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VOL. 31 No. 3
A few months ago (as I report
ed here) I went into week-end re
treat with 35 Catholics in the
Holy Cross Monastery; in order
to observe how Catholics get
close to their religion. Afterward
I was asking. Why don't we Jews
occasionally do something like
that to discover our relationship
with God and how to behave as
His progeny? We Jews are always
so busy with a lot of other angles
of being Jewish.
Since then several letters have
asked me rather indignantly:
Where have I been in Jewish life'
all this time? Didn’t I know that
retreats of Jewish gentlemen are
being conducted all around the
country; in fact, in our own town.
"And you go retreating with
people of another religion alto
gether," one letter said. "Shame
on you, not because you went
with the Catholics but because
you, a journalist, don't seem to
know the resources of your own
Further, more detailed informa
tion in the same direction from
the Union of American Hebrew
Congregations (Reform) tells me
that many of our congregations
have retreats for the purpose of
enlarging adult education in Ju
So I could feel properly humble
as a columnist who doesn't seem
to know what gives in our own
circle. Not that I regret having
gone , with the Catholics that
week-end; the visit with the
priests in the monastery contri
buted to my &ucalion as a mem
ber of the human family. Thereby
1 discovered that Jehovah also
was in the monastery, even as in
the synagogue, in the Hebrew
Union College and the Jewish
Theological Seminary.
I suggest that to this Jewish re
treat some Protestants and Catho
lics be asked to come along. Bow
ing together—Jew, Catholic, Pro
testant—at the Jewish altar
should be good for all of us. Not
that there would be the least ef
fort to make the Christians over
into Jews but it should help to
teach us and them that it’s about
time we got to know each other
better. If we can’t be brothers in
a brotherhood, we can at least be
good neighbors and friends. And
why should we be afraid of each
other? God looking down on a
scene of Jews and Christians in a
Jewish retreat together would
feel more hopeful of the human
race which has been making an
awful mess of itself.
, VIENNA, (JTA) Seven al
leged accomplices of%the late Ru
dolf Slansky, one-:time Commu
nist Party head in Czechoslovakia
who was executed for "treason”
and “espionage” involving alleged
Jewish and Zionist conspirators,
were! sentenced to prison terms
ranging from 13 years to life.
Jewish Immigrant Services Merge
Bp j. M" ;
j§g JL k . ...
Shown discussing proposals which will merge the 73-yesr-old
Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) and United
Service For New Americans (USNA) are, 1. to r.s Walter H. Bieringer
of Boston, President of USNA; Edwin Rosenberg, who led discussions
on the proposed merger; and Ben Touster,-President of HIAS. The
announcement of the plan to consolidate the two agencies into S)
single national and international Jewish migration agency and to
include into the new organization, to be called "United HIAS Serv
ice," the world-wide migration services of the JDC, was made at
a press conference held on Jan. 28th at the offices of the Council
of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds, in New York.
Fund-Raising for Israel in "Serious
Decline," Soimeborn Tells U. LA.
NEW YORK, (JTA) Fund-raising for Israel in this country
is experiencing a "serious, drastic decline," Rudolf G. Sonneborn,
national chairman of the United Israel appeal, said this week at the
UIA annual meeting here.
• Sounding a “somber warning”
to the Jewish people in this coun
try, Mr. Sonneborn, who was re
elected chairman at the meeting,
declared that we can “no longer
escape the painful and boldly ap
parent fact that available funds
have been sharply reduced while
at the same time responsibilities
in Israel, particularly in terms of
human lives and their productive
rehabilitation, have more than
trebled.” Mr. Sonneborn cited
four major areas in Israel which
have suffered sharply due to the
drastic fund decline:
1. Transition camp conditions
under which 100,000 immigrants
live in very difficult straits with
“food supplies low and malnutri
tion an ominous specter.”
2. Short-term foreign debts
totalling $110,000,000 which must
be reduced by a curtailment of
imports. “This limitation on pur
chases abroad is working severe
hardships in terms of Consumer
goods and necessary staples.”
3. Agricultural develop ment
has had to be limited “to the
point where hundreds of thou
sands of acres produce only one
fourth of their potential due to
a lack of funds for implementing
irrigation projects in full scale.”
4. Social problem cases involv
ing “tens of thousands of widows,
aged, handicapped, who require
direct assistance and the oppor
tunity to do some kind of work
but who are getting the barest
minimum of either.”
Ellis Radinsky reporting on the
activities of UIA agencies in Is
rael during 1953, announced that
a total of $85,085,559 had been
spent for the immigration and re
settlement program. “In the high
ly-charged atmosphere of politi
cal tension and border attrition,”
Mr. Radinsky said, the UIA agen
cies persisted in seeking to meet
the productive needs of the coun
try through a large-scale empha
sis on agricultural development.
For the construction of 43 settle
ments, the development of those
already in existence and the ex
pansion of irrigation projects, the
UIA last year spent more thaii
$54,500,000, Mr. Radinsky said.
As part of the agricultural pro
gram, a large-scale emphasis was
placed on increasing the land area
under irrigation. He pointed out
that in 1953 an additional 30,000
acres were added to the irrigated
area. ’
Jewish Immigrants
Ask Return to Israel
Jewish immigrants brought to
Brazil from Germany the past six
weeks in the liquidation of the
Foehrenwald camp
situation, have been demonstrat
ing in Sao Paulo and demanding
their transfer to Israel.
The “returnees”—DFs released
from Nazi concentration camps
who returned to Germany after
their transfer to Israel, and
brought here from Germany—
now insist on returning to IsraeL
Eban Charges Arab League States
Vith Conspiracy Against Israel
UNITED NATIONS, N. Y„ (JTA) Declaring that he could not
remember a time when "the hostility and lawlessness bf the Arab
governments was at so high a pitch over so wide a front," Israel
Ambassador Abba S. Eban charged last week-end that a whole
series of lawless acts by Arab states were concerted by the Arab
League governments, all of which were responsible for each violation.
Mr. Eban charged an Arab con
spiracy when he addressed a
press conference here in connec
tion with the submission of Is
rael’s complaint to the Security
Council against Egypt’s blockade
of Israel-bound shipping. He
mentioned the Egyptian blockade,
the Jordan refusal to honor its
signature on the armistice agree
ments, the Syrian refusal to ac
cept the verdict of the majority
of the Security Council, the Iraqi
arrests of innocent air passengers
forced down on Iraqi territory
and the threats of the King of
Saudi Arabia.
A situation exists, he said, of
"total hostility" in which "there
is a flight from agreements and
obligations along the entire front.
All this takes place," he added,
"with a'remarkable lack of alert
international counteraction." *
Mr. Eban declared it “incon
ceivable” that at the climax of
Arab hostility and lawlessness,
nilitary aid should be given to
any member of the Arab League
whose governments threaten the
peace. He singled out Iraq which,
with Saudi Arabia, has been men
tioned as possible recipient of
American military aid, as “the
most extremist member” as leader
in the original aggression against
Israel and as the source of num
erous irridentist moves in the
Middle East.
Memorandum Explains Israel's
Complaints \
In a memorandum submitted
earlier to the Security Council
explaining Isra el’ s complaint
against Egypt’s extension of the
anti-Israel blockade at the Suez
Canal and at the mouth of the
Gulf of Aqaba, Mr. Eban pointed
out that the Anti-Israel Boycott
Committee cited in the Egyptian
legislation extending the blockade
to food shipments as requesting
tightening of the blockade in
cluded representatives of all
member-states of the Arab Lea
The memorandum, requesting
discussion of the complaint at an
early meeting of the Council,
listed the Egyptian blockade of
the Canal and the interference
with shipping bound for the Is
raeli port of Elath as violations
of the Security Council resolu
tion of September 1. 1951, and
the Israel-Egypt armistice agree
ment. It charged that both actions
were "equally piratical and il
Avowing the Israel Govern
ment’s refusal to “acquiesce in
this arbitrary violation of its in
ternational rights,” the memor
andum insisted that “the con
tinued practice of these acts of
war is bound to weaken the inte
grity of the Armistice Agreement,
to deprive the decisions of the
Security Council'of their due au
thority, and to aggravate the
$3.00 A YEAS
threat to peace and security in
the Middle East.”
Israel Seeks International
Aid to Free Iraq Captives
JERUSALEM, (JTA) - - Israel
has asked Britain,. Holland, the
United Nations and the Interna
tional Red Cross to intercede in
connection with the detention by
Iraq of three Israeli nationals
taken off a British plane when it
| made a forced landing on Iraqi
territory a month ago, it was an
nounced this week.
Foreign .Minister Moshe Sha
rett, speaking in the Knesset, de
nounced the incident as an “in
ternational scandal” and said it
was “actually kidnapping.” He
pointed out that the Iraqi action
was in sharp contradiction to Is
rael’s practice of releasing Iraqi
citizens who happened to be
stranded in Israel.
Israel expected action from
Britain, particularly, Mr. Sharett
added, because the plane involv
ed in the incident was British, be
cause its captain had acquiesced
in the Iraqi action in removing
the Israelis from the plane and
because the plane Was immedi
ately released upon strong pres
sure from the British Embassy
which apparently had insisted, at
the same time, on the release of
all the passengers.
Jacksonville Mayor to
Address J.N.F. Ralley
Haydon - Burns, Mayor of Jack
sonville, who was a visitor in the
Near East and Israel this past
year, will be the guest speaker at
the annual Jewish National Fund
Rally which will be held by the
Jacksonville Zionist District and
the Jacksonville Chapter of Had
assah Monday night, February 15,
at 8 P. M. in the auditorium of
the Jacksonville Jewish Center.
Chairman of the evening is Max
Rubin. He is being assisted in the
plans for the meeting by Mrs.
Louis Feigenbaum, Mrs. Hyman
Katz, Mrs. David Armel (Presi
dent of Hadassah), Jack Becker,
I. J. Edelstein, and Cantor A.
Marton (President of the Z.0.A.).
The public is invited to hear
this major address by the Jack
sonville Mayor who has spoken to
many audiences since his. return
from his jaunt with other U. S.
Mayors to the trouble spots of the
Near East. He recently addressed
an assemblage of over 400 per
sons in Orlando, and has appear
ed before several local organiza
tions. Burns will be introduced
By Leonard Moss, past chairman
of the Jacksonville Jewish Com
munity Council. '

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