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VOL. 33 No. 20
• II I ■■■-!- 1..
My friend, Martin Finn, was
asking, “Segal, just what is a Jew?
Tell me." Marty had brought the
same question to a group of Jew
ish business men wijfti whom he
was traveling on a train going
He fell in with them in the club
car where they were in a game of
cards. The hour grew late and it
was time to return to the sleeper;
they quit playing and sat around
in the club car awhile, just talk
ing .. . this and that. . . and what
do Jews talk about? Yes, these
five, too, finally got around to the
matter of being Jewish, in its
many phases.
They took a liking to Martin
Finn, who is not Jewish at all,
and they let him into their talk.
Mr. Finn's mind ranges wide on
many subjects relating to the
human race, he is no narrowed
religionist at all. He was quite
ready to go into the conversation
when one of the Jews happened to
say something about "our Jewish
race." v
It was then that Finn asked po
litely, “Just what is the Jewish
race, and is there a Jewish race,
and to make the question broader
I ask you, what is a Jew?
There were varying replies
among Mr. Finn's fellow-travelers.
At first they didn't seem exactly
sure just what to answer him.
Finally, one said sure, to be a
Jew is to belong to the race of
Jews . . . another said that being
a Jew has to do with religion . . .
Judaism, the synagogue, all that
. . . and still another said that the
question had also bothered him
from lime to time ... "It's a ques
tion often asked among Jews and
you hear all sorts of answers/' he
Then Mr. Finn spoke up again
. . . “Gentlemen, let’s take up the
matter of a Jewish race. Is there
really such a race?”
He said he had been surveying
their faces . . . these five of them
. . . "A race, as I understand it,
should, at least, present some
commop facial characteristics," he
went on. "But, gentlemen, I don't
see what can be called a Jewish
face among you; that is to say, a
face like any of those which, by
mistaken opinion, to be
of a Jewish pattern. To me you all
look like any other Americans in
the American mixture. Such faces
as yours might occur among those
called Anglo-Saxons, among the
Irish, the Germans or the Italians.
And you sir, (he was pointing to
the handsomest one of the five)
could maybe be somebody out of
remote Asiatic ancestory. I judge
that by a slight slant of your eyes.
And you, sir, (he was pointing to
another) are a blond.- You might
be out of the Scandinavians. Well,
I just don't think we can truth
fully speak of a Jewish race."
Then one of the five travelers
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*' ■ H %>&s£■:< jffi«gg?fc>&>: : vs»Bffifrv
Chief Raltlti of the British Commonwealth Israel Brodie I left I, Ambas
sador Abba Eban (center), and U. S. Senator Irving M. Ives, will be the
recipients of honorary degrees at Yeshiva University’s annual commencement
exercises Wednesday, June 20th in the Nathan Lamport Auditorium at the
Main Academic Center, Amsterdam Avenue and 186th Street, New York City.
More than 200 academic degrees—from B. A. to Ph. D. will be conferred by
Dr. Samuel Belkin, president, upon graduates of seven of the University’s fifteen
schools and divisions. Including the institution’s secondary school graduates,
Yeshiva University will grant some 500 degrees and diplomas this month.
New Anti-Jewish Party Appears in Atlanta
ATLANTA, Ga., (JTA) The first material bearing the imprint
of a new "National Anti-Jewish Party" appeared here in the form of
a handbill surreptitiously posted on a bulletin board at the Georgia
Institute of Technology, it was reported here by Arthur J. Levin,
Southeastern Director of the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation League.
The "office" of the new organisation is a post office box and the
same persons associated with the "Christian Anti-Jewish Party" of
this city are involved in the new group, according to the ADL.
The handbills were immediately
removed from the bulletin board
by Georgia Tech students and
turned over to faculty members.
The handbill was analyzed by a
class studying propaganda, which
concluded it was the product of
warped minds. The handbill’s slo
gan—“Anti-Jewish is Anti-Com
munism” —was accompanied by a
text charging that a number of
State Department Versus Anne Frank
(Copyright, 1956, Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Inc.)
***** V.
m -iB
: J|j||
The play was the leading choice of the Inter
national Exchange Program’s panel of experts to
represent America at the forthcoming annufcl Paris
festival. Someone in the State Department, how
ever, apparently decided that an anti-Nazi story
was undesirable at a time when Secretary Dulles
is trying to persuade West Germany to put a 500,-
000-man army into the field.
After the decision against Anne Frank became
known, the State Department hastened to deny
that the motivation was political expediency. There
was an embarrassed and unconvincing explanation
that the United States had decided not to partici
pate at all in this year’s festival. The Soviet Union
observed developments and happily pointed out
that Russia and the satellite countries would be
represented at Paris as usual.
Anne Frank and her family moved from Ger
Anne Frank, the little Jewish
girl wlio refused to hate her Nazi
tormentors, is once more a vic
tim. «
The stageplay version of “The
Diary of Anne Frank” won the
Pulitzer Prize and the New York
Drama Critics Award as the
“best American play of 1955-56.”
But it has apparently not won
the hearts of the State Depart
ment’s policymakers.
“fanatical Jews” were responsible
for communism, treason, sabotage,
world domination and mongreli
zation, among other things. The
leader of the Christian Anti-Jew
ish Party here is Jesse B. Stoner,
an attorney, who told a reporter
in 1946 he was planning a party
“to make being a Jew a crime,
punishable by death.”
Dean Joseph Weil of the Engineering College at the University
of Florida in Gainesville, who is now in Israel, spoke last week
at a meeting of the Board of Governors of the Israel Institute of
Technology and presented an encouraging picture of the prospects
for early use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes in Israel.
He told the board that the
world is on the brink of a new
industrial revolution FUEL!
Given the necessary power, Israel
will apply nuclear energy to in
dustrial purposes and will become
one of the great industrial centers
of the world. That time is not far
off, he stressed.
Five buildings of the new Israel
Institute of Technology have al
ready been completed and five
others are in an advanced stage
of construction, it was reported to
the Technion's board. The report
noted . that 400 engineering and
architecture students have already
been transferred to the new cam
pus on Mt. Carmel.
The current academic year will
see the opening of new labora
tories for soil mechanics, road
testing and solid state physics as
well as laboratories for solar radi
ation, nuclear physics and food
technology. The teaching staff,
the board of governors was told,
has been increased by 21 percent
to 369 instructors. The first
aeronautical engineering students
were accepted this year.
The Sbuthern Jewish. Weekly
printed a lengthy editorial on
April 27th pointing out the inter
esting background of Dr. Joseph
many to Holland to escape Hitlerism. Whei> the
Nazis occupied Holland the family was forced to
flee again. For want of another refuge they re
mained in Amsterdam, hiding in the abandoned
half of an old office building. Anne was 13 at the
The Gestapo discovered the hideout in 1944. It
was after this raid that friends of the Franks found
Anne’s diary. The diary contains the thoughts and
expressions of a young girl of great spirit and
sensitivity, passing through the critical years of
adolescence. It is the compelling self-portrait of a
girl on the brink of maturity when the diary and
her life reach their tragic end. Anne died in March,
1945, iii the German concentration camp of Ber
gen-Belsen. ,
Some Germans who benefitted from the State
Department’s denazification program of the years
following the last war are asking if it is wise to
bring back militarism. They are concerned as to
whether Germany is to be a nation that has an
army or an army that has a nation.
Against the background of State Department
efforts to re-arm Germany, elements in official
Washington find it natural to suppress a play
reminiscent of the Hitler era.
Patrons of the theatre are in an uproar. Suspi
cion was voiced in a letter to the New York Times
drama editor that “what really bothers the State
Department ... is that this play might well run
away with all the honors, thus pointing up the vast
difference between conduct and‘conscience in in
ternational relations. Whatever the case, however,
this sickening hypocrisy does us a great disservice
and fools no ohe, not even the Germans ...”
Dean Veil oi U. ts Florida
Tells Israelis: GREAT FUTURE
Weil and his plans to assist in the
remarkable development of Is
rael. . .#
Eisenhower Says U. S.
Gives Arms to Saudis
Under 1955 Approval
President Eisenhower said at
his press conference that $16,000,-
000 worth of U. S. munitions for
Arab states was approved last
August and indicated that past
and future shipments came under
this deal.
Shipments to Saudi Arabia have
included bombing planes, tanks,
and other heavy munitions. The
President said the arms were fur
nished for “internal security” pur
poses. He pointed out that Saudi
Arabia has “no common border”
with Israel and stated that the
Administration was trying to pre
vent “an arms race with Israel.”'
He said Saudi Arabia was a “vast”
country, indicating that was the
reason it needed a quantity of U.
S. arms.
Nation's Reform Rabbis
Will Meet in
Atlantic City in June
More than 500 rabbis, spiritual
leaders of Reform congregations
in every section of the United
States, will attend the 67th annual
convention of the Central Con
ference of American Rabbis at the
Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Atlantic
City from June 25 through June!
28, it was announced by Rabbi
Barnett R. Brickner, of Cleveland,
national president of the CCAR.
The oldest and largest rabbini
cal association in the United
States, and Central Conference of
American Rabbis, will review
major religious, social and poli
tical issues on the national and
international scenes. American
Reform Judaism, which has more
than doubled in the last decade in
terms of affiliated congregations,
today encompasses 525 congrega
tions and more than 1,000,000 con
gregants. ) ' ‘
CONCLUDE $11,000,000 TRADE
Israel-Holland trade pact cover
ing the exchange of about sll,-
000,000 worth of goods has been
concluded, it was announced here
recently. The agreement 'covers
the year between May 1, 1956 and
April 30, 1957.
• • %•
$3.00 A YEAR

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