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Friday, November 18, 1955
The Southern Jewish Weekly
Combining The Jewish Journal, The Jewish Citizen and The Jewish News
Am Independent Paper Serving American Citizens of Jewish Faith
4b newspaper seeks to serve the Jewish communities of the South with
m ORTHODOX conscience, a CONSERVATIVE tone, and a REFORM outlook.
Edited and Published by ISADORE MOSCOVITZ, B.S.J.
Subscription, one year 83.00; two years, 85.00.
Upon expiration, unless notified to the contrary,
subscriptions are continued.
Entered as Second-Class Matter, at the Post Office,
Jacksonville, Florida, Under Act of March 8, 1879
Member, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Sigma Delta Chi} Kappa Tan Alpha,
Seven Arts Features and the Chamber of Commerce.
“The Oldest and Most Widely Circulated Jewish Publication
in this Territory”
Dothan's "Woman of the Year"
B * * *" I
er. Dr. Israel J. Gerber, pays tribute to one of his own mem
bers, Mrs. Herman Blumberg, who was chosen for the dis
tinctive title 'Woman of the Year" during the festivities of a
oity-wide celebration held there. *
Paying tribute to Mrs. Blumberg, Dr. Gerber wrote as
follows in his congregation bulletin:
In assessing the value of any one person to the commu
nity in which he resides, it superficially assumes the air of
a simple task. About two or three nice things performed by
the individual in question are recalled and it is felt the point
has been made. Burrowing deeper into the meaning of what
consiiiuiss a real acsst to any community, wo scon realize
that it is not sufficient to glibly mention some inconsequential
activities and let it go at that. For the total picture of every
community includes the gamut of every phase of human life
that earns for that social structure the designation "commu
nity" the religious, cultural, civic, educational, recreational,
business, youth, philanthropic, and family. Each of these must
play its part in constituting a wholesome community, not
merely to enable our society to exist, but to give it the stimu
lus to grow.
It would be presumptuous on our part to claim perfection
for any human. Being human contradicts being without blem
ish. Mrs. Herman Blumberg, however, is as near perfect in
this instance as any human can ever hope to approach.
j The wealth of any person is measured not on his ability,
' but on his performance. Many a capable person has proved to
be a dud. Conversely, many a less gifted individual has made
more than a major contribution to humanity because of a
highly developed sense of responsibility. Bea Blumberg is
blessed on both scores. She is capable and devoted. She is an
asset to any community. May the Lord grant her many more
years of good health, thus enabling her to continue to render
valuable services to the benefit of mankind*
Justice for Torinrer
Among the German prisoners who returned from the
USSR was Professor Carl Clauberg, notorious for his experi
ments in the sterilization of Jews at the Auschwitz and other
German concentration camps during the war. The process of
sterilization of human beings was one of the most fiendish
decisions of Hitler, put into effect by his ruthless agents.
Professor Clauberg, who was the director of a gynaeco
logical in Silesia, had, as the German files record, him
self asked to be allowed to sterilize women by injection.
This was a new method* different from the one worked out
by another German war criminal. Dr. Madaus, and was sup
posed to be more effective. After working for some time at
♦Jwe Ravensbruck concentration camp, Professor Clauberg, in
a atptArnnnt to Himmler, claimed that he could sterilize a
♦lmwihiH Jewesses in a day. He himself, on returning to Ger
many, now admlfa that he conducted what he describes as
scientific experiments on women prisoners and that he is
"not ashamed of it."
There is no repentance on his. part, it appears, no admis
sion of the heinousness of his actions and Jewish leaders in
this country have now rightly suggested that after this de
(Continued on Pag* 6) x
With the approach soon o£ the
Chanukah holidays we shall recount
once again the exploits of Jewish
women who have contributed to our
Jewish future. Having just returned
from the national convention of Had
assah in Chicago, and having written
in glowing terms of the accomplish
ments of our wonderful women, we
found on our desk a bulletin from the
congregation Emanu-El of Dothan,
Alabama, in which the spiritual lead-
By Rabbi Samuel J. Fox
.(Copyright, 1955, Jewish Telegraphic
Agency. Inc.)
QUESTION: What is the de
rivation of the term "Tefillin"?
ANSWER: The term “Tefillin”
is the name usqd to denote the
phylacteries worn by men during
the daily morning prayers. This
term has a variety of explana
tions. It was not used until the
time of the Talmud to denote this
concept. Some claim that it is of
Aramaic origin because Onkeles
used it in translating the term
“Totafot,” different Hebrew roots.
Some trace it to a root meaning
to “argue” or to “debate” and
indicate that its use daily is the
significant argument in favor of
the individual’s belief in the Al
mighty. Some trace it to a root
which would signify that it is a
Others trace it to a logical word
“Tefillah” which means prayer in
Hebrew and explain that they are
so called because one thinks of
prayers when wearing them.
Some trace it to a root which
would indicate the feeling of
“protection” meaning that the
Tefillin serve as a means of pro
tecting the individual from evil,
etc. Some compare it with the
Syriac root meaning to “attach”
or to “hang” and they would be
called thus because they are “at
tached” to one’s body.
$C* * *
QUESTION: Why does Jewish
tradition prohibit using a ring
with stones in it for the wedding
ANSWER: A number of reasons
are offered. Many claim that the
reasor* lies in the fact that the
ring is the token, used for the
essential act of matrimony, called
“Kidushin.” A plain metal band
cannot b e misrepresented a s
easily as one with gems. Dia
monds, as well as other precious
stones, may be misrepresented by
the use of glass. A marriage
which is contracted on the basis
of misrepresentation is certainly
unsound. Also, its legality might
possibly be questioned.
Some claim that gems are not
used in the wedding ring so as
not to have a “rough” surface in
the new marriage, but a smooth
one. Others claim that the reason
for not using precious stones is
based upon the principle of equal
ity. When it comes to gems a poor
bride is likely to be embarrassed
because her rich neighbor re
ceived a very expensive gem
while she has but a small one.
Therefore, it is claimed, the Rab
bis did away with all gems so
that all brides would appear
equal since most everyone could
afford the plain metal band.
Let Us Handle Your
Building Supply Problems
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Between You and Me...
BY BORIS SMOI An (Copyright, 1955. Jewish Telegraphic
a* ov/nw Agency, Inc.)
■ t
otner terrifying obligations ... It is clear to leaders of the
Jewish communities in this country that a special effort must
be made urgently to provide Israel with means to absorb as
many Jews from Morocco and Tunis as possible before it is
too late . . . Although Morocco and Tunisia have won satis
factory concessions from France, the future for the Jews there
remains bleak . . . This despite the apparently honest and
sincere assurances given to Jewish organizations by the Sul
tan of Morocco and the Nationalist Moslem leaders in Tunisia
. . . The situation of the Jews in Tunisia is just as precarious
today as it was before France granted internal autonomy to
Tunisia ... The presence of a Jew in the first Moslem Cabinet
has not yet improved matters for the Jews in Tunisia . . .
There is little reason to expect that the situation will im
prove also for the 200,000 Jews in Morocco, where the Jewish
population is considered an inferior element and does not
even enjoy basic citizenship rights ... On the contrary: it is
obvious that Arab propaganda against the Jews will be inten
sified in these two countries by the Arab League, which
boasts of helping the Sultan of Morocco and the Nationalists
of Tunisia win their political fight against France . . . Added
to this is the definite danger that Jews may soon be pre
vented from emigrating from Morocco and Tunis . . . Urgent
aid on the part of American Jewry to facilitate the planned
immigration of 45,000 North Africa to Israel is,
therefore, the command of the hour . . .
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Roofing of All Kinds
Rear 336 E. 6th Street Phone EL 44125
The eyes of Israel and of Jews in Morocco
and Tunisia are directed towards the extra
ordinary one-day meeting of UJA leaders
from all parts of the country which is being
held today (Nov. 18) in New York . . . In
volved in this meeting is one supreme issue:
The extra steps that American Jewry must
take without the slightest delay to sustain
Israel’s immigration capacities, in the face of
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