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RnhNw' jer^
s.1,. ml. i rs
the national brotherhooo of operative potters
p»int Ilc-riant in the state.
KnterH at Po-toffice. Ea-t Liverpool, Ohio, April 20. i«w2, u w^ond
e, n. b. of p. Build.
., w.
.»yhth vice l.uJdent-Joshua Chadwick. Grant street, newel, «M|wj|j n0
o-r««suHMN-John D. McGillivray, P. O. Box 6, East
oS l-.™^W"M7ciLUVRAY?'Vl :r
Manufacture™, ROBERT dv^z.
0^1 ea
nothing compared to what he
ntLnints in 1
Avknnana^t. •llli-h
Jr.J.V/ N
iim Proairb.nt
mu i icaiuini.
*5 1 r1
1 out the country to back labor’s drive against|p,ort.atlon
un n slu n
Arkansas—to altolish the union Shop.
in win fhn roforondiim nondintr in thospP0
M. anirl in lk InUnr
formula noomu fiillv instilled After wook«I
affecting stabilization, the lalxr members
either onnose or annrove modification of thd?n 4
w th 1 I
No man can h“ln another without helnimr him-l
ISn? aTSi nee that
Atie ist 20, 191S. ]of
Jam-M. Duffy, P. O. Th 6, East Lhrei i-ool,
Wi Vive 1’u-1.1. nt-E. L. Wh.’Hti.Room 215, Bro ..! stn-c L——.
itmk Bui z. f.. New Jersey.
J™1 Ohio?" rre81tent~Jwnw s,av“’ CBnn0M
Fou Vice President—Charles Zimmer, 1045 Ohio Avenue, Trenton,
fl nt rwi ISIW nbRMLV pHIS YEAR’S National War Fund othei
labor council
—"f u v
the Best Trades Newspaper and
bell phone
Je R47 Meirosa Avenue Trenton 9 IrnTmiam hpflrq
s'riBSL.'' K
CHINA WARE STAFFING COMMITTEE nirrrrzithpir old orbits
bert"^^'^'’’^Shai"uK cikMi&MMN|
the slackers, the welshers, and the deadbeats of
mankind, of course, are willing to ride on the
ping out of the union, and thus helping to reducelrecent]y when Army movements to the Pacific war
gains or stand to lose if the cause should fail. (follow.*’
10 Win the lelerendum vous penaing in Ultsc.l Could be could be
sUtes on projiosals to ban the union shop by con- cou,fl
a sectional battle but Will affect the Uisic interests IU
of orifamzed laix.r throughout the land. ,.
its prestige, he is going to iiii the concessions |[|leater were stepped up. I
Which he Wants not avert the difficulties Which hel Col. HustiDCS says that the advent of all-hyi,,is,,“ c-
toward a new
greatest measure of participation and support by
lidfrium, Norway, Luxembourg, Poland
OEMBERS of Local Unions who have kept them-(of Rumpe from the workers of the United States
selves informed of what the National Brother-|are proof that there is more than a figurative link|i,,,Ilfound the
hood of Operative Potters has achieved ovei thckef-v-f.en the various labor movements of thel.ro
ars, should realize that they are living in a worid. Tbe link is one of logic as well as sym- k
rent while they are enjoying the conditions thus|tbe sends today, not in terms of emergency
established. This is only a matter of M)mmon|relief, but as the first step towards the rehabilita-F®^
of others real) all the benefits, and con-1 WARNING PROVED SOUND
tribute nothing. AGAIN, soundness or the
above stated characterization IS intended lor tneillWQ|kgyg into the military services has been borne
own £'»od because coming back to the dictum ot(out by events. This lime it is the situation on
anticipates and fears. The trilling amount which|out war a-ainst Japan, “the load will become soLfn of ‘J
he p.-xs into the union, in the form of dues, idgreat compared with the manpower available that I
Every loyal member of the National Broth er-1 Another colonel, J.* Monroe Johnson, Interstate |I,ines
hood of Ojierative Potters should constitute him-(commerce Commission member, declared as early
into a one-man organizing committee, and(as Jast March that the nation’s railroads faced a
ni.ike a determined effort not only to secure the](]jsaster which would be reflected on the fighting
reinstatement of dropped members, but to organ-(fronts unless their manpower situation was rem
ize others who are eligible for membership, inL(iied.
order that men working at the trade may demon-1 “if I had my way,” Johnson said at Boston,
strate that it is just as impossible to destroy their(“(!Very railroadman now in the who isn’t!
artisans, or induce them to leave their country’sL‘nt back to his railroad. He is of far more use tofyH,
war effort in the lurch. |the Army working on his job on the railroad than|for
.x. (he is on the fifThtinff fronts.”
A. F. OF L. TO BEAT BAD STATE LAWS I S,nte his plain speikmp in Mrnch, Col
THE A. F. of L. called upon its affiliates th rough-|S()n has been appointed Office of 1 efense Tians-1
intensive educational campaign until election dav (advised, to say nothing on a situation that might]ullj(v bui|( U|M,a
a‘PIM*ri ,S. jK‘,nK' mak’ frecjiuse the flghtl more than ever, consumers and grocers
California. Honda, and Arkansas against the 1 ’two.way responsibility to make ceiling
enactment of anti-labor and un-American legista-l u 1
nomie^nd hulJSl'wdfarc of”'™the ’L? p".nXnth"diXyed
wen”sUte”througS^ l0Cilt”‘1 "'I'!’,t!,fe/slon'- 11 n,eaiw insisting ujwif seeing the
every stave inrougn ui i le naut n. (list if for any reason it is not displayed, question-]
I tin lit f’H UM’kX IIK’nill’l) Lut of line Finally it means the renortimr of anvl
pHE CIIALGh of National War Labor l»oard|uncoi rected or repeated oveichaiges to the 1
lalxir members that the Itoard hhs failed Presi-pmicl of the local War Price and Rationing Board.|aii
dent Roosevelt by refusing to make recommenla-| Only in this way can we win the battle to hold
tions in the matter of changing the “Little Steel” down food prices.
age 101 mu Li Stems lull.v JUSlincd. Alter vviek. W
Of delay, which recently has assumed the aspect| CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE
Of outright Stalling, the board finally acted, but a YOU one of those prone to criticize every
only to dodge the issue as the lalxir memliers de- A action of Organized Lalxir ... or the cause of
clare, by refusing to make any recommendation toLriranj7ation itself? If vou are iust remember al.
a factual report of the relationship of waxes- Lation laws, anv Social Security, any Protective!
lelied u|on the Ix.ard to advise him in matters|]av( this country, were it nit for the fact
war chest campaigns are certain to receive the
he seven million members of the American Fed-|
'ration of Labor since Pearl Harbor. The unflag-
joi(’ing interest of oiganjzcd labor in these cam-1
I jaigns is proof of its to follow!
., j,
through on all fronts. It
575(cehabilitation of free, democratic trade unions
---------------------------------------------Lil the countries of that war-torn continent. I. n
(program abroad has been a source
rchat in the months to come American labors aid|
---------------------------------and are now swinging triumphantly back into
,, 14.determination representatives became
-Lhrough on all tronts. It
it will soon witness the restoration .» .»
also proof Of labors]
also proot
democratic institutions all Europe and the|
saci'lic® ^inithe most serious consequences ,cannot ,help but|('ulvin,
yI...... LJc in MnvnL C.J
hrw’States—California Florida andlEastnian- beinff made ODI chief, he
for Human Rights, have gained
il 1 x,‘
Jboth usefulness and significance from the
(that they were gifts from labor to labor. But atj
E"1 Uwpooljthis particular time, in this year of climaxes and(
]onger be limited to Britain, Russia, ChinaJ^iclly
LIw'|Aid will go, as well, to the workers of France,|a,)oarl
VNEsIbeen shut off from contact with the democracies,Ibis
Frppdnm k‘now within siffht of the enslaved
(peoples of Europe. And also
Sr., MAWiA^r 1’ARKER, RAYjpeesttablishment of the tie between labor and]
JAMES SLAVEN,' HUGO MibLER, Roland HORTON|labor in all countries, the birth of a new and morelcame
1 1 “ivigoroUS international trade union movement.
succeeding the late Joseph
nothing to say, publicly at least, on railroad man-
Construed as reflecting
of L. President Green pointed out that .th'\ is not jNLESS the app|.oaching end of the war
‘'”f „s ,sf’,
individual unions t° a special Hind Iwing lake 1 I rnle end of war in Europe does not mean thelno
the American Federation of Laboi With which MLnf( of the threat of runaway prices. In the last]
finance its campaijtn. Sucll contllbutions should L^. on( ,.t) 1j|.(| of the increase in the cost of living|'vl,l b* hep
be sent to A. F. of L. Secretary-! rcasurer GeorgeL the Armistice rl4il set ,he
Mi Green said his lettei .. (bring hardship to millions of Americans. r.
lusctl 11
point out. Lut the board has chosen to avoid re-|for years agajnst selfishness and bigotry to niake|»od»ing
sensibility, apparently not having the courage (them nossible These urn onlv sump of the thinrslis ,he °PP»itunity
“I ittle Steel” formnlu (that Olganized Labor has given to you whether]ra.yThis
18 UP rt‘8a«ent.|(j|aay niore many freedoms we all take
J^ Jr gener.uly has confidence in hIM faintess ano( planted that have been won through the effortsI’|,‘*,u,l.v
w |±he actions of Organized Ijlbor make it a DointI" hosp ln,nrts
ou aie, just reineniuer
|few of these things: You probably wouldn
s announcement that It would mnie|anv 4)-hotir week, any just Workman’s Compendia
and bv.ntr costa no so ution. 1 he President, ha. Clli|(l l,ahor lawS any 8Uch free pul.lic schools '^1,build
'"n,e'S.l u
organized laboring men and women struggled I
I W,n]e 01 ine
belong to a Labor Union or not. Ihere are(t
Editor and Business Manwrci Frtr three vmk labor’s own war rplipiT U l,,e "Hy no,n ev anU fiiboard. I dictating
members of the American Federation of Labor,
The merchant seamen’s clubs, canteens, clinics! As
(orphan homes set up or equipped in China, Britainrnpoyed
the reliei program OI tne|20 lnilli!Uetpr
II nnn*un Unwins IJin’hf-o hnvA rromnd ini ______ __ __ __ w
8,(decisions, the future of labor’s independent relief|nscd
morp significance than
countries which for SO long have|,i„nibT
Tlie relief funds which will go to the workers |ins,MH tion rf ,in‘P
house built by labor and should be willing to pay|pathy. The American labor movement thinks of! THROUGH THE MAZE
justice, which will be recognized by all honorable|tjon of the workers of Europe, both as individuals Llve t( b,ai.n
men. land as members of the free and democratic trade] Tht next st
That small proportion of men who are amonglunjon movement of the future.
language may not please some, JUV v March, 1943, against taking too many skilled Let||IDm'L
,n trip Aftt!r a lH.felt
Mother Nature, if enough men fail to do theirlwtj.^tl}-r) railroads which is proving the AFL was]
in a cooperative effort, the effort will fail and|rjobt. Col. W. H. Hastings, head of the 9th trans-Ithrew
tiius adversely effect them all. .zone,
Certainly, no member can expect that by drop-lpoweron 8 western railroads was a vital weaknessiilh(. P1.PW aud Lteuteuaut Sivlert who
11 Inortation has disclosed that lack of man- |\vhere a Nayy
Innwnr uhm*tqrn Could it ho th nt ho told n».|wliile at the time crying for
The federation pledged itself to carry on an l”?w.cr shtirtage. Could it be that he was told ml |hbjr u.(hsame
.s AniPI.l(.all labol call Klum. na(ioaH that (.an lM, no n,al ia
‘brass hat manage-(highest
Meany at the Federation’^headquarters in Wash-| of the averatre familvl 4~ ”"w ,o t‘,p n^’1^ ,,h lhe ,”bor ,uak‘ I.vute
(budget. Any sharp increase in food costs would|(|ia(
on. r„ V, Anv p„. oi u. i,„«! s, or c-rt....... .......- I threeyeBCT, labor s own war relief the |be )lvwl „,c life o, Nilvy IKireonnri. l„INow
„|Stratlin tom .„sts tllat the
pride to|p:itmg
................................... .................
factlscored two direct idts apiece.
i uvi iiiuv vi me v. o. i«bi weeK auoaro uii
Sixth e president—George Turner, 215 W. Fourth Street, East|dCCmnpiisnmenis OI ine pasi. (course before qualifying for active service. |his already thinning ranks of follow-|it- He wras pointing it out as a danger
SevJ 'bervtoe’ esident—Charles Jordan, 176 East Virginia Avenue,|
This added Significance stems from the fact]
I Il: waR
,n for the overni'-ht
ships on the horizon.
organized and operated.
warning oil
Thia Untrnao-x* mflv not nielli some but tliek*-Mn™h 101*1 nrrainat ioVinff fnn m«nv drilled I I lookel and home when we went aboard at 11 a. m. for the
1^’up ButmN
of t‘i^ ni n L?be?
StilUtlonal amendment 01 By legislation. "W (representatives of th? AFL, CIO, United Mine Workers, and Railroad Brother-1 In the greatest of all wars, you, the
In a circular letter to affiliated unions, A. F. VICTORY WITH INFLATION
............. ...
IL» fhorofnre imiudilt'd fnr coni ribnt ions frnnil.. .’.nC. ,nC^a.,t, ,'OOU V1 iniiaiion, wli 2 -1 low to unite the homo and union, so that the wife understands all about I .. I held to niotleratlon, and yet left free
individie 1 uninns’tn nKtwcial fund heimr r»kd I lrisk ,)SW lhe f,naI lmtt,e akra,nst Pr,ce nses\ a'"l husband takes full responsibility for the home, and there is *°.r mJ?.
divisive tomw Making to gain cwtroi.
ling the grocer about any price that appears to be| «. I 1., ,r. P1 IWllt‘ty
rv.,11 .. JI 4 4 maiiy, ll means imie porting oiany |su,.vev ((1- ,|U|, 11H| WO1|M,„ ,1OW ln (he service, reports that at least SOOJKM) «ud|.,,lloll.1I ld trainin- nro-rams in the I
Cnder the terms of the meager
]ll Ih
LCI (Landing Craft, Infantry) which cruised up and down Chesapeake Bav
=Lnd Russia as nart nf tlw relief niwraiJi nf thel1,,p n,“st P‘»I»a’«r feature of the excursion was the opportunity to fire the ship’s (National-Socialists are with you, loyal |i»ceu ro resort io me oia ume uick
|ana Russia as part
i tt r’ i u.,'__i oiuuiueier unu-a ci an suns at a target, xne oesr snots were lions sniskin. I“uu ■. ,,
the lopmatlonal Association of Fire Fighters In civilian lire^inil
F-t Fred Bner and .Seemtary-Treasurer George lilelmrdson or that union.
oi.rativ—----- cl I rieedom iS now Ultnin Slgnt OI ine ensiayeu|tbe bay rprua[npj (..,1^ an( everyone slept well. No cases of seasickness wer (movement—whichof
is the carrier of our| But something more is to be said.
DECORATING standing comm

It was still (Sold and raining at 5:30 h.
an 1 raJnln8 when the group went aboard the LCI No. 398 at S’
the next
1 A ATM the AFT wsrnintf nf climbing up steep ship ladders when they got back to dry land. manders who, shortly, will march their The Securities Exchange Act rankles
conducted the trip tor the
Among those not previously mentioned who made the trip were President
Doherty,, of the National Letter fa rrlers Association
of the Boilermakers Joseph A. Padway, Counsel for the AFL ().
(SoucW, O|ieratfn| Engln‘ers James Myles, Operative Plasterers
.» j.—--------------------- ..... .......iw. ... .... .......<p></p>Army ..... .... v|, 4 Along the tlaniing Siegfried Line thousands »f American union men nrelt|ie appreciation they deserve for hav-|at what is happening today.
union morale as it is to destroy their ability as (overseas would be discharged immediately andU1*’J,“J*i
afl Legislative Rep recitative and James wuson of th ilo. (“leading functions’j”
Building The World They Fight For
-is dinH^ni^^ lone
b.|h.nrn alMHlt this war of Ideas through w-eing the»e same divisive forces at work (standing.
miKUiMlerstanding or dash of Interests
It I 4 A I 1 ol.vnj ayra«} TanH y|dear to the public and our soldiers lals.r’s highest aims and aspirations, so
How to forge the rigid hiea -the id^iogy of teamwork basedi upon
(moral Standards, that will isiint the way for Eurotwan unions and liefeat tlu*
Schools Beckon Veterans
Schools Beckon Veterans
he wants still another may be unable to
is hoiwful he will decide in favor of just and order- ,f Organized Labor in the iast and are being pro ."ib": "‘e ",iv,‘ h"9 wr 8h'"’
ri’Xi"'"®8** ket'l”ng "“creased costsGcted by the men and women of labor for you.lb' '""wIm!“pni-l^by"rnlE UK Hi\ stew“,dJ V.,,rachl,lg
living. (children tomorrow. So before you criticize idlv
.If Ti th S fZ Jf ulAr TUiJna Jiv underbtaad the accom ..r later, deckle fo take up their schooling again. Not only will this pay great pg concerns have been classified into tween their shop people and manage-be
tLmg holds true of Labor Unions.]pllshments of those Union men and women.
/Braving stormy weather and inclement skies, more than a score of AFL|iy for the quisling Anton Mussert, head
shipmates of the U. S. Navy last week aboard an|
of the Dutch Nazis. He cannot keep
SlLUI (Landing Craft, Infantry) which cruised up and down Chesapeake Bav|naPP wuh them- thev leave him sadlv
insertion W1, .r thwe ampbiblous training buses. dXX tbe “edm of a terrible hang-
The tour was undertaken by invitation of the Incentive Division of tho|0ver Less than 4 months ago he
f7’vrat,”n “fiLabor- Arrl John E-(drew‘himself up to look as tali and
th/wav^romVilv!»lMnd\^^^ International Association, came|smart Hltierish ag possible while
The AFL group started out from Wasliington aboard a Navy bus, usually Ifldt nce in you are unflinching.
to transport inductees, at 4 p. m. for the amphibious base at Solomon’s
even as they fight forward for fris-dom, there are Ieople n(ready battling Itoget,ler I),ffe,vnt New Order. Maybe I what
control in the )nlsr unions of the countries b«*ing lllierated, and their tactics |son“‘ of thos! disgracelul Dutch (government
I?..,.,.,.., „H nf no nf hamn in nnntimipl 1-How .to conquer the indiflerence and apathy among union members,]* vv fails—never has so far—to get all the
tbwn fully hi th., work 01 tho union.
.3- How to creirte honest teamwork lietwwn labor and management that
enough ami strong enough to carry on into the post-war period
,,f i»d"*’-inl statesmanship for the world.
they will l. won to our support despite every kind of antl-lalMir propaganda.
Encouraging itetrs conn's from Washington this wook. The DM I, after a Livities, patterned after similar edu-1
licc||,|.ob.lb|y mmv than 1,000,000 want to go back to school when the war is over. (.. it st .. ikol
even larger numlwr wants refresher courses or trade training. Already ||if Mtreeta factoilPH
(several liiindivd returned Veterans are in school. Imines' railroads and airplanes The
|""’lpr ^.«t lhe time of induct kin are held to lie entitled to further education. |‘.
*lbp abb, bl P(1|lb|eiP college and high school courses, or sierial education, that las with active industrial
have|was interrupted even liefore the war. That, too, is good. It will la* reflected |ail American countries.
Citizenship and government, as well as in finer leadership. I T|ie suweMB of the program is
hike much from the various blns, to his great Improvement another may see |an‘e companies, the church, and public
to learn, its what we do with it that counts.
mm we know, honever, as we traverse the rocky highway of demon-1
qv knnw and Leirn nnd nnrlerafnnd iha nrrnm I n is ,,ol"‘'l that nearly 2,000.000 Of the returning Veterans will, sooner (participating, he added, and contest-1collective bargaining processes
(dividends in the ^future* it will help tv relieve the unemployment problem. |t1 groups.
the same G. I. rations and sleeping in the same bunks regularly assigned lllv .. I merit will own the countrv
to troops aboard landing craft. y that J"vasi?n has Ja7ed’ to XrS intL Armia^n
one who participated, we can truthfully report that the AFL group thatTmtst^v tJ tffid aHDuteh keech Mr. Dewey seems to have be^n
every minute of the trip—even getting up at 5:30 a. in. But perhaps! 1‘ at |f()r ed to resort t0 the old-time trick
anti-.,ii-craft guns at a target. The best shots w-ere Boris shiskin and united of purpose ... We are one|»f taking a part of a paragraph, leav-
mjAFL economist and Bryce Holcombe, of the Painters and Decorators, wholunit and at its top are you, my|inS the main and modifying part out
oiunnui .....
the Ch»’sapeake. After dinner, the group was conducted through I public Dutch Nazi meeting at A raster- |future was that the government
schools where crews and officers of landing craft are given a ten-welk dam, smilingly receiving the ovation of own the country. He wasn’t advocatingwould
jn tbe recreation hall, the AFL guests heard a young sailor describe his |ers. He thanked the German Wehr-1to be avoided.
experiences as a member of a fire-fighting outfit during the invasion of Africa, macht for building such splendid de-1 The danger lies in the fact that the
and Italy, lie told a harrowing story of struggling to put out a blaze |fenses along the North Sea coast, and (government has so much money in-
an amnuniiiion ship off Sicily. The fight took seventy-two hours and praised the bovs of tlie Volunteer vested in war plants that had to be
(weather gear provided by the skipper of the ship and started out on an |and'from the west. I know that, should Wall Street.
taught how keep alert on watch and how to detect even the shadows liJh1tttHo^L2mhivh rt" S
to nr'otlHte this Obstacle course in pitc*h dark*eStS by the 8ai
hl,!lier wlth
talk proved esiHK'lally Interesting to two nwnd»*rs or the AFL party—1'resl l,n ,he defense of Narva. I We expect the government to get
triP to Little Creek, Virginia. However, the waters ef “that tens thousands in our|
to “hit the deck.” After a hurried breakfast, the group put on fou) dorms are threatening from the east reflection of the real government in
'"’as awaiting them for the ride hack to Washington. Before (forget his promise to “stay put.” Wilson dealt the first great blows
Engineers Draftsmen and Architects president
(reveal they will use any means t» gain their own ends. Tin* moral standards |l,atriots who never left off annoying] M’ell it all looks pretty silly.
t' unionism are being flung to one side whenever these forces find they (them, will try to get too close to them Anybody that is greatly bothered
*m..?„n’|sla,»d in the way’of their gaining |s»wer. |for comfort. As yet, there is still |i,v’ought to take a look at himself
,p|lp UM,n wonivn n(- American labor have had plenty of opportunities to (chance to avoid so tragic a iuisunder-(ttrst
had|here. They use the ambitions, tears, and weaknesses of men to gain control.] So why not go on a little trip to the |D gosh awful govern-
They create mistrust and disloyalty, and brink up unions into opposing factions Last, or_foiiowing the example of
American lalmr need not be tooled Li^, i-owirdlv n-itrlots who refused
HiOgans, expediency, or ai»iM*asfiis*nt. By standing firm for the I t„ ,• .. T. 'J (inflution that could have wrecked you,
moral Standards-- for truth and loyalty to one another—we will unite|un’ler for a some^ phut ]you bavt! been protected against sky-
(labor above every difference. And labor united can remake the world. (with less oppressive atmosphere? hy |roclu.t prices that no wage scaJe could
A| |ip M(ii.aI Re.A1.1IlltII1,llt Tralnlng (,Ilter Jn Mi(.lliffan ath.IKh.(1 by meet trouble half way? have 1ept pace with.
(hoods, every Volker received the training to fit him for tins task, in a fivtK |(oninjm Man, have been protected as
in|i-i'“ 1»t WISDQM 11 never before And Mr. Big, who never
Bill of Rights, Veterans who vvere |jn bas 1)een nia(le S(SiMp
assumed Unit their education was interrupted by military service. Every (th'ough Affiliation with national safe
LtTort should I... made, of .UIM, to imrsuade all these Veterans t» take ad |ty councils in Argentina, Brazil, Chde.
vantage of th.* educational opportunities available to them The world of ('Uba and Mexico and with the safety la
thousands of walking people win, under the terms of the g-i i di, |hu.itmaid, lanaina and lem, as wen
Education cannot, of course, character where none exists or P’lt |phasized by the fact that it has re-1 Philadelphia, Pa. (1LNS).—A pro-
i ^tms’”fiffid whh eJmmodidTi.^ PWers and workers, as well as insur- of shop steward, union executive, ami
what is there. Education (authorities.
make it more difficult for selfish groups to sway the masses, to make idealism (accident prevention campaign of the (will lie members of the labor move-
foypkuirish in fertile minds. Ignorance is the greatest bar to human progress. Our (Associated Industrie's of New York (mod. The purpose of the courses is to*
Things move quickly, much to quick-
eIgllt n,iles away’ where the Navy trains (there be an invasion, you all will dq| If there were to be a choice behveen
linen for LST’s (Landing Ship, Tank). |your duty.” And he concluded by di- |ihe government owning a great part of
II ^Eortunately, tin* rain lifted soon although the skit's remained cloudy during (vulging a little secret, a very personal (the nation’s resources, or Wall Street
the (owning the government, there are a
(great many who would decline, at any
unwlly. a dim light was provided for the guests “but the saTim l.'naTte? hut“oiiitr heartening
Emerging from the/thick gloom of this room, the labor representatives |unteer la the German army. When the I Some of those now are yelling so
Returning to Little Greek, the party was conducted aboard an LST and an ,uake thi* confe8«ion n welljand bonds, like brokers and not like
(Landing Ship, Medium). Some of tlu*oldsters on the trip were puffing a matters for the allied com-1 rulers.
luncheon, the guests took part in various deck|for than 13 years has been the
lictlvities culminating in shooting at a floating target 400 yards off. When the (citadel of Dutch Nazism. They will To get a fresh picture of what hurts
(target was hauled back on board, it was riddled with holes. (know where exactly to find podgy An-1 the Big Boys, maybe it would be
As a final surprise, the LCI ran right up on the shore at We Point, Md., |ton’ provided, of course, he does not—(good idea for you to go and see the
over its landing ramps and the guests walked dryshod to the beach (under the stress of coming events—(great motion picture, “W’ilson.”
Incentive jpp would such a thing be possible? (service of the common man. Without
(Alas! Unbelievable as it may seem for (preaching at all—just by sticking to
(so “important”
(none too promising. Those staunch sup (ture tells the
(iM.rters of his who followed him cour- (wilson, who
ageously to the best-paid jobs and the (Money Bags and their political ser-
so inuch lo bnild up an A1'l
•for 'TTh
I .——„ lbope
h™. '\or^ nh‘
iu Bearing safety ac
^Thursday, October 19, 1944
Were With Our Little Hatchet
We Tell the Truth About
Many Things, Sometimes Pro
foundly, Sometimes Flippantly
and Sometimes Recklessly.
telegram to his revered I take the charge that the
1 Fuehrer We see you as the leader (entirely.
of entire Europe our belief and con-1 So, it turns out that Assistant
2 Itary of State Berle pointed out, In
A few days later he stood before a (speech of his, that a danger of the
to built. To wage THIS war the goyern-
1 866 wlth satisfaction, the leader ]big business.
brothers I ment had to get into every thing.
atherland’s political will remain] There was a time when government
wllen the order (faithful to me, even though great |in Washington was little more than a
luniform” he bellowed, “that of a vol-1 government.
^vJ^,e81IUied to trip np and (invasion reaches Holland I-shall put (loudly about what the government
7ag at a lcul clttfWoom where a Na’„ offlcor pvnlalnpd (decision I shall stay in Utrecht under (when government came back to Wash-
Iwlth the alii of Ship models how an amphibious invasion attack on a beach is |al1 circumstances.” Iington and left Wall Street to run
tz.v um *v ||P I VClVtiAll^ «U nu JU01 l/J Oliviwilfc tv
a man, the omens are (things that happened, the motion pic
great story of Woodrow
was hounded by the
Irichest loot, do not like the turn of (vants as few
Lewis^. |recent events at all. Since June their (persecuting mob?
have acquired a Among the laws then enacted
Ibitter taste their richly-decorated |the Federal Reserve Act. Man, how the
(offices and well -cushioned swivel |i’,ig Boys howled. Government started
(chairs are quickly losing all attraction, (to come back to Washington.
|They are somewhat uncertain of them- You will be doing yourself a favor
I selves. |by seeing that picture. You will come
Perhaps the allies, once they have |away with renewed clearness of vision.
.chased the Germans out, will not show You will be able to get a better look
I 1ops the
I a!„tyou
I ,hl nat,Ml 18 tao KfeatJ? I
eterything.-Jameh A. Garfield. |omJn(MW. Are
v «»tv (fooled?
“J by slv"’s 011 away t0-
a new (price, to return to Wall Street control
of government.
Some of those now are yelling so
that uniform I have taken my (owns are those whose power was shorn
It was considerate of the man to errands and to deal fairly in stocks
into timt verv rtrnnht whinhlstm brothers—it sureivdoes.
)s lDto that y Ltrecht which
mi, urouiers— »u e y es.
have been hounded by a
ILNS, -M°re •*, t, 1.1,111-ihA
(commission is cooperating with the|
members In
IMrrfotmwnil tallE
“T J* ’’j1’ ,----------------------------
590,000 IN SA»ETY 1IR1IK
mid liberty public education tends to develop more socially-minded |»eople, Buffalo, N. Y. (1LNS).—The annual] The instructors teaching the courses
constituted, are the st rongest of all bulwarks of our (state, Inc., has o|M»ned with the largest (train and develop the rank and file
|tlH» teaching ot Nazi lies. Thus he produced a whole generation of Germans bUH “,n manual |the techniques and skills inwived In
Jinf twlsted-wnd jammed with falsehoods, unclean and vicious. pwloyws in SOO industrial plants are [handling grievances and carrying on
about this business of the
owning the nation?
government bother YOU?
rLf .round ^Ur neck?
i .....
",o ^0H been protected against an
win benr, has law held leash,
to produce in miraculous fashion,
Somehow these alarums that Mr.
Dewey’s write for him,
.* (’artirid lvery flat*“experts”
even w,lile thty soun1 veryfall
we such fools as to
leC US lHOK’uua,y
smoke screening device de
the Chemical
Service, it is small enough
‘arr* ‘d in hack seat of a j**? or
I other simi,ar craft with
Wind conditions this midget fog ma-
I chine can blot out an area 5 miles
about 209 yards wide
one twentieth as bulky as the
k generator,
''M-spread support from h«o» "»r the H«.i»Uonu
I otlicriJers(mieIfoi
th. trade unions
|of ‘ita** ,ias J11”'01'“T1
|by the Ihiladelphia Board of Edu-

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