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Friday, Fabryary 5, 1954
The Southern Jewish Weekly
An Independent Paper Senring American Citizens of Jewish Faith
This newspaper seeks to serve the Jewish communities of the South with
an ORTHODOX conscience, a CONSERVATIVE tone, and a REFORM outlook.
Edited and Published by ISADORE MOSCOVITZ. B.S.J.
Subscription, one year $3.00; two years, $5.00.
Upon expiration, unless notified to the contrary,
subscriptions are continued.
Entered as Second-Class Matter, at the Post Office,
Jacksonville, Florida, Under Act of March 3, 1879
Member, American Association of English-Jewish Newspapers, the Jewish
Telegraphic Agency, Sigma Delta Chi, Kappa Tau Alpha, Seven Arts Features
end the Chamber of Commerce.
"The Oldest and Most Widely Circulated Jewish Publication
in this Territory”
' ’ '
The McCarran Boys
p. $
J/ ;i&p *& j
ting in exchange for these few well chosen words. We might
be getting rid of a few gang lords (and the method of deporta
tion is questionable at that) but the United States is becoming
infected with another type of public enemy from which it
may not easily recover. It should be noted that while the
gangster boss is uncontested top man in his organization, the
McCarran Act is introducing totalitarianism in our country
for the first time in our history, and the immigration officer
becomes lord and master of the naturalized citizen.
The McCarran Act is hailed by many as a good Job of
recodifying all prior immigration and naturalization laws.
But actually it does much more than that. It is a quiet revolu
tion against the Bill of Rights and against all the basic con
cepts of our democracy. Let us name a few of the reversals on
former government policy. 1
In 1890 the Congress of the U. S. passed a law prohibiting
the coming into this country of anyone seeking entrance by
contract labor agreements. This was held as a form of slavery,
and when the contract labor clause was abolished the last
vestment of slavery disappeared.
In 1953, under the McCarran Act, this provision for con
tract labor reappears. The first category of aliens admitted to
this country are designated as specialists needed for particu
lar work. According to the McCarran Act, a man admitted to
this country because he is an excellent watch maker is doom
ed to be a watch maker for the rest of his life. As a naturalized
citizen he must, according to the Act which admitted him,
report periodically to the Attorney General, who has the
power to deport him. While for other native born citizens the
power of law making and justice are separate—for the natu
ralized citizen the power of life here is held in the hand of
one man.,
It is an infamous law, this McCarran Act, and all of
America must be awakened to its dangers.
For the first time in our history people are kept out of
our country because of color or creed.
- A Communist is so feared that anyone who may have
joined the Reds out of ignorance in his youth will be denied
entry here—but a former Nazi or Fascist can come in. This
is so because the McCarran boys say that Communism is a
subversive force, but Nazism is not!
This kind of perverted thinking is creating second class
citizens (such as our watch maker) in a land where the prin
ciple of government is supposedly based on the theory that
all men are created equal. /
No one in his right mind will say that immigration should
not be limited. In the same lifeht it must be agreed that a
reasonable law must be passed to enable us to continue a
flow of immigration. This country was built by immigrants,
and immigrants are continuing to help make it a thriving
and progressive land. We must find a sane, healthy law to
replace the heretical McCarran Act. We should do it soon, for
the present law is as deadly to the health of our own country
as it is to the eager people from other shores who need to
come here.
A recent edition of “This Week
Magazine" which appears locally
through the Florida Times Union
carries an article directed to the Mc-
Carran Act. The article is called
"Uncle Sam Rushes the Bums," and
it tells how unwanted gangsters, who
were never naturalized, are being
evicted from this country. In effect
it says: "Thank God for that won
derful McCarran Act which by a
few sentences is helping America
get rid of its criminals.
The article doesn’t mention the
type of gangsterism the U. S. is get-
By Rabbi Samuel J. Fox
QUESTION: Why is it prohibit
ed to eat the blood of an animal?
ANSWER: Basically, the Torah
expressly prohibits the human
consumption of the blood of an
animal or fowl. This restriction is
mentioned in several places in the
Bible (Lev. 7:8; Deut. 12:23; Deut.
12:25). In one of these places the
Bible offers the following reason:
“Thou shalt not eat it in order
that it may be good to thee and
thy children after thee, if thou
shalt do that which is right in
the eyes of the Lord.”
Another reason which is infer
red from a Biblical text is the fact
that the blood was used for sacri
ficial purposes on the altar and
was dedicated to a higher purpose
than that of human consumption.
Another reason given by medieval
authorities such as Maimondies is
that it was once a common cus
tom amongst idolaters to drink
the blood of their sacrifices. Jews
were thus asked to abstain from
consuming blood so as to remove
themselves from idolatrous cus
*** * *
QUESTION: Why is it neces
sary to salt meat before cooking?
ANSWER: The purpose of salt
ing meat is to remove as much
blood as possible from the meat
so that when the meat is cooked
the blood shall not be cooked
with it and eaten with the meat.
QUESTION: Why is it than
when broiling meat it is not nec
essary to salt it beforehand?
ANSWER: The broiling process
in itself draws the blood put of
the meat. Thus the salting process
is unnecessary. However, it is cus
tomary to sprinkle a little salt
upon the meat before broiling.
Also, one is required to wash off
the blood that appears on the sur
face of the meat.
no better way
to bake
kosher cake!
B 1.1 ■ I iflß #T i 1 4JM
Security Council Fiasco
(Copyright, 1954, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.)
Surely, an apt description of the recent Security Council
fiasco over the Jordan River canal dispute is to say that the
Soviets emerged from it like the proverbial cat which had
swallowed the canary. Perhaps, the Western delegates would •
have claimed that they came out of it more like the cat which
had swallowed the peace dove, and not the Picasso brand
either, but theirs would have been merely sour grapes. Mr.
Vishinsky scored a diplomatic coup and he was entitled to the
chuckling he did afterwards.
It was in such a Machiavellian manner that he went
about it that the Western delegates could never be sure that
he was going to use veto; they had even discussed their reso
lution with him, an unusual procedure in this place where
East is East and West is West and never the twain meet, and
had even made changes in the wording to meet the Russian
objections. Yet< when they came to review the shambles of
their plans, they had to admit that Mr. Vishinsky had indi
cated what he was going to do. Somehow, they refused to
believe thek own ears, and they were thrown into confusion
when he raised his hand in opposition, and by this simple
motion, so cheap and effortless, gained the plaudits of the
Arab press.
Os course, there were the obvious political and propa
ganda purposes of such a move, but those who are close to
the Soviets claim that there was another reason for the veto.
These apologists say that the Russians are opposed to the
Truce Supervision Organizations, that they were excluded
from it when it was originally formed, and that they are not
going to grant it any additional power. If they want to have
a say in the Middle East, and like everyone else, the Soviets
regard it as a critical area, they must insist on keeping mat-,
ters in the Security Council.
The Russians have never objected in this way to the
Truce Supervision Organization before, that they have never
used the veto in a Palestine dispute. That is why most
observers here believe that the Soviet action had a political
motive and that it may mark a turning point in Russian
policy in the Middle East. At least, that is what the Arabs
are claiming, and it may not be wishful thinking on then
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