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VOL 30 NO. 25
The day this is being written is
this Mr. Segal's birthday. He
hasn't been saying much about it
but a lot of people have discover
ed the number of his years and
have been shouting birthday
Segal is painfully mindful of
what the Book of Psalms says
about him and all others of his
years: “The days of our years
are three score years and ten;
and if by reason of strength they
be four score years, yet is their
strength labor and sorrow; for it
is soon cut off and we fly away.”
The Psalmist seems to suggest
that Segal is about through, at
three score and ten. Three score
and ten is, of Psalms and tradi
tion. the full span of life but
Segal is disputing the Psalmist:
"Mr. Psalmist, it can't be. You
should be revising the mortality
figures. See this young man. me,
Segal, who is said to be 70 which
he doesn't even nearly look. Ob
serve, Mr. Psalmist, this Segal
writing his column on his 70th
birthday in his young fresh way,
as of 30 years ago. See his fingers
dancing on the typewriter keys."
Segal may be kidding himself,
yet he seems to be sustained by
certain facts: His good humor that
still can laugh at people, includ
ing himself. So he says: Maybe it
isn’t true that I am 70. Some con
fusion of the calendar, doubtless.
I am more like 50.
Yet, as a reporter, who through
all these years, has tried to be
accurate, he couldn't deny his
vital statistics and has to accept
age 70, after all. He comforts him
self with the invidious thought
that he is about the only column
ist who ever arrived intact at 70,
as far as he knew.
So, making the best of the
whole thing, he decides to use his
birthday for columnar purposes.
Yes, he says, he is a Jewish col
umnist should, on his 70th birth
day, survey himself as a Jew. It’s
a fitting moment for that.
The main question of such a
survey is: What does being a Jew
mean to him at 70? So Segal in
spects himself carefully and dis
covers that being a Jew doesn't
mean the same thing it meant to
his father when he arrived at the
age of 70.
Segal’s father who died at 97
last January became more Ortho
dox as he advanced into ripe
years. He wrapped the folds of
tradition around him tightly. He
made a sharp separation between
himself and people of other re
ligions, even between himself and
Reform Jews. His poignant regret
was this son sought God in a
Reform temple, where, he was
quite sure God never would go.
Not that he didn't proudly re
spect this younger Segal who was
his son . "You would be all
right all the way if only you
were a good Jew, he said." His
old years were a preparation for
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Vindicated Jewish Professor
In Moscow Named To
Soviet Council
LONDON, (JTA) Professor
M. S. Vivsky, one of the 15 physi
cians, who were arrested in Mos
cow early this year on charges of
plotting the deaths of high
munist officials, has been ap
pointed to a new Soviet Health
Council, advisory body to the
Ministry of Health, it was report
ed here from Moscow. Prof. Viv
sky, and the other doctors were
released after the death of Joseph
Stalin when the accusations
against them were declared false.
The London Daily Telegraph
said this week that the reports
that Moscow may soon take steps
to resume diplomatic relations
with Israel are receiving in
creased currency. “Some say that
the Russians have already ap
proached the Israel Government
through an East European capi
tal,” the London paper stated.
municipal council here unani
mously voted to name several
new streets on the city’s out
skirts after Jewish resistance
leaders executed by the Nazis
during World War 11. Among
those to be thus honored are the
Amsterdam Jewish journalists,
Sieg Vaz Dias and Jaap Nunez
protracted crisis in the Jewish
Central Committee of Mexico was
Why do girls go to college? Some g 6 because a
college education offers them the best opportunity
for a lifetime career in some occupation. Others
because they believe a college degree is a good
matrimonial asset. Some wade through school be
cause of the social prestige flowing from ‘ the
ownership of a degree. Some do so out of defer
ence to parents and others because they believe
that a college education is the best training for
How do our Jewish feminine college graduates
compare and differ with non-Jewish graduates?
Since matrimony is the outstanding quest of our
feminine friends, it is well perhaps to record first
that the marriage rate of Jewish liberal arts grad
uates is higher than among non-Jews. A sample
of these graduates from 1946 to 1949 shows that by
1952 eight out of ten Jewish girls were married,
as against a ratio of 6 out of 10 among Catholics
and 7 out of 10 among Protestants. However, Jew
ish girls were lagging behind their non-Jewish
friends in starting a family. The most plausible
explanation for the phenomenon of Jewish girls
rushing to the altar in greater numbers than their
classmates of other faiths is the Jewish attitude
toward spinsterhood.
Interestingly enough the young ladies who had
an A or B grade in college showed marked superi
ority over their C grade co-religionists in getting
Executive Director
Dr. Arthur T. Jacobs .
Dr. Arthur T. Jacobs, 41, of
Larchmont, N. Y., management
consultant of the Federation of
Jewish Philanthropies of New
York, has been appointed Execu
tive Director of HIAS, the He
brew Immigrant Aid Society,
major global migration agency, to
succeed Isaac L. Asofsky, who re
tired from active service with the
Society last November, it was an
nounced by Ben Touster, Presi
dent of HIAS.
Dr. Jacobs, who will head the
; activities of the 69-year-old mi
gration agency in some 50 coun
tries of the world, was educated
at the universities of Wisconsin
and Michigan. He received his
Doctor of Philosophy degree in
Economics at the latter university.
From 1935 to 1938 he was chief
Economist of the Public Welfare
Department of the State of Wis
consin, and during the war served
as assistant to the Director of
Manpower Utilization in the War
finally resolved here when the
new leadership of the organiza
tion, which represents all sections
of the Mexican Jewish commun
ity, elected Dr. Sigmund Bibring
as president.
husbands. The inference here of course is that
Jewish men place a high premium on academic
An interesting difference between Jewish col
lege graduates and their non-Jewish counterparts
is the educational background of their parents.
About 28 percent of all the graduates reported
both parents having attended college, while the
Jewish segment reported only 11 percent. This dis
parity stems from the fact that many Jewish girls
come from immigrant homes whose heads had no
educational opportunities. On the other hand more
Jewish college graduates married Ph.D. husbands.
The Jewish ratio in this respect was ten percent
as against 6 percent in the main sample, a probable
reflection of Jewish striving for higher education.
Jewish women students seem to be less inter
ested in sports than their non-Jewish college
mates. On the other hand they show a marked
superiority of interest in social and religious activ
ities, and a significantly larger ratio of Jewish
graduates than of non-Jews plans to become social
workers, psychologists, medical service workers
arid journalists. An interesting differentiation be
tween the “types” attending college is to be found
in the fact that hardly any Jewish college girls
come from farm families. Also while eight per
cent of all Catholic graduates and 7 percent of all
Protestant graduates were daughters of skilled
workers, only 5 percent of the Jewish graduates
report their fathers as skilled craftsmen.
Hate-Mongers Favor .
McCarran-Walter Act
The nation's bigots are using the on-going controversy over the
McCarran-Walter Immigration Act as another springboard to attack
Jews, the Anti-Defamation League stated today.
A survey of this country’s hate
press, the League said, shows that
professional anti-Semites from
coast-to-coast are supporting the
Act and charging that attempts to
liberalize the measure are part of
a “Marxist-Jewish plot” to flood
the country with “Red-Jewish
elements” and other aliens who
are “determined to abolish our
The League reported that Ger
ald Smith has organized a special
"Save the McCarran Act Commit
tee" to "stop the flood of Jews
that have been pouring into
America" while the discredited
news analyst, Upton Close, has
warned that "liberal and Jewish
fury" against the Act reflects
Manpower Commission. Before
joining the staff of the United
States for New Americans in
1948, he was an industrial rela
tions consultant in private indus
The Maimonides Lodge o f
B’nai B’rith, in Havana, Cuba,
will be invited to affiliate with
the Florida Federation of B’nai
B’rith Lodges and with District
Grand Lodge No. 5, it was an
nounced here following the
Grand Lodge’s convention.
"determination to change
character of this nation through
population change and control."
Similar sentiments have been ex
pressed by the New Jersey anti-
Semite, C6nde McGinley who has
maintained that he doesn't want
Marxists and "this Talmudic
group" to "mftve in here and de
stroy our freedom" and change
"our wonderful country into a
land of confusion and fear."
On the West Coast, the League
said, the young anti-Semite,
Frank L. Britton, charged that
“the Jews” wanted the laws re
pealed because it “bars subver
sive and communist elements”
and “would make large numbers
of would-be Jewish immigrants
ineligible for entry into the U. S.”
He wanted to retain the Act, Brit
ton added, because it was the
only effective way to exclude
“undesirable Jewish immigrants”
including “such scum” as “crimi
nals, sex perverts, homosexuals,
Communists and persons suffer
ing from physical and mental
The League's survey also noted
that Merwin K. Hart, President of
the National Economic Council,
has expressed concern over what
he called the "manufactured hull
abaloo" over the McCarran-Wal
ter Act. Hart asserted that it was
the "same alien influence" which
got us into both World Wars that
"now fights bitterly" to have the
Act repealed or amended, and
warned that the country would be
"submerged by these people from
Central and Southern Europe" if
the immigration bars were let
More forthright were the com
ments of the anti-Semitic pamph
leteer, Robert L. Williams, who
claimed that it was the “left-wing
ministers, rabbis, and the whole
constellation of subversive organ
izations which promote Marxism”
that were “calling for changes
which would permit resumption
of the invasion of hordes of Marx
ist-indoctrinated Jews and other
undesirables.” The League said
that Williams resented the fact
that President Eisenhower had
called the Act discriminatory
and wrote that the President ap
parently “does not seem to under
stand that American people, the
good racial stock, must discrimi
nate or cease to exist.”
In their latest "smear" cam
paign the professional ant i-
Semites have generally ignored
the fact that the Act's discrimi
natory provisions have been at
tacked by Protestant and Catho
lic groups and that Americans
from every walk of life have been
publicly expressed their disap
proval of the law which they feel
is inconsistent with the funda
mental concepts of our demo
cratic tradition.
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