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Friday, August 10, 1056
• Tke Southern Jewish Weekly
eoaririates The Jewish Journal, The Jewish Citizen and The Jewish News
An independent Paper Serving American Citizens of Jewish Faith
Itb aempaper seeks to serve the Jewish communities of the South with
an conscience, a CONSERVATIVE tone, and a REFORM outlook.
Edited and Published by ISADORE MOSCOVITZ, B.S.J.
Subscription, one year, $3.00; two years, $5.00.
Upon expiration, unless notified to the contrary,
subscriptions are continued.
Entered as Second-Class Matter, at the Post Office
Jacksonville, Florida, Under Act of March 3, 1879
laeoahar, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Sigma Delta Chi, Kappa Tau Alpha,
S fvin Arts Features and the Chamber of Commerce.
“The Oldest and Most Widely Circulated Jewish Publication
, in this Territory”
sive study in a Jewish school which most closely serves your
own views on what is the loftiest expression of Judaism. It
also emphasized the value of having your child continue be
yond the Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation into
the later teen-age period when young people earnestly grope
for the answers to their questions about lifje's meaning, and
when their Jewish education can help them find these
This year, as we plan fqr our children’s education let us
also think’of the one who will give it —the teacher. The
heart of education is the teacher. The best textbooks and
the finest physical facilities cannot substitute for -good teach
There is a critical shortage of competent teachers for
Jewish schools, even as there is for public schools. The
present enrollment in Jewish teachers' colleges will fill only
20% of the need at most. The shortage of trained personnel
for all types of schools, as well as for informal education of
youth and adults, presents a situation which severely threat
ens Jewish creative living in America, and must be overcome
if Jewish life here is to attain the fullness and richness it
To explore ways and means of coping with the problem, a
National Conference of Jewish Leadership from all parts of
the country will be convened in Washington oh November
3-5 The conference will map out long-range and short-range
solutions to the personnel crisis. However, its efforts can
prove effective only if each community in the land does its
share in meeting the problem. In every city, citizens’ com
mittees, similar to those in public education, should be organ
ized in cooperation with educational agencies, to study and
analyze the local personnel situation and to rally the Jewish
community behind a program designed to meet the teacher
crisis locally and nationally.
If steps were taken in every community to accord the
profession of Jewish teaching the honored place it has tradi
tionally held, if Jewish teachers were offered economic
security and standards of employment on a par with other
skilled occupations, and if they were assured the professional
and personal satisfactions which are as important to a dedi
cated person as his earnings, many more young people would
be ready to make Jewish leaching their life's career.
This, then, is our responsibility and our opportunity as
Jewish parents: To lend our weight—each of us —to the
vital effort to recruit and retain the teachers who are a
crucial force in giving meaning and reality to our heritage.
Egypt's Dictator Acting Like Hitler
What would you say of a man who, refused a loan by a
bank because he's a poor credit risk, used that rebuff to justify
That is the moral issue in Egypt’s Dictator Nasser’s
seizure of the Suez Canal.
His professed reason for that grab is that the United
Stales and Great Britain had declined to help finance the
proposed Aswan Dam. His scheme is to use the revenue
from shipping for the dam project. That the money belongs
to the international Suez Canal Company doesn't bother him.
The continued blockade of Israel trade through the Suez
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As a former Sunday School teacher
we realize that the greatest riches
the Jewish parent can pass on to his
children are the treasures of Jewish
values and ideals. At the beginning
of every school year, since 1941. the
American Association for Jewish Ed
ucation has issued a Call to you, as a
parent, to enroll your child in a Jew
ish school in order to make this
spiritual wealth available to him.
The Call stressed the need for inien-
LL T It'",'
.C 4>» !■ : ■
•-rs LGIItIP
Ben Sacks
Wauchula, Florida
August 3, 1956
Mr. I. Moscovitz
Editor, Southern Jewish Weekly
Jacksonville, Fla.
Dear Mr. Moscovitz:
In your fine paper, issue of July
27th, appeared an article entitled,
“B’nai B’rith Groups in 10 Latin
American Countries Hold Con
vention,” an item supplied by the
Jewish Telegraphic Agency.
I have often wondered why
such an excellent publication as
the “Southern Jewish Weekly” is
devoid of news concerning B’nai
B’rith in Florida. A District Con
vention was recently held in
Richmond, comprising the South
eastern Seacoast States, from
Washington, D. C., southward, in
cluding Florida. In April the
Florida State Federation of B’nai
B’rith Lodges and Womens’ Chap
ters held their 20th Annual Con
vention in Havana, Cuba, with
several hundred in attendance.
Yet, I do not recall reading any
accounts of these important
events in your columns.
There are 20 Lodges in the
State of Florida under the. banner
of B’nai B’rith and a number of
Womens’ Chapters certainly
their activity is worthy of men
tion in your state-wide paper, at
intervals. Folks in small towns,
far from the more populated
areas, would certainly welcome
news of such activities thru the
medium of your worthy paper.
B’nai B’rith, as you know, is
the oldest Jewish service organi
zation in existence in the world,
having passed the century mark
some years back. The Lodge has
been cited by the United States
government as having contribut
ed the most of any service organi
zation, to the welfare of the arm
ed services, during World War II
and since with this in mind, plus
the expanded program of B’nai
B’rith in behalf of Israel, it
should behoove us to properly
mention such worthwhile activi
ties in the public press. It can
have decided educational and
spiritual values.
Respectfully yours,
Ben Sacks
Delegate, Lakeland Lodge N°-
1515 20th Annual Convention
Florida State Federation B’nai
B’rith Lodges
(Editor’s Note: We are always
happy to print newsworthy arti
cles when sent in to us by all
Jewish organizations.)
NEW YORK. (JTA) —The Rab
binical Alliance of America, an
Orthodox group, has called upon
New York Slate authorities to
liberalize the divorce laws of the
state of New York. The plea was
heard in testimony at the Joint
Legislative Committee on Matri
monial and Family Laws, which
conducted its hearings at the Bar
Association of New York.
The Alliance also urged that a
marriage guidance and counseling
service be established, whose
function it would be to .explore
with the parties seeking divorce,
the possibility of reconciliation.
“It is our belief that a clergy
man’s participation in these clini
cal sessions would prove most
beneficial since the guidance of a
spiritual leader is sought in mo
ments of crisis in one’s family or
personal life,” the rabbinical or
ganization said.
jfkMMftMU* BW* Tft THE VlfteLO>
Between You and Me...
BY BOUTS SMOLAR (Copyright. 1956, Jewish Telegraphic
Agency. Inc.)
appreciated in official circles ... It is being realized that Is
rael, more than any other country, could have utilized the
present anti-Egyptian fury in more than one way for its own
interests . . . Israel's restraint at this critical moment—at a
time when Egyptian President Nasser shows no let up in his
anti-Israel diatribes—is winning her more friends in Wash
ington than ever before ... As to the Suez Canal issue itself,
some diplomatic circles believe that the key to the situation
lies actually in the hands of the United States ... They speak
of "immediate action" and "long-term action" that the United
States is in a position to lake to check Nasser ... The immedi
ate action, they believe, could be taken by U. S. subsidizing
the shipping of oil and other cargo through the longer route
instead of through the Suez Canal... It would thus take Col.
Nasser very little time to realize that his seizure of the Suez
Canal would not be as profitable as he had anticipated . . .
The long-term action would be to finance, together with
Britain and France, the construction of a canal in Israel
parrallel to the Suez Canal ... The idea of constructing such
a canal, which would stretch from Ashkelon, Israeli city on
the Mediterranean shore, through the Negev to the port of
Eylat, was seriously discussed years ago when Palestine was
under British mandate ... At that lime it was argued, how- 1
ever, that it would take a long time before such a canal could
be built . . . This argument is no longer valid in the age of
atomic energy . . . Russia is using atom energy for building
a water canal inside the USSR, why cannot the Western
Powers use the same power for the construction of the canal
through Israel territory to parallel the Suez Canal? . . .
. Jewish groups in the United States are complaining
against the suppression of Jewish culture in the Soviet Union
. . . But no Jewish organization seems to pay attention to an
even more basic discrimination against Jews still prevalent
in the Soviet Union . . . This discrimination consists of indi
cating in all identity documents carried by every Jew in the
USSR that the holder is a Jew. The practice, which was
abandoned after the fall of the Czarist regime, was quietly
revived under Stalin and has not been abolished since ... It
has the same effect as the word “Jew” stamped on the identity
documents of Jews in Hitler Germany and in Nazi-occupied
countries . . Unlike the suppression of Jewish culture, which
affects only the Yiddish-reading Jews in the Soviet Union, the
practice of stamping passports and other identity documents
affects every Jew ... In fact, when the notorious “Doctors’
plot” had sent Soviet anti-Semitism to new height, every Jew
in the USSR was a marked man . . . Many Jews were dis
missed from their positions as office workers, clerks, and even
factory hands only because their identity documents indi
cated they were Jews . . . The managers of many Soviet
factories were afraid to keep Jews in their employ, lest they
be accused of protecting Jews . . . Today, the Soviet Union
is practically the only country in the world where every
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Attention is being paid in Washington to
the fact that Israel has refrained from inject
ing itself into the issue of Egypt's seizure of
the Suez Canal . . . This, despite the fact
that Israel has been suffering all the lime
from Egypt's blockade and notwithstanding
Nasser's belligerence toward Israel ... The
attitude of "watchful waiting" taken by
Israel on the Suez Canal issue is deeply
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