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The people of Superior cannot
afford to grant any private concern
a thirty year franchise. Pressure
should be brought to bear, by the
people, on our city fathers against
giving away the rights of the
Nearly all of the printing firms
have signed the new scale and the
boys are feeling good over their
success. It is thought, that in a
short while, every firm will sign
the scale.
The Swedish Labor Union held
an interesting meeting Friday eve­
ning. This is the most flourishing
union in Superior and is making
fast strides onward and upward.
How to Avoid Draggled Dresses.
Never sit in a damp dress if it can be
avoided, for nothing so successfully
creases it. It should at once be taken
off and hung in a good position to dry.
Careful attention should always be paid
to dress braids and facings. If a braid
is replaced as soon as it commences to
wear, the facing will, in many in­
stances, be saved.
A dress braid should always be put
on by hand and in most instances
ed on.M If sewed on by machine, more
time is consumed in ripping it off when
it requires replacing than in both sew­
ing on and ripping off a braid sewed on
by hand.
How .to PreTent Consumption.
First.—Do not live in a damp local­
ity, in a damp house, nor in a house
with damp or foul cellar or surround­
Second.—Do not live in a house with
defective plumbing or bad drainage.
Third.—Do not frequent crowded or
badly ventilated assembly rooms nor
sleep in close apartments.
Fourth.—Adopt an out of door occu­
pation, so as to live in the open air.
Fifth.—Avoid as much as possible
everything that tends to depress. All
excesses should be avoided, and keep
free from anxiety and mental and phys­
ical overwork.
These causes, by placing the system
below par, render the persons less ca­
pable of resisting the disease, if exposed
to the germs, in such a way as to bring
about the development of consumption.
How to Clean Hairbrushes*
Ammonia and water have long been
regarded the staple cleansing fluids for
hairbrushes. But this treatment, though
satisfactory enough as far as cleaning
Is concerned, is ruinous to the bristles,
softening and eventually destroying
them. A better method is to rub them
dry Indian meal until the oil and
dust are completely removed from the
Some Hints For Debutantes by a Man Who
Always take it for granted that every
one means well by you unless you have
proof to the contrary. The average per­
son in society has a good natured or at
least a cynical sort of tolerance and
liking for you. Very few actually hate
you or want to spite you. When you
find out that there is some one who
does, don't discuss it or quarrel about
it if it can be avoided. Just drop the
person from your life as completely as
possible, and, above all, never descend
to abuse him or her. It will hurt you
worse than it will your enemy.
Don't snub other women and girls
just because there is a man around. The
man will not like you any better for ig­
noring a girl friend and earnestly de­
voting yourself to him. It is the mar­
ried women and your girl comrades
who can give you a good time or not in
the end. Very few women dislike you
because of your successes. It is because
of your flaunting them.
Never ignoie older and married men.
They will not forgive it, and they wield
a mighty power.
Don't wonder what people are think­
ing of your pose, and your gown, and
your hands, and the position of your
feet. Ten to one they don't even see
you, and if they do they are not bother­
ing their heads about you. A very
young girl's worst fault is her self con­
Don't be wondering what you will
say next. A pause is nothing deadly if
you do not make it so. Trying to say
something—anything—to fill in a hia­
tus is the most potent cause of that
mistake commonly known as putting
your foot in it.
Don't giggle but, on the other hand,
don't look as if you were at a wedding
or a funeral.
Use your eyes to say what it doesn't
happen to be practical to say with your
If you happen to be left stranded for
one dance, never sit all aJone on one
Bide of the wall to be pitied. Get up
and go over to some group of matrons
and don't fancy that the whole room is
watching your transit
How to Make a Japanese Wrapper.
A useful wrapper is built in the Jap­
anese kamona style—flat and straight
behind, with a turnover collar extend­
ing in broad revers all the way down
the front, and with wide square sleeves
turned up with a cuff the depth of the
elbow. It is entirely of the Persian flan­
nel of a red hue, with sleeves and fronts
faced with plain cardinal flannel and a
sash to wind about the waist of red silk
a half yard wide.
How to Take Care of Your Bicycle.
It should be cleaned every time one
oomes in from a run—a proceeding
which sounds rather dreadful, bat is
exceedingly easy in reality. When one
knows how to do it, from seven to ten
minutes is all that need be allowed for
Duttins every ©art in spotless order—
brushing the tires with not too hard
brush and wiping them, the spokes and
all the enameled parts with a soft, dry
The hubs may be reached with a long
handled brush, and a good rub with
Belvyt over the plating finishes the
whole process. Mud should always be
removed wet—not allowed to dry on.
Dry mud scratches the enamel when it
is rubbed off and sifts into the bearings,
which it soon ruins. Water should not
be used unless to moisten a spot of dry
mud. It is apt to injure the machine.
But the tires may occasionally be wiped
down with a wet cloth. It is good for
the rubber.
How to Cook Clams a la Tabasco.
Chop a dozen clams fine and stir
them for five minutes over a slow flame
in a cupful of clam liquor and a
tablespoonful of butter. Add the juice
of half a lemon, some salt and pepper
and a few drops of tabasco sauce and
a sprig of chopped parsley. Serve on
toasted crackers.
How to Make Plants Grow*
Wash flowers with warm soapsuds.
Water also with boiling water around
the edge of the pot. Keep the leaves
clean and free from dust. Wash with
warm, not hot, water. Keep flowerpots
3lean too. That gummy substance on the
outside is injurious to plants.
Duluth Fuel Co.,
Office, Herald Bldg., 220 W. Superior St.
Finest Work in the City Guaranteed.
Special Attention to Short Orders.
Troy Steam Lanndry
510-512-514 E. Superior St.
Removed his Dental Office to

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