Americans of Jewish
faith! He collaborated closely with
the Nazi Bund and advised agita
tors on how best to stir up anti-
Semitism. His role was exposed
with the conviction by a U. S.
court of Manfred Zapp and Guen
ther Tonn of the “Trans-Ocean
News Service,” a Nazi propa
ganda organization.
Administration spokesmen have
explained that they feel it neces
sary to remilitarize Germany as a
“bulwark against Communism.”
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