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VOL. 30 No. 39
X had the craziest dream the
other night. It was all about a
person who carried the name
Senator Dubb. Some may attach
an uncomplimentary significance
to such a name as Dubb; but in
the dream Mr. Dubb was one of
the most patriotic senators.
He was out to rid the country
of everyone suspected' of having
any blue on him. Mr. Dubb had
a long, sharp nose, like a wolf
hound’s; so long and sharp that
it surely could be drilled into a
keyhole even. With this the sena
tor went about sniffing people to
discover any blue in them; at
the slightest smell that suggested
blue, .the senator completely de
voured the suspected person, like
a wolfhound might a rabbit. As
I said'at the very beginning of
this piece, it was the craziest
Every time Sen. Dubb swallow
ed somebody, there were big
headlines: "Sen. Dubb Gets An
other Blue," or "Sen. Dubb Eats
Blues Alive."
But all at once the scene
changed and the funniest thing
happened. This was just about
the time practically everybody in
my dream had been arrested as
a Blue, or devoured, or at least
sniffed at suspiciously. The few
survivors lurked fearfully in
shadows in which the blue they
had on them might not be detect
ed: That is to say, the blue of
their eyes, or the blue that was
in their hearts or the blue of
their pants. Who would be next?
Yml Son. Dubb himself was
the next. He was about to catch
up with the president of the
Tenth National Bank to denounce
him as a dangerous Blue, a men
ace to the Republic who favored
blue in all his neckties. But it
was just then that Sen. Dubb
himself was seized upon and pub
licly exposed by none other than
his colleague. Sen. Mutt.
In my journalistic function I
made inquiries: How come? I
learned that Sen. Mutt, having
observed how politically profit
able it was to chase down every
one and everything that looked
blue, had decided to go in pur
suit of everything and everybody
that had any green on it or him
. . . “Green,” he argued, “should
be as profitable for me as blue
has been for'Dubb. I’m going to
be a great patriot, too. I’ll make
green the most despised of all the
colors, and I’ll expose Sen. Dubb
as the leader among Jtfee Greens.”
Mutt denounced Dubb before
the entire Senate . . . 'This man
who pretends to hate the Blues is
himself a leading Green ... I
have documents from the year
1929 when he was graduated from
Green College; yes, his education
was Green ..." At these words
Sen. Dubb seemed to wither in
his seat. What further evidence
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W iBIP' if JppPftp’B , 1 '■*
Edward C. Robinson (left) and Paul Muni, stars of stage, screen, radio and
television, will appear in a special radio play, entitled “Jerusalem Is Her
Name,” over the N.B.C. radio network on Wednesday, October 21, at 10:30
P.M. Eastern Standard Time. Written by David Driscoll, the dramatic program
will be presented by the National Broadcasting Company in co-operation
with the State of Israel Bond Organization, and will be dedicated to the
3,000th anniversary of Jerusalem. In communities throughout the nation, the
Israel Bond drive is sponsoring celebrations to mark Jerusalem’s 3,000th year.
Harry S. Truman, former President of the United States, will be the guest of
honor at a giant rally honoring Jerusalem at the Chicago Stadium on Saturday
evening, November 28. New York’s observance of Jerusalem’s anniversary will
be held on Tuesday evening, October 20, at Madison Square Garden.
Southeast Synagogues To Meet on Oct. 23
The tenth convention of the
Southeastern Synagogue Confer
ence will be held in Nashville,
Tennessee on October 23, 24 and
25. The Confererice is the regional
organization of orthodox congre
gations, representing thirty-eight
synagogues in nine Southern
Nashville’s Congregation Sher
ith Israel, the host to the first
convention in 1943, will have the
honor of receiving the scores of
delegates to the-tenth convention.
The organizer and honorary pres
ident of the conference, Mr. Harry
Stern of Nashville, is serving as
chairman of the “Decade of Prog
ress” Convention. Abraham E.
Rabhan of Savannah, Georgia,
1,000 See HiOel Unit at U. of F. Dedicated
GAINESVILLE Ceremonies dedicating the
new Hillel House of the B’nai B’rith Foundation
at the University of Florida were held Sunday
afternoon at the $66,000 brick house climaxing 13
yews of work by the Hillel Foundation on the
campus of the University.
More than a thousand guests attended the cere
monies from all over Florida, as well as several
from out of state.
The program was opened with an invocation
by Dr. Donald D. Michelson, Director of the B’nai
B’rith Hillel Foundation at the University of Mi
ami. Greetings to the assemblage were offered
by Dr. John S. Allen, University Vice-President,
representing the University of Florida, and Mau
rice A. Weinstein, president of district Grand
Lodge Five, B’nai B’rith, from Charlotte, N. C.
Edward I. Cutler, President of the Florida State
Federation of B’nai B’rith Lodges, from Tampa,
and Mrs. Jack Wein of Miami, President of the
Florida State Federation of B’nai B’rith Women’s
Chapters, also made brief addresses. Presentation
of the Torah was made by Rabbi Jerome Kesten
baum, Interim Director of the new Hillel House.
The House was presented to the local Hillel
President of' the Conference, an
nounced that the establishment of
a regional organization for teen
agers will head the agenda. “I am
delighted,” declared Mr. Rabhan,
“that the youth assembly is a i
product of grass-roots demand, j
Our children are eager to meet
with those of other communities
to plan co-ordinated programs
and exchange ideas.”
The Conference, an affiliate of
the Union of Orthodox Jewish
Congregations of America, serv
ing more than 525 member con
gregations in the United States
and Canada, has been instrumen
tal in fostering traditional Juda
ism and promoting intensive edu
cation throughout the South.
group by Louis Ossinsky Sr., of Daytona Beach,
First Vice-President of District Grand Lodge Five,
and Chairman of the Hillel Building Fund for the
state; Morris Witten, Jacksonville, Honorary Chair
man of the Building Fund; and Sidney Grossman
of Gainesville, chairman of the State Hillel Com
Miss Elinor Gendelman, Orlando, president of
the Hillel Foundation at the University, accepted
the house.
Rabbi Arthur Lelyveld of New York, the Na
tional Director of B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundations,
made the main address. He was introduced by
Rabbi David L. Zielonka, Congregation Schaaral
Zedek, of Tampa.
Rabbi Lelyveld has been with Hillel Founda
tions since 1946, and has been national director
since 1948. He has been active in many phases
of Jewish life since receiving his Bachelor’s de
gree from Columbia University in 1933. Ordained
a Rabbi by Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati,
Ohio, in 1939, he is a former Rabbi of Temple
Israel in Omaha, Neb.
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Dr. Nahum Goldmann To
Address Southeastern
Z. 0. A., October 18
Dr. Nahum Goldmann, Chairman of the Jewish Agency For
Palestine, will make his first major address of the year at the Six
teenth Annual Conference Banquet of the Southeastern Zionist
Region on Sunday, October 18, Baron Hirsch Educational Building,
Memphis. Tennessee. The presence of the world Jewish leader will
help launch the Region's dynamic new program to marshal all its
resources for aid to Israel during the coming year.
Savannah Educator
Honored by A.D.L. .
William A. Early, of Savannah,
Ga., President of the National
■ Education Association, was named
to receive the 1953 Distinguished
! Service Award of the Southern
Regional Board of the Anti-Defa
mation League of B’nai B’rith, at
the Board’s 6th annual meeting
held in Atlanta on October 10-11,
The second recipient of the
Southern ADL’s award, Mr. Early
is Superintendent of public
schools of Chatham County, Ga.
“The Distinguished Service
Award of the Southern Regional
ADL Board is made to Mr. Early
for his outstanding contributions
to the advancement of good citi
zenship and democracy through
education and the improvement
of our public schools,” the League
announced. “We are proud to rec
ognize so distinguished an educa
tor for his achievements over
many years in the cause of edu
cational advancement,” the ADL
The 1952 recipients of the Sou
thern ADL Board’s Distinguished
Service Award were newspaper
men Horace Carter, of Whiteville,
N. C., and Willard Cole, of Tabor
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Bom in Russia where he at
tended Yeshiva, he later received
his secular education in Germany
obtaining Doctorates in Law and
Philosophy from three Univer
sities. Dr. Goldm arm’s early asso
ciation with Zionism led to his
election as Zionist representative
to the League of Nations, and
shortly thereafter, Chairman of
the Executive of the Jewish
An instrument of the League,
the Agency is composed of all
Zionist groups, including the
Zionist Organization of America,
Hadassah, Mizrachi. Poale Zion,
and the Revisionists. It has no
official connection with Israel,
but its work today, deals chiefly
with the collection of Zionist
funds and world-wide Jewish
After the vicissitudes of a life
time’s dedication to the Zionist
Cause, Dr. Goldmann crowned
his career with the recent signing
of the German Reparations
Treaty. The agreement called for
the payment of SBOO millions in
German goods to Israel over a
spaced period of twelve years.
The negotiations were long and
protracted, and the need for Pre
mier Adenauer to obtain the con
sent of all the German parties in
Parliament, added to the difficul
ties. Rarely in history, have a
landless minority received simi
lar compensation from a van
quished nation. Dr. Goldman's
persistence and perseverance,
plus his years of experience in
international parlays, paid off
handsomely. President Irving Mil
ler of the Z.O.A. recently said,'
that world Jewry has yet to come
to a fuller appreciation and un
derstanding of Dr. Goldmann’s
signal achievement.
Dr. Goldmann is a Life Mom-'
ber of the Zionist Organization of
America. Along with the late Dr.
Stephen S. Wise, he helped found
the World Jewish Congress, and
upon the latter's death, he suc
ceeded to the world Presidency.
He has just returned from Ge
neva, Switzerland, where that
body recently met. Dr. Gold
in ann's fluency in half-a-dozen
European languages together with
his brilliant oratorical gifts, havo
eminently fitted him for his role
of Jewish spokesman in the coun
sels of nations.
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