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The Republican Ioitrnai
■,r, Government.
■cling of the Belfast City
, . held Monday, Oct. 6th,
.-sent being: Mayor Wes
r'ooper, Simmons, Clem
i Thompson; Councilmen
. n, Hall, Davis, Kimball,
and Staples.
ounts was passed as fol
. $1,089 44
. 587 81 !
. 64 54
.Is. 94 19]
f Schools. 76 00
. 9 05
. 401 25 1
,rv. 213 78 ,
. 128 91
.ml Supplies.. 371 38 :
,'id Insurance. 201 37
. 402 26
. 44 03
. 1,641 52 ;
. 438 23
. 100 70
. 321 22 I
. 169 73 i
urpuses. 140 67
.$6,344 94 |
city marshal, tax collec- |
usurer were read, accept- j
n lile. I
was authorized to issue ■
r the payment of the bill 1
■ ey of $83.83 for painting
v fence, and the bill of
r $120.74 lor gravel fur
f Road.
c.t F. O. J. Horne and
w alk on Bradbury street
;o the committee on side
re r to act.
g orders were passed in
t the committee on high- ■
. s be and they hereby are
use the line of Race street i
and to report at the next I
city council if the building ;
is within the limits of said !
! the committee on police !
investigate the petition :
■ chmen for overcoats, with !
ssioner Thompson report- 1
iic season there had been |
. reets and sidewalks 8,200 ;
of which 7,260 yards j
Young pit at Dog.Island. |
. which gravel has been j
iunt used from Dog Island '
o more than the city paid
■c lot.
Edwards died last Satur
•Hast, where he had lived
with his daughter, Mrs.
He was born in Farm
18-H4. For many years he
ngton and drove a stage
•own and Liberty. He is
:ee daughters. His funer
nday at 2 p. m., with Kev^
:an officiating. The inter
rove Cemetery.
Randall, U. S. N., now
e radio department at
Yard, is the guest of his
M. Randall. They have
part of the time at Pitch
The Veterans’ Meeting
The Waldo County Veteran Association
held their October meeting in Morrill.
The day was cloudy and cold, keeping
some of the timid ones at home. Twenty
eight of the boys met at the grange hall
for the forenoon meeting. President Trask
called them to order and the records of
the meeting at Prospect were read and
adopted. A committee on time and place
of the next meeting were Comrades F. L
Palmer, J. G. Harding and Davis. This
being the yearly meeting a committee
consisting of Comrades Palmer, Harding
and Davis, was appointed to nominate a
board for the ensuing year. They reported
the same board: J. G. Trask, Pres.; Alfred
Stinson, Sec. and Treas. This is Com
rade Trask’s fifth term and Comrade
Stinson’s 23rd term. Lewis Kingsbury
was elected chaplain. After some remarks
by Pres. Trask and Sec. Stinson thanking
the comrades for honors the dinner call
sounded. Comrades with their sweet
hearts fell into line for the dining room,
where a fine repast was served by Mor
rill’s handsome women. Cigars were
passed and the usual smoke talk followed.
Cars were on hand to take the ladies and
those too lazy to walk to Morrill’s fine
church for the afternoon meeting.
Pres. Trask called to order and a line
program was furnished: Singing, America;
prayer by the pastor at Brooks; address of
welcome by Gilbert Ellis, a returned boy
of the late war, who said he was glad to
welcome the boys in blue to Morrill. His
address was listened to with pleasure.
The response came from Comrade Isaac
Cook of Monroe, a member of the 26th
Maine Regiment; recitation, Margaret
Wing; solo, Mrs. Ruth Mears; recitation,
Maud Jackson; vocal solo, Mrs. Leroy
Paul; recitation, Norman Woodbury; re
marks, Delbert Paul; recitation, Alice
Rose; remarks, J. G. Harding; vocal solo,
Esther Bowen; recitation, Juanita White;
remarks, Mrs. J. W. Ferguson; singing,
Rally Around the Flag; remarks, Mrs.
Dawson; remarks, Mrs. Hattie Paul; re
marks, Mrs. Sparks; Mr. and Mrs. Larra
bee were made honorary members; re
marks, Comrade Stinson.
A rising vote of thanks was extended
Honesty Grange and the good people of
Morrill for the entertainment.
The meeting closed by singing God Be
With You Till We Meet Again. The as
sociation voted to hold the June, 1S20.
meeting with Honesty Grange, Morrill.
—A. Stinson, Sec’y.
Harriet E., wife of Frank L. French,
died at her home in Waldo Oct. 4th. Her
| age was 62 years, 2 months and 27 days,
j and she was born in Waldo, the daughter
| of the late Thomas and Harriet (Coombs)
| Wentworth. She was well known in this
city, where she resided many years while
employed in the clothing factories. She
| is survived by her husband, two daugk
| ters, Mrs. Clarence Stephenson of Bel
fast and Miss Frances French of Boston;
also by a sister and a brother, Mrs. Flora
Clifford of Bangor and Forrest Went
worth of Waldo. The funeral was held
at her late home Tuesday at 2 p. m., with
' Rev. Nathan Hunt of Morrill officiating
! The interment was in Waldo.
Three new Records
to start
your Fall Dances
Its mighty difficult to keep your feet still when
you listen to these new dance records.
Coo Coo—Fox Trot'
Wh<f Did It?—One-Step
Both played by Joseph C. Smith’s Orchestra on
one Victor double-faced Record, 18601.
Everybody Shimmies Now
—Medley Fox Trot
My Cairo Love—Fox Trot
Both played by the All Star Trio on one Victor
double-fared Record, 18602.
I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles—Waltz
Played by Selvin’s Novelty Orchestra.
Yearning—Medley Fox Trot
Played by Joseph C. Smith’s Orchestra.
Victor double-faced Record, 18603
Come in and let us play them for you—or any
favorites among the
New Victor Records for
The Supreme Judicial Court.!
Judge Luere B. Deasy of Bar Harbor,
The fall term of the Waldo County !
Supreme . Judicial Court adjourned last
Thursday at 6 p. m., after a nine days’
session,- with Judge L. B. Deasy of Bar
Harbor presiding.
The civil docket was closed with the
case of Erma Coffin vs. Erskine Northrup, !
both minors of Palermo, when the jury I
returned a verdict for the plaintiff.
The Criminal Docket.
There were four cases on the criminal
docket for trial, all on indictments ftyind
by the Grand Jury on cases appealed
from the Belfast Municipal Court. Two
of the respondents, both larceny cases,
plead guilty and were sentenced Thurs
day by Judge Deasy: Arthur P. Barnes of
Swanville, to three months, and Emery
Larrabee of Monroe, to eight months,
both in the county jail.
Albert Maher, a native of Canada, was
found guilty of malicious mischief while
at work in Winterport and was sentenced
to one or two years in the State prison.
Sears Nickerson of Belfast, a man of 68
years, was found guilty of criminal assault
on a little girl of nine years and was sen
tenced to five or ten years in the State
Divorce* Decreed.
Ivie H. Miners, Libt , Stockton Springs
vs. Alton G. Miners, Eucksport, non-sup
port; the custody of minor child given to
the mother.
Edith Adelaide Yates, Libt., vs. Ernest
Edmund Yates, Belfast parties; cruel and
abusive treatment, the care and custody
of their minor child Ralph H. Yates given
to mother, said libelee to pay 153 per week
for his support and visit him at reason
able times when not at school.
Nora J. French, Belfast, Libt., vs. Ran- ]
dall B. French, Camden; cruel and abusive ;
treatment and the name of the libellant,
changed to Nora J. Lawrence.
Jessie N. Luce, Liberty, Libt.., vs. Chas.
H. Luce, Howard, R I.; utter desertion, !
j care and custody of minor child Arline |
Louise given to the libellant.
Vena M. Whitney, Belfast, Libt., vs |
Frank L. Whitney, Boston; non support j
and the care and custo ly of minor child j
given to mother.
Bertha E. Davis, Montville, Libt, vs.
Charles E. Davis, do.; non-support.
Marcella J. Cannon, Thorndike, Lilt.,
vs. John W. Cannon, do.; adultery, the’
, care and custody of their two minor chil
dren given to mother.
Florence M. Cooley- Freedom, Libt.. vs. !
Cecil G. Cooley, do.; cruel and abusive ’
treatment, libt’s name changed to Flor
ence M. Wentworth.
Laura M. Robbins, Belfast, Libt., vs.
Charles S. Robbms, Deer Isle; utter de
sertion, care and custody of their minor
child William given to the mother.
Ada M. Butterfield, Belfast, Libt., vs.
Frank B. Butterfield, Portland; adultery.
Cleveland E. Larrabee, Jackson, L:bt.,
vs. Bertha Larrabee, of parts unknown;
utter desertion.
Josephine Ward, Troy, Libt., vs. George
' F Ward of parts unknown; utter deser
Lin roe V. Bancroft, Stockton Springs,
Libt , vs. Russell H. Bancroft, Cutler;
cruel and abusive treatment, custody of
minor child Earl B. given to the mother.
Florence M. Payson, Waldo, Libt., vs.
James B. Payson, Brooks; cruel am abus
ive treatment, the custody of their minor j
child given to the mother.
Wilder F. Peterson, Winterport. Libt., j
vs. Carl F. Peterson, Bangor; adultery,
name of libellant changed to Wilda F.
Louise Blagdon, Stockton Springs to j
Samuel Blagdon, do.; utter desertion,
custody of their minor child, Madeline
L., given to the mother.
Philena Knight, Belfast, Libt., vs. Les
lie A. Knight, do.; non support, care and
custody of their minor child given to the i
mother; the father to pay $15 per month
for her support.
Grace E. Mason, Belfast, Libt., vs. El- i
mer H. Mason, do.; utter desertion and
the libellant’s name changed to Grace E.
Alma Dodworth Tartoue, Northport
and New York, Libt., vs. Pierre Tartoue,
New York; cruel and abusive treatment. !
The Bangor Daily News of Oct. fth, :
gives the following ncticeof the marr.age
of a former pastor of the Belfast Mf.tho
dist Church and a highly respected citi
zen with many friends here:
A pretty wedding occurred Sunday at
noon at the residence of Dr. and Mrs. H.
D. Worth, Congress street, when their
daughter, Nellie May, was married to
Kev. John W. Hatch, D. D., president 01
Montpelier Seminary, Montpelier, Vt.
The ceremony was happily performed by
Rev. James H. Gray, superintendent of
the eastern district of the East Maine
Conference, in the presence of the family
and a few intimate friends. The double
ring service was used. The bride was
attired in a beautiful gown of white satin 1
and lace, and the house was handsomely |
decorated with vines aud flowers. After
the ceremony, refreshments were served,
and the bridal couple left by automobile
for Marlborough, Me , where they will re
main a few days before going to Vermont, j
Dr. Hatch is well known in this vjciDity, j
having been district superintendent in the
East Maine Conference. Mrs. Hatch is a
graduate of Colby College and has been a
teacher in the Bangor High school for the
past eleven years. She was the recipient
of many useful and beautiful gifts which
gave evidence ol the affectionate interest
in which she lis held. The couple bear
with them the best wishes of many friends.
Captain George H. Batchelder of San
Francisco, Calif., is the guest of his par
ents, Captain and Mrs. A. C. Batchelder.
He recently arrived from England in the
U. S. S. Wanpnda and joined his wife
who has been here several weeks. He I
was accompanied from Boston by his j
sister, Mias Abbie Batchelder.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Public Health Committee was held at
the office of the I'ublic Health Nurse on
Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 7, Mrs. Essie P.
Carle, chairman, presiding.
The minutes of tbe last meeting were
read by Miss Maud Mathews, secretary
pro tern.
Miss Nickerson reported the work for
the past month as follows:
Number of cases under care first of
month, 5
Number of new cases treated, 6
Total number of cases during month, 11
Number of cases dismissed, 2
Number of cases remaining at end
of month, g
Nursing visits, 40
Tuberculosis visits, 3
Home visits to school children, 5
Other visits, 5
Total number of visits, 53
Number cases reported by families, 4
Reported by others, 2
Number of paying patients, 3
Number of free patients, 6
Fees collected, $31.75
Cost of transportation, .75
Amour t deposited at end of month, 31.00
Mrs Ben Hazeltine, chairman of the
room committee, reported the work of
the committee as laid out in the last
meeting accomplished.
There followed a discussion as to the
work in general; further needs and future
plans being discussed. It was decided to
arrange an informal social hour that more i
people might become interested in the 1
work and that Miss Nickerson might |
meet more people. Mrs. Grace Pilsbury |
and Mrs. Fred Poor were asked to serve j
as chairmen of this committee.
The day of the regular monthly meet
ing of the committee was changed to the \
first Wednesday of each month.
School work, tuberculosis work and in- i
fant welfare work is free. For bedside
care a fee of 50c per visit for time not
exceeding one hour is charged.
Mrs. Caroline W. Walton died Tuesday,
Oct. 7th, at her home, 142 High street,
after several years of invalidism, when
she was cared for by her granddaughter,
Mrs. George W. limce. Mrs. Walton was
born ir. Belfast July 5, 1830, the daugh
ter of Addison and Priscilla (Shibles)
Brackett and is the last of their seven
children. When a very young woman
she married Eleazer Edgecomb and their
married life was spent in Belmont. They
had two children, a son who died in in
fancy and Hattie M., later Mrs. Thomas,
who died at her mothe 's home about
live years ago. Her second husband was
Isaac T. Bowen, who died in 1885 Some
time after she married Mr. Alfred Wal
ton, who died a few >ears later. While
Mrs. Walton had no church preference,
she was u woman of religious principles,
was industrious and home-loving. She
is survived by a step-daughter, Mrs.
Fred M. Smalley of Belfast, by two
granddaughters, Mrs. Luce and Mrs.
| Ernest E. Mahoney of Medford, Mass.,
! an£i by four great grandchildren, Mrs.
Mahoney’s children The funeral will be
: held at her late home Thursday at 10 a.
i m. with Rev. William Vaughan of East
i Belfast officiating. The interment will
1 be in the family lot in South Belmont,
, with Messrs. Luce, Smalley, A. J. Clarey
and Charles E. Sherman bearers.
Capt. Henry D. Gilman died Sunday,
Oct. 5th, at the Waldo County Hospital,
where he had been many months in a
very critical condition He was born in
Belfast 81 years ago the son of Capt. John
T. and Pamelia (Stevens) Gilman. In his
early lile he went to sea a.id many of his
later years were spent on the water front
as he was the agent of the bay steamers,
landing »t Lewis wharf. His genial man
ner and unfailing courtesy wou many
friends, u lio will learn of his death with
regret. IBs wufe, formerly Miss Annie
L Clark, died Sept. 1, 1916. Since then
he had made his home with Mr. and Mrs.
William H. Kimbali. One sister, Mrs.
George Botume of Worcester, Mass., sur
vives. The funeral was held at the Kim
ball home Tuesday at 2 p. m.. Rev. A. E.
Wilson officiating. The interment was
. n Grove Cemetery. The bearers were
Messrs. Wm. K. Keene, M. R. Knowlton,
E. H. Conan; and Orman A. Hopkins.
Preaching services wall be held next
Sunday morning at the Congregational
First Parish (Unitarian). Minister, Rev.
A. E. Wilson. Preaching service at 10.45
a. n..; church school at noon. Sermon
subject, next Sunday, “la Columbus’
Day and Now.’ All cordially welcome.
Ser-rices will be held at the Baptist
church next Sunday at 10.45 a. m. Rev.
J. Harrison Thompson of Waterville
will bt the supply. The regular Sun
day school at noon. Christian Endeavor
meeting at 6.30. Evening service at 7.30.
Prayer meeting this, Thursday, evening
at 7.30. The public is cordially invited to
these sei vices.
People’s Methodist Church, Rev.
Charles W. Martin, pastor; parsonage.
No. 7 Court St. ; telephone, 213.11. Sun
day morn.ng preaching, 10.45; Sunday
school, 12.00; Sunday evening preaching,
7.30. Prayer meeting this, Thursday,
evening at 7.30. Preaching service at
East Northport, at 2 30 Sunday. The
public is cordially invited to attend all
these services.
The directors of the Universaliat par
ish are pleased to announce the re-open
ing of the church next Sunday. The in
terior decorations are done and the di
rectors are glad to report that the church
begins its new era without debt or en
cumbrance. The morning service is at
10.45 o’clock with sermon by the pastor,
Rev. Ueorge C. Boorn. At 7.30 p. m. the
re-dedicatory services will be held with a
sermon by Rev. Ashley A. Smith of Ban
gor, assisted by local clergymen. There
will be special music. Everyone is cor
dially invited to attend.
The many friends of Fred C. Atwood
deeply regret his continued ill health.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hopkins of Mon- !
roe visited Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Ritchie j
Mrs. Sylvinia Perkins of Monroe visit
ed her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. A.
P. Ritchie last week.
Miss F. M. Nickerson of Frankfort
visited her sister, Mrs. A. C. L. Bartlett,
Wednesday of last week.
Mrs. J. H. Thayer and daughter, Miss |
Margaret have gone to Boston where the j
latter will enter a school.
Mrs. Minnie Bowden who has been the
guest of Mrs. Thomas Carew has return
ed to her home in Lowell, Mass.
Miss Bertha Cole, who has been spend
ing her annual vacation of one month at
her home here, has returned to Boston.
Howard Lodge F. and A M. conferred
a degree at its meeting Friday evening
after which a picnic supper was enjoyed.
The first meeting of the Burr Club for
this season was held at the I. O. O. F.
banquet hall Thursday evening of last
Miss Nettie Graves of Bangor is the
guest of Mrs. William Dotten while re
covering from surgical treatment at a
Bangor hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Fish of Hampden
were guests of Mr, and Mrs. G. H. Clem- i
ents an afternoon recently. They left
for Seattle, Washington, Oct, 2.
Cushing Chapter, O. E. S. is looking
forward to its annual inspection which
will be on Oct. 22, Mrs. O, S. Vickery
of Belfast is the inspecting deputy for
the present time.
Dr. and Mrs. E. P. Goodrich have visit
ed Mrs. Ellis of Portland several times
at the Paine Hospital in Bangor and find
her convalescing satisfactory from an
operation for appendicitis.
Mrs. Charles Bryer of Bangor formerly
of this town who had the misfortune to
severely sprain her ankle last week was
here Friday and had Dr. E, P. Goodrich
put a plaster cast on the in.ured foot.
A large number from here were in
Frankfort last Wednesday evening to see
the presentation of the Heart of Human
ity at the Rose Theater. Knowles or
chestra furnished music as usual for the
dance which followed.
About thir’y members of the Rebekah
Lodge of Stocktou visited Mizpah Re
bekahLodge last Wednesday evening by
invitation. Seven new members were
admitted to the order, six of whom re
ceived initiation by the regular degree
i staff of Mizpah Lodge, in their usual
line and impressive manner. A supper
followed the evening’s entertainment.
WHITE’S CORNER, Winterport.
A. Li Richardson of Lynn, Mass., is the
guest of C B. Jewett the present week.
Mrs. Gertrude Robertson spent a few
days recently at her home in Swanville.
Miss lone Staples of the village spent
i the week-end with Miss Alice Whitney.
Mrs, Annie Ryder and child of the vil
lage were recent guests of Mrs, C. W.
Mrs. A. G. Larby entertained the ladies
of the local W.' C. 1. U. on Saturday af
ternoon, Sept. 27.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hawes of Prospect
are at the home of C. C. Clements for
- the present month.
I Mrs. Susie Vinal has returned to her
home in Stillwater after a visit with
relatives and friends in this vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Buzzeil of Revere,
Mass., are visiting at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs J. D Foss.
Miss Elizabeth Wellman and Lewis
Libby, students of Brooks h.gh school,
were at their homes for the week-end re
! cess.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Larby accompan
ied Mr. and Mrs. Syivanus Ward of Ban
gor to Morrill, Oct. 2, and attended the
Waldo Co. Veterans’ meeting.
The Winterport Fruit Growers’ Asso
ciation loaded a car at Winterport station
with Wolf Rivers, Monday and Tuesday.
The price received is $5.25 including the
second grade.
Mrs. W. H. Bickford is spending a few
weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
George Hopkins in Monroe. Her many
I friends regret her illness and hope for her
speefly recovery.
Mrs. M.J. Haley entertained the Ladies’
Club of White’s Corner, at he# home in
; Monroe village last Saturday afternoon.
! Delicious refreshments were served after
a pleasant hour at whist.
C. B. Jewett and family, F. P. Clem
I ents and family, C. O. Whitney and Miss
j Alice Whitney motored to Sargentville
recently and enjoyed a picnic dinner sup
plemented by an abundance of clams.
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Howe of Boston
are spending a short vacation at their
Mrs. H. F. M. Phillips returned home
last Saturday. She attended the Festival
in Bangor, McCormack night.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Nickerson called
on Miss Addie Matthews and Mrs. Myra
Lamb in Searsport last Sunday.
Mrs. Carrie Houston who has been stay
ing with Miss Harriet M. Nickerson, has
returned to her home in Massachusetts.
Mr. and Mrs, Stephen Libby of Unity
were recent guests of his sister, Mrs. W.
S. Nickerson and called on other relatives
and friends in town.
Miss Hazel Nickerson attended the re
ception and dance given by the Seniors
of the B. H. S. for the Faculty last Fri
; day night at the I. O. O. F. Hall in Bel
; fast
M. L. Slugg was in Augusta Tuesday on
Foster Pierce of Portland is visiting
his sister, Mrs. John Collins, Union St
Elijah Ritchie has been in Boston the
past week on business.
Miss Katherine Pendleton of Islesboro
was the recent guest of Miss Dons Clif
Dana B. Southwortb and Albert C.
Wells have returned home from a busi
ness trip to New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Smardon and
party of Portland were guests Sunday of
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Clay. —
Mrs. V. A. Simmons will leave Thurs
day for a visit with her daughter, Mrs.
Edward M. Corliss of Plymouth, N. H.
Rev. and Mrs. George C. Boom arrived
last Thursday from Portland and are at
their home in the Swift house, 38 Cedar
Mrs. Ernest E. Mahoney of Medford,
Mass., is in Belfast called by the death
of her grandmother, Mrs. Caroline W.
Mrs. Charles H. Walden, Mrs. Bancroft
fi. Conant, Mrs. Adolph Rossbach and son
George went to Pitcher Pond Tuesday for
a short visit.
Miss Margaret E. Crockett has return
ed to Rockland after an extended visit
with her cousin, Miss Elizabeth A. Kel
James C. Dexter and George Grotton,
employes at Mathews Brothers miil will
leave soon for Pasadena, Calif., where
they plan to locate. Mr. Dexter’s family
will join him later.
Cecil Clay, court stenographer for
Juuge George L. Hanson, left Tuesday
for Bath to attend the fall session of the
Sagadahoc Cuuuly Supieme Judicial
Amos J. King of San Juan, P. R., is
expected here this week to join Mrs.
K.ing and little son Spencer in a visit
with relatives, after which his wife and
son will accompany him home.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woodbridge of
Somerville, Mass., Mr. and Mrs. G. M.
Lancey of Hartland, and Miss Grace
Walker of Warren, Me., were guests last
week of Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Dona
Messrs. C. O. Poor, W’. F. Bean and
Walter S. Perry returned last Thursday
from a very pleasant visit at The Pines
on Lake Quantabacook. Mr. Perry left
Briday for his home in Grand Forks, N
Dakota, after a visit with Belfast rela
Tolrnan H. Fernald, formerly of Bel
fast, now pastor of the Baptist church at
South Parsonfield, has been the guest
several days of his sister, Mrs. W. B.
Curtis. He came to attend the recent
meetings of the Baptist State Conven
tion in Augusta.
Rev. Father Timothy J. O’Mahoney
has returned from Somersworth N. H.,
where he officiated at the marriage of his
; cousin, Stephen Stacey and Miss Nora
O’Connell. Mr. Stacey has been a fre
■ uuent guest of Father O’Mahoney at the
parsonage on Court street.
Capt. Frank L. Dow, Commander of
the American Hawaiian S. S. “Iowan,"'
of Brooklyn, N. Y., is visiting his broth
er, John L. Dow. He has just been dis
charged from the service, having been
commander in the U. S. Navy for the
j past two years. He has brought home in
the past eight months 9,688 troops.
Miss Marian Knowlton, who was call
ed home by the recent death of her
I mother, Mrs. Edward H. Knowlton, left
Tuesday to resume her duties in the War
and Navy department at Washington, D.
j c‘ Frank Scheufele of Natick, Mass.,
who came to attend Mrs. Knowlton’s fu
neral, returned home last Saturday.
Clarence E. Chapman arrived home
last Friday to spend a ten days furlough
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John F.
Chapman. He is in the regular army and
is now attached to the Headquarters’ Co.
of the 13th Infantry at Camp Merritt,
New Jersey. He enlisted some time be
fore the war and recently returned from
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar F. Hanson left
Wednesday to spend the winter at their
fruit farm in Fort Pierce, Fla. They
have been at their summer home on
Northport avenue since early spring. Mr.
H. H. Cassens, who has also been here
the past season conducting a branch of
fice of the Eastern Illustrating Co. on
Phoenix Row, will join his family at
Fort Pierce later in the month.
Fred G. Spinney has returned home
from a business trip to Boston.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Jones left recently
on a business and pleasure trip to Boston.
Seth Wetherbee of Boston was a re
cent guest of friends in Belfast and vi
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Cross left Satur
j day on their annual visit to Northern
| Maine.
Walter H. Mitchell left last Saturday
' to spenc a two weeks' vacation in Boston
and vicinity.
Miss Laura Morris left Saturday to
j spend a few weeks with relatives in Bos
i ton and vicinity.
Roy Simmons, who is employed in
'Whitman, Mass., arrived last Saturday
| to visit relatives.
Miss J. A. Wiggin returned home Tues
j day from an extended visit with relatives
in Mass ichusetts.
I Mrs. C. S. Webber of this city and Mrs.
1 George Jackson of Northport left Monday
| for a visit in Portland,
j Miss Helen Kittredge left list Satur
day to begin a business course at the
1 Mary E. Pierce school in Boston.
Messrs. A. C. Hopkins and W illiam H.
McIntosh have returned from a business
! trip to Portland, B ith and Brunswick.
Mr. and Mrs. Orman A. Hopkins will
' leave the last of this month to spend the
i winter at their residence at Port Orange,
| Fla.
William R. Towne of Seattle, Wash.,
is spending a few days in Belfast and is
the guest of his uncle, Albert C Bur
Mr. and Mrs Alex. D. lnnes have been
in Islesboro several days the past week,
the guests of Capt. and Mrs. I. S Bur
Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Simpson, who spent
the past year in Pasadena, Calif,, return
ed home last week and are living on
Union street.
Mrs. Jane D. Stephenson returned to
I Roxbury, Mass., last Saturday, after
! spending two months in Belfast, her
, former home.
Roy Randel, who has returned from 19
months service over seas and has been
j released from service, is visiting his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. James Rande
Miss Mabel Swett arrived last Satur
day from Machias and will substi ute as
, bookkeeper in the office of the Pejepscot
Company during the two weeks’ vacation
of Walter Mitchell.
Capt. and Mrs. C. B. Swett have been
! at home from Machias for a few days’
visit. Their daughter Anna, a student
. at the Shaw Business College in Bangor,
accompanied them here.
Mrs. D. O. Whitmore, who has been
the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs
Ralph D. Shute, left Thursday for her
iiome in Detroit, Mich. Her mother ac
companied her to Boston.
Survey of Rural Community
1 A great forward movement :son among
, the religious organizations of America
In December 1918 the Interchurch World
Movement of North America was organ
■ ized by leaders of many of the denomina
■ tions in this country and Canada Its
i i first task was to find the facts concern
■ ; ing moral and religious conditions in this
1 country and abroad, wherever American
churches are at work. It is an attempt
. to see the whole undertaking that is be
: fore the church and to meet . unitedly
> so far as that’s possible. This nat an
r attempt to bring about union, but a lar
. ger cooperation.
In America the work is to be done in
- two divisions, rural and urban. \\ hile
surveys have been carried on before in
certain localities no such thoroughgoing
and extended inventory has ever been
1 taken. It is the aim of the movement
that every county in the country snail be
* mapped, showing every community, ev
‘ ery church with its parish, every school
’ where religious or social work is being
carried on, and every circuit A careful
1 study of the community and the urch,
from the moral, economic and social
L points of view is also being made.
: The supervisor of the rurai survey of
r the State of Maine is J. Harrison T-.omp
i son, whose office is in Watervilie Woik
ers have been secured in every county
; i and most of them are at work. At pres
• ent Mr. Thompson is at work in Waldo
i County where he hop s with , the help of
t local leaders and surveyors to complete:
the survey by the iniddie of Octuner
Special Sale
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Skirts kor
Friday and Saturday Only
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