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IfluAiMA . . .
.. By Ethel 'Teddy" Moscovilz
I Jf.
and the wife of one of the leaders
of the Irgun, has a delightful
sense of humor—perhaps a bit
sardonic—but just enough to lift
the book out of the dramatic . . .
Yet, here is drama . . .
As the title suggests this is a
book with a woman’s point of
view . . . How does a well brought
up. idealistic young woman feel
when she learns that as a leader
in an organization her husband
must be one of those who sanc
tions the hanging of the two Brit
ish sergeants in retaliation for the
murder of the Jewish soldiers by
the British? . . . What manner of
lives are lived by the wives of the
men who must exist underground
because they are being hunted by
the administration in Palestine?
These and other questions are
answered by the South African
girl who traveled to Palestine to
help build there a Jewish home
land . . .
It is a revealing book . . . and
what it reveals best is that no
matter who fights it, war is an
ugly business . . . The conflict be
tween the Hagannah and the
Irgun—the Jewish Agency and
the Revisionists—is not glossed
over ... It is remembered bitterly
and pointedly ... It is apparent
that here is a chapter to which
it cannot be written “finis” . . .
Not only is the reader brought
to the Israel fight for independ
ence, but with the author he is
carried to foreign countries where
he obtains a glimpse of other
Jewries ... It is most interesting
to meet with the Jews of Sweden
and Finland, and of South Africa
. . . each community has its own
personality, and is unmercifully
described by the author . . .
The book sells for $3.50 and is
published by Shiloni Publishers
Just received new shipment
of Genykage (imported from
England). Also Kapff bird
cage (imported from Ger
many) and new Domestic
bird cages. Also Kapff parrot
cages, with glass seed
guard. New toys and dif
ferent aviary supplies.
Tropical Gardens
of Riverview
8752 Lem Turner Rd.
Phone 8-2837
"Wo Top 'tm Alt'
Brown Roofing Co.
_ 12* E. DUVAL STRUT - RHONE 5 -S72S
“The Lady was a Terrorist” by Doris
Katz is one of the new books which
have come out to remind us that there
once was a time when the State of Is
rael had to fight for its independence
. . . Here is a book which is admittedly
published to remind the public of the
war for liberation in general—and the
Irgun in particular ... Its specific task
is to sell copies to raise monies for the
families of those who gave their lives
in fighting with the terrprists . . .
With it all the book is neither somber
or grim . . . Mrs. Katz, the lady terrorist,
of New York . . .
***** i
Our deepest regrets to the fam
ily of Mrs. Rose S. Cohen who
died Tuesday morning . . . She
was the widow of L. H. Cohen
who was well known throughout
this area . . . Surviving her are
two daughters: Mrs. Joe Schrie
ber of Waycross, Ga., and Mrs.
Harry Cypen of Miami . . . Her
two sons reside in Jacksonville
. . . They are Joseph and Sam
Cohen . . .
Mrs. Cohen was interred in the
Bona Venture Cemetery in Sa
vannah, Ga . . .
In Jacksonville the Cohens
were members of the Etz Hayim
Congregation . . .
Guys and Dolls Club
to Sponsor Dance,
October 31st
By Shirley Rubin
The Guys and Dolls Club will
sponsor a gala Halloween Mas
querade Ball, October 31, 1953 at
Temple Ahavath Chesed on Mal
lory Street. Music for dancing
will be furnished by Fats Webb
and his Orchestra from 9:30 p. m.
until 1:30 a. m.
A Halloween motif will be car
ried out in the decorations, and
prizes will be awarded for vari
ous types of costumes. A special
program of -unusual entertain
ment is being planned for inter
Chairman for the Ball is Shir
ley Rubin. Assisting her on the
various committees are the fol
lowing members: decorations,
Norman Freedman, Diane Jaffe
and Lenny Silver; tickets, Marvin
Edwards;. refreshments, Re v a
Caulfield, Hascia Levin and Clara
Lovitz; door committee, Henry
Bittman; publicity, Rae Green
field and Sylvia Bolasky; enter
tainment, Sidney Berman, Sol
Cohen, Laurie Winters and Shelly
Shapiro; prizes, Lillian Friedman.
Admission for this affair will
be SI.OO per person and the gen
eral public is invited.
V. T. Vaughn
Metal Shop
"Anything in Sheet Metal "
PHONE 8-1080
PHONE 4-9360 - 4-6926
Beer - Wine - Soft Drinks
Ed's Sport Center
All Sport Results by Direct Wire
(Across St. from Beach Bus Sta.)
131 Clay St. Jacksonville, Fla.
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I don't like what seems to be
religious narrowness in some of
Israel's politics. Some of the po
; litical parties may be thinking of
a theocratic state in Israel but, I
guess, these parties have to be
appeased on account of the exi
gences of politics. The main way
of Israel looks greatly good.
Unlike the American Council
for Judaism I am not at all afraid
that somehow, because of the
existence of Israel as a political
I state, I, the Jew, may be thought
of by some people as an alien in
the U. S.—a fellow with another
national allegiance.
I feel no national allegiance to
Israel, yet sentimentally I can
feel kin to Israel because Israel
is of my history. Just as an Amer
ican of Irish descent keeps on
loving Ireland which he has never
seen, or a former Englishman
hopefully sings "There Always
Will be an England."
Yes, rather than being afraid
that the existence of Israel will
make my standing as an Ameri
can ambiguous, I feel lifted up
by this ffope: That it will be held
to the credit of Jews generally,
if Israel turns out to be a success
ful nation that governs itself by
peace, justice and righteousness
in all its ways.
As a non-Zionist I hope enthu
siastically for this.
I can go along with the Ameri
can Council for Judaism on the
idea that we, as Jews of the U. S.,
must keep out of political en
tanglements with Israel, that we
must stay divorced from any po
litical relationship with Israel.
As I see it, our relationship
with Israel is the same as with
other kinsmen who live in other
countries, such as Jews in Eng
land, Jews in Denmark, Jews in
Italy, Jews in South Africa. We
are fond of these distant rela
tives and hope some day to have
enough money to lake a trip
across to see them; we wish all
of the best for them. Such is a
rational Jew's relationship to Is
rael as well.
In the case of the Jews of the
brand new nation which is Is
rael we also contribute something
of our means to help make sure
they will prosper and will estab
lish a good country— an exemplar
for all the world to look up to.
I have heard some among us
who have said they never will
buy any bonds of Israel be
cause to do so would be like
becoming a stockholder in Israel,
and to be a ’stockholder suggests
a loyalty. But I guess that some
who talk down Israel's bonds for
that reason, own the desirable
bonds of countries other than the
U. S. and don't feel like traitors
on that account or are conscious
of any dual allegiance. They
think of their foreign bonds only
as first-rate investments.
Currently the West German
government is advertising its
bonds in the U. S. press, through
American bankers and brokers.
This is accepted as moral busi
ness relationship, all in line with
decent international relationship.
Well, I have written this large
ly byway of showing how to do
the family wash; that is to say.
if was done within the family
circle of the Jewish press. There
are those who may not like the
way I did it up and they are at
liberty to quarrel with me within
these columns, but-never't* go
to the-public print* to cry me
/. • ' .. w . <,<
Now available in this area is the fabulous new decanter designed
and introduced by Schenley Distributors, Inc., makers of Schenley
Reserve blended whiskey. According to Phil Rubin, southeastern
division manager for the company, it is more than a "one purpose"
decanter. Many people use these crystal-bright decanters, after they
have served their original purpose, for lamp bases, water bottles oc
Local Hadassah Groups Open
Season Monday and Tuesday
By Mrs. Monroe Klausner
Jacksonville’s three daytime
Hadassah groups will open the
1953-54 season with luncheon
meetings on Tuesday, October 13,
at 12:30 p. m. A fourth group for
business and professional women
will meet Monday, October 12, at
7 p. m. in the Jacksonville Jewish
Highlighting the luncheon of
the Haim Yassky Group, to be
held at the Seminole Hotel, will
be excerpts from the musical skit
“A Date With Hadassah.” Mrs. T.
M. Schneider, chairman of the
day, announced that cards and
bingo will follow the meeting.
For reservations call Mrs. Lou
Feigenbaum, 9-4819 or Mrs. Abe
Newman, 9-5957.
The George Washington Hotel
will be the scene of the meeting
of the Henrietta Szold Group,
which will also feature the musi
cal skit “A Date With Hadassah.”
Directed by Mrs. Melvin Barnert
as program chairman, the cast
will include all the project chair
men. Mrs. Ben Stark will provide
the piano accompaniment. Those
desiring reservations may call the
hospitality chairman, Mrs. Isa
dore Zaslow, 7-6887, or her co-
Maggie Gregory
Antique Shop
343 E. Ist STREET
, PHONE 3-3513
Greetings and Best Wishes
Friday, October 9, 1953
chairmen, Mrs. Sam Bryan, 7-5253
and Mrs. Mitchell Peltz, 9-4054.
The board members of the
Lucy Rubin Group will be host
esses to all the members at their
luncheon to be held at the Jack
sonville Jewish Center. Mrs. Ray
mond Borkson, hospitality chair
man, has been ably assisted in
the luncheon preparations by
Mrs. Sam Greenspan and Mrs.
Sigmund Rauben. For reserva
tions call Mrs. Joe Fraden, 9-0842
or Mrs. Don Leibowitz, 98-8123.
The program for the afternoon
features a dramatic reading,
“Give Tomorrow a Helping
Hand,” by Mrs. Shoutis David.
According to Mrs. Frank Rosen
berg, program chairman, there
will also be a quiz for which a
handsome prize is being offered.
A baby sitter service will be
available for all those members
of the Lucy Rubin Group who
care to use it.
As an added attraction to all
those who attend the meeting of
the Hannah Senesch Group, the
board members will be hostesses
at a smorgasbord supper. Follow
ing the supper and a short busi
ness meeting Mrs. David Barnett,
program chairman for the month,
will present “A Date With Had
assah.” The skit’s cast include
Mrs. Henry Weintraub, Mrs. Har
ry Kolitz, Mrs. David Barnett,
Mrs. Minna Geller, Mrs. Philip
Freeman, Mrs. Joseph Young,
Mrs. Irving Bruckner, Mrs. Harry
Rosen, Mrs. Harry Glenn, Mrs.
Max Brownstein, and Mrs. Jack

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