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tylttAlHfA # # • By Elhal "Teddy" Mozeoviiz
W' wSagH^
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is still being talked about, and
Dorothy Portnoy, Program Chair
man, is going all out to top it . .
From Atlanta, Ga. we keep
hearing nice things about the
splendid work being done for the
armed services . . . Through the
efforts of the Jewish Welfare
Board the Ahavath Achim Sister
hood is sponsoring two Purim
Festival features . . . On March
6th they are planning a dance at
8:15 in the Temple on. Peachtree
Road . . . Sunday afternoon,
March 7th, from 2 to 4:30 there
will be a matinee dance at the
Mayfair Club . . .
If I am not mistaken the Aha
vath Achim is Rabbi Epstein’s
congregation ... I wish the rabbi
could have heard all the nice
things his young people said
about him when they were here
for the recent Y.P.L. convention
... In fact I wish all the rabbis
could hear their young people . .
Judging from off the record re
marks the spiritual leaders (and
-lay leaders as well) still under
estimate their young congregants
. . . Those “older people” who of
fer them meat for thought, and
challenging programs are regard
ed with high favor . . . Leaders
who are apologetic of a positive
program, and themselves use a
negative approach lose much face
among the youth . . .
I might even go further and
Editor To Speak
The Henrietta Szold Group of
the Jacksonville Chapter of Had
assah will be hosts Saturday
afternoon at an Oneg Shabbat to
be held in the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Isadore Moscovitz at 1320
Lakewood Road. Mrs. Raye Mar
golin is in charge of the program,
and has announced that all mem
bers of Hadassah are cordially in
vited to attend.
The program of the afternoon
will be that for Sabbath Joy. Isa
dore Moscovitz, Editor of The
Southern Jewish Weekly, who is
scheduled to return from Israel
this week will be the guest
Mrs. Abba Safer is president of
Szold Group. Proceedings will
begin at three o’clock.
Week-End Schedule
at Etz Hoyim
Etz Hayim Congregation, 33
West 6th Street, Jacksonville,
Florida, wishes to announce the
schedule for this week-end:
Kabalath Service, Friday, Feb.
26th, 6:15 P. M.
Saturday Morning Service, Sat
Feb. 27th, 8:30 A. M.
Saturday Mincha Service, Sat.,
Feb. 27th, 6:15 P. M.
Followed by Shalos Seudos.
Services to be conducted by
Cantor Paul Chramoff.
From Orlando, Fla. we learn that the
synagogue Sisterhood is raising its funds
by the donor plan ... Mrs. Alton Dreayer
and Mrs. Milton Wasserman are the
energetic chairmen there . . .
In Jacksonville the Sisterhood donor
method is being used also . . . Here the
drive will culminate with a Purim Ball
on March 20th '. . . Mrs. Bud Grossman
is in charge . . . Mrs. A1 Maddis is
treasurer of the Donor committee . . .
Understand that Jacksonville Hadas
sah is planning a most novel program
for its donor affair . . . Last year’s event
state the religious leaders under
estimate their adult congregations
as well . . . These are the times
which demand strong convictions,
and powerful words . . . Old and
young alike are looking for the
same guidance . . .
Palestine - Major Concern
of the Security Council
(Continued from Page 1)
Suez Canal but they have shown
their contempt for the United
Nations by extending the block
ade to include foodstuffs and be
yond the canal to the Gulf of
In confining itself to one issue
in this way, the Security Council
has not shown itself to be any
more able to settle problems than
when it took up several. At best,
the debates on the Palestine issue
have been notable for dawdling,
procrastination, for lack of deci
sion; at worst, they have shown
appeasement of the Arabs by thfe
Great Powers.
Austria To Re-Open
Talks: $n Claims
VIENNA, (JTA) The Aust
rian Government, through medi
ators, has indirectly approached
world Jewish organizations with
proposals aimed at re-opening
negotiations for settlement of
Jewish claims against Austria, it
was learned today. The negotia
tions were broken off last autumn
when the Austrian Government
took the position that it could not
make any payment for heirless
Jewish property.
The government is now report
ed to be ready to offer a payment
on account of this heirless Jew
ish property. If the Austrian offer
provides a basis for discussion, in
formed sources here see no im
pediment to the re-opening of
negotiations. The Jewish organi
zations have asked Austria for
payment of $11,500,000 for heir
less Jewish property.
In the Circuit Court of the Fourth
Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida
In and For Duval County. In Chancery.
No. 86519-E Division B
Adoption of Gloria Kilgore,
An adult.
Notice is hereby given that a peti
tion for the adoption of Gloria Kilgore,
an adult, by Beatrice E. Helmer, the
survivor of a married couple, residing
in the State of Florida, will be pre
sented to the Honorable Judge of the
Circuit Court of Duval County, Florida,
Division B, in Chancery, on Tuesday,
the 6th day of April. 1954, at 10:00
o’clock a. m., or as soon thereafter as
suits the convenience of the said Court,
at Chambers, Duval. County Court
house, Jacksonville, Florida.
Dated at Jacksonville, Florida, thia
23rd day of February. 1954.
Beatrice E. Helmer
2847 Park Street
Jacksonville, Florida
Goldstein & Goldstein, Attorneys
Florida Title Building
Jacksonville, Florida
Feb. 26 March 5-12-19-1954.
Out 01 Israel
(Copyright, 1954, Jewish Telegraphic
Agency, Inc.)
*•* * *
Isaac Carmel, back from Israel,
tells how a boy in Israel was ex
plaining to a younger child the
various stages of life. First, he
said, one plays and goes to school,
then one gets a job and earns
some money, then one marries
and raises a family and finally
one gets old and speaks Yiddish.
David Ben Gurion’s retirement
to the Negeb has occasioned Bib
lical parallels. In days of old,
David, walking in the desert,
heard the Divine voice and said,
T am David, the son of Jesse, a
simple shepherd.” And the Divine
voice said, “Blessed are thou,
David, for thou shalt be king of
Today, David Ben Gurion walk
ing in the desert, hearing the Di
vine voice, said, “I am David Ben
Gurion, former Prime Minister.”
And the Divine voice responded,
“Blessed art thou, David, for thou
wilt become a simple shepherd.”
Mr. Carmel tells of a vaudeville
skit which he saw in Israel—
woven around the theme that
Ben Gurion’s coming to Sdeh
Boker bankrupted that settle
ment. When he arrived at the
desert outpost the community
presented Ben Gurion with a
television set.
“The others have no television
sets and I will not take one,” said
Ben Gurion.
What to do? The settlers de
cided that to get Ben Gurion to
accept the television set a simi
lar set would be given to each
member of the community.
The same thing happened when
they tried to present Ben Gurion
with a refrigerator. Also, the set
tlers, solicitious for the health of
Ben Gurion insisted that he cut
his working period to four hours
a day.
“The others work eight hours
and I will not be an exception,”
said Ben Gurion.
So to induce Ben Gurion to
work only four hours, it was de
cided that no one in the settle
ment should work more than four
That’s how Ben Gurion bank
rupted Sdeh Boker.
I hasten to add that this is pure
fiction, of course. In fact, with the
assistance of Israel bonds, and
the presence of the former Prime
Minister, Sdeh Boker is looking
forward to speeded-up develop
Another wheeze making the
rounds in Israel today is of the
Jew from an Alaskan town who
settled in Israel. “I was the only
Jew in my city in Alaska,” he
said on settling in Israel.
“So you mean,” he was asked,
“there are no more Jews there.”
.“Oh yes,” he replied, “the Jew
ish population there today is two.
There are two Shelichim from
Jacob Epstein, Famous
Jewisji Sculptor Knighted
By Queen Mother
stein, American-born British
sculptor was knighted last week
by Queen Mother Elizabeth in a
ceremony at Buckingham Hall.
Sir Jacob was named by Queen
Elizabeth H on her New Year’s
Day honors list this year.
Druse Chief To Visit America
(Copyright, 1954, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.
Non-Jewish citizens of Israel—the state's 17,000 members of the
Druse religion—are preparing to launch a fund-raising drive among
American Druse on behalf of Israel. Their objective is Israel-Arab
Kamal Mansour, son of the
chief of Isifya, is planning a trip
to the United States and espe
cially to Richmond, Va., where a
considerable number of Druse
have settled. Educated at Hebrew
University, Mansour feels that
Israelis who do not happen to be
Jews should participate in the
building of the state. He believes
that the situation of Israel’s
Druse inhabitants can be used to
illustrate Israel’s desire for good
will with its neighbors.
Mansour thinks American
Arabs have been subjected to a
one-sided barrage of Arab League
propaganda. He hopes to familiar
ize them with the favorable view
of the Druse people toward Israel.
This will be difficult, he acknow
ledges, owning to the participa
tion of the Druse of the Israel
aide during the War of Libera
tion. The least he - expects to
achieve, however, is the estab
lishment of closer ties between
the many thousands of American
Druse and the Zionist movement.
The time for the new under
taking is considered propitious
because Druse throughout the
world have been alarmed into a
new sense of group-consciousness
by the Syrian Dictator Shishekly’s
persecution in recent weeks of
Syria’s Druse inhabitants. A peo
ple noted for militant defense of
its rights, the Druse of Israel
sought permission of the Israel
Government to send a Druse
expeditionary unit into Syria in
defense of their brethren. This
permission was denied because
Israel could not agree to the
armed intervention of its citizens
in the affairs of another country.
Prime Minister Sharett, however,
met with a Druse minority Os
Syria although it was impossible
to intervene on their behalf by
armed force. Sharett recalled that
Israel’s Druse rallied under the
Mogen Dovid in 1948 and per
formed effective service.
The Israel Druse mission to the
United States will seek to in
vite Americans of Druse origin to
visit Israel to see at first hand
how Jew and Druse live as bro
thers. Stanton Griffis, a former
American ambassador to Egypt
who isn’t noted for pro-Zionist
leanings, once visited the Israel
Druse. He pointed out that Dr.
Farid Zeineddine, Syrian Ambas
sador to Washington, is of Druse
origin. A spokesman for the Is
rael Druse replied to Griffis,
speaking as an Israeli. He said:
“We are not proud of his (Zein
eddine’s) activities against us.”
Feeling themselves an integral
part of Israel, the Druse here say
that if the nation’s total economy
is improved they will benefit
along with the rest of the coun
try. They strongly oppose Arab
League economic warfare against
Israel. The fund-raising campaign
they visualize would contribute
toward industrial development to
counter the Arab blockade. They
are not thinking of a large bond
drive but only a modest and sin
cere effort to build a bridge of
cooperation between the Druse
here and their kin abroad.
By ethnic definition, the Druse
are considered by many to be
'essentially of Arabic stock. Their
religion is unique, however, and
[distinct from the Moslem creed.
Friday, February 26, 1954
An industrious and intelligent
people, their settlements are
easily distinguishable from those
of neighboring Moslems.
The only trouble Israel authori
ties see with the Druse citizens
is the possibility that they may
one day wish to enigrate from
Israel. The Druse entertain na
tional aspirations in the Jebel
Druse area of southern Syria.
They dream of eventually estab
lishing a Druse national home in
prpa. It may be that Kamal
Mansour, son of the chief of
lsiiya, will emerge as the Theo
dore Herzl of Druisism. But there
is little likelihood of Shishekly
1 of Syria issuing a “Balfour Decla
Ladies Use Useful Fund
Raising Projects for River
Garden Home
By Anne Silverman
In order to help finance the
building of the new infirmary
and additionil wings to the River
Garden Home for the Hebrew
Aged, the Ladies Hebrew Shelter
ing Aid Society has formed a
special fund to be used for this
purpose. One of the major fund
raising projects for this fund is
the stationery and other patter
items in charge of chairmen, Mra.
Morris Margol and Mrs. Pete
Haimowitz. This project has
grown to such proportions that
jit keeps both chairmen busy the
year round, answering calls and
' delivering orders for their varied
and extensive line of items.
At this time of year, with
Purim, Passover, Confirmation
and other holidays so near at
hand, many like to order the
personalized stationery, inform ak,
napkins, match books, guest
towels for gifts for the occasion.
By request and demand, they
have added a general line of
greeting cards, monogramed play
ing cards and other items suit
able for hostess gifts, gifts for a
new home and for other occa- -
Mrs. Haimowitz and Mrs. Mar
gol are very obliging and a tele
phone call to either one will
bring them to your home with
samples of their entire line and
they announce their service is
very prompt in filling orders.
There will be no general meet
ing of the Ladies Aid Society this
month but at an executive board
meeting last week, plans were
formed to take care of the hos
pitality hours at River Garden
Home in March, and to concen-
I trate on the sale of Tombola
books, which will end with the
awarding of prizes on Anniver
jsary Day at River Garden. In
charge of the sale of Tombola
books is Mrs. Albert E. Stein.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned intend to register with
the Clerk of Circuit Court of Duval
County, Florida, in accordance with
the Fictitious Name Statute of Florida,
the following fictitious name under
which their business is carried aa,
R. Adair Springfield
James F. Egan
Attorneys at Law
914 Florida Title Building
Jacksonville 2. Florida
Esb. 12-19-26 March 9-1991

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