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VOL. 33 No. 32
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I'm not starling a quarrel with
Nate Scharff of Dayton, O, for his
having turned Christian. I am just
. taking Nate aside, you might say,
to speak up to him: "Nu, Nate,
did you have to leave Judaism ih
order to live up io being the kind
ly, thoughtful gentleman you are?
Yes, Nate, there's the highest
spiritual grandeur in being a Jew
who lives up to all the facts that
make a good Jew."
I have just come to know Nate
Scharff through a long , piece
about him in a pamphlet called
“Power” published by the Scrip
ture Press Foundation of Chicago
and written by Dave Enlow. The
article’s title: “Meet Dayton’s
Helping Hand,” meaning Nate.
Nate's in the clothing business
(a couple of stores) in Dayton. His
biographer reports he was born
in 1912 "of Orthodox Jewish par
ents . . . grew up on traditional
Jewish instruction." At age 23 he
married Mary who was ndl Jew
ish. Nate's parents were unhappy
about this. Nate is quoted as say
ing: "It broke their hearts that I
didn't marry within m-/ own
Well, Nate started his first
clothing store with SSOO that
Mary put up; it had come to her
as a gift from her 93-year-old.
grandfather who was a Civil War
veteran . . . “The two stores do
some $750,000 business annually,”
• the pamphlet says.
But Nate wasn't a happy man,
though, as is written about him,
"he owned a nice home, a Cadil
lac and had an insurance program
of ... A lime had come
in his life when Nate began io
give himself to temptations, such
as the bar across the street from
his store and gambling, 100, ac
cording to this printed story of
“In his plight, he tried almost
everything,” it says there. “He
visited his Jewish leaders, but
they could offer no solace. He
tried to straighten up and be a
man. He would lock himself in his
room and sit biting his fingers
until the blood came, tried to
keep from answering the phone
and its enticing invitations to go
out with thq boys again.” v
Finally in 1947, just back from
a business trip to New York, still
deep in spiritual distress, "Nate
suggested to Mary that perhaps
he could find help in the little
Wesleyan Methodist Church
where a revival meeting k was
being held. They went that night;
a missionary was speaking . . .
'Before I knew it/ Nate is quoted.
T just stood up and started walk
ing to the front of the church. I
fell down at the altar and con
fessed my sins to Christ.'"
So Nate became Christian . . .
“Now gloriously happy, the
Scharffs could not keep the good
news to themselves,” his bio
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* , %
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Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion (left) asked Rabbi Herbert A. Fried
man. Executive Vice-Chairman of the United Jewish Appeal, to convey the
tlignlca of his nation to all UJA supporters for their great record of aid to Israel s
SHeople during the year 5716. Israel’s head and the UJA executive conferred
luring Rabbi Friedman’s survey trip abroad in July. The Prune Minister said
all Israel was united in the determinatidn to beep its doors open toi immigration
while strengthening its defenses against any aggression. Rabbi friedman
pledged the continued support of the UJA for the humanitarian programs
of resettlement and immigrant absorption which are rebuilding the lives of
hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees in the haven of free Israel.
Demo Puerto Rico Chairman Vigorous Fighter for Israel
(Copyright, 1956, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.)
*** * *
pliilll ill
Benitez was a Puerto Rican delegate to the con
vention. Lilienthal, who has identified himself
with Republican right-wing thinking came to test
ify before the platform committee against Israel.
The feeling of the committee was that Lilienthal
intruded with provocative intent to agitate against
the Jewish State.
Benitez listened in alarm at Lilienthal’s testi
mony. The extremism shocked him. When Lilien
thal finished, Benitez gained recognition of the
chairman. Speaking in a voice reverberating with
emotion, Benitez expressed the admiration of the
Puerto Rican people for Israel and Zionism. He
emphasized that Puerto Rican delegates would
vote against any anti-Israel plank urged by
An idealist whose admiration of Israel is seem
ingly unbounded, Benitez said later that he plans
to visit Israel next year “unless the Arabs attack
and I have to go sooner—as a volunteer.”
Benitez sees Puerto Rico, an underdeveloped
land striving toward progress, as similar to Israel.
To him, the Zionist concept is meaningful. He
Published Every Friday
A vigorous fighter for Israel
emerged at the Democratic Nat
ional Convention in the person
of Jose A. Benitez, chairman of
the Democratic State Committee
of Puerto Rico.
The Platform Committee saw
the surprising spectacle of Be
nitez, a Catholic, Supporting Is
rael in argument against the
anti-Israel propagandist, Alfred
M. Lilienthal, of Jewish origin.
Established 1924
feels, too, that Jewish Puerto Ricans have contri
buted much to the island.
Years ago, a Chicago friend, knowing of the
affinity felt by Benitez for Israel, invited him to
speak at an Israel Bond dinner in Chicago. Not
only did he speak, but he pledged $50,000 in Bond
purchases by Puerto Rico. He returned to San
Juan, helped organize the first Israel Bond dinner
there, and raised about $60,000. James Grover
MacDonald, first U. S. Ambas&dor to Israel, flew
to Puerto Rico to speak. Benitez saw five friends,
selling each a $5,000 bond. Subsequently, Benitez
visited the Virgin Islands t 6 advance bond sales
Today Benitez is an “Honorary Citizen” of Is
rael. This distinction was conferred upon him by
Israel diplomat. He was invited to Israel by Moshe
Tov, Israel specialist on Latin American affairs.
Israel Minister Reuven Shiloah Pinchas Lavon,
and others have noted his efforts.
Benitez is looking forward to visiting Israel,
despite his many activities in Puerto Rico. Apart
from his chairmanship of the Democratic Party, he
conducts a radio and television program in Puerto
Rico. He also is an unofficial “Ambassador” be
tween Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans living in
New York. He maintains an office in New York.
To him Zionism is consistent with good Amer
icanism because he knows that the love of Puerto
Ricans for their island in no way impairs their
patriotism as Americans. Benitez served in World
War Two as a Staff Sergeant in the U. S. Army.
He loathes totalitarianism. He appreciates the aid
rendered by many Jews to a fellow minority that
suffers varying measures of discrimination in the
United States. Os Lilienthal, the individual of
Jewish birth who works against the Jewish State,
Benitez has little to say.
CHICAGO, (JTA) The Democratic Parly served notice here
last week that it will concentrate heavy fire on the Administration's
Middle Eastern policy in the coming campaign. The platform adopted
by the party's national convention made it clear that it considers the
current military line-up in that area represents a "dangerous im
balance of arms" and pledged itself to make American arms available
to Israel. The platform also contained a pledge of economic assistance
to both Israel and the Arab stales. The Republicans meeting in San
Francisco this week were silent on defensive arms aid to Israel.
The convention disapproved
strongly of the present U. S. Gov
ernment policy tolerating dis
crimination against American
Jews by Arab countries. The
Democrats said they would not
countenance any treaty with any
government in which such dis
crimination is sanctioned. ,
The full text of the plank, as
presented by the Platform com
mittee, reads as follows:
“The Democratic Party stands
for the maintenance of peace in
the Middle East, which is essen
tial for the well-being and prog
ress of all its peoples. We will
urge Israel and the Arab states to
settle their differences by peace
ful means, and to maintain the
sanctity of the Holy Places and
permit free access to them.
"We will assist Israel to bpild
a sound and viable economy for
her people, so ihai she may ful
fill her humanitarian mission of
providing shelter and sanctuary
for her homeless Jewish refugees,
while strengthening her national
“We will assist the Arab states
to develop their economic re
sources and raise the living stand
ard of their people. The plight of
the Arab refugees commands our
continuing sympathy and con
cern. We will assist in carrying
out large-scale projects for their
resettlement in countries where
there is room and opportunity for
"We support the principle of
free access to the Suez Canal
under suitable international au
spices. The present policies of the
Eisenhower Administration in
the Middle East are unnecessarily
increasing the risk that war will
break out in this area.
“To prevent war, to assure
peace, we will faithfully carry
out our country’s pledge under
the Tripartite Declaration o*f 1950
to oppose the use or threat of
force and to take such action as
may be necessary, in the inter
ests of peace, both within and
outside the United Nations to
prevent any violation of the fron
tiers or armistice lines.
"The Democratic Party will act
to redress the dangerous imbal
ance of arms in the area created
by the shipment of Communist
arms to Egypt, by selling or sup
plying defensive weapons to Is
rael, and will lake such steps, in
cluding security guarantees, as
may be required to deter aggres
sion and war in the area.
“We oppose, as contrary to
American principles, the practice
of any government which dis
criminates against American citi
zens on grounds of race or reli
gion. We will not countenance
any arrangement or treaty with
any government which by its
terms or in its practical applica
tion would sanction such prac
Jewish Organizations Present
Their View To Republican
The Republican Platform Com
mittee has been urged, here by
ten major national Jewish reli
gious and community relations
organisations to adopt a platform
plank pledging action "to counter
current discrimination against U.
S. citizens on the basis of religion
and to preserve the integrity of
United States citizenship."
The views of the organizations
were presented to the Platform
(Continued on Pago 7)
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