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New jersey.
S?L W Al Ilf fl
Fifth vice President—Georg* Ncwboa, 847
11^X35 jtl Cyfl I (I I
tbb national brotherhood of operative potters
sense of movement and balance. Through music nnN,T I
to cooperate with management and improve pr)-|
duction because their unions can win them a share
i a it/vimA
The *29 wuro foi-nwr mid
structures in
_and_________ leant: Tl) Employers can immediately apply fori
east Liverpool trades
labor council [price adjustments without
nLniJui.T -t Fnnt LhcrBoci Ohio hr th. n b. of oIorder to assure them profits equal to the peace
Operativw——CHAS. f. jordan, FREDERICK glynn. HARRYlPUOS ana adjustment 01 nscai policies, rrices tnai
podewels___________________ |do
aven^thos wood ro
therapeutic value is beyond description.” [wage and price controversies disrupt recon ver-1|||
Recreation is important to the newly blindIsion, but the new policy is no solution. We fear itp"'".....
In a totalitarian state, the government dictates ti()Ils |,as I*.,,,, intensified to include high
mH of I
WHAT THE newly promulgated wage-pricel
order will mean as administered is not yeti
[known, but two matters of procedure are signifi-]
Avenu*, Trentoa, 9,levidence of its realization of the danger and waste [English pounds.
sixth Yice*P^ident-George Turner, 215 W. Fourth Street, East Liver-|of inflation. This does not mean rigid price con-| Here are a few:
plete reconditioning program. to drastic wartime controls. It reestablishes wage Awf Hitler ro“ld"'t have 'lone a
Dr. Jack London of Hines Veterans Hospital [determination by the government. It nullifies the
in Chicago declared, “The American Red Cross [incentive for increased productivity. [iii
in introducing them to swimming. The psycho-[disadvantage in promoting full production when||
has done a most remarkable thing for these boys| We realize that the government is at a serious|| TJ CL TD
GENERAL WARE STANDING COMMITTEE lawav inflation is bv nroduction of adeouate sun-1. India: Here is real trouble, liable to burst into a major explosion any day picnic this year.
Manufactuton M. J.
lynch, w. a. betz.
KnuSiv r/wJzU Amui-inun nnMin in
hear a radio
in the increased earnings. That is why free enter-1 MOBILIZING YOUTH FOR UN lup to Bowles and I rice Administrator Paul A. 1 orter to hold the line.
all policies. The government can tell an iTnplo.vei,[students throughout the country, savs a n*',wlance,’»tr I y y
Utter ruthlessness on the part of the cictatorLo students of today and warns potential members [search outfit.
Before an audience of more than «°»00, they [military strength in his Feb. 9 speech, and his|wug%l?^sia,’.dJ?1LSutr‘ty
Incidentally, Lodge No. 174 is the largest local [does USSR want to deprive her people in order to
P.. owning and operating the Beet Trade. Newspaper and Job I time profits Of the base period (2) Wage increases! ff Dan Churton, a presser at the East Palestine shop, has accepted the
Printing Plant in the stat*. through collective bargaining must be approved
|hZSP W vlCby depar ent at the Wylhe Chma comPany’a P^nt at
Emend at PMtoffice. East Liverpool Ohio, April 20, 1M2, a. «®on^-|by a stabilization authority if such increased costs| 11 11II It II I v I The Retail Clerks’ and Businessmen’s committees met Wednesday evening
p^idS for'in ^tiS ii08,mActnof Octoter"13,“lew/luteori^dlof production are used to secure price relief. I *, "J u I but failed to reach an mutually satisfactory agreement with regards^ to Mon?
One Year to Any Part of the United States or Canada..---------- 82.oo|well as its further weakening by limitations on its|thundering bombast delivered on an obscure Missouri college campue Mar.phe Ceramic Theater.
August 20, 1918. _______ I Again the government intervenes in collective! 1 By TRAVIS HEDRICK. Federated Press I day night closing. Another effort to ge together will be made at a meeting to
n. b. ,t
o. r. BriMto, w. .a 8U BELL PHONE ...[bargaining, setting up a higher authority. The Washingtoa-IFP) ™EG~{NMtain’s tottering emnire 'and her fadedF hTueIday, March 28, has been the date set for the big union label moving
result is regimentation of collective bargaining as
Pmkient—James m. Duffy, p. o. Box 752. East Liverpool, Ohio. Itt rj„v cfandard with whinh all nr»li’ |anti-Russian bias ran unchecked through his Fulton speech. His theme was a|back on the pressers bench. The change was made at the suggestion of the
Nattonal V-J Day. lhe one standaid With which all poll-lwarnrhg of war. As a sort of afterthought he applied a pious hop^ for peace |new manager, Joseph Meanor.
hSl rftFfc Florence
Ave. Huntington|c,ies «»d procedures must square IS personal free- The truth is that Britain today is a weak country beset by many troubles I r. Having been a member in good standing of the Pressera’ Local No. 4, East
Park, Calif. |dom in which economic freedom IS base-line. |at home and abroad, confused by many contradictions. I Liverpool, the claim of the late Sylvester Kinsey was allowed and a check
TMlOhto.ice Pr“idenV-Jame’ slMV“’ c*®®0™ Milla,. Eart LivarpooU The American Federation of Labor, in sup-1 In Europe, Britain has lost her traditional balauce-of-power position. I-ssued this week b? National Secretary Edward Menge to the beneficiaries
ftnirth Vice Pteeident—Charles Zimmer* 1045 Ohio Avenue. Trenton. ®»|,nor'tinfir the extension of nrice control him ffiver s life-time there are many trouble spots that worry the I $150.
pooi, Ohio. Itrols such as were necessarv durinfir the war I Nationalist agitation is growing because of the continued pres- |tery company, Wellsville, to Albert Coms, who has been associated with
8wSHV‘" Pre*,d«t~T- J- D««“ond, 625 E. Lincoln Wny. Min.rva,l restricted civilian nroduction but a con-lerceEgypt:
of British troops- Some are guarding the key Suez canal, but thousands |*e firm in the capacity of general manager for several years. Mr. Smith
Bghto Vito PtoaMmt—Joriiua Ch*dwiek. Grant sttort, NtotolL Wtot f$Vilian others are occupying an independent power’s territory wfll devote all of his time hereafter to the Taylor, Smith & Taylor plant in
Virginia. ItKOl Wlln tile nexiolllty to encourage an increased I Palestine: This British mandate is seething. British policy still favors the I ^hester, and the D. E. McNicol plant in this city.
8*crnMry‘Trearo’*^_Cha* P* Jordan’ p* b®m B“t LiwP)ol*|volume of production. I Arabs over the Jews. This is pure opportunism ordered to appease the thous-1 At a meeting of the East Liverpool members of the executive board a few
not permit of adequate profits retard produc I Moslem factions, coupled with a widespread famine. I his place.
CHINA WARE STANDING COMMITTEE |tion. Wage rates that result in lower standards! Greece: Britain’s position in the Mediterranean is thought in LondorI Harry Wallace, a finisher, arrived here Saturday from Evansville in
e k koos walker
BETzlof 1 ivine1 are not condnciVP to pfforts for inrrpasoc11to depend upon a secure, pro-Bntish government in Greece. That is wlr-| search of work. He holds a transfer card which shows him to have been paid
to enorts lOl mcreasec British artnwl-roight controls the peninsula and has scattered the powerful Up and in good standing with L. U. No. 5 of Evansville.
.ipioaucuvivy. ... Left-wing leaders. Few doubt that if the British troops left, the interim regime The Crown pottery, Evansville, will be represented on one of the fast
decorating standing committee-I The National
Murafartarm--- .ROBERT DIETZ, Sr.. MARGARET PARKER, ^MCOITecting disparities, is to take into considera-| Indonesia: The Netherlands East Indies are occupied by British, not|the pitcher’s box and at bat last season for the McClain.sboro, Ill., team.
Operative----- JAMES slaven. THOS. wood, roland HORTON I tion inci eases in the cost ot living between janu lBritain fears that a successful revolt by the colonial peoples here would homoany’s plant at Toronto. Horton just recently returned from a trip to
|ai*y» fydl, and September, lUda. nut costs OI llv-la signal for the overthrow of British rule in Asia. (England, where he was called by the serious illness of his mother, Pottery
VITAL HELP FOR WAR VICTIMS ling have not remained at the level of last Sep-| Over in London a new socialist government is experiencing difficulty I trade in the Staffordshire distric^ he stated, was just fair. Some of the plants?
HM Jtember. There is a general expectation amongjmaking its platform of economic and political democracy jibe with the em-|arebusy and others slack.
TjlSABLED bLKVICLMEIN are receiving special -that thnt indpy will T. qp|pire-holding foreign policy of Churchill it is supporting. A meeting of the warehousemen of the city has been called for next Tues
attention from the American Red Cross.If nointe ^mrrifiec nf enmp nHirU« havol A v*‘ry real difficulty faces a government that spouts bursts of oratory|day evening in T. & L. hall for the purpose of effecting an organization
Thrnncrh fhp ikp of npw mpthods blind veterans!. n more P°^nts* scarcities oi some articles naveiabout tbe Four Freedoms, the Atlantic Charter, and the rights of man while land affiliating with the central body. Dupty Organizer J. P. Duffy and
inrougn uie use ui uew iiieuivua, uiiiiu vtvriai I been made sharper by world needs. lat the same time it keeps armed troops in colonial lands to stop the very Brothers Cox and Veith of L. U. No. 9 and L. U. 17, respectively, will have
ana amputees gam tne Sirengin ana connaencei There has been a failure on the part of admin-1exercise and practice of those freedoms and rights. By yielding to the Naz'lcharge of the work.
to fit themselves for a useful place society. jistrators to realize that reconversion to maximum |pattern of ye”in£ bloody murder at the Soviet Union, pointing to an alleged I Word has been received here to the effect that Mr. and Mrs. William S.
The Red Cross, in collaboration with military|civi|ian production should be our controlling obJ’"ternational “red menace” Churchill ill serves the cause he professes tolGeorge, who are cruising in southern waters for the benefit of Mr. George’s
“mnvalMMnt ewimminir” 1- 1 *J*Yuutuu“ "UIu. UUI (champion. [health, that they are enjoying themselves hugely, and that both are deriving
specialists mtroaucea convalescent swimming Ijective. Price control has been confused With pro-1 British imperialism must be in a sorry condition to force its great war-1much good from the outing. Mr. George is president of one of the large pot
for amputees and other severely disabled men.Muction regulation. Itime to link communism with “neo-fascism” and speak of a danger to Chris- Itery plants at East Palestine, O.
Now its use is recognized as essential to a com«l The new waffe-Dlice nolicv is a step backward |tian civilization from communist fifth columns.
1^--------------- ..-
IT» |p«rpose of price control.
government brings compliance, but it does nothiiat “vour life is at stake” Thev cite informed! 1 |Rankin (D, Miss.) announced on the
bring a high level of productivity. Production per Louth ‘as “the weapon that can stop the atomic! LICKING THEIR CHOPS [House floor Feb. 20 he would demand
man-hour in USA before the war was three times ”,
that of Soviet Russia. United Nations Youth, first organized some |mic stabilization Director Chester A. Bowles warned at the opening of price] views aaainst Rankin
months ago in New York City, with Stephen M. Lontn.l hearings.
E drewiig Zy a.Tretired orti
r------------------------------------------------------------------------Lphivuhnl 17 V»rt*-n1d hitrli xonitti- nro-ti I KeeI’ th,s In m,ni w,ien y°u rea(l those ful1 Pa^e atls the ^atl* Assn.lWnue arawin» P’y a
“VETS” ANTI-UNION? READ THIS! U“ ?L.„J’ W 5 Lf Manufacturers now appearing in 450 daily newspapers with their smooth I0®1,
|dent, urges in this first red, white and blue pro-[argUin»nts that “you owe it to yourself and to your country’s welfare” to| Rankin was criticized by Holdridge
rpWkzNTY-l’WO living witnesses to the tact that [motional piece that youth realize that theirs is |tfll your congressman to remove price control—“for a better tomorrow for|for his anti-Semitic, anti-Negro re
1 the wartime anti-labor propaganda campaign [the “greatest stake” and lists their activities [everybody.”
[marks and descriped as unfit to serve
of sweatshoppers has lieen a flop held the lime-[ranging from public meetings to publication of a M°*t ”,''TH
chairman of the House committee
light at a meeting in Washington this week of (bulletin, incorporated with the association’sh’uioln strike waiting fol controls to be lifted that’s hindered pr»duction,|deaIing with veterans legation.
Columbia Lodge No. 174 of the International As-[monthly magazine, Changing World. |and renewing price control immediately will take away their incentive to| As the leading figure on the House
SOCiation of Machinists.
+_________________ [holdout.
[un-American committee headed by
them anurenlieJ at the Nava? ItX-Xh Lab ra- QUESTION FOR STALIN .wrybody” slightly ridiculous. In the past 50 years NAM fought all effortsthe army officer a spreader of
mem apprtniitcs at mt. iNayai ucbtaicn izaooia
|to obtain shorter working hours, called the 8-h»ur day law “vicious, need-1“mmmunigtic doctrines” and allpired
tory, and all of whom joined the I. A. M. almost] AT PRFSHNT, Russia s maintenance of a huge [less, pnposter»us,” opposed all child labor bills, all government-financed]. e wag-©tired as a “neurotic” in 1944
immediately after leaving the service. army of 15,ODO,000 men, Stalin’s emphasis on [unemployment insurance, used every effort to prevent passage of minimum]" w _radl‘
were initiated into the union by Al Mostniak,[program to more than double production of heavy |poll act anti to destroy the Wagner act with amendments which Sen. Robert|pA vROLLS UP IN JANI’ARY
president of, the lodge. A unique sidelight was [industries suggest that a considerable part of|F. Wagner of New York says “would surreptitiously destroy all the fa*r|MicHIGAN JOBS AND
that a photographer of Veterans’ Adminislration|Russia’s productive capacity will be diverted to|g»'."s that the worker has s tediously won in his fight for equality of bar-r
considered the event of sufficient significance to|military purpose^ rather than to raise the livingNAM has told its members to see that those who vote for] lensing, Mich.—(FP). Employ
take a news “shot” of the ceremony. standards of the people. One may well ask! Wliyr^Ti’^fuii page ads a?e paid fot out of the NAM million-dollar annual ove^Decembfr 7n
........ —-................-...... ■■■■■............
who are lonely afraid and self-conscious. Iwill serve only to multiply confusion and troubles,] WATCH FOR AMENDMENTS [Saturday at his home on Ridgeway Avenue, {oilowing an extended illness of
... ... .. ....I with conseauent social and economic discontent. I Latest indications are that the big business lobbies may give up the battle poinphcBtions. ....
On a tandem bike with a seeing patient, or|
|for outright destruction of OPA—as demanded by thfe Natl. Assn, of Manu-| A mass meeting to complete the picnic and reunion plans for the big
with a roller-skating partner, they learn a new|
anJ rlnnrincr thov find o world Their activi-l 1 LEI 1 rlEM (iE I AWAY WUH 11 q'be current NAM News tips off its members that “before OPA is con-|Pres,d®« ...
and danc y aa IdAIJIO COMMENTATORS newsnaner column-1t’nued there are many votes on proposed amendments to be taken in the! Work on the new $1,000,000 addition to the plant of the Standard Manu-,
ties are directly supervised by Red Gloss recrea-[J^AiJiu
lualmln i aiuko, newspapei column
[Bouse an(j senate.”
[factoring Company the San Pablo section of Richmond, Calif., will begin
tion workers, who try to find absorbing activities I ISIS and editorial writers, the National Asso-| steel voice the steeI in(justry that has certainly shown no coolness to-|within 60 days. The blue prints for the buildings, new kilns and other struc
for the patients. Iciation of Manufacturers, and all the others wholward price increases, questioned “the wisdom cf NAM’S policy” in comingltures are prepared and in the hands of General Manager Newton W. Stem
I.'vrwrinnno hue nmvnd (hid in in rod twrMMiK lolare opposed to workers’ organizations are indus-|out flatly for OPA. abandonment, “inasmuch as nobody has yet demonstrated at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco.
Experience has proved that injuicd peisons a°| frvino- to turn the neneral nublic arainstlthat a marked majority of industrialists want price controls abandoned im-l Pau Deasey, dipper, employed at the Jackson China Co., at Falfc Creek,
not necessarily get well by medical and nursingmediately.” The Natl. Retail Dry Goods Assn, has stated that it “does not|Pa-, died at his home on Pentz Run, last Friday morning, following an ex
care alone. They need to play to be well again.|unlons oy blaming inc snoriaj,c or consumcr|want to en€j prjce contro| immediately w* want to amend it to increase pro-|tendei illness.
Thmtofnito CrnsH nrnrramR at votprans’ hos-l8ood‘s on the current crop of strikes. By continu-Lluction.”
«iiala u vital fnnrHnn in nrpnaratinn forl0Usly repeating this charge, day after day and| An amendment along these lines is one suggested by Rep. Jesse P. Wol-|China Company at Scio, Ohio. ...
Peyornr* a function in prcparatl Inver and over again tliev have convinced thel®0^ Mich.) that would remove price control in any industry which has! Roy Hausman, handler at the Albnght China Co., has accepted a new
a full and useful life.
fe w Icluding certain of their representatives Hl Wash-1 price increases under the price control law would result-in a measure on thelupon, effective the first full pay after the first of May, 1900. The following
I IVING STANDARDS UNDER FREE lillgton, that the only way they’re ever going tolstatute books but no price control. People should let their congressmen know|nie11 served upon the first conference committee: Operatives: A. S. Hughes,
..vrrimnniei? Iffet needed nroducts back on the market is bv nut-Uhey want legislation that holds down prices, and no tricky amendments. [Henry Rhead, James Miles, J. Whitehead, James Delvin, William Pnc®»
ENTERPRISE [get nceaea pioaucis oaiK on me niaiaei is oy put v |William Pittenger, John Edge and T. J. Duffy. Manufacturers: John N.
z.nn »vtT-'nu'. A v s i t*10 unions out of business.
NPW iTaylor, Frank Sebring, W. L. Smith, H. A. Keffer and Joseph Lee of East
QUR AMERICAN system of free enteipilbe| We suggest to our readers that the next tirne| of the profiteers in Congress are’leaving no flank untouched in|LiverP°o1 William Burgess and Daniel Willet of Trenton Charles W. Franz
means Simply this: Any man can work at anyLhey
job he chooses. If he has enough capital he IS I*e^|that line, or see it ill their newspaper, they take|real estate lobbies press the attack directly on price control and housing legis- L, 9East Llverpo° has accePted a job at the Albright
to set UP any business he wants. Or workers and the trouble to do a little counter-propaganda work|’at‘"b the Senate quietly cut in half the deficiency funds badly needed
others can get capital by joining together and setLf their own. Write the radio commentator or the2,^ Proluction Administration the next four months I ol S/evTnTng al K home i^Belver/from the’ effits of a
up a cooperative business. A worker is free to join newspaper and ask them to explain the shortage| That action is “good news for th.- gougers, the black marketeers and thel8trok® ivornnnl PnnPAKPntaHvA Pftim pastier
a union and to bargain collectively for higher|of aj| ^|ie products of the many industries not af-|selfish speculators,” Stabilization Director Chester Bowles predicted. The|r Thomab ,P\ 12tn
wages. e footed by past or present strikes. Send them a new,. bright such joy to tne real estate lobby that the weeklj newslettor of "from the CRyPhoSpitai1’whXe he was XcelsfuTy o^rS
Competition between business films in a freel|j8t ()f y1( things you’ve tried to buy lately but|the w^nwhile 'somroPA^V^ inhlo^ndustrvADress^regandluPon for hernia
market tends to bring profits to efficient managers|COL|]f]n’t, just because, as one large shirt manu-lexpanding the bulge in the price line by^granting price increases right andl Franklin Walcott resigned as president of Local Union No.\9 at their
who can produce the best products at the lowest facturel. said recently: “We won’t ship a damned left. OPA has granted more than 5,OOO price increases since V-J Day. The meeting last Friday evening. John &tts was elected to fill out the unexpired
price. This chance to make a profit by doing aL^t until we get a price increase.” [argument is that the increases are on items which won’t affect living ™sts|term- .... v ... acceDted a kilnulacina- iob with the Bailey-Walker
better job than someone else has proved to be the If enough Jnion Umbers do that, the anti-Ky^^^ wSld^ms^
most powerful incentive to a good management |unjun |)OyS on radio and their pals in the news-U pocketbook. Every price inc lease encourages industry to ask for morel Paul Shinn, handler employed at East Palestine, O., and president of
ever discovered. Workers have a strong incentive|papLir business will soon pull in their ears. land Rold up on production until it gets them.
prise brings the highest level of efficiency and|rpif| CAMPAIGN for “an alert, informed student! MEAT UP [pottery in Clarksburg, is now serving as supervisor in the Weston State
therefore the highest living standard.
|1 opinion” to help
what to produce and a worker where he shalll|uaflet ib.sucd b, Ll,litecl Natio»s Youth, whichl Wage iaerraseo demands by United Packinghouse Workers C1O) could i"ll.udin5j1?1?* .?.11 /oll?.',ing.y0.'™111^ tf"
Work. There IS no chance to make a profit thelseenns a “youth movement*’ deserving of wide- lhave been met by Swift, Armour, Wilson and Cudahy without price increases.I,’n charge of^William Bossen, William y, Ge rge Fowler, Da
worker’s union has no power to raise his wage. Ist)leafl guDWt’t. [Combined profits of the Big Four taxes in 1945 were 270% above
Security depends on keeping the favor of one's] .stating that they believe "the unified voice of L^'rem." 1^ hW.Xre''iLge:X5vetafter
raging )^’VouTb&OTelthe“in“ Edwin China Co. pfint Newell, W. PVa„ beginning work this
superior officer, and frequent purges are a sharp y„unK mcn alld ,,f a)1 the United NationsEease, amounted to only 7% of total operating expense. The wage demands we*- H?kwas.?J0.urn'J„J??" generaiware ,lre8ser ,n East Livirixxl before
reminder that death or the concentration c^»iP|cati be a potent force* for world peace and se- [were merely the packers excuse for a price increase, not the cause. [making the switch to sanitary.
are the penalties of those who lose favor. rI his|curjty” uu? group, a non-political, self-governing I _.
has lieen true both Nazi Germany and Com-|0|.tfaI1ia5a^()n affiliated with the American Asso-I .•
u 1 uiv rcineiivai y T|1(. (.ost of living climbed during December in 57 of 63 industrial cities|maRTIAL CRITIC
Incidentally, Lodge No. lei is the largest local [does USSR want to deprive her people in order to [propaganda fund and it s an ironic fact that the public helps pay for heai.|j
anua v rolls rose oniv c/
union in the nation’sn-n.if
capital, covering niachinistsLsupport so huge a military force when all othvr|The n.ani fa*iuinr deducts NAM dues from corporation taxable income or| ... y
at the tor Washington Navy Yard, as well as all|natins are demobilising and seeking to build afe
1945 and payroll wereu"der
other ruderal
.tz.n ».if u.n’e ..I ruvovimr •/.! i v i w I ...» .... i........ .. I t...... r....z... ..it .... I q’)ie n .aiiut’ari u i nr deducts NAM dues from corporation taxable income orl** v" ... ../.I,
Yard as W’ell ax alllnntimw ar» doniobilirint* and seekino- tn build il adds
Iciation for the United Nations, oilers membership (surveyed each month by jlhe Natl. Industrial Conference Board, industry re-1 z__
it indireclh
n n dcniobliuillg ana seeking to build al AM. America’s 262 largest, companies,I1945 and payrolls were 36*4
conirihutor. being the duUonU, Geiieml Motors, U. S. Steel and under, thes late department of labor
llic District olif Co*|United Nutions Olganization foi world peace andl |ai„, u cenlrilaitor* being the dul'ents, General Motors, U. 8. Steel and] under, then late department
I security ?—AFL “Labor’s Monthly Survey.” I Eruw»t T. Weil’s Natl, steel. land industry announces.
waiting six months in| Bri-as-f 1 w I THIRTY-FTVF YFARQ irn
Cnllprtivo horo-ninino- i« nnt nf tho mu in Lml I ^ike England’s symbolic lion, the repudiated prime minister roared de-1 ^®noTs carried off by Bro. Ramberger of the Dishmakers, and Bro.
eCt Ve bargaining IS .one Of the mam oul- lfiance anj spit threats directed specifically at the Soviet Union, his and oui|W°°ds of the Kilnmens team.
warks of our free enterprise system. This fact I war-time ally.
alone is reason for deep concern over the reversal! True, Churchill made a plea for understanding with Russia and hcPor benefit heal,th- He was sent there by Local Union 31.
Jof the wage nolicv that was announced following |sP°^e for cooperation of all men through the United Nations. But the bitter I The Warner-Keffer plant has quit casting cover dishes and put them
iporung vne extension oi price control,, nas giver lLondon bankers as they consider investments and threatened profits ini Local Union 81» Mouldmakers, of Trenton, N. J., will celebrate their
We believe that the one way to prevent run- |ands of Moslems scattered along the traditional life-line of the British empire days a&o it w^s unanimously decided not to hold the annual Brotherhood
J. T. HALl| PJtJucv,on OI. *equdie hndja has 80% of the British empire’s population ... and her people demand! Leonard Auberger has resigned as foreman at the Tremie China Com-
Wage Stabilization Board, in I in Athens would fall by popular choice. I eastern league teams this year by Clarence Graft, a presser who starred in
HORTONltion inci’Pii^jpQ in thp nf livinor lipfwppn Tnnii. IDutch forces, to put dow’n a revolt by nationalists who want independence. I ^William Horton, kilnman, has resumed his duties at the American China
peached 75% of normal output. Such an amendment would have the most|bench at halls Creek, Pa.
[easily-1 oolea clement Ol the Ameiican public, in-[serious inflationary consequences. Trick amendments that permit major| Twenty-six years ago today the uniform wage list was finally agreed
jjrearn of continued world-wide domination are the true motives back of thc|pjcfijfe show, to un^er the auspices of Trades and Labor Council at
by tory.leader Winston Churchill, staunch defender of British imperialism. The Newell Duckpm league closed for the season last week. The prize
independence. The picture is complicated by the rivalry between Hindu and|oany and the firm is casting about for a good man who can file tools to take
1 V XN
vJT |i|
Ifacturers—and maneuver instead for amendments that would defeat the IN- ,°f O. outing in June, will be held in Trades and Labor Council hall
commentator giving out withitheir battle against1 OPA. While the Natl. Assn, of Manufacturers and the|heinc?vd^perit2Xrd ofmFlstri iveroool^has accented a ioh at the Albright
build a successful United Na-I Retail meat prices will increase an average of by the end of ManhJHospital at Weston, W. a. Comoanv will hold a benefit ball
Illation profits it Cuimrcs.’*- permits prit o ano rent control to €*xpir6, to Drcvont him from
W I The NAM’s own record makes it interest in “a better tomorrow for|Rep. John S. Wood (D, Ga.), Rankin
inpLnll Nnrrk I MCimrdia »nti ininne
I Union
The people who are fighting for legislation to renew price control havel Heayflua“?f8 v nt va„4
la right to expect OPA officials to keep their bulge from expanding-and it’s extended shutdown LlverP°ol resumed operations
propaganda fund—and it’s an ironic fact that the public helps pay for them.|,i„i'li.1_v. paV
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to the price of the product. The La Follette committee foundlP ploy wa® sUH
From The Herald Files
Edward Kilnmer of East Palestine, has gone to Sommerfield, Fla.,
[fifth anniversary on the 27th of the^month with a big banquet.
W. L. Smith has disposed of his interests in the Smith & McNicol Pot-
A new pug mill has been installed at the Warher-Keffer pottery,
Local Union No. 10 elected the following brothers at their last meeting^
|to represent the local as delegates to Trades and Labor Council: S. B.
|i[Burgess, George Wetzell, William Booth, T.*A. Bayley and James Gibson,
twi’Mtv wadc
‘_________|||[ TWENTY YEARS AGO
Washington—(FP).—Rep. John E.
March 14, 1946
-.... James P. Campbell, 39, well known East Liverpool kilnman, died last
Saturday evening. George Goppert, chairman of the executive committee will
William Hamilton, jiggerman, has accepted employment at the Albright
ja^es Deems satesman of the E McNicol Pottery Co., East Liver-
31, was a visitor in East Liverpool last Saturday and called at
Joseph J. Gater, until recently employed as a turner at the D. E. McNicol
March i “in the Eagles’ hall. Proceeds from the Affair will
be turned over to Leonard (Dodie) Hobbs, who recently lost ail his possesisons,
yeor|® Drea8er has acceDted a casting iob at the I
Washington—(FP). The recent
execution by Gen. Franco of 10 Span
iards who fought with the French un
derground against the Nazis was con
demned Feb. 26 by the American Com
mittee for Spanish Freedom as mak
ing it “more evident that the Spanish
government is continuing to carry out
the policies of fascism by wiping out
democratic forces.”
The committee said additional pris
oners are on the docket for execution
“unless the U. S. and other democratic
countries take immediate steps to stop
this merciless slaughter.”
Rep. Charles Savage (D, Wash.)
charged “the killing of these friends
of democracy only proves that Spain
is a breeding ground for fascism-—
the same type of fascism that has
been built up in Argentina, as recent
ly exposed by the State department.”
Sacramento, Calif—(FP). A bill
providing for disability benefits to
workers under the unemployment in
surance act has reached the desk of
Gov. Earl barren, having passed both
the senate and assembly. Sen. John F.
Shelley of San Francisco, A FL leader,
is author of the measure,

the WeSt End
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