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VOL. 30 NO. 26
This is all about Abraham
Cronbach. He is a neighbor in our
town where he is affectionately
called Abe. You, doubtless, have
read his name lately in the daily
papers wherever you live.
He is the rabbi who prayed for
the Rosenbergs in the picket line
in front of the White House:
“Lord, let the groan of the prison
ers come before Thee and in the
greatness of Thy power deliver
those who are doomed to die.”
He is the rabbi who preached
at the funeral of the Rosenbergs
and admonished the Communists
there: "We must eschew hatred
)md disdain rancor." He quoted
Hebrew Scripture: '"Thou shall
not revenge, thou shall bear no
grudge.' Let us give the prose
cutors credit for this much: They
did what they thought right . . .
We must demonstrate that we
are among those most loyal to
America. We gain when America
gains and lose when America
loses." (The Communists gave out
murmured protests at this: they
preferred the venom they were
In the current climate of public
opinion a lot of Jews around the
country trembled or were angry
at the thought of Rabbi Cronbach
being with the Rosenbergs in
their extremity and at their death.
From all over the country the
Hebrew Union College, in which
he is professor emeritus, has been
hearing from Jews worried on
account of Abe Cronbach.
Some of them called up by long
distance to tell the college that
they would withdraw financial
support from it unless Dr. Cron
bach were cancelled out of there.
The H. U. C. authorities were
not to be frightened by the pros
pect of losing money by reason of
Abe. Cronbach. They respected
him as one of the greater souls
who had come out of their school.
He was not a man of any political
ideology, no Communist at all. He
literally believed what Scripture
said to him: “Thou shalt not kill”
. . . “Thou shall love thy neigh
bor as thyself” . . . “What doth
the Lord thy God require of thee
but to do justly, to love mercy
and to walk humbly with thy
In this is Abe Cronbach's reli
gion and he was obedient to it
when he prayed for- the lives of
the Rosenbergs at the White
House gate. I have always
thought of Abe Cronbach as a
Jew in the pattern of the Jew
I can exactly count the years
since the day I first came to know
Abe, a frail boy out of Indiana
polis. We were all sitting around
a long table at the Hebrew Union
College—some 12 of us—taking
our entrance examination. Abe
was one of us and the brightest
The year was 1898.
Professor Levi as was the exam
iner and he asked me what a
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L.S.U. Professor
Dr. Joseph Dainow, professor of
Law at Louisiana State Univer
sity and a leader of the B’nai •
B’rith Hillel unit on the LSU
campus, has received a Fulbright
grant to lecture on legal and po
litical institutions of the United
States at the Universities of Paris
and Lyons during the 1953 spring
semester. He has also been named
visiting professor of law at the
University of Paris for that
United States Corporation
To Accept Israel Bonds
For Shares
corporation, named Israel Invest
ors, Inc., has recently been or
ganized to promote investment in
the economic development of Is
rael, announced I. Edwin Gold
wasser, its president.
According to the registration
statement filed with the Securities
and Exchange Commission, a total
of 86,960 shares of common stock
is being offered for sale with a
total capitalization of $10,000,400.
The cost of the share of stock in
Israel Investors, Inc., is payable
in slls cash or SIOO in State of
Israel Independence Bonds and
the balance of sls in cash.
Southern Judaeans Elect Officers
Sonia Stern of Nashville was elected President
of the Southern Region of Senior Judaea, heading
the seven state area to succeed Carol Freedenthal
of Atlanta.
The election took place recently at the annual
summer 7-Day Camp and Convention Held at
Camp Blue Star at Hendersonville, North Carolina.
Other officers elected for the coming year are:
Vice-Presidents, Sylvia Shine, Memphis, Tennes
see, Liz Kominers, Charleston, S. C., Judy Phillips,
Miami Beach, Florida; Secretary, Sylvia Cohen,
Nashville, Tennessee; Treasurer, Janet Knox, At
lanta, Georgia.
Committee Chairman: Shirley Dolgoff, Savan
nah, American Affairs; George Stern, Nashville,
Contests; Tamra Mamchez, Miami Beach, Jewish
Living; Roz Ghitter, Augusta Chalutziut and Is
raeli Culture; Carol Wearb, Charleston, Israeli
Projects; Doris Naimark, Charleston, Historian;
and Bob Clein, Atlanta, Publications.
One of the highlights of the Camp was bidding
farewell to Southerners who will visit Israel this
summer on the Summer-In-Israel Young Judaea
tour. These include Carol Freedenthal of Atlanta,
Sandra Goldfine of Nashville, Deborah Rabhan of
Savannah, Leah Ghitter of Augusta and Fay
Robinson of Knoxville. Two other Southerners,
Phyllis Borochoff of Rome and Leon Sherman of
New Albany, Mississippi, will also be among the
Southerners to tour and study in Israel this
Outstanding Chapter in the .Region went to the
Cecile Rubin group of Charleston, lead by Mrs.
Robert Wearb. Another award made at the camp
was for the oustanding Judaean in the South. This
year the award went to Carol Freedenthal of At
lanta and Judy Shapiro of Miami Beach.
Winner of the regional Folk Dance contest Was
the Nashville delegation which will represent the
Hanna Zamir, Noted
Israeli Opera Star
'IS* ■J|
«j j£|||
Hanna Zamir, outstanding Is
raeli coloratura, who has just ar
rived in this country from Israel,
will be the featured star of the
Zionist Organization of America’s
“Here’s Israel —1954 Edition,”
which will tour leading U. S.
cities in Fall, 1953, and Winter,
Announcement of Miss Zamir’s
orthcoming appearance was made
by Rabbi Joseph E. Sternstein and
Jacob M. Dinnes, chairman and
co-chairman, respectively, of the
ZOA Speakers and Artists Bu
A native of Warsaw, Poland,
the opera star received her
earliest musical education from
her father who was a cantor, al
though he did not sing profession
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The official 1952 report of the
B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Lea
gue told how Matthews, Mc-
Carthy, professional anti-Semites
Wesley„ Swift and Gerald L. K.
Smith, and radio commentator,
Fulton Lewis, Jr., participated in
the attempt to prevent confirma
tion of Mrs. Rosenberg’s appoint
ment as assistant secretary of de
fense. Lewis made the first broad
cast in which Mrs. Rosenberg was
linked with communism. For this
opening barrage Lewis “obtained
information about Mrs. Rosenberg
from Dr. Joseph B. Matthews,
former chief counsel for the Dies
Committee,” according to the
ADL. Letters from Matthews and
Gerald L. K. Smith which figured
in the anti-Semitic campaign
South in the National Convention. The Nashville
Basketball team which won the Winter Conclave
tournament, will represent the South at the Na
tional Convention to take place the latter part
of August at Tel Yehudah, Hancock, N. Y.
Choral competition this year was won by the
Durham, N. C. chapter and this group will also
represent the South at the National Convention.
Other awards made during the camp, attended
by 150 delegates from thirty chapters were as fol
lows: Best Scrap Book, Nashville Youth of Judaea;
Extemporaneous Speaking, Joyce Shonbrun of
Tampa, Florida; Debate, Carol Freedenthal and
Allan Rosenberg of Atlanta; Ping Pong, Nelson
Goldman of Atlanta.
Approximately 30 Southerners from the South
will attend the National Young Judaea Camp, Tel
Yehudah during the summer. Miss Miriam Belfore
of Augusta was awarded the Ben Popkin annual
Memorial Scholarship to the Camp.
Approximately 40 chapters and clubs were
honored for contributing Funds to the Young
Judaea Israel Project the Tsofim —the Scouts of
Israel. A total of over SBOO was raised by the
Southern units towards building a Young Judaea-
Tsofim camp somewhere near Jerusalem and those
units contributing towards the fund were presented
beautiful plaques at the banquet. Mrs. Abe Aronoff
of Clarkesdale, Mississippi, a past president of
Southern Hadassah and a member of the National
Hadassah special services committee, who attended
the camp as a staff member, was made an honor
ary member of Southern Young Judaea and pre
sented an official Young Judaea pin. Other out
standing ' staff members included, Mrs. Dorothy
Tilly, Director of the Southern Regional confer
ence; Raphi Adler, Music Director, Jewish Agency,
and Josef Peri, American Zionist Youth Commis
McCarthy’s Hate Monger 1
Forced to Hesign
(Copyright, 1953, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.)
The extremist who helped start the red-smear campaign against
Mrs. Anna Rosenberg, former assistant secretary of defense, and who
had been installed as executive staff director of the Senate Perm
anent Subcommittee on Investigations by Chairman Joseph R. Mc-
Carthy, was forced to resign. He is Dr. Joseph B. Matthews, whose
appointment was opposed by a majority of members of McCarthy's
own Subcommittee. Matthews, a known hate monger, incurred the
wrath of President Eisenhower by his attack on Protestant clergy
men, saying 7,000 were "members of the Communist Party, fellow
travelers, or dupes." Matthews had previously caused Jews trouble
with these accusations. The new right-hand man of the Wisconsin
Senator was quickly scored by the President for his persecution of
religious figures, and so thought it expedient to resign. McCarthy
announced that he accepted Matthew's resignation "reluctantly."
against Mrs. Rosenberg were re
produced in the ADL report en
titled “T h e Trouble-makers.”
ADL leaders Arnold Forster and
Benjamin Epstein reported that
Matthews sought “data” against
Mrs. Rosenberg. They asked what
part Matthews had played along
with Wesley Swift, McCarthy,
and others in the false charges
which were eventually exposed.
Matthews shocked many by his
recent agitation for an investiga
tion of American religious life.
Matthews charged that "at least
7,000" Protestant clergymen in
the United States are serving "the
Kremlin's conspiracy" and that
spiritual leaders are "the largest
single group supporting the Com
munist apparatus in the United
Stales." He offered as "evidence"
the assertion that 528 clergymen
signed a petition against the Mc-
Carran Act.
Three Democratic members of
the McCarthy committee first
tried to fire Matthews, their exec
utive staff director, who they con
sidered guilty of “a shocking and
unwarranted attack against the
American clergy.” In a joint state
ment, Senators John L. McClel
lan, of Arkansas, Stuart Syming
ton, of Missouri, and Henry M.
Jackson, of Washington, said Mat
thews’ allegations “cannot be sup
ported by the facts.” Even a Re
publican member of the commit
tee, Sen. Charles E. Potter, of
Michigan, admitted that he felt
Matthews should not be attained.
McCarthy, however, refused to
allow the committee to vote to
fire Matthews, saying that as
chairman he felt the issue should
not be voted upon. A chairman,
said McCarthy, had the right to
hire and fire employees without
consent of the rest of the com
The Chicago Tribune, which
supports Matthews and Mc-
Carthy. editorially attacked the
Rabbinical Assembly of America.
This resulted from the Conserva
tive rabbis' stand against the
"reckless and malicious" attitude
o f congressional investigating
committees. Meanwhile, Rabbi
Bernard Mandelbaum. dean of
students at the Jewish Theologi
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